Ze Tian Ji Chapter 1023

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Chapter 1023 - Sacred Light Shines over the Black Sea

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Even the eyes of Linghai Zhiwang and the other Prefects ached somewhat. They needed several moments to adapt to the light before they could look at the darkness in the courtyard.

The point of light in the darkness had grown much larger, now deserving to be called a ball of light. However, it was still difficult to clearly make out, as if the darkness had masked it with a thin layer of gauze.

A figure appeared in the ball of light. One could faintly see that it was naked and that a pair of white wings was growing from its back.

The blinding light came from this figure, spreading out in all directions.

Light and darkness were two absolute contradictory strengths, but strangely, this light did not harm the darkness.

On the contrary, the darkness seemed to be taking strength from this light, allowing it to thicken until it almost seemed to be real.

The strong winds coming down from the sky caused the darkness to roil, making it look like the inky sea right before a hurricane.

A grand and divine strength, different from the divine strength of the Orthodoxy, appeared.

Everyone sensed incredible danger, and the four treasures of the Li Palace were the first to sense the hostility in this power. They instantly began to release more divine Qi that descended into the courtyard. However, not only was it not able to extinguish that ball of light, it could not even slow its expansion.

As the priests saw the ball of light get larger and larger, and the figure inside get clearer and clearer, they became absolutely astonished.

Just what was this figure? How could not even the grand array of the Li Palace be able to suppress it?


Neither the priests nor the Tang clan's Fivekind Man knew what the thing inside the darkness was.

But some people already knew the story of the battle between the Divine several days ago.

Was this an Angel of the Sacred Light?

Chen Changsheng looked at that figure in the ball of light and silently thought.

The thick darkness was like layer after layer of mist, preventing even him from clearly making out what was inside.

But he could see the pure white wings behind the figure, could sense that apathetic and majestic Qi exuded by the figure.

The Demon Lord had already retreated deep into the darkness, making it impossible to find any trace of him.

Chen Changsheng was somewhat puzzled by a few things.

This courtyard had always been under strict observation, and no expert's Qi had ever appeared.

With the Li Palace's grand array suppressing the courtyard, not even a Divine Domain expert could silently arrive on the scene.

How had the Demon Lord summoned this Angel of the Sacred Light? Where had this Angel been hiding?

There was a clear whistle.

It was Linghai Zhiwang.

The crystal core that seemed like the source of raging fire floated out from the depths of his eyes and silently floated between his eyes.

Archbishop An Lin closed her eyes and began to recite a Daoist scripture. Her gentle and steady voice circled around the courtyard. Those shocked priests gathered their courage and began to recite scriptures with her. They gradually calmed down, the pious and dignified air diluting the panic.

As the volume of their recitations increased, the Mountain River Map in the sky unrolled, its Qi growing more and more powerful.

Hu Thirty-Two stretched his arm into the air and grabbed one end of the Gloom Willow. Silently circulating his true essence, he lashed at the darkness.

Daoist Siyuan reached one hand into the air to grip the Universe Stamp while he used his left hand to receive the Falling Star Stone Chen Changsheng had sent to him with his spiritual sense, and then he attempted to stabilize the array.

These four Prefects of the Orthodoxy also knew the story of the battle between the Divine, so they had already mentally prepared themselves.

If they had just wanted to kill the Demon Lord, then the Li Palace's grand array, Chen Changsheng, and the Tang clan's Fivekind Man were enough.

Their earlier wariness and solemn expressions was because they knew that they might encounter an enemy today that was beyond the imaginations of humanity.

But they would not give up. Just like Chen Changsheng had said, if this really did happen, they still wanted to kill the Demon Lord.

It was just that before they killed the Demon Lord, they first had to kill that seemingly perfect existence in the darkness.

Because it was also as Chen Changsheng said.

One who comes from afar is a guest, and the earlier one dies, the earlier one can go home.

The 'guest' in this statement naturally referred to this Angel of the Sacred Light who still had not revealed its true appearance.

The Sacred Light Continent truly was very far, so this person had to die first.


Star Core.

Gloom Willow.

Mountain River Map.

Universe Stamp.

Falling Star Stone.

Five of the Li Palace's treasures released their most powerful Qis.

The Li Palace array was stabilized, its warm light reaching out to the darkness, suppressing that roiling sea of black.

As the darkness was stymied, the indistinct ball of light somewhat dimmed, the figure of the Angel within also growing fuzzy.

That Angel of the Sacred Light sensed the powerful pressure coming in from all sides and let out a furious roar.

This thunderous roar was bursting with anger and the will to fight, the desire to kill.

Its anger was because these lower-level beings dared to challenge its majesty.

The will to fight was because this array truly was very powerful, and it should have been even more powerful.

The desire to kill was because this was its nature.

It governed war, and Bie Yanghong had named it Anger's Flame.

From that day, it took this name as its holy name on this continent.

The thunderous roar exploded in everyone's ears and hearts, and also exploded in the actual world.

A hole was torn open in the darkness, and the western wall of the courtyard was shaken into powder.

The light from the Angel became actual flames that raged on the yellow sands of the courtyard.

Every visible spark, every perceivable wave of heat, contained a terrifying power.

Several dozen warriors who had rushed from the Xiang clan's estate to save Xiang Qiu were unfortunate enough to meet this power.

There were several dozen squelches, and several dozen sturdy demi-human bodies were rendered into balls of flesh.

The Li Palace priests were frequently in contact with the pressure and energy of divine might, and they also had the protection of the Li Palace array, so the injuries they suffered were not too heavy.

The thunderous roar did not stop here. It continued to ram against the Li Palace's grand array like the waves of the sea beating against the rocks, forever and unending.

The ground began to quake more and more.

The blood on the streets, the howling winds outside the array, and the quaking of the ground caused the priests to silently tremble, their faces pale.

Chen Changsheng gazed at the Angel in the mist. As he sensed the power and pressure in the light and sound, his expression became focused.

This Angel was more terrifying than he had imagined, than Bie Yanghong had described.

If one were to describe it in the cultivation system of the continent, this Angel was on the verge of reaching the peak of the Saint Realm.

Would the Li Palace's grand array be able to suppress it?

Ze Tian Ji Chapter 1023

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