Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 165 – Carrying Shoes

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Chapter 165 – Carrying Shoes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

A sword without its sheath had its edge fully revealed.

Zhuang Huanyu's sword rose as it howled through the wind. There was no more holding back. The sword carried a vigorous true essence as it stabbed towards Chen Changsheng's body, and its tip spurted green light as it whooshed through the air.

The remaining sand on the ground rose once more and danced over the battleground.

Chen Changsheng used the Yes.h.i.+ Step, his body instantly vanis.h.i.+ng. Countless blurred images appeared that surrounded Zhuang Huanyu as the dagger in Chen Changsheng's hand constantly swung down like a staff.

It was still a swift melee.

Zhuang Huanyu was not scared in the slightest. His sword techniques were exquisite, and because of his fury, his attacks were particularly wild and unrestrained. However, his defense was also superb, from which one could tell that his mental state was not at all disordered.

No matter how fast Chen Changsheng's movements were and how straightforwardly and unyieldingly his dagger descended, he could find no gap in these defenses, much less create a gap in them. On the other hand, Zhuang Huanyu's sword intent was growing calmer and calmer. His countless sword glows formed an invisible net that condensed Chen Changsheng's movements further and further. Even if he wanted to escape, it would no longer be so easy.

Chen Changsheng had guessed at Zhuang Huanyu's intentions: he wanted to remove Chen Changsheng's advantage in terms of speed and bring the match into a final compet.i.tion of techniques and true essence. Chen Changsheng unhesitatingly made a decision. His movement techniques instantly s.h.i.+fted, his speed reaching unimaginable levels. He took three consecutive steps to the right but ultimately appeared on Zhuang Huanyu's other side.

Zhuang Huanyu flipped his wrist and stabbed in an indescribably subtle technique that jolted away the dagger in Chen Changsheng's hands and then used the rest of the force to stab towards the throat.

Chen Changsheng suddenly found himself in a dangerous predicament, but his expression did not change, because he was already within Zhuang Huanyu's sword glows.

Right now, no one could harbor any thoughts of dodging.

He leaned his body, allowing the Sword of Hithering Light to stab into his shoulder while his dagger swung straight at Zhuang Huanyu's face.

Zhuang Huanyu held the Sword of Hithering Light backwards, bringing the hilt to meet the dagger, simultaneously using the opportunity to swing the edge towards Chen Changsheng's throat.

In the blink of an eye, the fight had undergone a major s.h.i.+ft.

The Hall of Was.h.i.+ng Away Dust resounded with a dense collection of impacts as the two swords clashed. Compared to their first exchange, the clashes of the swords continued without end as if they would never cease, white b.a.l.l.s of Qi constantly emerging, exploding, and then extinguis.h.i.+ng. Both Chen Changsheng and Zhuang Huanyu had resolved to decide the match here.

Chachacha, three ripping sounds resounded through the hall!

Bengbeng, two collisions resounded through the hall!

The drizzle stopped, and the wet sand fell back to the ground. Chen Changsheng and Zhuang Huanyu instantly parted, retreating until they were ten-some zhang from each other and then steadying themselves.

Chen Changsheng had been struck three times. Coupled with the sword slashes he had suffered earlier, six sword wounds now crisscrossed his chest. Blood seeped out of them, a difficult sight to look at.

Zhuang Huanyu had been struck twice by the dagger. His right shoulder was slightly concave, blood seeping out, his face abnormally pale.

The edge of the sword was incredibly sharp while the staff was a blunt weapon. From every angle, three sword slashes in exchange for two blows of the staff meant that Zhuang Huanyu should have gained the advantage in this final exchange.

Any other opponent would have been heavily wounded by Zhuang Huanyu's three slashes and be unable to continue fighting.

Chen Changsheng did not fall down.

Zhuang Huanyu wanted to exchange technique with technique, blow for blow, true essence for true essence. His response had been even tougher, exchanging technique for technique, blow for blow, wound for wound.

This was the method that Liang Banhu had fought Tang Thirty-Six with, the strategy that Gou Hans.h.i.+ had decided on.

It was now being used by Chen Changsheng in his crucial battle against Zhuang Huanyu.

Chen Changsheng had always been willing to study and very good at studying. Moreover, that he dared to use this method indicated that he had absolute confidence in his true essence and defensive abilities. At the very least, he was sure that he was stronger than Zhuang Huanyu.

Zhuang Huanyu also did not fall down, although his complexion was ghastly white.

Their bodies were covered in blood as they silently gazed at each other across the ten-some zhang.

All was silent in the Hall of Was.h.i.+ng Away Dust.

The important personages on the second floor also kept their silence. This match naturally did not mean much to them, but Chen Changsheng and Zhuang Huanyu had displayed a coolheadedness and courage that far surpa.s.sed their ages, moving these great personages somewhat. The present silence perhaps ill.u.s.trated their respect.

Silence also symbolized tension.

Just who had won?

It was also silent outside the Hall of Was.h.i.+ng Away Dust.

The examinees outside the hall were even more nervous than those inside the hall, even more anxious to know just who had won in this match.

From the moment Chen Changsheng and Zhuang Huanyu entered the hall, everyone's gazes had been fixed on the tightly shut door.

Just like in all the battles before, the examinees could not see what was going on inside, only speculate on the events within based on the sounds that they heard.

After the second round, the sound-obstructing array of the Hall of Was.h.i.+ng Away Dust often lost effectiveness, because the examinees fighting were getting stronger and stronger, the battles increasingly intense.

This match was the same. Not long after the door closed, the examinees heard a shrill howl. They knew that a sword was making this sound, just not whether it was Zhuang Huanyu's or Chen Changsheng's. They then heard a boom, like someone was ringing a bell inside the hall. Someone guessed that this was the sound of a punch imbued with true essence.

What happened next was somewhat bizarre.

While the Hall of Was.h.i.+ng Away Dust had suddenly fallen silent, cicadas began to chirp outside, and even the temperature seemed to rise a little as if it was suddenly summer. Then, rain suddenly began to fall from the cloudless blue sky. This rain did not soak one inch of ground outside the hall, only fell inside, looking just like a waterfall.

The sounds of swords clas.h.i.+ng exploded again, an unbroken stretch of sound after which all fell silent.

This match had probably concluded, but who had won and who had lost?

The three people from the Orthodox Academy were the most nervous. The mood at the forest's edge was oppressive.

With eyes wide, Xuanyuan Po stared at the tightly shut door, his forehead covered in sweat as he incessantly rubbed his hands.

Luoluo closed her eyes, her small hands clasped into a fist in front of her as she silently prayed for Chen Changsheng.

Tang Thirty-Six held his hands behind him as he paced back and forth, his lips slightly moving as he muttered to himself. He had not asked about what Chen Changsheng's trump cards were or where his self-confidence had come from. He knew that Chen Changsheng had a.s.suredly prepared for this battle, but he also know how strong Zhuang Huanyu was. Zhuang Huanyu had been his senior brother in the Heavenly Dao Academy and also the target that he had always wanted to surpa.s.s. One would need to get close to clearly hear what he was whispering to himself. "Too optimistic…too optimistic, we were too confident in him, how can he win? How can he win? This guy has to win, but how can he win?"

The door to the Hall of Was.h.i.+ng Away Dust was pushed open.

All the examinees simultaneously looked over.

Luoluo opened up her eyes filled with hope and concern.

Tang Thirty-Six stopped pacing and muttering to himself, but he didn't look over, as he didn't dare to.

The person to walk out first was Chen Changsheng.

He was covered in blood, his feet bare, his clothes in tatters, his body caked in sand. He looked even more like a beggar than he had in the previous rounds.

The stone plaza was all quiet, because still no one was sure who was the winner in this match.

After Guan Feibai had fought his intense battle with Zhexiu, he had been the first to walk out of the Hall of Was.h.i.+ng Away Dust, but he had also been the loser.

In this moment fraught with tension, Chen Changsheng suddenly turned and went back into the hall.

The match had already concluded and he had already exited the hall, so why did he turn back? Everyone was stunned, perplexed as to what was happening.

After a short time, he walked out again, but this time, he was carrying a pair of shoes in his hand.

A pair of brand-new shoes.

A strange shout rang through the plaza, Tang Thirty-Six's strange shout.

He did not seem like he was looking, but he had actually always been looking through the corner of his eye.

As he shouted, he rushed over to Chen Changsheng.

Luoluo let out a long breath and lightly patted her chest, her face covered in both lingering fear and happiness.

Xuanyuan Po was confused and scratched his head. "What's happened?"

Luoluo replied, "Teacher won."

Ze Tian Ji Way Of Choices Chapter 165 – Carrying Shoes

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