Zhan Long Chapter 993

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„Li Xiao Yao!!"

Truly approaches visits me who roared, must fly upwards in vain, the [gold/metal] helmet on top of the head also crookedly but actually fell to the ground, no one has thought south the town that once was insufferably arrogant Wang Luoxun will fall to today's this situation, his eye full was blood red, was passing boundless killing intent, got angry: „You force me to mediate, the world conscience will not let off you, even if my truly makes trouble, decides however curses you to fall into the human purgatory, not to every night the samsara!"


Truly swings the nape of the neck the long sword suddenly, the blood has mixed with one clump to fly upwards in vain in the wind, the next quarter, he knees down slowly, in the throat the blood wells up crazily, the eye has the hatred to visit me as before, until falls to the ground slowly.

„Your highness! Your highness......" one side, Yun Piaopiao cried, passes the long time to gain ground suddenly, eye blood red shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Li Xiao Yao, your so feelings evil and cruel, did not fear that the fairy does unite?"

I stand up from failure to start, said lightly: „Truly starry night surprise attack, wants to kill my palace guard 60,000 people under fire Divine Mountain, your so feelings evil and cruel, did not fear that the fairy does unite?"

Yun Piaopiao had nothing to say in reply, I waved, said: „South Wang Luoxun the corpse the town puts body in coffin, sending under custody Yun Piaopiao, Luis, Luo child and other military officer to return to Tian Ling Empire, captures the weapon of crazy Lei Jun, the hot axe armed forces, the flood dragon armed forces and purple spirit armed forces, one and brings back to Tian Ling Empire them!"

Han deep pool in bypath: „Sir, crazy Lei Jun and other regiments put together at least also the captives of near 200 000 people, can bring back to Tian Ling Empire really? Or......"

He lowers the sound, said: „Has buried alive considering as finished completely?"

I smiled, stared his one eyes, said: „These soldiers are the Tian Ling Empire soldiers, but received the military order, when returns to Tian Ling Empire, the shallow forest your majesty naturally can remit them, you did not need to be worried about these."



The Han deep pool is the thoughts simple person, but is not a feelings evil and cruel person, reason that wants to bury alive these soldiers, but is because hates, the palace guard was repeatedly attacked by these regiments lost seriously, we have not wanted to acknowledge again any lost.

North the fire god Shannan fight was near the end, shortly afterward, Q-Sword led the [Hero's Mound] player to cross fire Divine Mountain again all over, progressed to directly soar the armed forces, said: „Xiao Yao, the fight had ended, the rising sun such as the blood lost at least 70% military strength, Wang Ze Cheng brought one crowd of ice to ride to run away spirit, we cannot overtake, you lend my 2000 melt god cavalries, I went to kill them!"

I lose say with a smile: „They estimated that has returned to the city, ok, this time many thanks [Hero's Mound] has helped in the fighting together, otherwise this campaign will not be definitely smooth, returns to the city, truly died, the regiment system should open the new pattern, how everybody went back to have a look at the shallow forest saying that should have Feng Shangcai to be right respectively!"



One group of people withdraw from fire Divine Mountain rapidly, I left behind half palace guards to continue to guard to catch fire Divine Mountain, other sent under custody to capture Tian Ling Empire, after one hour, arrived outside Tian Ling Empire.


The hoofbeat transmits, rides the white horse, looks from afar that unexpectedly is throwing over the shallow forest of imperial robe, the sovereign has crashed in the butterfly forest, looks we are holding coffin coffin, in the eye the tears were billowing, roll off the saddle to discontinue kneel on the ground, wept bitterly, actually a few words is not unceasingly willing saying that that continuously was crying.

I walk to go forward, am holding his arm, said: „Shallow forest......"

The shallow forest gains ground, in the eye the tears are billowing: „Li Master, I knows that you hate the father, he does has been unfair to your matter, but...... However he is my father, you ordered him to suicide to apologize unexpectedly, Li Master, I......"

My voice one soft: „Sorry......"

The shallow forest has cleaned the tears, said: „Li Master, I have never blamed you, I know, after the father returns to Tian Ling Empire, starts to be in power, has issued the warrant for arrest to you, recklessly department audiences who also cruelly harms the palace guard, I am helpless, I hate me to be incapable of revolting, I have a deficit Li Master too many are too many, but I am the person child, cannot guarantee the father to be complete, then ashamed manner!"

Saying, the shallow forest shoves open my hand suddenly, draws out the short-sword of waist, to the front is being a sword!


The sword blade edge at least pricks ten centimeters, the blood spatters in all directions.

A shallow forest Zhang Junxiu's face starts becomes pale, tears ample eye socket, he visits me, said: „I am Li Master disciple, actually helplessly looks that you were cruelly harmed, shoulder on the unduly infamy, I am then ashamed the manner disciple!"

Saying, he draws out short-sword suddenly, afterward pricks the front once more, immediately two wounds both crazily are welling up the blood.

„Shallow forest, were you insane?" I stare to visit him.

The voice of shallow forest started becomes weak, he draws out the short-sword slowly, the corners of the mouth blood flows, actually continues saying: „I am the empire emperor, actually in cannot prevent to distribute fights, looks helplessly the palace guard and Rong Di Jun, hot axe armed forces and other armies slaughter mutually, looks that hundreds of thousands of empire servicemen were driven to death after suffering an injustice, then the shame is a monarch!"

Saying, is a thorn strikes, the front had three deep wounds.


I graze to go forward hurriedly, a palm wipes out the short-sword of shallow forest, he also weak falls into my arms, the rear area, one crowd of imperial guards flushed from Wang Chengli, was shouting escorting loudly, Frost also rode the warhorse to clash, behind the body, Anji took along the Ba Huang City soldiers and horses also to follow closely.


Frost looks at the injury in shallow forest, frowning that cannot bear said: „How like this, to injure heavily......"

Angela eyes are red: „Lunatic...... The sovereigns simply is a lunatic, unexpectedly will embrace own body all responsibility for an offense, was too simply crazy......"

I asked: „Frost, is he all right?"

Frost nods: „Only then a wound has touched the heart, is good because has not punctured thoroughly the heart, a bit faster hematischesis, but can also be saved!"



One group of court physicians come busily, but we also in abundance enter Tian Ling Empire, at this time my warrant for arrest finally had also relieved, suddenly feels no longer is the feeling of criminal.

Shallow forest severe wound, is treating, Situ Xin after observing the wound announced that one day later carries on toward the meeting again, all soldiers and horses guard outside Tian Ling Empire completely, the hot axe armed forces, crazy Lei Jun and others „rebel army" temporarily first detain in the same place, the meals are under the charge to the palace guard, but Frost and Qing Luo and the others returned to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den.

I also immediately offline, online hit was so long, finally had finished a concern, too was truly big in the influence of Tian Ling Empire, expensive was the father of sovereign, simply was existence of overlord, truly did not die, the shallow forest is unable true being in power, this also to be throughout I forces the biggest reason that truly suicided to apologize.


In the hall, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi several people, me have put on afternoon Lin Wan Er for the coat that I buy, stretches the arm, relaxed sitting side her, closes the eye, said: „Finally passed!"

Lin Wan Er puts down the tablet PC, turns around to hold my arm, said: „Truly dies, should you nobody be able to keep in balance in the Tian Ling Empire status?"

I nod: „Um, finally some people will not harass the plan of my able to move unhindered world again."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „This Wang Ze Cheng detained wrong chip, unexpectedly thinks that Rong Di Jun can triumph, had a dream simply, finally also hitting was utterly routed by [Hero's Mound], was too miserable!"

Tang Qi said with a smile: „After firing off this campaign, our Guildmaster specially is also happy, NND, do not let our [Hero's Mound] get so far as strikes awe the command together, otherwise the rising sun such as the blood main pledge waits to dismiss!"

I said: „The present is 6 points, must to 6 : 00 pm times has the regiment conference, we have massive Cooldown, well what does?"

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue smile: „Was inferior that we go......"

I one thump: „Do you want to do?"

„Amusement city plays!" Two female said together.

I hold the volume: „Was big, but also goes to there to play......"

However, request of stubborn two female, went, Tang Qi, the distance was not far, the walk passed, had the dinner to directly soar the amusement city.

The entertaining fashion in amusement city as if has exceeded my age, played has will the vehicle race think bored, in side looks that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female played there, result two female played the dancing machine to fight the dance, two people both wore the high-heeled shoes, two female in the dance music played HIGH as before very much, more jumped is quicker, the short skirt waved, the graceful carriage stirred up one group of young people to surround in side, especially Lin Wan Er that perfect figure added on the delightful smiling face, whole person absorbed dancing and Dong Cheng Yue of „competion".

Two female played HIGH, combination 78, when Lin Wan Er walked full is the sweat, small cheek ruddy toward my arms drill, at the same time sweet smiling: „Quite tired......"

I am supporting her, said: „Wears the high-heeled shoes also to play HIGH, can I despise?"


„I despised East city to be good!"

Dong Cheng Yue is charmingly angry in side: „Does not have the fellow of conscience, wastes this miss to have only one in mind to you......"

I have a look at Cooldown, to 9 points, said quickly: „We went back, took a bath to prepare one again to 12 points."



Arrives at outside the market time, space actually had the light rain, this was the rain of spring summer border, the letting person of faint trace thought that was very satisfied, but got bigger and bigger, if this walked to work as the drenched chicken.

Tang Qi suggested to take taxi, was actually overruled to a ticket by Dong Cheng Yue, because thought that such rather did not have the affective tone.

Therefore Dong Cheng Yue has bought three umbrellas, we walk in the rain.

Just out arrived, Lin Wan Er suddenly „oh" one, afterward on the cheek full is the pain, I was holding her hurriedly: „How?"

„Was turning the foot......"

„All right?" My sinking lower part of the body, helping her look, on the ankle area somewhat was slightly red, definitely was plays HIGH to turn is not knowing that now recovered discovers finally.

„What to do?" She visits me piteous.

I smile: „What to do can also, I carry you to go back......"

„Hee hee, good!"


I bent down, Lin Wan Er took off the white high-heeled shoes, carries in the hand, then bends down in me carries on the back, immediately two groups pleasantly warm closely are pressing me, this feeling was too wonderful, both hands are holding her two snow greasy longlegs, I walked happily in the rain, Dong Cheng Yue was yelling flushed, oneself opened an umbrella, then gave me and Lin Wan Er opens an umbrella.

Tang Qi also Ha Ha with a smile followed, in the rain, full is the young aura.

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Zhan Long Chapter 993

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