Zhan Long Chapter 994

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Returns to the dwelling time, is the whole body is as before dripping wet, the first month of summer rain is not really small, because Lin Wan Er bends down when the relations that I carry on the back, was only the thigh and arm was wet, put down her, looks that her skirt stuck to the appearance on clear longleg quite to fire imagination, but turned around to look at Dong Cheng Yue on almost the one's heart rushes toward one's destination, Dong Cheng Yue extremely in concentrating on opened an umbrella for us, finally the clothes almost entire were wet, under windproof coat that opened wide, that white shirt almost soaked, sticks to the young and vital young girl body, screened the twin peaks outline of Fengrun, making the person cannot help but start to think that the bloodlines seethed with excitement.


Dong Cheng Yue gains ground to have a look at my vision, although Tang Qi also looks in another side dumbfoundedly, but Dong Cheng Yue has turned around, smiles to me, takes possession intentionally makes me see clearly, I move, blinked hurriedly no longer looked that then sip pursed the lips saying: „East city, you entire were wet, takes a hot bath quickly, otherwise definitely caught cold."

Dong Cheng Yue cracks into a chuckle: „Um, this goes!"

Saying, her was turning around to stare Tang Qi: „Looks to kill you again!"

Tang Qi: „......"

I have held the hand of Lin Wan Er, said: „Wan Er also takes a hot bath, I one will make Jiang Cha to return to warmer weather to you."


Two female both went to the room to take a bath, I also went to the room, less than 10 minutes took a bath, change the dry and clear clothes to go out of the room, went to the kitchen to take the cup, made two cups of ginger tea to place there, finally the girl took a bath Cooldown to be too long, after ten minutes, two talented person longs in coming came out, was drinking Jiang Cha while said played to dance a moment ago machine the matter, but also agreed must next time also go again, and must wear the high-heeled shoes to jump together.

I said: „That must call me."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Do you also like visiting us to dance?"

I admit frankly: „Um, actually you dance together, looks like very enjoys, especially wears the high-heeled shoes to jump, when that aesthetic sense not compared with young girl generation gap."

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Actually, the human spirit of Wan Er heyday does not compare that to combine badly good? Moreover the Wan Er first concert time sang ‚the heart of time' also sang while jumped, ahem, that video everywhere was, one of reasons after this was also Wan Er withdrew from entertainment world , the human spirit stays at a high level as before, the classics that she created, nobody surmounts until now."

The Lin Wan Er chuckle visits me: „Dear, I sang the heart of time time, what were you making?"

I think that said: „Should be a great security personnel......, Manager aunt of marketing department makes me help them unload cargo especially daily, loading, is simply flagitious!"

„Faints......" the Dong Cheng Yue sip sip red lip, said: „Properly speaking should not only mix this situation by your ability, how did you tell me you to think at that time?"

I hesitate, deep visits her, said: „Before the security, I make the criminal investigation also to be the special police officer, with many cases, few I have not been have broken, already should be promoted, because actually offended too many person's relations unable to be promoted, even was kicked the police force finally directly, if changed into you, aggrieved rather worked as a small security."

Lin Wan Er puts down the cup, approached my arms to kiss one on my cheeks, saying with a smile that then comforted: „Was good, later some people will not bully you, otherwise the Wan Er elder sisters and East city elder sisters hit certainly him to live cannot take care of oneself!"

I raised the right hand, the fist surrounding roaring flame lingered, dodged passes, says with a smile: „Now approximately also nobody dares to annoy me, relax, I no longer am anybody's shadow, except for you, nobody can let the eat dirt that I am duty-bound not to turn back again and pain, I want truely lives a time for oneself, Xiao Yao Zi Zai."

Dong Cheng Yue joyful has referred to itself: „, My share?"

I smile: „You are I and Wan Er best friend, naturally has your one, but you, if artificial does not want, after me, was good on protection Tang Qi."

„Does not use." Dong Cheng Yue is grinning: „He can protect itself, you protect me, you looked that I am so delicate."

I shot a look at her one eyes: „Before several hours, we encircle [House of Prestige] time, your magic bang falls at least 20 + people of times has not seen you delicately!"

Dong Cheng Yue sip purses the lips: „Your this soul is pale, this most can only show that I have a heart of female man, but the semblance absolutely is the soft younger sister!"

„Good, does not pull, the preparation gets online, met Tian Ling Empire to have toward meeting, how having a look at the shallow forest to process the Tian Ling Empire military affairs power finally!"



After two female send in the room, I also immediately go back to get online, Cooldown is around 11 : 00.


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, I stand outside of imperial palace, when I appear, two imperial guard multitude of people long lead one group of soldiers to kneel down immediately in abundance, said in a low voice: „See on general!"

I nod, turn around to enter the palace.

Stair several hundred levels to main hall, both sides grasp the guard of pointed weapons, steps the overlord boots, going up steps step by step on, the two sides guards are also holding the breath, motionless, but is Situ Xinti the sword blade edge is standing in the main hall front there, said with a smile: „General Li, you came finally!"

I smile: „General Situ, your majesty injury how?"

„After taking the Dragon's den compounded drug of Sir Frost, has not been affected much, the motion is usual, the general please feel relieved!"


I enter the main hall time, discovered that Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Ye Lai and Jian Feng Han and the others, moreover, Luo child, Luis, Xiahou Ren, the cloud floating four people completely had been stood by both hands tying there, just likes the criminal.

Again shortly afterward, Lin Wan Er, Drunken Spear, Wang Ze Cheng and other players also in abundance enter the main hall, the person soon came neat, the people seek for their position to stand firm, but in the throne, the shallow forest sat there, is only the complexion slightly is pale, it seems like truly the injury did not have what to obstruct greatly.


At exactly 12 : 00, the shallow forest stands up, the sound is passing sadly with the vicissitudes, said: „The fire Divine Mountain turmoil, the whole nation is sad, the orphaned Wang father dispatches troops into battle to rebel, had been led the palace guard and imperial guard suppression by Li Master, but after this war, the day plume empire damaging severely vitality, from now henceforth, the audiences will want the unity is strength inevitably, otherwise day plume empire in the future will be worrying."

Hundred Ningxia and Situ firewood and the others Qi Qi holds the fist in the other hand: „Your majesty understands clearly!"

The shallow forest beckons with the hand, said: „Board of personnel, read out my decree!"


Board of personnel Shangshu walks to go forward, stands launches the reel on the king stair, said: „South town Wang Qibing rebels, eliminates south the town the king title, reduces to the common people, pardons to bury into the imperial tomb, but the name can not read in the imperial stele forest! In addition, hot axe armed forces commander Luo the child coordinates to rebel, eliminates Monarch marquis the position, reduces to the multitude of people long, crazy Lei Jun Luis coordinates to rebel, eliminates the title of general, reduces to the ordinary soldier, Xiahou Ren instigates to rebel, cuts according to the law, Yun Piaopiao was forced to rebel, eliminates the duty of commanding, reduces to the soldier."

I look up the shallow forest, in the heart understand, the shallow forest has cleaned one empire army senior generals while this opportunity greatly!

Board of personnel Shangshu continues to read: „Flame General Dragon Jun Fang Ge Que fight is heroic , to promote for the town country general, and appoints as flame Dragon Jun commands, the hot axe armed forces reorganize are 5 thousand person regiments, is transferred to the imperial guard Yorozuo long Luo Feiwei hot axe armed forces new to command, and promotes for the town country general, crazy Lei Jun reorganizes is 4 thousand person regiments, is transferred to imperial guard Yorozuo long Xu Yanwei new to command, and promotes for the town country general, the purple spirit armed forces reorganize are 5 thousand person regiments , to promote Yorozuo long Jian Feng Han is to command, flood dragon armed forces rallying is 1 thousand person regiment, is commanded Situ firewood simultaneously to hold the post of the duty of commanding by the imperial guard, and read. Situ firewood meritorious military service is outstanding , to promote the general!"


Such one, the people mixed blessing, Fang Ge Que finally became the flame Dragon Jun's member, but Wang Ze Cheng and Q-Sword as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket, no one has thought that the shallow forest took a Yorozuo to succeed the hot axe armed forces to command from the imperial guard unexpectedly long . Moreover, in player also winner, Jian Feng Han, being quietly has become commanding of purple spirit armed forces, although the purple spirit armed forces have held the post of the rear service, the battle efficiency had nothing worthwhile, but trained slightly can form a fearful battle efficiency.

Also a little, Luo child and Luis were eliminated on the military rank of general, but Situ firewood promoted on the general, this also means that the day of plume empire had in two general, one was I, another was Situ Xin.

At this time, the shallow forest stood up, said: „Li Master returned to the empire, Tian Ling Empire had the pillar once again, he will rally the national soldiers and horses, had supreme holding military authority, therefore I had discussed with Ministry of War and board of personnel, the empire set up a new military appointment, named ‚held spear greatly', the antiwar time, held the spear to have empire all soldiers and horses reassignment power greatly, in time of war, held the spear greatly is the marshal first candidate!"

I stare, said hurriedly: „Your majesty, does not may!"

The shallow forest is stunned: „Li Master, why?"

I hold the fist in the other hand saying: „This holds the spear greatly, I . Moreover the empire should not have such military rank, only waits for in time of war, will choose one to be the marshal severely and that's the end, greatly holds the emergence of spear is purely the surplus, and will encourage the despotism the arrogance."

Saying, I looked at Fang Ge Que, lowered the sound saying: „Fang Ge, helping me say one!"

The Fang Ge Que associative compound, then held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, Li Xiao Yao some words truth, established the general and town country generals, to protect country generals and other military ranks to suffice."

Hundred also said: „Your majesty, invited the wish of General Li!"


The shallow forest thinks that said: „That then listens to Li Master, after holding the matter of spear, greatly reconsiders!"

„Drop", a news came from Lin Wan Er: „Fool, why does not accept this appointment, holds the spear greatly, the military rank title of multi- old-style fan device......"

I reply with a smile: „Considers as finished, on general I have satisfied, avoid after this ‚holds spear greatly', makes many trouble to oneself."

Lin Wan Er is extremely bright, blinked: „You think...... This does hold the spear greatly is the shallow forest probes your loyalty to come out?"

I nod: „Rather believes its has, incredible its does not have."

„Um, this is also good, is lower-key."


Lin Wan Er sends in a news: „Was right, you had heard all -star game does not have, it is said soon held."

„All-star game?"

„Um, pure invitational tournament!"

„Does not know completely......"

Zhan Long Chapter 994

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