Zhan Long Chapter 995

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Late at night, offline.

Sits in the head, on laptop opens the destiny the official site, under the leading navigation bar of home page very conspicuous scarlet war flag slowly is really fluttering, the mouse posts the winning bid then to demonstrate above Chinese server „ALLSTAR all-star game" the phrase, selects to look, the voting selection stage, all -star game was being invited 16 people by the official site, was voted then to select 16 players by the player, altogether 32 people contended a champion, at present is confirming the participating stage in the player.

The point opens all-star game topic home page, my ID also has been arranging impressively in order obviously, 16 People that actually invited was as good as is CBN fights first 16 of net

Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Bai Li Ruo Feng, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan, Simple, The Seventh Tang, Cang Yue, Lu Chun Yang, Yan Zhao Warrior, Yue Qing Qian and general Li Mu and Drunken Spear.

Except for not hearing from beside Little Demon, the CBN Battle Ranking 17 players in the invitation, but after I most , after knowing thinks, only then I have not confirmed the participation, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and behind the Jian Feng Han and the others name supplemented „confirmed" the phrase, I then moved the past the mouse, has selected, logged in the account number, confirmed the participation, attracted my is not other, was that bonus, was really too rich

Champion bonus: 5 million ¥

Second place bonus: 2 million ¥

Third place bonus: 1 million ¥

Rearguard bonus: 500,000 ¥

The 5-8 th bonus: 300,000 ¥

The 9-16 th bonus: 200,000 ¥

The 17-32 nd bonus: 100,000 ¥


Truly worthily is the important sports event of filthy rich destiny company organization, so long as goes to at least 10 thousand R motherfucker bonuses, the fool refuses to participate!

Looks at the special page again, above had a voting page, under the page is rows of player picture and game images, is the voting system, a person can only cast 1 ticket, cannot be more, but the present voting number has somewhat gone against heaven's will, Wang Jian is first, over 100 thousand voting numbers, the [Zhan Long] flag player human spirit is not really low, but second impressively was Enchanted Painting, Xue Jingren attractively, the stature was also good, in addition grasped the water deity halberd, was the [Legend] symbolic character, number of votes 90 thousand +, was pursuing Wang Jian tightly, Next is Misty Clouds and Death's Contract and the others, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and voting of Dancing Forest and the others placed the front row again . Moreover, some strange faces, for example have „milk that called violent to walk" Swordsman female player, before had not heard, but on the picture showed that the cheek was attractive, the stature also surpassed to praise, therefore the number of votes stayed at a high level, was 7 th, inquired, CBN fought the net to place 41 st, was really the character of being quietly, before had not noted to have the position of No. 1 person to kill that before!

Also looked at competition regulation, the ALLSTAR all-star game is known as fairly fair, equipment of all players reset, the skill reset completely, Level is 150 levels, the skill that has also completely is the general skill, for example Swordsman is the player can only use the sword wheel to cut, the sword air/Qi daybreak, [Blade Rush] and other skills, this but actually also truly is very fair, then this all-star game was doomed is a competition of competion operation!

Lies down in the head, I smiled, enter destiny also more than half a year, what boundary did my operation promote to? Also good, this ALLSTAR all-star game comes very promptly, can inspect me to pull out to equipment, skill and skill later operation has promoted to any level, but a little can affirm that this all-star game is Pulse Break Style and world of remote control school.

The big game later Shanghai three days will be held, does not worry, the Cooldown preparation, did not have what good preparation actually, in the past after entering the mirror image general character, chopped one randomly and that's the end.

Pays attention again, is not only the Chinese server, other servers basically have the sports event of this all-star game, therefore in did not need to be worried that for these days can have the war between servers, the peak level player everyone knows regarding a significant role of war, said the Chinese war zone, after having lacked these 32 people, possibly the battle efficiency at least wants the sharp decline 20%, this does not exaggerate, the peak level player is not only a flag, directs the inspirational figure of war.


Murky has rested, for serveral days somewhat was really tired, now finally has solved an important matter, the town southern king suicided dead, the commands of Tian Ling Empire major armies majority of were changed into their trusted subordinate by the shallow forest, Tian Ling Empire have not been able to leave any important matter, but my palace guard is in charge of Tian Ling Empire, guards fire Divine Mountain and Fan Shu City, the military strength continues to expand, is the first armed forces of recognition, then, before several while all-star game daily well rests!

Finally truly so.

Over the next few days in accompanied the girlfriend to practice every day the level, killed everywhere strangely came, in the regiment system each Yorozuo long was powerful, but has promoted Xia Ye after vice- commanded, he has been able for me to share over 50% work loads, my this commanded to be equal to half waving the arms about storekeeper.

Cooldown crosses quickly, for three days passes in an instant.


In the morning, opens the awake song sleepy eyes time is around 9 : 00, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue chat are chatting anything in hall, occasionally is mixing with Tang Qi and Qin Wen sound, everybody mood is good, when I get out of bed, the people have prepared, this all-star game does not use the belt game hard helmet . Moreover the big game on time starts at 2 : 00 pm, has projected on to come out first to stop, the rule of sports event understands actually simply.

This time is opening Lin Wan Er BM thousand starts off, this 7 are the steadiness that became famous, sits the feeling on vehicle is also good, is driven by me, Lin Wan Er in copilot place, with a smile was chatting anything with Dong Cheng Yue, was less than two hours, arrived in the game Exhibition Center in Shanghai, here was also the destiny in the southern headquarters in China.

When the vehicle enters the stopping pad, two have worn staff female of black uniform to welcome, I and Lin Wan Er get out was recognized rapidly, pleasantly surprised saying with a smile: „Oh, Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Cang Tong come finally, what behind is...... Is Cang Yue, who is another person?"

Tang Qi is resigned-looking, touches nose saying: „Please call me to be small!"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles, introduced: „This person is The Seventh Tang."

„, Excuse me......" staff female has the apology to smile, „originally is in the legend the [Hero's Mound] first Fung Shui master, please, register in the hall, immediately started on the midday feast."

„Um good, thanks."

The group go to the hall, but I have a look at the surrounding construction, here is the southern half minute of Exhibition Center, but also is the core component, the front of central construction is towering altogether ten giant character statues, each at least 5 meters high, look like unusual ** solemn and respectful, but I have recognized recognizing, rapid discovery is raising the beautiful female character of sword blade edge, then asked: „Is that Frost?"

female said with a smile: „Um, yes, Xiao Yao you must carefully look that will discover many acquaintances, these statues are we invite international to carve the master to complete, each construction cost at least in 200 thousand above!"

„Local tyrant......"

I gain ground to continue to look, Pearl that in edge one of the 10 statues, impressively is elapsed, somewhat sobbed . Moreover, in these statues also had Luo Lin and Seurre, the silver spear, Redding and Sif and the others, basically was in the game the pivotal NPC character, when we continued, actually on the wall of discovery Exhibition Center was hanging huge symbols, impressively was the destiny China war zone major Guild guild symbols!

The first symbol is an image of Chinese redbud, that is the [Legend] symbol.

Second is the main item and sword shines on each other, that is our [Zhan Long] guild symbol.

Third is a handle scarlet Axe image, that is [Hero's Mound].

The fourth section of ice-cold Jianfeng image, [Vanguard] guild symbol.

Fifth is a fan, the [House of Prestige] symbol.

Sixth is a dignity great shield, that is the [Judgement] symbol.

Seventh is liquor, the [Emerald Porcelain] symbol.

Eighth is a scarlet extravagant blade, above is twining a golden Shenlong, behind writes „King [Prague]", it goes without saying is the uncle.


Lin Wan Er also silently looks at the symbol on wall, has not shaken my hand on own initiative, I also understand that [Zhan Long] can obtain the status of today, can make our symbols appear on the central hall wall of Exhibition Center, this is everybody together result diligently, we play the game for what, to not prove do one, realize the dream? [Zhan Long] had today's achievement, our dreams have also realized half.

Dong Cheng Yue also delicious looks at the mark on wall, said: „Our [Zhan Long] symbol looked like most attractive."

I nod: „Yes!"

Tang Qi sip purses the lips, does not dare to go to praise the [Hero's Mound] symbol to be attractive, in fact the [Hero's Mound] symbol is aggressive, handle scarlet Axe, but looks like with the [Hero's Mound] style does not tally, the Q-Sword manner tamper force with mercy, will use a handle sword more appropriate as the symbol actually.


Enters the central hall, after the registration, receives a participating sign to hang on everyone in the front, was getting then the banquet hall by female, the participating player altogether 32 people, are not also many, four tables have sufficed, when we walk, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Wang Jian, Dancing Forest and Old K were greeting to us, I go, altogether four tables of people, [Zhan Long] collected one table unexpectedly!

Sits down, they talked about old days with Li Mu and Dancing Forest, then started to eat greatly, the [Zhan Long] work room only then a Old K person lived the qualifying, he was 16 votes and chooses the last person of quota, after all the person is unattractive affects the number of votes, was good has struck root in the hearts of the people because of the Old K [Zhan Long] first crazy war image, this won many votes for him actually, will was accepted.


Not far away, Mu Xuan saw me, said: „Is small , did you also give up finally?"

I show a faint smile: „Um, the amassing money big game, who can not participate?"

First bonus 500 thousand ¥, indeed, who can not want?

Fang Ge Que sits in the neighboring table, said with a smile: „This amassing money big game summarizes very proper, Ha Ha, truly is an amassing money big game, but this time must have the real skill to amass money really successfully."

I nod: „Inside hand saw the true facts!"

The college entrance examination will soon approach, the leaf blessed fellow examinees to soar, tests the good achievements, was admitted to itself to vainly hope for the university!

Zhan Long Chapter 995

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