Zhan Long Chapter 996

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1 : 30 pm, the people enter the central hall in abundance, when we walk had a scare by the scene of sea of people, we know that the admission ticket of this entire bright match is the sell, above most inexpensive at least 300 R motherfucker, actually has not thought the person who observes meets that many, at least crossed ten thousand densely and numerously?


Enters the player seat, sits down.

Then discovered that plays the «Destiny» player besides our these, three games also come out the King in this all-star game, is recent continuously very hot «Overlord» and «Conquering» and «God» three games, the overlord and conquered is over 4 years of established classics played, god with a game that «Destiny» operated same time, what a pity human spirit only then destiny less than 10%, but the entire market, the overlord, conquered can also occupy about 30%, over 50%. The game players have been playing destiny, therefore this climax is the destiny, but other three games rely on also to have a substantial number of hardcore bean noodles to continue to survive.

Those who let my accident is, the director of this big game unexpectedly is not Fei Er, but has traded another female also is very but actually attractive, wears the succinct fine white uniform, takes the microphone to announce that the competitions of how many sports events carry on the situation, is the way of interactive competition, after the destiny comes out 16 are strong, the overlord, conquers and other games to come out 8, these three games only invited 16, is about because the funds and human spirit do relate?


Director female said with a smile: „We invited the destiny and overlord, to conquer, the first people of god these four games to come to power to make the speech, invited, the destiny first person ‚Fang Ge Que', the overlord first person ‚Liu Xin', conquered the first person ‚forest flame', as well as the god first person ‚the king Lan River', the invited four pivotal star players came to power!"

Probably chose four CBN to fight the net game to classify the first person to come to power to speak!

The Fang Ge Que words are very brief, i.e. a situation of destiny, congratulates this big game complete success again and so on, afterward is first person of Liu Xin of overlord, that is a grandiose man, said leaves office, is conquers the first person „forest flame", this forest flame was known as that is the first law god who conquers, somewhat is an excellent likeness with Fang Ge Que actually, but in the look is passing several points of stubbornness, with Fang Ge Que temperate humble one compared with stood on the height has sentenced, as for the first person of god, was the brief several words on finishing.


Introduced that started, the big game first stage was the 32 strong match showdowns of destiny, the large screen also rapidly presented the confrontation of system automatic match, my other has not paid attention, discovered that confrontation of several groups about [Zhan Long] member, seemed not very optimistic appearance

Xiao Yao Zi Zai VS Bai Li Ruo Feng

General Li Mu VS Yan Zhao Warrior

Cang Tong VS Quick Thunder Swift Wind

Cang Yue VS Mu Xuan

Dancing Forest VS Fang Ge Que

Hero Ran Min VS Jian Feng Han

Yue Qing Qian VS Lu Chun Yang

General Wang Jian VS Enchanted Painting


Looks at the confrontation, the Dong Cheng Yue corners of the mouth has twitched, said: „Always felt that the small dance today is Changchun - Shanghai on the 1st tour......"

Dancing Forest is actually calm: „Has not related, a sports event also day had ended in any case, everybody is one day tour, but the system first round matches me to hit Fang Ge Que this is any meaning, how Huang Zhonggong does not play in the hand......"

I said: „Has not related, which the confrontation of Old K and Wang Jian optimistic to does not go, Jian Feng Han and Enchanted Painting may not be is a vegetarian, everybody hits well diligently!"


The sports event group committee members discussed that confirmed finally one group as first game, finally I and Bai Li Ruo Feng fought to be ahead of time directly the first war, was fought the first first game by me and Bai Li Ruo Feng, this really showed due respect for the feelings!

Stands up, distant Bai Li Ruo Feng lets somebody cool off or calm down visits me, I also shot a look at his one eyes, Lin Wan Er suddenly have spilled my hand, said with a smile: „Does not have Beidou meteor these skills without combo, so long as you force Bai Li Ruo Feng that Regent effect, near body almost won again."

I nod smile: „Knows!"

Basically the suppression between Class is this, once the archer lets Swordsman near body, that almost also finished.

Enters the competition room, uses a public hard helmet under the direction of staff, scans the iris, confirmed after ID, enters the game, I was transmitted in an athletic field immediately, and appearance Xiao Yao Zi Zai appearance, just equipment of whole body changed into one set of Divine Tier as before, the attribute naturally greatly sells at a discount, and is not the double sword, is only handle Divine Tier 150 levels of general iron swords, has a look at the attribute again, 150 levels of 1500 attribute points have not assigned, afterward I think, in addition 300 points in Agility, in addition 500 points in Stamina, other in the strength, had a look completely afterward. The attack defense, truly somewhat feels sad

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】

Level: 150

Attack: 17650-24500

Defense: 12140

Life: 74000

Magic: 22000

Charm: 0

CBN Battle Ranking: 6

Title: Does not have


The attribute had been washed in the competition condition white, good...... This attribute is really somewhat pitiful, is good because of having a look at the opposite, Bai Li Ruo Feng is also a common people attire, the long bow in hand is appears cheap, my equipment is not good, which his definitely also very to goes, but I choose the point way, Agility is in order to overtakes his speed, Stamina can many by several arrows, like this added a way probably the science be more than fully, hopes that each can allow the player to add voluntarily, otherwise subtle restraint between Class on few many pleasure.

Bai Li Ruo Feng, at present as before is the first archer in Chinese war zone, the one who is away from him to place to be recent is Dancing Forest, but also is CBN fights the net to place about 20, therefore the Bai Li Ruo Feng Class first status very safe.

Stands is being away from Bai Li Ruo Feng about 20 yards place, I nearly did not wait for start of competition, simultaneously heart cannot help but beats fiercely, is this excited feeling? Should be, this all-star game absolutely was fair in the skill and attribute aspect, at this moment, the destiny is the true athletics game!

Counted the seconds that moment of conclusion, I already overran, speed several changes, sped up and decelerate and change MISS to fall several ordinary fires of Bai Li Ruo Feng continuously, he was very careful, did not use the skill, until I was away from he had less than 10 yards time, he completely had self-confidently 100% to hit I, this lowly drank one, five revolutions of skills swayed by the wind arrow rain, a huge sectorial area injury!

Until he left the skill, I then started the [Dou Qi Armour] skill, and [Assault] has locked him.


Above the sword blade edge six asterism storms walk, 15 levels of [Combo] skills fall loudly!

Bai Li Ruo Feng cold snort, body enters the Regent condition, is very good, my [Combo] has replaced his Regent!

In that moment that Regent finished, Bai Li Ruo Feng backward anxiously draws back, starts with Shi Hanbing arrow skill, but I treadonned a stone ground advance to avoid the arrow of cold ice arrow, horizontally have divided a sword that did not return, hit his back


Bai Li Ruo Feng turns around hurriedly, armor piercing bow + [Rising Dragon Shot] suddenly to launch, this time is win strikes.

Actually does not think that my body sinks, [Blade Rush] of slanting direction, the angle and opportunity stem from Bai Li Ruo Feng completely sentences in advance, armor piercing bow and [Rising Dragon Shot] together by MISS, but I daybreak and sword wheel cut seal to carry on the back after his sword air/Qi, his 4 thousand HP saw the bottom instantaneously, but Bai Li Ruo Feng was what kind of person, calm under horizontal the bow embryo resisted my time to attack, the making use body skidded to retrocede in the stone ground.

My skill in circulation CD, in 6 seconds is unable to use the close combat skill, Bai Li Ruo Feng has also thought of this point, backlash while the bow and arrow greeted, finally my 7 thousand + HP quickly only then 2 thousand do not arrive.

But my footsteps have been pursuing Bai Li Ruo Feng, is sword air/Qi that 6 seconds of skill CD finished daybreak forces to draw back instantaneously, Bai Li Ruo Feng walks the position to fend hurriedly, but MISS falls the sword air/Qi daybreak consequence is I lifts a hand sword, the imperial swordsmanship skill starts, sword blade edge „tittering" penetrated the chest of Bai Li Ruo Feng, massacred!

1 : 0, has obtained the first point, was the grand opening.

The second game, finally also similar, but I cut to replace his Regent with the sword wheel, and my [Blade Rush] is not used to attack completely, but is used for the position, Bai Li Ruo Feng has not thought that I will use this skill like this, finally suffered a loss in the position, was held to by the ordinary attack effect, can only cherish hatred into the first round male of all-star game!

2 : 0, first victory!


Outside breaks out the applause, when I go out of the competition room saw that second started, the decisive battle of Li Mu and Yan Zhao Warrior, these two people are good at operating, the war duplicate class player of tactic, Li Mu also meet the little Pulse Break Style skills, the result first is successful on the truncation [lineage/vein], 1 : 0 has led Yan Zhao Warrior, but has not actually thought that Yan Zhao Warrior able to move unhindered rivers and lakes dozens years are also the rivers and lakes seniors of noble character and high prestige, seize two cities to teach Li Mu to cultivate the behavior rapidly continually, after all the Li Mu Pulse Break Style crucial moment is well below Enchanted Painting and my this level, say nothing of Matcha, had been found the turning point by Yan Zhao Warrior, explains continuously twice, Also has worked as the second round male.

Third, Lin Wan Er 2 : 0 Quick Thunder Swift Wind, this was needless saying that the operation coefficient disparity was too big, the operation of Lin Wan Er was explodes Quick Thunder Swift Wind.

Fourth, Dong Cheng Yue and Mu Xuan burst, these two female masters completely are the enemies, meets in the big game absolutely is not the first time, finally has selected for a long time, Dong Cheng Yue 2 : 1 defeats Mu Xuan, made her step into officially one step to the Chinese first female masters.

Again , the victory and defeat 11 come out, eight senior generals who Dancing Forest 0 : 2 Fang Ge Que, Old K 0 : 2 Jian Feng Han, Yue Qing Qian 2 : 1 Lu Chun Yang, Wang Jian 1 : 2 Enchanted Painting, in an instant, our [Zhan Long] meets in the first round on the total defeat half, Yue Qing Qian were singing the how painful comprehension, therefore Dancing Forest, Old K, Wang Jian and Li Mu wanted playing cards to start to play four people to fight the landlord.

They can see through actually, but victory and defeat military commander routine matter, and this sports event , too tested to operate, although Old K in game skill and equipment very OK, but put together the operation truly the words, the player who met Jian Feng Han this war duplicate class sect divisional level, basically the stratagem which ensures success infinitely approached in 0.

Zhan Long Chapter 996

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