Zhan Long Chapter 997

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Again shortly afterward, 16 of «Destiny» project have come out, was continued to match by the system automatically, is in four groups, the confrontation also reappeared on the large screen, this time decided confrontation that truly the following competition moved toward

A groups:

Cang Tong VS The Seventh Tang

Jian Feng Han VS Fang Ge Que

B groups:

Yan Zhao Warrior VS Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Simple VS Drunken Spear

C groups:

Enchanted Painting VS Q-Sword

Yaya Yaya Yaya VS Misty Clouds

D groups:

Yue Qing Qian VS Cang Yue

Milk VS Ye Lai that the violent walks


16 of all-star game, look like looks like 16 of Chinese server strong is the same, each group was the group of death, did not have the truth that can win by luck, milk female also CBN that in these people, the battle efficiency lowest dark horse, the violent followed fought the net to place 41 st, the strength was placed there, perhaps has not been is the dark horse.

Yue Qing Qian spits the tongue, said with a smile: „East city elder sister, our two must put together life and death!"

Dong Cheng Yue by in the chair, said with a smile: „8 strong bonus 30 thousand, 16 strong bonus 200 000, have missed 10 thousand, or Melon you put a water, has helped me!"

Yue Qing Qian eats to smile: „I do not want, 10 thousand sufficed to buy many cucumbers...... Sufficed to buy many between-meal snack!"

Everybody has smiled, Dancing Forest analyzes saying: „A groups might be considered as the groups of death, which entered four is better than is not accidental, B group opportunities bigger should be Guildmaster and Simple, C groups, Q-Sword and Misty Clouds opportunity greatly, oh, did not say, equipment and skill that this competition used were the unified standards, perhaps everybody met is not familiar with, scoring an upset was normal."

I nod: „Um, one will hit knows that any situation, this competition too depended upon to operate, the operation could not follow, in game again fiercely also useless, you looked that old K was eliminated miserably!"

Old K grins: „That is the operation of Jian Feng Han is too not concerned about face, has been walking Ping Kan, does not dare to fight to the finish with me, disgusting!"

Dancing Forest threw one to smile: „Is that the tactic walks the position to be good? Ok, told you you do not understand, your operational level one compared with was flung several streets with Jian Feng Han...... It is not right, should meet is flung several light years!"

Old K: „......"


At this time, competed in continuing, was the overlord, conquers, the competition of god three games, the player of overlord I was not familiar, their 16 entered 8 quickly on the past, before conquering this game is actually „destiny" was born , the most fiery game, now also in many players of playing was at that time the Chinese war zone blustery god level players, for example, Fang Ge Que, Little Demon and Lin Wan Er once were also the players who conquered, Fang Ge Que was the past years continues many first person, was called the law god, can forest roast with „youth law god who" Fang Ge Que vied to see who better only. In „world hero" in sports event has won Fang Ge Que one time, later then went into hiding, afterward Fang Ge Que withdraws conquers is the destiny preparation, conquers this game then to succeed by the forest flame for the first law god, but the soldier is the aspect, after Little Demon goes into seclusion, then by lonely god person becomes conquers the first war-god.

On the stage, Lin Flame and lonely gods stand in racer, the first 16 strong match is Lin Flame with the competition of another archer player, on the large screen operates exceptionally magnificently, accurate walks and is separated to control, an archer strength to hit back no continuously had been taken two points, but after the lonely god enters the arena, is competitive, walks Ping Kan continuously, held the opportunity frozen to cut to give Berserker of match to kill to fall, was not the consecutively two points of suspense.

The competition that conquers is quite coherent, has come out four directly, but we play the destiny for a long time, knew that Lin Flame, lonely god two celebrities, other two too big attention, actually the human spirit of destiny is not high, I and Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que this group of person widely everybody the cognition, the disparities of two games are very big.

Again, god has also come out 4, again was the competition of destiny, 16 strong matches, came out to 4 directly!


The director female funds suspend walking of slender waist in the stage, announced that the destiny 16 strong matches start.

Everybody is also very excited, not only this time is relating the large amount bonus, is relating also each player's status in Chinese war zone player mind, after all the key of this competition is all with the technology and grasps depending on the understanding of operation, this is a player true hard strength is, who can win the championship, that also means that this person inevitably is one of the Chinese war zone topest operation players, at least was the strength of King level.

16 strong match first, Cang Tong VS The Seventh Tang.

Because all-star game automaticswitching hides Class, therefore Tang Qi Class tragedy turned into the master from the Fung Shui master, the operation is extremely not naturally mature, first was talent in an extremely difficult situation 2 : 1 has won the competition, almost halted 32 strong matches, now runs into Lin Wan Er such assassin to flow the tactical master, the winning percentage naturally cannot be too high.

Finally just like I expect, Lin Wan Er has probably not added attribute to add 1500 points completely on Agility, the speed is much faster, walks + the draw to rebuke Tang Qi unable to find the way consecutively for several broken lines, almost lossless used three times Ping to stab to replace Tang Qi poly [Magic Shield], afterward was a skill erupts, wipes out Tang Qi 82% HP, [Stealth], frightened Tang Qi directly to use up three times space booklets to leap once more, finally was given to carry off by time [Twin Blade Harmony].

The consecutively two games, Lin Wan Er 2 : 0 has packed off Tang Qi, this is also the accordance with expectation, the operation of Tang Qi, although is good, but in the strength in game has depended on the Fung Shui master formidable six tells fortunes by the eight diagrams and shrinks to become Cun as well as vividly falls completely combo and other skills, but here changed into the Fung Shui master his Class, various types were not familiar with, lose the competition too to be normal.


Second, Jian Feng Han VS Fang Ge Que, is a showdown of sect divisional level.

Has saying that understanding of Jian Feng Han to walking position truly went to a very fearful situation, altogether has hit three, each has defeated Fang Ge Que poly [Magic Shield], second even leaps the point of descent to judge through the accurate space booklet, the long-distance imperial swordsmanship + sword air/Qi daybreak will break directly shield later Fang Ge Que to fall to the second.

But finally Fang Ge Que exceeds as before, 2 : 1 carried off has fought duplicate class grandmaster Jian Feng Han.

Third, was one's turn me to enter the stage, when I stood up, Yan Zhao Warrior also stood, two old matches again encountered, but also remembers when I and Yan Zhao Warrior first time began in Ba Huang City, because Yue Qing Qian was poached by me, the breathless uncle must fight it out with me, at that time I was Class of Healer, although lost, but also made Yan Zhao Warrior suffer a loss.

But now, is different at this time in those days, after the game fight baptism of more than half a year, I grasped many Pulse Break Style and war duplicate class and Drunken Sword Style essence, it may be said that is collection hundred long, changes a view also possibly is studies too mixed, many and not fine, who knows, after firing off Yan Zhao Warrior, knew the conclusion.


Enters the game , the system gave me 1500 points to make me assign voluntarily, both sides were Swordsman, cancould dispute, the strength and Agility occupied the extremely important factor, I think that has divided 1000 points in the strength, but thinks that was inappropriate, divides 1200 points to the strength, was not right, was too few, the additional 1300 points to the strength, only kept 200 points to give Agility!

After assigning the points, gains ground to have a look, Yan Zhao Warrior also added to select, hey said with a smile: „Xiao Yao, should not be forgiving!"

As soon as I nod, said with a smile: „That must unable, uncle to be careful, 2 : 0 have not carried off, otherwise is unattractive before six him, after all you are in her mind are glittering the heroic level uncle of holy halo."

Yan Zhao Warrior touches the nose, said: „You thought that girl does have such worship to me? You really have been completely mistaken, she settles on is the dried beef that in Taobao Shop of our company sells specially is clearly delicious!"

I „......!!!!!!"

The world of glutton I do not understand, perhaps initially our [Zhan Long] work room also opened between-meal snack Taobao Shop, can attract six his such masters to ally, although six he is not the topest riding war is a master, but absolutely is extra-superior, CBN has fought the net 27 th position not to be false after all!


The system started tick-tock to count the seconds, my Yan Zhao Warrior was also also staring at the counting the seconds number on contact surface, now the outside more than 10,000 audiences are visiting us, perhaps, through the live transmission looked that the player of competition were more, after all all -star game, simultaneously the observing population surpassed 500 thousand absolutely not to have what issue.




Counted the seconds the instance of conclusion, I raised the long sword forward to overrun, Yan Zhao Warrior also came, drank a long sword lowly from bottom to top one time found fault, I looked at the secret heart startled, the speed was really fast, the uncle at least added above 500 points Agility, in attacking fast, moved to the fast aspect I definitely to lose, a sword blade edge pendulum, I transformed the travel direction, was cutting the direction of attack wrong body of Yan Zhao Warrior, and halted suddenly, fights the boots to launching Spark in the stone flooring, the sword blade edge suspends attacks from the rear area to the back of Yan Zhao Warrior.

In a flash, the back of Yan Zhao Warrior like behind grew the eye, does not need to think that he used to play non- dead angle field of vision tool, the body sinks slightly, direct [Blade Rush] has fired into my right wing, the speed was much faster, above the long sword six glow stars fled, 15 levels of [Combo] skills divided to my left shoulder.

I am secret the heart startled, Yan Zhao Warrior [Blade Rush] is also used for the position, exquisite incomparable, worthily is the wily old fox!

In an instant reacts, my body backward one supine, in turning around also started [Blade Rush] instantaneously, „Shua" plunders to the Yan Zhao Warrior flank, blade edge with Shi Hanbing starts, „tittering" cuts to strike in the waist of Yan Zhao Warrior, horizontal, is a [Combo] effect spatters in all directions, immediately his blood strip only remaining half.

Yan Zhao Warrior in great surprise, no matter also that many, a sword round dance started suddenly, the sword blade edge starts to reflect sword shades, this is the sword round dance prelude!

I watch, fight the boots to tread one step, the sword blade edge deliver forward, „clang" a sound pressure in his weapon, does not wait for him to respond that is a shoulder hits, the strength value that „bang", Yan Zhao Warrior adds is inferior to me to be many, stiffly had been drawn back by my collision, simultaneously depends upon this hit effect has made „Successful Skill Break" the truncation [lineage/vein] effect, the long sword wields, is Ping Kan attacks twice, the Yan Zhao Warrior opportunity did not have, leaves to draw back anxiously, but cannot escape the imperial swordsmanship and sword air/Qi daybreak these two long-distance crowds to attack the skill, lost directly. 1 point.

„Young fellow!"

In Yan Zhao Warrior eye still shaken, the second game started, the fact showed that he added wrong has selected, because has missed I about 200 : 00 strength values, was hitting to draw back the aspect to be suppressed by me, but I did not spread out with him, the coherence has hit, Pulse Break Style did not fear the hand-to-hand fighting, hit is hitting Yan Zhao Warrior to discover that own HP saw the bottom, but I also 40%, continued to cherish hatred to lose a point.

2 : 0, smoothly has really carried off [Prague] Guildmaster.

Zhan Long Chapter 997

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