Zhan Long Chapter 998

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Fourth, Simple VS Drunken Spear, when the short spear trick stands up I think somewhat solemnly and stirringly, with he brushed past said the sentence while convenient: „Supports a meeting, like this attractively!"

The short spear trick face was green: „I also wished you to be out by 2 : 0, you just wait!"

I laugh: „My life Xiao Yao Zi Zai, does not care about the score."

Drunken Spear had not said again that entered the competition room earnestly.


Is less than 4 minutes, was guessed by me, Simple 2 : 0 has carried off Drunken Spear, without the means that short spear trick [Assault] of each time was guessed, Simple leaps using the space booklet can avoid time [Assault], but the space booklet leaps can flicker to move twice, was flies a kite Cooldown, the short spear trick died miserably, was Mu Feng is broken blood [Judgement], finally 2 : 0 carried off by the Simple accurate magic arts control.

Therefore, the AB two groups have fired off, is C groups.

Enchanted Painting VS Q-Sword!

Before my this „Xiao Yao Zi Zai" ID rises, Little Demon goes into seclusion, Q-Sword is the Chinese war zone first close combat of recognition is a player, nearly perfect operation and tactical awareness, fight the duplicate class essence in addition, meets the rival rarely, even if Jian Feng Han such powerful enemy's winning percentage to Q-Sword is also only then 40%-45%, it may be said that are the steady victory plans.

However, today the lucky goddess has not clearly stood this side Q-Sword, his match is Enchanted Painting, moreover today condition extraordinary good of Enchanted Painting, walks the position to grasp with the opportunity of attack each time just right, even if so Q-Sword can also draw the inferiority by the operation, how Enchanted Painting continuously to blow out in second game and third game fatally strikes, finally Q-Sword lost on this blood.

Finally, unexpected, Enchanted Painting 2 : 1 has carried off number one player Q-Sword , the audience, Enchanted Painting Successful Skill Break 4 times, Q-Sword is also 4 times, loses loses in the luck, everybody's violent striking rate probably is only 15%, Q-Sword, Enchanted Painting left continuously fatally has struck.

Looks at the Q-Sword desolate going down field, I thought that this all-star game did not have the human nature...... Is devastates to one of the peak level master simply!


Sixth, six his VS Misty Clouds.

These especially intense, the player who two people both recently rose, puts together the operation, to put together the consciousness, has decided the victory and defeat until 7 minutes, Misty Clouds is slightly better, 2 : 1 has eliminated six him.

Seventh, [Zhan Long] civil war, Yue Qing Qian VS Dong Cheng Yue!

First game of Dong Cheng Yue sentenced the ability to find the Yue Qing Qian position by formidable magic arts in advance, then suppressed has massacred, has not made her continue the stealth, but following two as if were the performance of Yue Qing Qian is ordinary, the continual broken shield with walking hid the angle of view to let the magic arts nowhere release of Dong Cheng Yue, the consecutively two games, 2 : 1 reversal, has eliminated East city.

When two female walk, does not have the feeling of gunsmoke, almost shakes hand, ten fingers to buckle!

Milk VS Ye Lai that 16 strong match last, the violent walks, one is the established master, a rising person with newly acquired wealth, the milk when the violent walks gets on the stage, everybody for it shocking, truly is a very pretty girl . Moreover the figure is extremely good, the wear binds the body skirt, the beautiful figure will highlight with nothing left, is such girl unexpectedly can project on CBN to fight net 41 st, is not simple.

On the large screen cut into the fight of both sides rapidly, Yue Qing Qian said to me: „The milk that Brother Xiao Yao, this violent walks ranks CBN 41 st, and founded Guild two months ago, is called ‚six palace cosmetics', this Guild ranks Chinese Guild wind and cloud list 34 th, registers the player 2.7 thousand people, but developed recently very rapidly, the literacy class directly soared 5 thousand to go, I could not think that one month, this Guild can definitely advance into wind and cloud list first 20, in the strength will not miss many compared with the male tyrant wind and cloud."

„Then is strong?" I look at the milk that on the large screen the violent walks to walk the form of position in consternation.

The Yue Qing Qian nod said: „Um, many CBN fought net to place the first 1000 players to join this Guild, the milk that also walked to this violent increased many mysterious air, this was a master of hideaway level."

Nearby, Old K said spookily: „The master of hideaway level, can she be Matcha?"

I unemotionally saying: „Matcha is the reconstruction constructs number, possibly in half a month practices to 169 levels? The milk that , the violent walked you also saw a moment ago, the cheek is from the start different from Matcha, said the chest measurement again also compared with Matcha slightly greatly?"

Li Mu hesitates, said assuredly: „Measures with the eye according to me, truly compared with Matcha slightly greatly, probably is D abdicates a point appearance."

Wang Jian hey said with a smile: „Leg good......"

Dong Cheng Yue is speechless: „Can one group of hoodlums, not stare at the figures of others young miss to look? You have a look at the Ye Lai stature to be good, oh, Ye Lai how remnant blood?"

When I fix the eyes on looks, Ye Lai is delivered to enter the stage, 0 : 1 lost for one small minute, the tactical operation of milk the violent walks is truly strong, the fighting method is also powerful, which likely is a girl, this especially simply is an invincible female man!

The second game, Ye Lai makes determined efforts, depends upon the consumption of [Battle Axe Throw] skill, then hit a wave of skill to erupt, draws a point!

Milk skillful MISS that but the third game, the violent walks fell Ye Lai [Battle Axe Throw] and spin fierce Axe, afterward wave of [Combo] + the blade edge of cold ice wipes out Ye Lai to surpass 50% HP, the freezing effect of blade edge of cold ice stucks the Ye Lai footsteps, the milk that the violent walks chops the attack with the first tone, after several, Ye Lai cherished hatred to suffer defeat!

Milk 2 : 1 Ye Lai that the violent walks, this absolutely was a big unexpected winner!

However can also understand that in the strength by game, Ye Lai equipment, skill and operation synthesizing capacity is extremely high, at least has over 70% stratagem which ensures success to the milk that the violent walks, but in all -star game, does not have these superiority, completely what spells was operates and consciousness, the milk that the violent walked does not lose to him, after all Ye Lai came from his manner fiercely in the Tian Ling Empire prestige straightforward, to the person extremely loyalty, therefore could mix, this in the strength with all-star game did not relate, was always insufficient Ye Lai to bellow a sound „to enjoy doing charitable things, can the clothing on be able to be walked by the violent in person". The milk takes off to bind the body skirt to admit defeat to obey, that pulled.


Quick, on the large screen reappeared the destiny all-star game 8 to confront

Cang Tong VS Fang Ge Que

Xiao Yao Zi Zai VS Simple

Enchanted Painting VS Misty Clouds

Milk that the Yue Qing Qian VS violent walks


However, after our competitions take one hour, has hit again, is the competitions of another three games.

Also has not gone to look that they plays one to fight the landlord with Li Mu, the quick competition was one's turn our destiny project once more, this time must come out four strongly to be detailed.

First, Lin Wan Er confronts Fang Ge Que, the contest between top assassins and top masters, I very favor Lin Wan Er actually, after all at this time everybody's equipment and skill were fair, but Lin Wan Er has to read the plan, this is the skill that she brings, when two players compete the place that is distanced is less than 10 meters, Lin Wan Er wants to judge the Fang Ge Que tactic, is very simple!

Just like I expect, today's Fang Ge Que condition is not good, or after Fang Ge Que since Little Demon offers Dragon's den to vanish the condition not to be good, regarding our top players, the condition means all, if you cannot achieve the strongest judgment speed and reaction rate, that will lose to with own strength suitable match absolutely.

But the Lin Wan Er strength was not inferior in Fang Ge Que are too many, in addition Class is restrains, the assassin is almost all skills attaches the broken shield effect, therefore the expectation of greatly outstanding person, Fang Ge Que 0 : 2 has lost to the Cang Tong goddess, everybody has not thought that even if Fang Ge Que loses is also insufficient to be so miserable, unexpectedly one point has not attained, the performance of Lin Wan Er truly is also outstanding, several times sentence position MISS stiffly to fall the Fang Ge Que almost instantaneous magic arts in advance, this ability lets outside applause like the thunder, this is the average person cannot achieve, naturally, Lin Wan Er has to read the plan, this truly is the tactical operation that the average person cannot achieve..

Second, was one's turn me to go on stage, the match was an old enemy, Simple, [Vanguard] first Mage, was Dong Cheng Yue dominates the feminine Mage strongest match!

Going on stage I know instantaneously superiority not here, the so-called master biological son, the destiny company to the master is favoring of Class is not little, the soldier is a player, only then [Assault] and [Blade Rush] two advance skills, [Assault] is the long advance, but the accurate aim is not good, [Blade Rush] is the short advance, only then 5 yards distance, but the Mage space booklet leaps the effect to fold to leap three times, 20 yards, meet dish point Mage also to depend upon the blade edge of cold ice each time to decelerate , and broken shield kills, but meets top Mage, that on was difficult to hit.

Simple that I meet is top Mage, when my [Assault], the Simple prompt direct booklet leapt, but my [Assault] to the energy that one group of ice fires roared, flew a kite!

The consecutively two games, Simple has not given me any opportunity, 2 : 0 like this took away me!

Halts 8, miserable gloomy!

Is good because of also 30 thousand comfort prizes, sufficed......

When I go out of the athletic field, arrived at the player rest area, Lin Wan Er has comforted my, I was depressed, from afar looked same to lose Fang Ge Que of competition with me, the Fang Ge Que eye was red, had a look at me, I had a look at not far away Q-Sword, the Q-Sword tears are about to fall, had a look at Ye Lai, Ye Lai nose acid, our four almost must cry on each other's shoulders, this all-star game too had not loved, Wings of Heroes Tournament and country fought battlefield more suitable several of us!

All-star game anything, was too bored......


Said turns over to say that the competition is still continuing.

Then, the Enchanted Painting condition is much better, to sing loudly, 2 : 1 has carried off Misty Clouds once more, but the milk that the violent walks relies on the astonishing operation and Class Heavy Armor superiority, 2 : 1 has defeated our elegant Loli Yue Qing Qian, the final four strong confrontations also appeared on the large screen

Cang Tong VS Simple

Milk that the Enchanted Painting VS violent walks


Misty Clouds is defeated to leave office, the eye is red, has almost cried, because he keeps the last male player on the scene, now was booing, four completely are the uniform younger sister papers, moreover is the outstandingly beautiful beautiful women, this „ALLSTAR all-star game" also almost can change into „ALL greatly beautiful little girl all-star game", the tragedy, the male players under field at heart silently sobbed in silence simply.

Zhan Long Chapter 998

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