Zhan Long Chapter 999

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Four-nation tournament, the war between women.

Lin Wan Er has not disappointed the [Zhan Long] people , to continue to loudly sing the song of victory, 2 : 1 forcing Simple, has obtained a precious point, entered the final, this bonus was lowest also at least 200 thousand, naturally, I thought actually Wan Er captured probability very high of champion, her actual tactical operational level should also be in these four female highest, there is to read the heart, even if did not need to read the heart also to have extremely high winning probability, has used words, on was steadier.


Milk that Enchanted Painting and violent walk, this is the fight that between female men the Pulse Break Style representative and violent walk, the milk that the violent walks hits spells, is Ping Kan mixes with the skill directly the non- mainstream tactic, the first game hit Enchanted Painting completely unable to find the rhythm unexpectedly, final truncation [lineage/vein] have not succeeded, carried off all HP.

The second game, Enchanted Painting was calmer, looks milk fast and swift and violent walking position that the violent walks, the look on face wrote all over „is the illusion, could not deceive me", milk attractive big dark horse that , Successful Skill Break, the violent walked continuously twice fell finally, 1 : 1 tied, finally the bureau, was Enchanted Painting displays as before outstandingly, interrupts the skill rapidly the operation very bright eye, caused the audience to shout loudly, did not need to think that after this fought, the Enchanted Painting human spirit will definitely increase, such will come Fang Ge Que also happily many, lost Xue Rou, actually. Obtained her younger female cousin Xue Jing, to a certain extent made up for [Legend] flaw top Heavy Armor is the shortcoming of player.

Therefore, finally confronts also appears on the large screen

Champion and second-place finisher contest: Cang Tong VS Enchanted Painting

Season rearguard contest: Milk that the Simple VS violent walks


However as this all-star game next to last act major drama, the competition of our destiny project after was extended by as before, first watches the champion wars of other three projects! And, conquers the champion warhorse of project to be most intense, the scene that the law god forest flame VS war-god lonely god, two people fights with all might almost ignited the audience, the bean noodles that conquers look one's blood bubbles up to the brim, soon walks the milk female same violent that the violent followed.

Finally, forest flame exceeds plans, conquers the champion of project to capture this all-star game, but the lonely god is the second place, they become reconciled, an appearance of good base friend.

When the god project comes out the champion, is around 7 : 00 pm, but at this time also finally welcomed the next to last act competition of this all-star game, the champion warhorse of destiny project!

First is the third place contest, the milk that the Simple VS violent walks.

The milk that this, the violent walks displays as before exceptionally outstandingly, but Simple links me to be able 2: 0 have sealed, the milk that the violent walks cannot the violent walk successfully, 2 : 0 carried off directly, but first time attended this domestic top sports event to capture the rearguard, milk line that the violent walks is the shock entire China area, but Simple almost obtained one „Heavy Armor is deicide" the title, this little girl hit Heavy Armor department truly very one, domestic Heavy Armor was the top player, I and Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai were the Simple defeated, especially in all-star game athletic field, we have not pulled closer the distance advance skill, has not flown to be special. The skill, is unable to restrain three times space booklets to leap, that can only cherish hatred, was lucky that with Fang Ge Que has not put together, otherwise dies miserably.

Actually several of us Heavy Armor is to win but is actually not impossible, but must look at grouping, first Simple, Fang Ge Que and Dong Cheng Yue minute to Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian two assassin that groups, after letting two beautiful woman assassins solve these masters, then encounters us, Heavy Armor is hits the assassin is not the issue, even if Lin Wan Er has to read the heart I also to have at least 60% stratagem which ensures success, such one, the champion at least 50% assurances of all-star game will fall in my hands.

Thinks of here, I cannot bear grin to smile.

Nearby, Lin Wan Er will soon go on stage to carry on the next to last act to compete, has actually shaken my hand, speechless visits me: „Fool, you are smiling anything......"

I cannot certainly say in the heart to think that quietly has patted her outstanding buttocks: „Treasure refuels, wins a champion!"

„Um, good......"

The Lin Wan Er cheek is red, sound very small complied with one.


Finally, Lin Wan Er has not disappointed me really!

In the Tian Ling Empire arena, Lin Wan Er already with Enchanted Painting duel a time, because the regular issue lost the competition, but anything has not dropped out the rule of arena today, result first Lin Wan Er broke the Enchanted Painting truncation [lineage/vein] to operate, continual dizziness two, gave to cut away her, has attained the first point.

The second game, Enchanted Painting relied on one time to walk position MISS operation one set of skill stiffly to make into the remnant blood Lin Wan Er, however in situation that in this type momentarily must hang, Lin Wan Er started [Twin Blade Harmony] directly, Enchanted Painting seized the opportunity is one time attacks and destroys, what however made her not think was Lin Wan Er this move tempts the enemy, the [Twin Blade Harmony] skill dodges passes is cancelled stiffly, was Lin Wan Er seizes this once in a thousand years opportunity on the contrary, the direct blinding success, was connected including the above [Gouge] to strike, back thorn and other skills afterward, waited for the energy, rapid continually surrounded and attacked again, has attained a crucial point!

Although Lin Wan Er Pulse Break Style operates big being inferior Enchanted Painting, but she wins with my duel too multiple, the understanding Pulse Break Style is few, since understood, then can ponder over the countermeasure by her extremely bright with ease, this countermeasure is „tempts to incur", the operation of Pulse Break Style also has the prelude, Lin Wan Er this act quite therefore in truncation „Pulse Break Style" the [lineage/vein], are quite wise, finally Enchanted Painting dull station on the scene, even does not understand why will lose that miserably, the directness on was 2 : 0 is robbed the champion!


Outside seethes with excitement, the people are the Cang Tong goddess cheer, moreover in the player actually most people are the Lin Wan Er bean noodles, after all the influence of heart of time was too big, now saw that in the dream the goddess stood on the podium of all-star game champion, how many people also there are able to constrain the innermost feelings wild with joy?

When Lin Wan Er steps down the stage, the [Zhan Long] people also cheer, finally the awarding cup of this all-star game champion by our [Zhan Long] capturing!

Again soon was the award presentation ceremony, saw a familiar form, the destiny China region chief executive officer Ouyang Nuo face was Lin Wan Er issues the championship personally, and that 500 thousand real-time have infiltrated in the account of player, the destiny company was filthy rich, this breadth of spirit had, will not fall behind the competition bonus.

Looks at young girlfriend happy standing on the champion podium, I am also filled with joy, her success is my success, I also feel for her achievement proud!

The promulgation conclusion was the evening banquet, actually the evening banquet meals of central hall was good, but was the leadership were too many, anything from Shanghai, Nanjing the leadership of athletics department must propose a toast, the leadership that especially some been balding must shake hand with the player, draws the situation that the female small hands was not putting to be too many, the request that therefore Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and other female had a lingering fear did not attend this glee feast, Lin Wan Er won 500 thousand bonuses in any case, made her treat outside well.

Therefore goes to the central hall opposite restaurant to eat meal, when we go out of the gate, female comes, is in the hand is raising the game hard helmet and figure extremely good female impressively, milk that the violent walks!

„, Isn't this milk that violent walks?" Tang Qi laughs.

She has also recognized us, immediately said with a smile: „Is [Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound] great, which your this is must go, did not say immediately the evening banquet?"

I said: „They thought that the evening banquet atmosphere was too depressing, therefore decides Going out to eat, relaxed."

The milk that the violent walks smiles: „Good, is really Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

Saying, she puts out a hand, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster, I am ' the milk that Tian Ling Empire ‚ six palace cosmetics the Guild Guildmaster violent walks, here knew?"

I shake her hand, said: „Um, knew, dark horse hello."

The milk that the violent walks shows a faint smile: „Your these men, thought that the female student plays the game not to be good, this time saw, four were the female students, the fact showed that the female student played the game not to be worse than the male student!"

Li Mu touches the nose: „This saying I did not like listening......"

The milk that the violent walks also has a look at him, said: „This is also you continuously unmarried reason."

Li Mu wanted the violent to walk.

I block hurriedly, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Good, no joking, did the milk also soon eat meal?"

The milk that the violent walks said with a smile: „Do not call me the milk, my name was called ‚face froth', was the Hangzhou person, good, you ate meal!"

We straightly.

Has not gone out far, the milk that the violent walks also said suddenly: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster!"

„How?" I turn round to ask.

She smiled: „We, since is the friend, then later six palace cosmetics Guild, if were attacked, [Zhan Long] should help our one? You said that is......"

I in consternation, smiled: „That line, turned head a ally to be good."

„Good, said it and meant it!"

„Said it and meant it!"


Continues to eat meal, as for the Guild of face froth, is a potential stock, many ally always compares many enemy to be better, the friend many absolutely is not the misdemeanor.

This food ate to eat around 11 : 00 pm, returned to the central hall, has rested for night in the room of official arrangement, next day can return to Hangzhou, but that night in played but actually what happened, but several of us have not practiced the level, but Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han and the others was practicing the level and excavates the new map, actually everybody has not understood that probably was seeks for new mount or the new coverall, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry by everybody experience to high Level mount [Vanguard], our 1 thousand melt god cavalry on has been able to grind [House of Prestige] 3 thousand + The person army, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword and the others noticed that such strength has no reason not to move.

Zhan Long Chapter 999

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