Zhan Long Chapter 1000

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Next noon arrives in Hangzhou, first ate meal outside, around 1 : 00 pm time returns to the dwelling, in our several people only Lin Wan Er is happiest, happy is winning all -star game championship, I and Dong Cheng Yue, Tang Qi attain a participating medal, was a comfort rewards.

Places the Lin Wan Er awarding cup in the glass cabinet, this is also a great honor, when which day we did not play to play, a proof of this awarding cup actually glorious memory, but changed mind thinks that I have to feel for my bitter experience some tragedies, the Wings of Heroes Tournament world final by me is thought resting, but the country war won the MVP title actually nobody to give to issue the awarding cup, thinks that thought this world filled was unfair.

Cleans the room, in the afternoon continues to get online!


Enters the game, appears in Tian Ling Empire, I stand in the north gate square, gets online is less than one minute, system System Notification nearby warhawk rides to search is seeking for me, looks up, a warhawk of palace guard rides to search falls slowly, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Commands the Sir, empire military conference started before 17 minutes, please immediately pass!"


The NPC conference will not wait for the player, when catches up is catches up, could not catch up, most was misses one time for the opportunity that oneself performed good deeds.

Flies directly, directly soars the imperial palace, after entering the main hall, surrounding one crowd guards lowers the head saying: „On general!"

In empire altogether two general, one is I, one is Situ Xin, after I refused shallow Lin Da to hold the spear military rank, actually faintly has promoted on the gold content of general.


Enters the main hall, I marched forward under the King stair, stood firm in the place of closest shallow forest, an armor flood light gloss, but stood shows a faint smile in my opposite Situ firewood: „General Li, you may be late."

I also smile: „With you, my book is not the person of this world, is impossible to wait for summons."

Situ firewood as if understands my anything meaning, or did not understand that then smiles the response.


The shallow forest raises sword blade edge to stand in the sand table front, after the shallow forest succeeds the sovereign , the biggest merit at times does not forget the military, before Locker and reigned the main hall center was emptying generally, or was the palace lady dances, but the shallow forest reigned, the main hall center generally was the mainland terrain sand table, above was proliferating the situation of various countries' deployment of troops.

„Li Master." The shallow forest looks to me, said: „Full moon empire and Ze deep pool empire eyes covetously, should they on the border line area under the build the large army, how we deal?"

I: „Deploys troops relatively and that's the end."


I also asked: „Shallow forest, how did the Tian Ling Empire regiment overhaul?"

Shallow wood-road: „Flame Dragon Jun conscription, the total military strength has achieved the audiences of 8 thousand vigorously, General Situ Xin the military strength of reassigning has stationed troops from the coast much enriches the empire weapons and rations strength, the purple spirit armed forces expansion of armaments has achieved 5 thousand people, but the imperial guard had the audiences of 10 thousand people, Li Master palace guard after supplementing the military force, the total military strength achieved the audiences of 12 thousand, was over half is the fight experienced soldiers."

I satisfy a nod: „Um, this was good."

Saying, I looked in a crowd, actually discovered that a familiar form, one group of military officers end, unexpectedly is a young heroic woman, and I am the understanding cloud am floating, woman truly, she in the sequence of empire military officer, this will be how unscientific!

„Shallow forest."

I knit the brows, said: „Wasn't cloud floating put into prison by the status of rebel army? Why can also here......"

Shallow wood-road: „Li Master, she is...... She is my cousin!"

„Cousin?" I in consternation, have a big shock saying: „Since is your cousin, that may become your father's waiting on concubine? This...... What is this relates?"

The shallow forest shows a faint smile, said: „Is this, has a tradition in northern Rong Di, to maintain the purity of blood relationship, is allows among the cousins to be related trhough marriage mutually."

I: „That...... Yun Piaopiao follows south the town Wang to force the sovereign together, tries to kill the palace guard in fire Divine Mountain at one fell swoop, this is the capital crime, why can also hold the post to command?"

The shallow forest was somewhat awkward, said: „The flood dragon armed forces remaining 1 thousand people do not only arrive, but the flood dragon armed forces are the empire only naval forces, oversees the manufacture of the matter of warship also to need some people to do, the cloud floatingly is almost the current only candidate, moreover she is my cousin, the shallow forest is the ruthless under heart is not really sent to frontier service to go to the distant place her, that all the way, she by suffering, Li Master you should be able to imagine inhuman."

I have a look at the cloud to be floating, probably truly is this, the messenger who is responsible for sending under escort the sufficient military offender generally is that person who likes to gamble lasciviously, will run into the female of cloud floating this soft and fair skin definitely not to let off, who knows in open country thick patch of grass that in which nobody will know well will enjoy this outstanding person? Moreover, the woman of town southern king, to these for a long time oppressed servants, this enticement is not general big, usually the men of disposition distortion will have this idea, the woman who the town southern king can dally with, the father can also play to obtain!


I have not gone to haggle over, but said: „Shallow forest, your long mind, had better be able send the people of several trusted friend to look at her point, your father suicides, the cloud floating I can feel to my hatred that I do not hope a woman has gone bad the important matter of empire."

„Yes, respectfully follows Li Master to teach!" The shallow forest lowers the sound to smile, said: „Li Master felt relieved that I have let much the trend that Situ firewood general pays attention to the flood dragon armed forces, they are only responsible for overseeing the manufacture of the warship for the empire, as for the sailors of expansion, I will arrange other people responsible for drilling, weakens the real power in her hand as far as possible."

I nod smile, actually somewhat comforts at heart, the shallow forest truly grew more and more likely is an empire emperor, a person had great power , to promote on Situ Xinwei the general, expanded the imperial guard to 10 thousand, this in some sense in the general to my this played certain balance role, but the technique of empire this so, cannot make some soldiers and horses grow the beyond control great strength, this was also good, I continued the role that acted my this palace guard to command and that's the end, because I was self-confident, by marching fight, the day plume empire temporarily nobody was my match, but discussed the military strength, Also does not have any military strength is the match of palace guard, let alone the imperial guard expands to 10 thousand troops, even if 200 000 also not necessarily is the matches of 12 thousand palace guards, this is self-confident I to have.


At this time, a nearby military officer held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the topography between hot crystal basins and great demon bamboo groves is smooth, suits opens up wasteland opens up wasteland as the armed forces, the feudal official requested that your majesty sends crazy Lei Jun to the hot crystal basin to open up the open land, supplies the crazy Lei Jun's military provisions by this, from already original work, and obtains the length and breadth the lawn to herd, the reproduction warhorse!"

This is not others, crazy Lei Jun newly appointed commands Xu Yan, one about 25 years old high and low, with the military officer of my similar age, Xu Yan this person is an Yorozuo in imperial guard was long, but afterward by shallow forest income guards , after is trained, was already promoted for the empire important regiment has commanded, Xu Yanmian such as the jade pendant adorning a hat and four limbs are strong, a handle long sword is hanging in the waist, seems like that courageous fierce military officer, has to acknowledge, the distinguished opinion of shallow forest very person of insight.

Facing the request of Xu flame, the shallow forest then said with a smile: „That by General Xu, the household department will have divided that lands to crazy Lei Jun uses . Moreover, dispatches 200 artisans from the weapon manufacture department again to crazy Lei Jun, you can voluntarily the casting pointed weapons and dragon crystal artillery fought, I want you to construct into the population to surpass the empire main force regiments of 10 thousand people crazy Lei Jun for half a month!"

Xu Yan holds the fist in the other hand, said: „End will not disappoint your majesty, asking your majesty to await calmly the good news!"



Conference quick diverged, I am just about, Situ Xin stopped by calling out me suddenly, after the people diverge, he has the profound meaning smiles: „Li won't Master, you blame your majesty?"

I in consternation: „Why said how I will blame him?"

Situ Xindao: „We spoke beyond the shadow, Li Master led the palace guard to exterminate the Rong Di Jun's 25 thousand armies thoroughly, has relieved south the town Wang Luoxun to your majesty control, this meritorious military service is unprecedented melts now, Li Master can be in charge of Tian Ling Empire, became Tian Ling Empire highest military authority control, however Li Master refused to hold the military authority of spear greatly, but your majesty the promotion end for on general, will actually entrust with heavy responsibility Xu Yan, Luo Fei and other military officers, the expansion of armaments, this also to a certain extent splits up Li Master military authority fully?"

I deeply inspire, the racket Situ Xin shoulder, said: „No, such as you think by no means that the Tian Ling Empire military strength is stronger, I will be happier, so long as these military strength do not grasp in my enemy hand good, after all, the future war will possibly supply Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city and highest heaven city and iron skull city and other Daijouike, light depends on palace guard troops is absolutely insufficient."

Situ Xin is startled, afterward looks up me, in the eye is emerging scalding hot, holds the fist in the other hand then knees down, character character sonorous saying: „Because has Li Xiao Yao, has today of day of plume empire, my Situ firewood is at heart bright, therefore, my Situ Xin has also treated as the elder brother to be ordinary Li Master, today swore in this, so long as does not make my Situ firewood kill one's sovereign, I obey the elder brother to dispatch with 10 thousand imperial guards at any time, even if meets a cruel death does not refuse under any circumstances!"

I am somewhat affected, moves at heart, however has actually thought that then helps up Situ Xin arm, said: „Good, today under General Situ this brothers on recognizing, no matter experiences any matter, we cannot act arbitrarily, before dispatching troops , must officially inform your majesty, my Li Xiao Yao did not strive for other, only strove for when your majesty went astray the group General Situ can prevent the expostulation promptly, this was enough."

Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand: „Brothers understood!"

I pat his shoulder, smiled: „Was good, I should go back."



Goes out of the imperial palace, deeply inspires, raises head to look to the sky, can this Tian Ling Empire future sky, what color be?

Zhan Long Chapter 1000

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