Zhan Long Chapter 1001

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In the afternoon, the Tian Ling Empire Nanmen, Ye Lai leads soldiers of one group of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces in calling to recruit the troops, only recruits the communication NPC, naturally, communication NPC mostly is some mercenary soldiers of travel, as well as some hunters and chopping firewood people, but majority of military strength also from common people, but can recruit military academy fresh regiment from the start few in the war institute directly, after dies, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces lost power, Ye Lai holds the post to command in less than half a month, naturally cannot have the too big improvement.


My Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female are strolling, just passed by, then looked at one, said: „Ye Lai, legendary Emperor Yu armed forces now how many troops? Enough looks?"

Ye Lai painstakingly face: The recruitment that „5000 people, I breaknecked also recruits 7000 + people, now the total military strength only then 12000 + people, you said that enough looks? NND, Jian Feng Han that boy luck was really good, becomes the purple spirit armed forces to command supports soldier 5 thousand, Fang Ge Que blockhouse, flame Dragon Jun now the audiences of 8 thousand people!"

I laugh in one's heart, said: „What envies, although the Jian Feng Han person are many, but before purple spirit regiment , is responsible for the rear service, the half of military strength are the transportation corp and a partner soldier, the battle efficiency on that a matter, as for Fang Ge Que, in his flame Dragon Jun altogether 8 Yorozuo is long, almost all Yorozuo long are the players, transfers not to be convenient, the rumor is Yorozuo long one, will you think the rumor passive obedience order?"

Ye Lai said: „If changes into me, asked an opportunity long to give lu Yorozuo of rumor!"

„This was very difficult saying that thinks lu fell a Yorozuo to be long, this at least was four levels of senior generals, must through be good in shallow forest there, you thought that the shallow forest will allow the player to dispatch the military authority secretly? My palace guard, all senior generals are shallow forest one rise and fall, I most only have the authority of advising, is actually not able about."

Ye Lai laughs: „Can I compare with you? Your boy is the teacher of emperor, I am a roadside grass......"

„Good, do not repent, next time toward meeting me advised, making the shallow forest allow the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces to choose the military academy to live in the war institute."

„You are really my blood brother!"



Goes out of town, directly soars the hot crystal basin, having two bored to inspect the camp of barbarian tribe to incorrect female, but saw after my this palace guard commanded, some head of the clan of barbarian tribe were a face grateful appearance, thinks that is thanks me to bring the present tranquil life to them, the society cultivation and raising livestock, no longer was worried for the grain, moreover did not need to be worried that was encircled by the human army, this stable day was they most needs, but the speed of this barbarian tribe multiplication was also here quick, in the game and reality were no comparison between them, their total population have surpassed 60 thousand., Believes that provides 10- 200 000 barbarian military strength not to be a problem for the palace guard.

Afterward, a Li Mu information came, [Zhan Long] these days plan will go to south of the Shua fire Divine Mountain restricted area icefield, asked that we must go together, we also nothing, have readily agreed in any case, immediately went to Fan Shu City to repair equipment, supplied to go out in a hurry.

The Fan Shu City southern jungle edge, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others led the [Zhan Long] player in awaiting orders, about 5000 people of high and low appearances, went to a Shua map to use such population to be enough, but in this group of people the melt god cavalry at least occupied 50%, had 2500 people of melt god cavalry guards, met the hostile trade union not to need to fear that walked!

One group of people pass through the jungle, toward the south line of approach 30 minutes, the surrounding environment also becomes is colder, in the Tian Ling Empire domain the climate so is always strange, the south also has the cold current, here formed one snow and ice world, the restricted area icefield appeared in the front, a sheet ice frost lived in all, only had needle Ye Songlin on icefield is also maintaining green.

I ride the god fierce fine horse to walk in the front line, in the hand raise the magical instrument butterfly, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Meng Yao and the others am riding the melt god warhorse to follow close on me, steps into the icefield that moment to think that here cold not less than in Hanhuang Dragon's den that cloudy and cold, the person soon turned into the ice piece absolutely, on the icefield was fluttering the heavy snow, entered the time speaking voice in snow curtain almost unable to hear clearly.

„Scratches, here was also too cold!" Li Mu was shouting loudly, at the same time blocked from the eye with the palm.

I tightened the battle dress, but Lin Wan Er slightly boots „rustle" is stepping on the snow, said: „How to see the monster?"

Wang Jian said: „Here was too cold, few players come, hears the monster Level after the edition renews Shua was also new too high, many people came to be killed by the second, therefore was not glad."

The Wang Jian voice has not fallen, suddenly in the snow „biting" a sound of ice piece glide, a body was almost bright the transparent incorruptible wild animal to clash, was an appearance of lion, roared, plunged on not far away One Second Hero, One Second Hero was riding the melt god warhorse, in the hand shield, „" an acoustic shock opened the incorruptible lion, afterward the long-handled spear was a prompt piercing, the attack is coherent, demonstrates the uncommon skill.

Meanwhile, in the snow continuously presented the incorruptible wild animal, has Xiong Lei also to have the wolf class, no one has thought of us, as soon as came to start to give to attack on all fronts, looked like the monster in this map unites actually, wants when we entered thoroughly killed us?

What a pity, these indigenous looked down on us, although the incorruptible wild animals majority of were 6 levels of Hybrid Demon, MT that but this time we brought melts the god cavalry, met 170 levels of 6 levels of Hybrid Demon radically not empty . Moreover the Healer quantity of coming was also sufficient, can kill to blame lossless.


After near one hour, eliminated the monster of restricted area icefield edge , to continue to encircle the advancement inward, Li Mu raises catches fire to burn the sword, lifts up high the long sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Dispersing lineup, advances to icefield deep place, must look for it!"

I somewhat am astonished however: „It, what refers to is what?"

Li Mu smiles: „You guess!"

I have to plant by the feeling of being kept in the dark instantaneously, draws out the butterfly prepared to punch till him saying that at this time Yue Qing Qian with a smile explained: „Does not have anything, yesterday when I and micro killed coolly was strange blow out Zhang Renwu to show, therefore learned that in this restricted area icefield had a hideaway map, was called altogether the labor ice hole, was the map of SSS level, because also this led [Zhan Long] everybody to explore, can look give to find this map, the words that can find, will definitely have many perquisites to fish!"

I hear somewhat excitedly, said: „That refuels to look, for a long time did not have the Shua large-scale map!"



Labor ice hole, does not need to think that should be water deity altogether labor the place of being buried? Since were the god clan of antiquity, that perquisite proper will not be short, we came not to suffer a loss in any case.

The people have the patience very much, crosswise mine-sweeping -type advancement in restricted area icefield 3 hours, finally some distant place person of excited shouting: „Had found, found!"

I reverse the warhorse reins to overrun immediately, Lin Wan Er holds on my war armor the chains, overran with me together, when our troop person arrives, discovered that dozens melt god cavalries discontinued, with the pointed weapons excavation snowy area, has at least dug about 5 meters, presented a giant incorruptible gate under unexpectedly, on the front door was reappearing antiquity Fu Wen, understood at a glance that this map was not simple.

Yue Qing Qian walks to go forward, puts out a hand to touch the front door, blinked, said: „Within 24 hours can only enter 500 players, cannot be more, after many players enter, by direct transmission main city, what to do?"

Li Mu said: „Samples 200 top melt god cavalries, other Class also respectively choose dozens, sending the sharpest guild members to enter, otherwise I will be worried about Shua to be motionless."


Soon , the candidate came out, is the [Zhan Long] sharpest players, other continues in the outside Shua map, 6 levels of Hybrid Demon kill also very to have the perquisite, is used to promote in any case is good.



I open the front door time, front surface is one cold wind that makes the person almost probably shiver, immediately I and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu were almost frozen become the ice pieces, has fought a shiver together, here is really not generally cold.

In the front door, is a long incorruptible corridor, after I step into the instance in ice hole, was already swinging ting in the ear biography, introduction about map


System System Notification: You have stepped into the SSS level map 【Altogether labor ice hole】!

Map introduction: Antiquity god clan that the water deity labor, governs the flood, because wished the friendly as incompatible as fire and water with the fire god, then launched war between a gods, altogether the labor to wishing launched the attack friendly, the subordinate senior general the willow tree and float led the army to suppress wished the god fire that the bright palace of friendly housing did not extinguish all the year round, under was furious wishing to ride the fire dragon to launch the counter-attack friendly, won total victories, under the altogether labor anger under rout got angry does not touch Zhoushan, brought in a world of human beings catastrophe, after Lady Wa overcame nature, by the supernatural power the labor ominously spirit will prohibit in the underground, was altogether the labor ice hole


„It seems like saw that the labor is not altogether difficult." Wang Jian teased says with a smile.

I am raising the butterfly, instigates warhorse step by step downward walks the stair, at the same time said: „Everybody is careful, the SSS level map no longer is the beforehand SSS level map, along with the promotion of Level and equipment, the strength promotion of monster will be bigger!"


Formally enters the map, on the contact surface was actually demonstrating here is altogether labor ice hole underground one, is the labyrinth class map!

Holds up the butterfly high, the under ray of five-star magical instrument shines, front well-illuminated, Li Mu led one group of melt god cavalries to pursue together, mount of melt god cavalry was also flood the flame ray, therefore our fields of vision absolutely were not the issues.

Proceeds again, ices on the hole corridor has broadcast „hissing hissing" the sound, making in the will of the people be scared.

„What thing?"

Li Mu raises the sword to proceed to clash, has not walked several to have a scare suddenly: „, Scared to death the father!"

In the darkness, an eye blood red python in the roads, the forehead raises has two meters high horizontally, the body also wanted compared with the lip thickly, 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, incorruptible python!

Zhan Long Chapter 1001

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