Zhan Long Chapter 1002

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7 levels of Hybrid Demon kill not to be difficult, but the too heavy taste, the body of this incorruptible python only in was too rather big, the mouth opens completely likely is a giant mighty bell, Li Mu and One Second Hero two person [Assault] past received to swallow the attack, the python bends the body one time to throw to bite, the mouth has almost swallowed down with horse these two people, frightens the Darling Duck complexion blanch: „Faint, Li Mu linked head harness body eating......"

Is good because , the attack of incorruptible python was only the flash is completed, swallowed down and came out, a Li Mu face mucilage, raised is on fire to burn the sword on the opening match for ten thousand skill, having Lu Bu's starlike image to kill on the bang on the body of incorruptible python.

I have not gone to join in the fun, because corridor is quite broad, at least 200 meters width, on also has other incorruptible python along the way, proceeds on „hissing hissing" sound one piece again, already was dense and numerous piece of incorruptible pythons, was 172 levels of 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, is most intrepid monster that at present the player can meet, therefore everybody was discrete, 20-50 people killed an incorruptible python, this will not have the too big loss, but my comparison bold some, and several female have formed a team toward in Shua, in the team also on Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and Thousand League Spring Four people, T and output and treatment had, as the matter stands our kills the monster speed to be quick enough, the experience will not be cheated by others.

Although I have believed that guild whole is really strong, but in the suitable promotion guild the empirical value of peak player is also good, after all each time war time, can lead the guild attack and defense rhythm truly, is actually Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, One Second Hero and Dancing Forest these people, after large-scale groups fight, in the guild function everybody of extra-superior player has profound understanding.


Kills is killing, the instance that suddenly „", an incorruptible python hangs, gave back to us to blow out a fierce breastplate unexpectedly, I walked to go forward to bend the waist to fish, the modeling of this armor was very unique, the curve aesthetic sense was full, refined passed several points of dignity, the armor surroundings is reappearing incorruptible of being and out, looked at the attribute again, as if also very good appearance

【Ice demon armor】( Divine Tier)

Type: Armor

Defense: 3740

Strength: + 185

Stamina: + 181

Agility: + 177

Additional: Promotes user 70% physical defense and magic defense

Additional: Promotes the user 16500 HP upper limits

Special effect: Ices the demon to protect the body, forms an incorruptible carapace to protect oneself to be little hurt, the toughness is related with own attribute

Coverall part: Ices demon coverall chest armor

Needs Level: 165

Needs the charm: 200


Is holding the ice demon armor, I said to Li Mu and Wang Jian of distant place: „Li Mu and Wang Jian, here monster can blow out 165 levels of armor coveralls, favored, the goal appeared, our time goals are to collect this type of ice demon coverall, striving let on many melt god cavalry equipment this type of coverall!"

Li Mu brandishes a pair of wrister in hand, said with a smile: „I also just projected on a part, can start a business to purchase the pattern?"

I nod: „OK, each 2000 R motherfucker, one set on 1 thousand, Fan Shu City daily income that many, is not short of money."



Iced the emergence of demon coverall to bring the hope to everybody without doubt, especially melted the god cavalries, excited, charm everybody of coverall understands that total attribute of one set of Divine Tier coverall, at least was equal to attribute with Level one set of Demon Harvest inferior brand equipment, the coverall can promote existence of equipment Level, even also continued, such as my overlord coverall, the inferior magical instrument coverall, but one set of collection was uneven, the attribute at least was equal to armor equipment of one set of three stars magical instrument, even can compare one set of four star magical instruments!

The people prompt forward rapidly, the corridor of labor ice hole is altogether broad and long, cannot see the end, this is also good, above the corridor everywhere is the incorruptible pythons, happen to lets our Shua equipment here well.


The sword blade edge swings the advantage tooth of incorruptible python, I start Zhen Yue Blade sweeping suddenly, immediately „bang" surges „Successful Skill Break" phrase, Lin Wan Er in side satisfactory saying with a smile: „What's wrong, but also is practicing Pulse Break Style?"

I nod, said: „Um, this is single Tiao the necessary skill, oh...... What a pity my Pulse Break Style smooth degree differed Matcha was too farther, I have looked at several times her successive defeats Li Mu and Wang Jian several people's operations repeatedly, the truncation [lineage/vein] that truly reached the pinnacle operated......"

The Lin Wan Er sip sip red lip, somewhat disgruntledly said: „Snort, added that Li Mu, Wang Jian and Wolf pay the big price, if Matcha can return to [Zhan Long] really again, must well apologized with these fellows, after all on their mouths did not say, but certainly after that time was defeated by Matcha had the frustration very much, perhaps at heart has been casting the shadow."

I smile: „Knows that this did not need us saying that Matcha will also apologize, perhaps is also willing to give everything one has to give, when the time comes Li Mu Wang Jian they gained."


Actually, Lin Wan Er did not say that I also know, when Matcha departs the injury to everybody is real, the Li Mu individuality is quite open-minded, and is the same person with Ye Lai, is the person of that winning popular support with kindness, in the pursue of operation is not that type nearly in of madman, therefore Li Mu defeats in Matcha, does not matter by his individuality, but Wang Jian is different from Wolf, I too understood that these two brothers, Wang Jian natural talent Superior, the learning capability is strong, and to the tactical operation also persistent pursuit, the Wolf natural talent is inferior to Wang Jian, but is more diligent, Pursue scalding hot degree to the tactical operation is not the least bit off, these two people that time do not have in the Matcha Pulse Break Style next opportunity, perhaps really at heart will be casting the shadow.

Is good because, Wang Jian is righteous, understands Matcha with our sentiments, therefore has not investigated anything, this is I am also most grateful his place, otherwise Wang Jian , if innocent, forms cliques to force me to hold responsible again to Matcha in the guild, my this Guildmaster was really difficult to do, sometimes, this Guildmaster went against for me by the brothers, this point I was well aware, therefore I can be unfair to anybody, actually absolutely cannot be unfair to this group of brothers.


In an instant 7 hours passed by, [Zhan Long] 500 people as before bustling of Shua in altogether labor ice hole, but I offline eat meal also take a bath, gets online continues Shua, appears with an ice demon coverall of each article, melted the god cavalry much already on equipment one set, on melt god cavalry almost completely equipment that shortly afterward, we will come in again coverall, did not have equipment was also Li Mu, Old K and Wang Jian and so on apex rode to fight the department, what they pursued was the magical instrument bulk, but was not the Divine Tier coverall.


A sword has reduced a head of incorruptible python, I said: „What recent news does outside have?"

Lin Wan Er attracts another incorruptible python by the long-distance skill, while said: „[Legend] and [Judgement] these Guild in the Shua map or the Shua regiment duty, Ye Lai led the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces to cure a cold the uncultivated land Dragon's den direction to go, as if must look for Hybrid Demon training the appearance, the rising sun such as the person of blood was strange in Ba Huang City within the boundaries Shua, Wang Ze Cheng was more honest, has not made the ice ride to attack other Guild member spirit, but, sound biggest should be [Hero's Mound]?"

„[Hero's Mound] how?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er: „Before three hours, Q-Sword and Tang Qi had one crowd of [Hero's Mound] main force to cross Wu Shenhe from the purple demon forest direction bateau-bridge, the appearance that altogether 1 thousand person did not arrive, I investigate in the informer who fire Yun City arranged, they crossed the Panlong range map, entered Wan Renyuan!"

„Wan Renyuan?" My knitting the brows head, said: „It is not legend Wan Renyuan is piece of a map of leaving uncultivated, under is beach stagnant water, what does not have, does [Hero's Mound] go to there to do?"

Lin Wan Er shakes the head smiles: „Rumor cannot readily believe that no one has gotten down, naturally does not know that under that had anything, before not shortly afterward, I also obtained the news, Q-Sword younger sister Sword Tears lead 7000 + [Hero's Mound] main players to go to Wan Renyuan the direction, therefore under Wan Renyuan certainly what happened, this matter wants to know concretely, can ask Tang Qi."

I beckon with the hand: „I asked that Tang Qi words, he was also not necessarily able to say......"

„Makes East city ask."


The grief and indignation of nearby Dong Cheng Yue whole face: „Faint, you do not have the conscience is thinking makes me use the badger game? Ok, I already inquired actually, Bottom of Wan Renyuan has a big map, is the SSS level map, does not miss many with our altogether labor ice hole, issues my illustrated handbook according to Tang Qi, as if Divine Tier 170 levels of mount, although the attribute is inferior to our melt god cavalry, but was also intrepid."

„, Any illustrated handbook, shares, we will keep secret."


mount attribute sharing that next quarter, Dong Cheng Yue [Hero's Mound] tamed in our five people of squad channels, truly as if very strong appearance

【Hundred deep pools ride】( Divine Tier BOSS level mount)

Strength: + 320

Stamina: + 310

Agility: + 300

attack power promotion: + 95%

physical defense promotion: + 135%

Movement Speed promotion: + 450%

Max HP promotion: + 18000

Characteristics: The deep pool line, may tread the wave in the water, but the line non- inundation bottom, Movement Speed reduces to full speed 40%

Characteristics: The abyss field of force, to the goal release gravitational fields within surrounding 10 yards, making its Movement Speed and attack speed reduce 30%

mount toughness: + 100%

mount Stamina: 310 points

Stamina restoration: 2 points / difference

Needs Level: 170


„Good hundred deep pools to ride!" I look dumbfoundedly, said: „This mount is really extraordinary, two special effect both strong was somewhat scary! Especially the second abyss field of force, [Assault] collision time was too advantageous!"

Lin Wan Er said: „Um, is this also Q-Sword that takes seriously the most primary cause of this map probably?"

I continues to kill the monster, while said: „If these hundred deep pools ride to become the scale, that truly was somewhat invincible, that deep pool good characteristics, if this, that [Hero's Mound] later main cavalry soldier can ride a horse to cross Wu Shenhe really directly and does not turn over to the sea, the cross map fight will be their home games."

Dancing Forest shows a faint smile: „Guildmaster felt relieved that our melt god cavalry definitely does not lose to them!"

I nod: „Um, the frontal battlefield definitely is we wins, but the complex map mobile words, rode compared with hundred deep pools truly lose."

„Continues to kill strangely, we collect some ice demon coveralls, [Hero's Mound] will not become any atmosphere, will not have what threat to us."

„This I was not worried, the person who must be worried about should be Wang Ze Cheng, once hundred deep pools ride the formation, is Wang Ze Cheng disaster is imminent, I did not think that Q-Sword will let off this rebel easily."

„Hee hee, yes!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1002

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