Zhan Long Chapter 1003

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To about 6 : 00 am, experienced on altogether underground one of the labor ice hole the entire 19 hours, finally Shua to a final part, self-examined our Shua the SSS level map were also many, however other map general Shua 2-3 hours can Shua, but the underground area of labor ice hole too was altogether big, moreover incorruptible python also very crowded, Shua has filled for 19 hours, soon faint.


The end of corridor, transmits one intermittently „faint trace" sound, dark bunches of blood red rays in glittering, was arrives at BOSS mostly, the past that this Li Mu and One Second Hero have not acted rashly arbitrarily opened strangely, but was I lifts the hand to throw the butterfly, the gloss shining distance of five-star magical instrument, when butterfly shuttle to BOSS sky over, everybody was frightened one immediately, that impressively was a very giant python, the body great such as Dragon Clan, moreover on the neck grew to have 9 heads unexpectedly!

Reads the BOSS attribute rapidly, shares in our team channels

【Greed hydra willow tree】( God level BOSS ★★)

Level: 177

Attack: 27500-33500

Defense: 25000

HP: 1 billion

Skill: 【Venom everywhere】 【Three place springs】 【Feed assimilates】 【Boundless rivers and lakes】

Introduced: The willow tree, the god clan military officer of before the Flood, once followed the water deity labor to subjugate the fire god altogether labor, the snake body nine heads, eats the person to be innumerable, the place visited completely becomes the rivers and lakes, latter was killed by the supernatural power by Da Yu, the blood of flowing lets the earth grain not fresh, the legend is lived by the person who Liu Tunshi crosses again, but many years later Liu Zhanhun comes back to life once more, once breaks through Lady Wa to ban an immobilization certainly to bring the world catastrophe


„Two stars god level BOSS!"

Wang Jian shows a faint smile, said: „After edition renewal, BOSS started to comment the star class, properly speaking, after this greed hydra massacred, should have the opportunity to blow out two star magical instruments?"

I nod: „Should be this, monster attribute has promoted much, compared with that we initially met arrogant must certainly, even compared to the Hybrid Demon kings not to miss were too many, everybody prepared to open blames."


The voice falls, my arm sinks, launchings stiffly to press in the airborne butterfly the distant place, immediately sharp sword „tittering" penetrated the body of willow tree, has carried over 8 thousand + injury, this was really suffices to hurt, immediately this nine heads of willow tree in crazy was swaying from side to side, the body has fired in a flash into us.

Naturally is my first, when T, extracts Zhen Yue Blade to overrun, the knife edge sweeps away the collision in the abdomen of willow tree, is 6 thousand + the injury, simultaneously a willow tree head opens the fierce mouth, „puff puff" is pouring out the green venom to the surroundings, is the venom everywhere skill, the place that soon after everybody bases turned into a green water puddle piece by piece, HP Shua Shua falls, will step on these water puddles is being is injured by the venom.

My jumping without hesitation, entered thousand frost wing effects, both feet does not fall to the ground will not receive venom effect everywhere, lifted the hand to hold the butterfly, then swayed [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo on the body of BOSS, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Meng Yao and the others also walks the attack of position avoidance venom water puddle, cut into side BOSS to start to attack in abundance.

The nine heads of willow tree very scary was roaring, the body swayed from side to side fiercely, suddenly was a skill, three place springs, in the ground the pure spring shot up to the sky together, in addition the venom effect, 5 melt god cavalries such were massacred immediately, the water puddle were too what a pity many, the melt god cavalries cannot full speed run using the speeding away effect strike to faint BOSS, otherwise was also good to hit, if at this time sped away, that was courts death, quick completely will be killed by poison.

Not only has the venom and place spring attack, the attack of this hydra is more numerous more and diverse, each head has the unique attack way, has to be able the turnover wind blade edge, there are able the turnover roaring flame and incorruptible, falls the crag, even also the flood of head blowout can 100% dizziness, be very big to Wang Jian, Li Mu and diversion function of Lin Wan Er and the others.

„Bang bang bang......"

Dong Cheng Yue whips the wing to fly, is in the midair to pound BOSS by the fireball technique bang, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Lian Po and the others is not idling, full outputs, even if BOSS HP has 10 E, that also naked eye obvious speed is falling downward.

Is less than 15 minutes, willow tree HP already fell to below 50%.

Old K is raising Axe violent [Whirlwind Slash], breaks out the BOSS body, at the same time Ha Ha said with a smile: „Two star god level do BOSS seem like also mediocre?"

The Li Mu straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards raise: „Old K your idiot, careful behind!"


Old K turns around, actually saw that a willow tree head opens the Boss the mouth, is bigger than the mighty bell, but Old K Movement Speed is ordinary, has not planned to escape, the buphthalmo stares to raise Axe to sweep away, shouted to clear the way loudly: „To eat the father? Had a dream, sees the father to rip your big mouth!"

What a pity, next quarter Old K together was swallowed with horse, changed into a big group „thump" to enter in that nape of the neck of hydra, afterward has swallowed, how many seconds however in eating Old K later, ate on Old K that head nape of the neck to glitter the golden light, transformed „Hero Ran Min" four official script handwriting, ate the person also to make the symbol?

In the team channel had shown that Old K was eaten, Level reduces 1 level, is not excellent is actually not able the rebirth.

„What situation?" Wolf raises the dagger to stare: „Old was K such eaten?"

Lin Wan Er nods: „Um."

One Second Hero raises the long-handled spear to clash forward: „That is also waiting for anything, is the Old K old idiot revenges!"

Just rushed to half, suddenly that the willow tree body shivered fiercely, „Shua" from jumped unexpectedly same place, in the top of the head transformed a Axe shape, „bang" a bang pounded around One Second Hero, created 7 thousand + an injury, the snake head and snake tail revolved together, impressively was an attack of [Whirlwind Slash]!

„Bang bang bang......"

Including One Second Hero, one group of several melt god cavalries together surging to fly by BOSS [Whirlwind Slash], but Lin Wan Er has opened the small mouth, said in consternation: „Good fearful ability, after eating Old K, unexpectedly had the Old K skill......"

Li Mu is cold the vision: „This is eats food to assimilate skill, everybody has been careful, do not think that your skeleton suffices big BOSS to swallow is not small, was careful this skill, can evade as far as possible evades, cannot evade opens invincible skill!"

The melt god cavalries on the scene are the outstanding person in [Zhan Long] player, many will somewhat have an invincible skill, or 6 seconds, either are more, everyone must have the professional skill, otherwise could not be selected in the circle that 200 people melted the god cavalry.

I dive hurriedly, sword anxious spin, „ka ka ka" chops around the head of BOSS fiercely, the goal of main aiming was to swallow that head of Old K, [Whirlwind Slash], jumps to cut barbarically to us injures was too big, the melt god cavalry has hung 40 + people, the words that such died again we were really not necessarily able to turn down this two star god level BOSS.

Above the ground, Wang Jian and Li Mu retrocede avoids the BOSS venom the time, rides to speed past, impressively is the elegy of third point pledge Guildmaster god of death, this goods are specially fierce, to melt god cavalry at least 70% full speed grazes, long spear „puff" penetrates the BOSS body continuously twice, has carried also over a melt god cavalry „speeding away" special effect, giant hydra instantaneously by dizziness 3 seconds, but the speeding away speed is too fast, Death God's Elegy walks the position avoidance venom water puddle without enough time, the HP extension sees with own eyes the bottom, I lift a hand [Heal] technique hurriedly, the treatment of better than nothing, afterward Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring treat together., Will pulls back his HP, the Death God's Elegy tactical style is in [Zhan Long] numerous first-class players most can spell, might be considered as our [Zhan Long] „workaholic", but he pours is also quite calm, only when is worth going all out to spell, is courageous and fierce, is rare good.

Finally was such disrupted by Death God's Elegy, finally the rhythm of offensive of hydra was disintegrated, but I and Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian also let the BOSS once more dizziness from the attacks of two wings separately a one after next, in addition long-distance bombing, BOSS HP also rapidly fell.

Crossed a meeting again, the hydra has opened once again a mouth of head, the person who this time must swallow was I.

„Be careful, Guildmaster!" Death God's Elegy looks up to the upper air.

As soon as I nod, looking at steadily looks at BOSS, in that moment that it swallows, I fly high time [Blade Rush], relaxed MISS fell his attack, actually does not think that another head can continue the skill unexpectedly, rapid is one time swallows, but this time I have taken advantage of opportunity to increase speed, the whole person pasted the tread speedily to fly to the distant place, BOSS to pursue with me unexpectedly, jumped to jump suddenly, jumped to cut the skill barbarically!

I fully realized that I cannot be eaten absolutely, otherwise by my skill, [Thundering Heavens], treads the broken heavenly thunder and Yang Yanjin and others, once were grasped by BOSS, we extinguished inevitably roll!

Suddenly, starts skill Invincible Body!

The Holy Ghost Second Tier invincible skill, enters the invincible condition instantaneously, maintains for 25 seconds, the whole body just likes covers is the same in Jinzhongzhao, almost the poison fang of willow tree collapsing, but Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others takes advantage of opportunity is a round impact, the short distance carries over the speeding away effect, dizziness BOSS, afterward by BOSS general Bai Qi swallowing, is really somewhat sad!


Is good because of the Bai Qi not anything too aggressive skill, effect BOSS HP that everybody also goes all out, when Liu Zai swallows One Second Hero and Yue Yao Yan time, HP already less than 5%, at this moment, starts to release the boundless rivers and lakes skill, the surroundings turn into the rivers and lakes that the venom has spattered in all directions, the player throughout must be attacked here.

Darling Duck and Lin Wan Er and the others started the invincible skill to avoid in abundance, but I fly in airborne, was not affected, bringing Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Qing Qian and other crowd of Wind Elf female to continue to attack, saw that in the tread our 500 people hung at least hundred people once more, very loved dearly does not have the means that when BOSS HP less than 1%, me also erupted [Strength of a Thousand Men] + to ride the wind to cut + [Thundering Heavens] strong eruption skill, the thunder and in wreaking havoc of sword air/Qi, BOSS HP Shua Shua fell, finally miserable howling fell down, hung!

Zhan Long Chapter 1003

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