Zhan Long Chapter 1004

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The golden light passed over gently and swiftly together, I rose 177 levels, is away from 180 levels of critical junction merely also 3 levels of difference, but in the ground, the venom effect of boundless rivers and lakes also vanished along with the death of BOSS, Old K, One Second Hero and Yue Yao Yan and the others because by BOSS was swallowed, but rebirth in Tian Ling Empire, equipment that but BOSS blew out they had a long-distance ROLL jurisdiction, the player who otherwise hung owed.

Li Mu coughed, said: „Xiao Yao, opens equipment, has a look to have any good thing!"


The mark time goes forward, puts aside the BOSS corpse, under is three equipment, Axe that a handle flood the scarlet gloss, is threatening, moreover is one looks like the rugged dignified heavy shield, the deep green, the deep color like black ink, finally is a breastplate, the shoulder armor same place, was understanding at a glance that is not every thing.


Lifts the hand to pick up that Axe, is grasping the handle, a boiling hot strength emerges the palm, this feeling is really the feeling of magical instrument, did not need to think this axe inevitable magical instrument without doubt!

Puts out a hand to stroke, the Axe attribute appears at present, in the guild Berserker here is immediately dumbfounded, was almost mouth-watering

【Greed hydra】( Magical instrument ★★)

Attack: 10100-15500

Strength: + 440

Stamina: + 435

Magic: + 430

Agility: + 420

Additional: Promotes user 145% attack power and 2000 strengths

Additional: Neglects goal 45% physical defense

Special effect: [Drain], transforms 20% attack injuries as own HP

Special effect: The greed, kills a player after every time, oneself opposes the enemy the drop rate to promote 1%, the effect superimposes infinitely, after online death , the effect vanishes

Special effect: Nine when heads, attack around 9 hostile goals to goal can also create the greatly strengthened injury effect

Needs the charm: 500

Needs Level: 170



Wang Jian makes a fist, whole face indignation did not say: „Is sword the weapon does not have that powerful attribute? Motherfucker, had 20% to go against heaven's will [Drain], greeds and nine such special effect, which Berserker can take this axe, basically could walk sideways in the open country, who dares to speak the last words to him?"

I nod smile: „Um, come, creates to injure first 5 Berserker to BOSS is the player comes to the ROLL point!"

Li Mu said: „Old K hung long time ago, but can disperse into first five as before, properly speaking this should give him to be right on the direct processing the axe, otherwise was too unreasonable."

I shake the head to say with a smile: „No, everybody will say like this we were too black, is the ROLL point, incurs the custom to handle matters!"

The result has screened, in Berserker that we come together only then two people meet the weapon use need, 170 levels and 500 Charm, only Old K and Bai Qi two people have the qualifications to compete to seize, a ROLL point, the faces of two people surpass black, Old K 17 points, Bai Qi is blacker, 9 points, therefore this vanished from my hand the axe instantaneously, transmitted in the hand of Tian Ling Empire Old K.


Looks again, second equipment is a twinkle dim light shield

【Greed shield】( Magical instrument *)

Defense: 6000

Strength: + 425

Stamina: + 400

Agility: + 394

Magic: + 380

Additional: Promotes user 170% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 50000 Max HP

Special effect: Takes revenge nine heads, when was attacked, the injury 50% reflections that will receive give the goal, and reflects to its periphery 9 hostile goals injures certainly, range in 20%-40%

skill: Greed shield, summoned greed shield condensation law, protected the players within surrounding 200 yards, made its hurt reduce 50%, continued for 120 seconds, consumed 120 Rage points, cooled for 60 minutes

Needs the charm: 400

Needs Level: 170


Although is only a star magical instrument, but I thought that the attribute of this shield is to endure to compare Country Weapon absolutely, especially greed shield this skill, it may be said that rolls war-god!

This time Li Meng Yao after massacring BOSS just rose to 170 levels, can participate in ROLL selecting, but Yue Yao Yan and One Second Hero in Tian Ling Empire, after several Knight are top player ROLL ends, Yue Yao Yan wins, is much happier, although Meng Yao has not attained, but I also think little, after all Yue Yao Yan is also our people, had this greed shield, strengthened the combat capability of team, naturally was also meddlesome regarding [Zhan Long], my status at this moment was not only an elder brother, was Guildmaster, the vision must put far some.

Continue, third equipment, is that breastplate, finally unexpectedly is only Demon Harvest, but ghost rank in 100, was good, the attribute slightly crosses, was walked to ROLL by Death God's Elegy this fellow, hand red serious, 99 point direct seconds has killed several competitors.

Looks at the surroundings again, BOSS has not blown out other equipment and skill book, after strengthening the gem we divvied up, again toward the front is a cliff, above was hanging green canes, following crawling was underground two, but we online too for a long time were too continuously long, and this Shua map was not matter in one single day, therefore I and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian think that should offline rest.

The quick arrangement is appropriate, the elegy of god of death continues to remain, having 100 + people to remain, then and long-distance, in the supplies player chose 400 people to enter altogether the labor ice hole to go to Shua from outside melt god cavalry, following two gave this group of people to come Shua, as for us, we came in again after 24 hours.


The City Return Scroll crumb, returns to Tian Ling Empire directly, immediately offline, accompanied two female to eat a thing to rest.

Sleep rested to get out of bed in the afternoon, Lin Wan Er told that the chef has completed a sumptuous meal, just Tang Qi and Qin Wen also came, therefore five people gathered round the table 4 : 00 pm time happy eating feast, I have swept one, the food on table was truly sumptuous, the chum salmon, the vegetarian diet hors d'oeuvre of Australian lobster and special cookery, this food was not the Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine chef does obviously, I have almost not seen the Chinese prickly ash, this was unreasonable, the Sichuan cuisine cannot such small fresh.

Trades an appetite, eats as before happily, slightly thinks one glass of red wines to help the food very much slightly.

Tang Qi digs up to draw the lobster, while said: „I hear a hearsay, probably was said that the [Zhan Long] main elite players gathered at the restricted area icefield, right?"

The Lin Wan Er alert asked: „You asked that this does do?"

Tang Qi touches the nose, said with a smile: „Young lady do not say that I am the person of that disclosing secret information? I hear some rumors, after all your [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry is so strong, which the melt god cavalry main force will go , the major Guild some people will scout, who will let your high position invites criticism? The words said that can divulge the details, the total of melt god cavalry altogether approximately how many?"

I do not hide, said: „About 15,000 people."

„That many?"

Tang Qi is startled slightly, said: „The [Zhan Long] cavalry soldier truly has almost been able to sweep away the unmatched in the world, our [Hero's Mound] rode to fight the department absolutely is not your matches."

Dong Cheng Yue said with a smile: „Isn't this very normal? Since I and Wan Er bring the [Zhan Long] guards are joining [Zhan Long], the [Hero's Mound] riding war is the strength has been inferior to [Zhan Long], you can think that in the half year [Hero's Mound] besides enrolling Tang Gu this crude person rides the war is beside the master also anyone, you look at [Zhan Long] again, has rides the war that Death God's Elegy, One Second Hero and Yue Yao Yan these join extra-superior is the player, there are rides the war that Old K, Meng Yao, Tang Xin and Moon Feather these grow extra-superior is the player, present [Hero's Mound], puts together Heavy Armor with anything with [Zhan Long] is the strength......"

Tang Qi is somewhat speechless: „We also enroll many new masters actually, but does not have [Zhan Long] Death God's Elegy and Old K these people outstandingly."

I smile, said: „Tang Qi, how [Hero's Mound] in the situation that Wan Renyuan the Shua hundred deep pools rode, smooth, how many hundred deep pools can Shua to ride approximately?"

Tang Qi nodded the head, thinks deeply about saying: „The current situation is not very optimistic, Wan Renyuan monster is very mixed, hundred deep pools ride are not the only monster types, left 1 level of probability to be lower, near 24 hours, we altogether also left less than 1000 hundred deep pools to ride, in addition later Shua defended newly is continue grasp, quantity that the final hundred deep pools rode approximately also on 1 thousand about, compares the non- superfusion god cavalry quantity absolutely."

Saying, Tang Qi was smiling, said: „Can I take the liberty to ask? How your melt god cavalry comes, other Guild has not obtained any news, you have emitted unexpectedly such a large quantities of top cavalry soldier baseless."

Lin Wan Er said: „Steals from Redding there."

„?" Tang Qi one startled: „Young lady do not crack a joke, how possibly to steal mount from Redding there?"

I nod to say with a smile: „Truly steals from Redding there, as for the detail, we will not say that right?"

Dong Cheng Yue eats to smile: „Right, is steals in any case, if you have the skill, makes Q-Sword have the person to go to the Hybrid Demon territory to steal mount to go, has the perquisite very much......"

Tang Qi naturally cannot silly to having the person goes to the Hybrid Demon territory to steal mount, he fully realizes the Hybrid Demon territory monster and BOSS fierce place, and Hybrid Demon monarchies are astute with monkey, might go for wool and come back shorn to there very much . Moreover, Tang Qi also knows that I will mingle among the Hybrid Demon territory, will take advantage incessantly will be [Zhan Long], the palace guard and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den vigorous military strength, assisting of several god level NPC, this will be the superiority that [Hero's Mound] will not have, therefore did not consider that the Hybrid Demon territory will take a cut.

Qin Wen does not know what we said is anything, but also hears with great interest, moreover this capable woman in eating silently, has eaten on the small mouth full is the oil, scratches to eat again, looks like but actually also truly very somewhat the Lin Wan Er adorable charm, what a pity estimated that she cannot have a liking for Wolf and old K, otherwise can help my brothers introduce a girlfriend actually.

This food eats is happy, has eaten to around 6 : 00 times disperses, went to the room to get online.



I appear in the Tian Ling Empire north gate square, repairs equipment, was deliberately considering is Going out practices to meet the level to clash skill Level , to continue the regiment duty time, suddenly sky whips the sound of wing, a warhawk of palace guard rides to search to fall, said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, your majesty is invited!"

The shallow forest looks for me, this time does not know any matter.

Zhan Long Chapter 1004

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