Zhan Long Chapter 1005

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Summon god fierce fine horse, dashes to arrive at the imperial palace, when I step into the main hall, discovers Fang Ge Que, Drunken Spear, Ye Lai and Jian Feng Han four people impressively also, moreover is Luo Fei, Xu Yan, Situ firewood and the others, the flash I as if understood anything, this group of people have a same place, is commanding of empire army, in other words, this group of people is a side vassal who Tian Ling Empire grasps the military authority.


„Li Shilai!"

The shallow forest smiles to me, said: „Li Shilai good, then can discuss the proper business."

I said: „Your majesty has any matter, commanded to call one crowd."

Nearby shallow forest government official major road: „Your majesty shows solicitude for numerous empire generals to serve one's country, expert equestrian does not have including rest Cooldown, therefore, your majesty ordered secretly to rebuild to restore north imperial palace backyard several other parks completely, rebuilt more than ten Jiangjunfu, to for general to rest in the imperial capital."

I in consternation: „This......"

Shallow Lin asked: „Li Master, thought that what deficiency shallow forest this act does have? Li Master felt relieved that shallow forest use too many financial resource and commodities, these other parks have not been were part of imperial palace, the shallow forest reduced the 30% area of imperial palace, moreover I disbanded many maidservants and Huan people, this many rooms empty are also wasting."

I am speechless: „Good......"

Ye Lai said with a smile: „Really good, just became to command can also mix to a big house unexpectedly, this is the emperor golden section, good estates in two points......"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Looks at the appearance that you lack prospects."

Fang Ge Que said: „Does not know that this Jiangjunfu can provide anything in the game for us."

I: „This is not but actually clear, in the past knew."


Mentioned in any case is also the good deed, the shallow forest shows solicitude for the group, regarding Tian Ling Empire was also the good deed, moreover this was also a good method of winning over, shallow forest emperor truly worked as more and more splendidly! Is the monarchy, should have the [say / way] of this type of imperial person, otherwise is the unenlightened ruler.


Several officials led us to look at the mansion to go, left the imperial palace directly, walked on the main road, in fine spring day and player rarely to the place was an avenue, only then the little making an inspection tour soldiers passed through, the peach blossom fell on the street piece by piece, scattered with the wind, beautiful must once started , it can hardly stop, but mansions also appeared in our front, varied, each mansion has dispatched the imperial guard to guard, Ye Lai could not bear say: „Why is defends by the imperial guard imperial? This clearly to monitor us!"

Nearby imperial guard commands the Situ Xin hurried [say / way]: „General Ye has considered thoroughly, these imperial guard soldiers just here temporarily guard, to guard the dwelling of general to be evacuated by the thief, after General Ye moves, naturally can replace these imperial guards with the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, this point completely may feel relieved."

Ye Lai is a frank or straightforward person, smiles: „That is good, had to offend."

Situ Xin is also frank person: „Do not be impolite, the military officer who strives for the country, what minute each other."


The result is quick, the Ye Lai mansion arrived, two enter two dwellings, is too not big, but total area definitely over 1000 square meters, when the Ye Lai steps walk up the stair, the gate opened, two NPC maidservants on animated standing there, said with a smile: „Welcomed the general to return home!"

Ye Lai stares: „I go, is this?"

Situ Xin laughs: „Which Jiangjunfu won't have maidservant? These are your majesty grant, received it joyfully then."

Ye Lai then said with a smile: „Good, has understood......"

Finally he led two maidservants to go in happily, Jian Feng Han could not bear knit the brows saying: „Snort, the leaf fatty is this person, really makes the person not think!"

I also smile: „Met Jian Feng Han you not to look at the maidservant to be attractive, has traded the excuse!"

Has not said that the Jian Feng Han mansion arrived , is too not big, but his three maidservants, the National Beauty day fragrant appearance, Jian Feng Han also has shocked unexpectedly immediately, said: „Very attractive......"

Drunken Spear grins to smile: „Jian Feng Han in legend is also mediocre!"

Fang Ge Que represses laughter, grasps the fan to continue to proceed.

At this time, I received a message, came from Ye Lai: „Xiao Yao, this house is good...... Do not look at two maidservants not, but in the courtyard has to practice the martial stage, is using the skill to the klutz, the promotion of skill skilled turns time, and these klutzes can only you use, this is clashes 18 levels of skills to us the opportunities!"

Since my also great happiness, skill skilled has been an issue, the late skilled request was too high, my [Combo], [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and other skills also 14 levels, but I 177 levels, in fact have been able to clash 18 levels of skills now, moreover some skills, for example [Great Realm of Desolation], [Ice Domain] , etc., compared with little uses, but does not mean practical, just the opposite must depend on these skill wins in intense PK, but these practice wooden figurines can make skill skilled turn time of promotion, this truly gives opportune help!


Soon, sends Drunken Spear and Xu Yan and the others respectively to the mansion, finally several officials lead me to my mansion front, this impressively was on this street a biggest mansion, on the lintel already changed into „broken cauldron presidential palace" the phrase, but was one crowd guards the imperial palace in the mansion front is protecting, the front door opened slowly, four maidservants defended there, the sound was very gentle and charming: „Welcomed the general to return home!"

Several officials smile very ambiguous, drew back.

I walk to go forward, look at one crowd of imperial guards, said: „You return to imperial guard big camp, here took over by the palace guard!"

„Yes, General!"

Looks that this about hundred imperial guards go far away, I look up to airborne, a whistling, several minutes of latter palace guard warhawk rides to search to fall, said respectfully: „Sir, what has to want me to manage?"

I: „Dispatches 500 palace guards to come to this mansion to guard."

„Yes, commands the Sir!"


Steps into my mansion, inside is spacious . Moreover the maidservants absolutely more than 4 people, character dispels, at least 20 people of high and low, Ye Lai mansion, only then 1000 square meters, my this at least ten times of ideas, simply were the scales of palace, held 500 people of palace guards to guard also absolutely has more than enough to spare, this was also good, the palace guard can gain a footing in the city finally once more.

„General, can need the servants to unload armor for you?" A maidservant asked.

In the ancient times general had usually gone to war to unload armor, otherwise puts on the heavy armor to drink tea and play chess to be smiled SX, but in the game is actually different, I put on a feeling of heaviness in the limbs armor not to think to have multiple, shakes the head saying: „Does not use, where I do not need to unload armor, after this matter, does not need to raise again."

„Yes, General!" This maidservant somewhat panic-stricken appearance, said: „General, where the servants have do not right, making you not happy?"

I smile: „No, you do not need to restrict, I not constant here, came is also practicing the sword to the wooden figurine, you must play anything at will, a meeting palace guard came not to relate, they will not encroach upon your slightest."


The maidservants gain ground to have a look at me, charming that on pretty face could not say, said: „We ran into the master......"

I have gossipped, said: „What were you to make before? Why will your majesty grant you to me?"

This scarlet maidservant said: „Servants are the maidservants in palace , after your majesty disbands, has no place to go, then to come to here."

Another white clothing maidservant said: „The hometown of servants the flames of war, the parents double perish in successive years, then wanders about destitute here, sells into servitude after the slave was sent general here."

I sit on the stair of inner courtyard, said with a smile: „Was needless cautious, to say."

At this time, wore yellow clothes and chest full maidservant to say with a smile: „General, you are broken cauldron male, is under empire one people, ten thousand people people above, I listened to these bodyguards saying that you were the empire first command, actually did not covet Mu academic honor, even also turned down your majesty to hold Feng Shang of spear greatly, listening to them saying that palace guard who you led, was empire only one can with the army that savage Hybrid Demon met as an equal, the servants also think the general was superhuman, eye big such as the scary appearance of copper bell, has not actually thought of unexpectedly such heroic spirit tall and straight......"

Saying, on her face was fluttering has wiped bright red: „These unprincipled people deceive us, the general so is clearly likable!"

I look to her, said with a smile: „Where person are you?"

„Servants are Rong Di people."

„No wonder spoke that boldly......"

Her cheek one red, said: „General not doing laughs at others, if the general likes gently, the servants later did not say that type shamed the logical expression then!"

I laugh: „All right, I do not mind these."


Saying, I stand up, lift the hand to draw out the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade, therefore one group of maidservant Yingying Yanyan entered with me has developed the martial stage, really wooden figurine, the bronze statue and iron man vertical stroke there, I welcomed goes forward is a succinct [Combo] bayonet fighting, chopped that wooden figurine sawdust to spatter in all directions, skill skilled was double rises suddenly, and in developing martial stage, my skill cooled the Cooldown drastic reduction, the close combat skill launches in salvos the later 6 seconds of cooling rule also to reduce for 2-3 seconds, here practiced skill skilled to be truly twice the result with half the effort, so long as brought enough magic potion to suffice, and...... I now altogether 36000 magic values, cannot use up, return to the blue speed to be also quick, can practice skill skilled.

I am practicing skill skilled, one group of maidservants look in side immediately with a smile.

Again shortly afterward, Han Yuan progresses to come, leading 500 palace guard elite soldiers to defend imperial here, at the same time looks around everywhere, does not look on as an outsider, Ha Ha smiles: „Sir here is really the good world!"

I also laugh, keep him to have the dinner here, these maidservants went to the kitchen to tell that the chef has cooked food, this treatment I have not enjoyed in the game, Han Yuan poor skirt silk naturally has not enjoyed like this.


Finished eating the dinner, Han Yuanzheng picks the teeth, suddenly outside palace guard soldier comes to notify saying: „Commands the Sir, General Han, outside has one heroic woman interview that called Yun Piaopiao!"

„Is cloud floating?"

I in consternation: „Does she see me to do?"

The Han deep pool knits the brows: „She once was person truly, did not have what good deed mostly!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1005

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