Zhan Long Chapter 1006

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„Is this, must see."

I stand up, said: „Yun Piaopiao is the shallow Lin cousin, and present status as before is commanding of flood dragon armed forces, the good and evil is also armed forces commands, if I resist to see her, perhaps cannot be justified."

The Han deep pool holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Then will return to Fan Shu City first!"

„Um, is careful."

„Ha, the general felt relieved that this Tian Ling Empire few individuals active have also resulted in me!"


The Han deep pool suspended the cloak to go out of the mansion, when he exited almost brushed past with Yun Piaopiao, cold snort also bore but actually has not said anything much, but my subpoena, Yun Piaopiao led two maidservants to enter the mansion with four bodyguards immediately, arrived at the main hall front time then said to the bodyguard: „You wait outside!"

Saying, Yun Piaopiao takes a step to step into the reception room, usually in she always wears the marten skin battle dress, a mail-armor and helmet, but has actually changed the attire of Sino-Turkey woman of quality today, silk skirt leisurely and partly visible, almost translucent gauze skirt outlined incomparably charming her graceful body, but she as if also desirably in showing own charm, before arriving at my body, leisurely bowed in salute, the body anteversion, has revealed the front deep gully, said with a smile: „Girl Yun Piaopiao sees general!"

My corners of the mouth raise: „Cloud commands does not use politely, does this time, certainly have the matter?"

Yun Piaopiao raises slightly, says with a smile: „Where words on general this is, we similarly are the empire potencies, gives loyalty to for the shallow forest, since our mansions are neighboring, that does visit mutually is also the everyday event?"

As soon as I nod: „Um."

Yun Piaopiao a palm pendulum, two maidservants hold the bamboo basket to walk to go forward immediately, in the basket packed various fruits and melons, Yun Piaopiao said with a smile: „North this is the grape and melon that just some time ago the specialist joined the army sends, the Rong northern sun shine is sufficient, the taste of grape is especially delightful, therefore I sent to give the general to taste especially."

I knit the brows, said: „, That thanked Xie Yun to command."

The cloud has drawn skirt pendulum floatingly, walks to go forward leisurely, the corners of the mouth are having the charming happy expression, put out a hand to pick up a grape, after looking in all directions nobody, then before happening to obtain somebody's favor, said with a smile: „Come, your slave asked the general to taste."

I retrocede hurriedly half step, lowers the head to have a look at the cloud floating that trembling chest, knits the brows: „Cloud commands, I came to be OK."

Yun Piaopiao immediately look one gloomy, said spookily: „As the saying goes ‚flower blooms endures to fold must fold, not treats blossomless spatial booklet', can the general understand the floating meaning?"

I shake the head, hold the arm front saying: „Does not understand!"

Cooldown, Yun Piaopiao the body trembles slightly, in pair of wonderful clear including water, must cry shortly, said: „Which young woman in this world does not have to be willing to serve one dead old man, is floatingly same, but floating then lived the royal family since childhood north Rong, involuntary, can only become waiting on concubine truly, the general, since has killed truly, why the matter of doing doesn't compensate for oneself floatingly?"

I am staring her: „Your what meaning?"

Yun Piaopiao elegant face one red, lowered the head, appearance that the coquettish behavior reveals completely, actually some difficult saying: „Just when the year of grace and talent, how can a person defend the boudoir floatingly alone? General, if you not abandoned, might as well advise with your majesty, received floatingly, when your waiting on concubine? On the general is the empire pillar, is entire Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly, does not bring disgrace on floatingly is ‚emperor elder sister' status"

I understood instantaneously, the intention that the cloud floating this time comes was too simple, approaches me, becomes my woman, next, is about when I fall asleep comes on a blade truly to take revenge to me? In order to take revenge, can offer including own body, this woman is really fearful, TNND, to her distant point!

However said that floating as if not know the status of my this player, I hold my blade I unable dead, said again died, immediately can resurrect is a real man, do you kill me?

Therefore, I withdraw to hold the fist in the other hand, said resolutely: „Yun Tongling is your majesty elder sister, I naturally do not dare to seek friendships, and is properly matched, end will be a traveler from different world, I will not stop over here am too long, important matter that lifelong naturally cannot delay the young lady, young lady's good intention I accepted, but please forgive me unable to accept!"


Yun Piaopiao stares to visit me, in pair of wonderful reveals no longer is leisurely the cordiality, but is the fearful ominous light, as if soon will defeat the bone to raise the ash me generally.

„Good" she sighed spookily, said: „Since the unrequited love uninterested love, that floating does not need the original work to be again sentimental, General Li, but also looks at you to put best into it, said goodbye floatingly!"

Saying, her was turning around, has knocked down a fruit of basket, maidservant panic-strickenly unceasingly: „Young lady, I"

She bends the waist to pick hurriedly, cloud is floating , then in the voice brings to kill intent saying: „What also picks? Walks!"

„Yes, Young lady!"

The group followed Yun Piaopiao, fruits and melons that I look at place looking pensive, the one side, hid in the concubine my maidservants walked in abundance, dumbfounded, that yellow clothes maidservant spits the tongue, said: „This is south the town Wang Luoxun the waiting on concubine says floatingly? Good ominous appearance"

Another green clothes maidservant fruit that tidies up the ground, while said: „General, this cloud floating status is prominent, human actually so beautiful charming, her such showing good will, is intends to the general obviously, why does the general categorically reject?"

I: „Villain of hiding a dagger in a smile, I force truly to suicide, Yun Piaopiao wishes one could to defeat the bone to raise the ash me, how also possibly really to feel emotion to me, said again, loves my person that many, does not lack her one!"

The maidservants eat to smile: „General is very seriously self-confident, how do these fruits handle?"

„Washes, does not try the poisonous words, you divided have eaten, I did not have what thing well to you."

„Yes, thanks the khaki cloth!"

Also practices the skill in the developing practice grounds in mansion, has spent for two hours, and other skills rushed to 17 levels then to relinquish [Combo], [Wind Blade], [Seven Star Fragment Slash], has a look at Cooldown, we player in altogether labor ice hole do not know how the progress carried on, this group of people were the teams that Death God's Elegy led, killed should not be the issue strangely, but killed the BOSS estimate to be a little dangerous, does not know that what to do they planned, but according to the Lin Wan Er words, this altogether labor ice hole underground two BOSS made these person of attempts kill to be good, words that otherwise our these main player has killed., Meets the hiring argument unavoidably.


When I go out of the mansion, Ye Lai has reported a news to me: „Xiao Yao, before is the cloud floating that woman soon , went to in your mansion?"

I: „Yes, what's wrong?"

Ye Lai said: „It seems like the soul of your this bad character and style pale others rejecting, cloud floating pear flower belt rain leads the servant to walk on the street, finally went to the crazy Lei Jun Xu Yan mansion."

„Xu Yan?" I am startled slightly: „I force to go, matter some are not quite wonderful!"

Ye Lai said: „You solid confessed that this Yun Piaopiao does want the thousand li(500 km) to send to you?"

„It is not the thousand li(500 km) delivers, is one li (0.5km) delivers, but I know that this woman did not notice I will die will not lose heart, how long she went to Xu Yan mansion, came out?"

Ye Lai said: „I have practiced 2 hours of skill, my retinue is also guarding outside, probably until now said that floating has not come out, if as expected, should the shelled peanuts cook the cooked rice, Xu Yan that boy also 24-25 appearances, full of vigor, will run into Yun Piaopiao such outstanding person unable to endure unavoidably, the words said how your boy can block Yun Piaopiao the sugar-coated bullet?"

I said: „Wan Er is my girlfriend."

Saying that „Ha Ha" Ye Lai understands: „Pours is also, 10 points of Cang Tong goddesses accompany daily in the side, the cloud floating this 8 points of goods were also not anything"

Switches off communication, I summoned warhorse, stood up from failure to start, after the mansion of Xu flame, actually the discovery front door shut tightly, outside was defending 8 crazy Lei Jun's soldiers, obviously I must knock on a door now not am quite good, instead will go bad others' good deed, a Cooldown heart seemed stopping up together depressed, cloud floatingly such reckless won over Xu Yan, actually also to cope with me, crazy Lei Jun started to reconstruct is subject to attaching great importance to of sovereign, under the full support of shallow forest, crazy Lei Jun did not have thousand also at least thousand person to establish, became a noticeable military strength, in addition Xu Yan himself. Is the series soldier in the right way, although truly died, but Yun Piaopiao still, Tian Ling Empire as before has the numerous hidden dangers.

Goes to the north gate square, examined stock in the guild warehouse, discovered that a method the ice demon coverall has placed in inside top carriage, is passes through Lin Wan Er and hand of top carriages Yue Qing Qian these two vice- Guildmaster, the request of exchange is strict, beside massive guild points, but also the request joins Guild Cooldown to over one month, this ceased that type to come to mix the equipment possibility, after all iced the demon coverall to be very precious, cannot fall to others hand.

Has counted, now altogether at least 5000 sets of ice demon coverall, has not disappointed me, finally at least can leave thousand about sets ice demon coverall, almost can melt on majority of player equipment of god cavalry this type of 165 levels of Divine Tier coveralls, at the appointed time melted the god cavalry is the team of destroying the hardest defenses.

When continuously is very late, then has rested, rests to the next day eight points, got online later obtained the latest news, Death God's Elegy, when around 7 : 00 am used „brings back to life tactical consuming while still alive dead unceasingly" second two-star BOSS „float", equipment rate was not very ideal, only left a long halberd of star magical instrument, was walked by Death God's Elegy ROLL, next was two Divine Tier, generally speaking in a big way gained, at least the ice demon set has exceeded 7000 sets.

Was one's turn our group of people to go on an expedition third.

24 hours of deadline arrived, 1-2 of labor ice hole took our enough two days to brush, third inevitably was 24 hours of protracted war, but we quite steady point was, this time with melt god cavalry almost completely equipment one set of ice demon coverall that we got down, the attack and defense blood three big attributes were not general, brushed the strange difficulty naturally also to drop many.

Zhan Long Chapter 1006

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