Zhan Long Chapter 1007

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Altogether underground three of labor ice hole, the monster is 180 levels of 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, is called „altogether labor tribe brave warrior", the classification are many, has the blade soldiers, the long spear soldiers, the sword soldiers, cavalry soldiers, archers and combat tank six types, at first is the Shua pure blade soldier, the long spear soldier and sword soldier, this is quite relaxed, afterward appeared rushed to line of swift and violent cavalry soldiers, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others also simply hardly clashes, kills these cavalry soldiers by the speeding away dizziness effect of melt god cavalry is the monster, pours also kills quickly.

Until afterward, the combat tank appeared, the combat tank is one multi-skill monster, those who drive the combat tank brandishes the cavalry soldier of long halberd, but on the combat tank is standing the archer, the edge lifts the soldier who the long spear is puncturing suddenly, a combat tank is actually compound comprised of 12 monsters, the battle efficiency is exceptionally fierce, one batters, in our melt god cavalry short Cooldown is unable to prevent until afterward Dancing Forest unexpectedly suggested that archer [Scattered Shot] four warhorses, this stops the combat tank horizontally to the tendency of rushing.


In the underground three corridors, several harness the combat tank still to batter, our archers are very insufficient, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others leads the melt god cavalry to socialize going all out, but the dead ahead, a combat tank straightly fires into 5 people of squads that I am , the Dong Cheng Yue corners of the mouth raises: „Was good, finally was one's turn us!"

„What fears?"

I have comforted one, in hand the butterfly one cold, immediately flew on thousand frost wings, pasted the edge of combat tank to wield the sword blade edge to cut continually several times, how the long spear soldier in combat tank edge also to call me with the long spear, finally the combat tank has rushed to the Lin Wan Er front time, the blade edge of my necklace champion triggered a bravest of the brave effect finally, „bang" crushed the iron stand of combat tank edge, and numerous repelling, the dizziness 1 second, Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue made use with the AOE skill cover.


Rides the private car warhorse cavalry soldier to roar, brandished the long halberd to fire into me on the control warhorse, loudly exclaimed: „How altogether will labor combat tank fear and other petty people?"

I the butterfly, suddenly is three swords, result goods luck is not very in a flash good, the butterfly triggered the Dinghai effect, „bang" a bombardment steel plate same decides in same place it, I have replied simultaneously 50% HP, was safe, takes advantage of opportunity strikes 17 levels of [Combo] skills, the body week supernatural power rises suddenly, dazzling brilliance of 17 levels of skills made the surrounding player dumbfounded!

One Second Hero is raising the long-handled spear, asked in consternation: „Guildmaster, do you achieve? This...... Is this at least 16 levels of skills rays? My highest Level skill 15 levels......"

I laugh: „Brave clean, this is actually 17 levels of skills brilliance, it is estimated that 18 levels will be more dazzling!"


Li Mu was also stunned: „My [Combo] 16 levels, moreover practiced level Cooldown to be definitely more than you self-confidently, your how possible [Combo] 17 levels?"

I do not hide, said: „The players who in regiment system, all commands the level obtained a dwelling, has to develop the martial stage in the dwelling, the player is attacking to the wooden figurine, the skill CD drastic reduction, skill skilled turns time, I practiced one to rise 17 levels yesterday in the evening, you think that I am easy?"

Li Mu a face flattered immediately: „Xiao Yao!"

I said decidedly: „It is not no need to say...... That develops the martial stage, only then the master in mansion can use, others have used not rising least bit skilled, struggle well......"



Therefore, everybody indignant continuation angrily practices the skill fiercely, although 17 levels of [Combo] with 10 levels, consecutively for 6 swift and violent attacks, cannot see anything to change actually, however change actually attacks the injury the degree, 17 levels of [Combo] every strikes at least has ordinary about 85% to injure, but 10 levels, most not over 65%, the bright degree that the injury hits is completely different.

What is more important, skill Level is higher, in the release skill beforehand prelude ray dazzling, here plays the game mostly is the young people, everyone hopes that own skill is more magnificent, such younger sister anything can also be twice the result with half the effort!

The people continue difficultly is strange in Shua, in labor ice hole underground three kills bustling, what makes our gratified is these altogether labor tribe brave warriors as before can blow out the ice demon coverall, this means that we collected the plan of ice demon coverall to continue to implement, after our Shua ended this big map, at least can collect 1 thousand set of ice demon wrap, in addition melted the god warhorse, this thousand melt god cavalry's able to move unhindered mainland in several months absolutely will not be any issue, will directly face the Hybrid Demon army not to fall in leeward.


From 8 : 00 am to 8 : 00 pm, had a night-time snack later continues to fight bravely, has killed around 7 : 00 am times, finally we arrived at the most end of map, that was one floods the ice mold palace, the main hall two sides ancient times brave warriors is standing there, but in the center was a throne, above the throne is sitting well an invincible might cold general, did not need to think that this person was the water deity altogether labor in legend!

Does not turn over to the war of sea, we have killed sea-nymph king Sellin, has attained the water deity halberd, but present water deity altogether labor actually does not know that what equipment will blow out to us.

„First directs to massacre nearby bodyguard."

I am raising the butterfly, said cautiously: „Everybody do not move, the small dance directs strangely, directs strangely using the firing distance of meteor arrow, 90 yards attack, will not attract more monsters, comes."

Dancing Forest nods, quick, we spend the bodyguard who 30 minutes are less than clean up 20 + accurate BOSS ranks, 500 people disperse in the surroundings, the preparation opened final BOSS!


The overlord boots tread , on incorruptible stair, cold wind has raised my cloak, I immediately on some palpitations, this am the water deity altogether labor, does not knock down existence of Zhoushan, if this goods give me to come such a hit, I can be hit am frightened out of one's wits? Has a look at own attribute, has courage, prepared!

Distant, the fixed labor, strikes [Great Realm of Desolation] suddenly!



Very strong physical defense, lets my double injury unexpectedly not 10 thousand!

Suddenly, the labor was on the rise, reveals half rotten facial casts, is very scary, simultaneously he also slowly stands up from the throne, the left hand grasps a gloss bright heavy shield, the right hand is grasping a long sword of handle Huaguang twinkle, good, altogether should the weapon of labor be the water deity halberd actually? Probably was robbed by sea-nymph Wang Sailin, therefore replaces the sword with this temporarily!

When altogether the labor fires into me, I also attribute capture sharing of BOSS in guild channel

【The soul of water deity altogether labor】( God level BOSS ★★★★)

Level: 182

Attack: 32500-42500

Defense: 35000

HP: 1.5 billion

Skill: 【The shield of great antiquity】 【Difficult situation】 【Divides wave to cut continually】 【Anger does not touch Zhoushan】

Introduced: The labor, labor, the water deity of high antiquity, was controlling in society all floods, was cut-throat and handles matters the violent, because of wished the friendly as incompatible as fire and water with the fire god, the war later was defeated to get angry does not touch Zhoushan, many years later, by the altogether labor of seal the physique broken powder, remaining one was only read the ominous severe godship to guard the labor ice hole as before, the legend is killing altogether the person of labor to obtain the magical instrument in his hand


Looks to introduce that last already made everybody cheer, but the attribute of labor was also altogether intrepid makes us be frightened out of one's wits, the so crazed attack did not let the player good work simply.

I retrocedes, while said loudly: „Preparation, the armor piercing bow reduces his physical defense, long-distance diverts BOSS with the deceleration and dizziness skill as far as possible, I come T, other close combat departments do not want first on, used [Blade Spin] long-distance to cut the BOSS promotion output on the line!"

The voice has not fallen, altogether the soul of labor already had flown my front, in the hand the long sword was chops to cut suddenly, has the attacks of waves, a little likely was thousand heavy wave attacks of Drunken Spear, but attacked the injury to strive to excel obviously too, when the sword blade edge fell the instance on my murdering god armor, tear aches transmitted, HP fell suddenly, this divided the wave to cut continually rather is also too powerful







Actually my total HP on 25 thousand, had also been killed by the second, but Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring several Healer treatments are luckily prompt, inserted the second to treat instantaneously successfully kept 5 thousand my life value about, was frightened out of one's wits instantaneously, Shuanglong effect first Cooldown was hit, the hurried [Cleansing Rain] technique, the butterfly erupted [Combo] instantaneously, the Dinghai effect also came out, restored twice HP continuously, avoided the second to kill

„+ 53400!"

„+ 127982!"


Altogether soul of labor roars, wields the long sword suddenly, the surroundings are reappearing waves, is an overwhelming attack, the player within about 20 yards in affecting range, was good makes everybody disperse because of me, only then in me move, was the injuries of 9 thousand + HP, but I have not been idling, butterfly + Zhen Yue Blade divided to cut Going out continuously, the [Strength of a Thousand Men] skill also wields Going out, completely was the fighting method of going all out, but this also attracted but actually comes back many HP, making blood maintain at 30% high and low is beating, momentarily could be killed by the second.

The blade glow flashes past, the [War Song of Zhen Yue] in addition holds successfully, One Second Hero also brandishes the long-handled spear, held well roar of BUFF Zhang Fei to the surrounding player in addition, but Yue Yao Yan was raising the greed shield, drank tenderly, greed shield started, the [Zhan Long] players within surrounding 200 yards have become the object of protection, I was also, in 120 seconds reduced the wound 50%, could be saved!

While this rare opportunity, the people flushed in abundance, can approach BOSS immediately starts a round skill, cannot approach long-distance starts [Blade Spin] to kill, Dancing Forest and long-distance skill also saturation bombing of Dong Cheng Yue and the others, HP Shua Shua of soul of Cooldown altogether labor falls, but he is not idling, after I am slashing several swords on in addition holds the shield of skill previous great antiquity, making the attack of majority of player almost not broken defends.

Kills exceptionally difficultly, after 30 minutes, BOSS as before also 50% HP, but our melt god cavalry died in battle over 40 people!

Zhan Long Chapter 1007

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