Zhan Long Chapter 1008

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Those who make us unable to think, altogether the soul of labor lingered on the body after 50% blood the blood light, Movement Speed also has been promoting together much, and hatred value OT, I attacked unable to divert to hate repeatedly again diligently, at this moment, the Meng Yao temple sang + ruling skill to divert forcefully, Knight in surroundings melt god cavalry was the player also in abundance with justly diverts to hold on BOSS forcefully, to guard BOSS to rush to long-distance, in the supplies team to slaughter.


In the great roar, the soul of labor overran suddenly toward right, there is Li Mu leads direction of one group of people, the labor just likes the shell electricity shoots to go, the next quarter in airborne „bang" hits above the great column that transforms together, on the corridor presented not the Zhoushan disintegration effect, airborne roaring flame meteorites fall in the crowd, causes the damage of AOE, the fourth skill anger of BOSS does not touch Zhoushan!

This skill was really too powerful, Li Mu opened the match for ten thousand skill to wallop hurriedly outward, the fire burnt sword cold numerous [Blade Rush] to puncture thoroughly the BOSS body, but Li Mu behind, at least 20 + melt god cavalries lay in the scalding hot meteorite, was horrible to look, airborne still kept the falling meteorite, everybody fended respectively, I also opened thousand frost wing unceasing walking position MISS to attack, simultaneously threw Going out the butterfly, [Blade Spin] continued to divert BOSS, the entire scene once already lost control.

Wang Jian progresses to go, brushed past under with BOSS suddenly, speeds away attacks the dizziness to be successful , to continue for 3 seconds, the fierce restraining warhorse, turns around is a A level combo heavy bombing, the strength cuts a swallow, the straight thrust + under sweeps + strikes to fly + to sweep away + cuts again, makes five injuries instantaneously, comes one time to fight the spin of halberd rapidly to retrocede again.

Was such confused by Wang Jian, altogether the rhythm of offensive of soul of labor on slightly some disorder, the body has not stood, Old K of distant place also raises magical instrument Axe to come, the greed hydra has the strength of Holy Domain is being one time crosses the rubicon to fall on the BOSS front, [Whirlwind Slash] sweeps away, when Old K appears with horse in BOSS behind, BOSS turns around, Old K is also rapid one time to jump to cut the advance moved BOSS barbarically, turned around to walk, turns round time [Battle Axe Throw] to wipe out BOSS reached as high as 4 thousand + HP, the operation continuity was praised to the heavens, indeed, Old K hard strength. Now reached in extra-superior level absolutely, the open country PK words meet Ye Lai and Jian Feng Han this peak player also to have are not lower than 30% stratagem which ensures success, naturally all are based on his skill and equipment, and he attack repertoire to these skills also exceptionally familiar, this time effective strength must exceed to dispose in the common people attire at all-star game and common people skill by far.


Altogether soul of unceasing roaring labor, brandishes the long sword to start to summon the difficult situation skill, but has not summoned on once more dizziness in same place, was actually struck by Lin Wan Er [Gouge] to the hit dizziness, our beautiful woman young lady abnormal operation is adept, the under foot slides arrives at BOSS is a back punctures + surrounds and attacks continually, in the fingers the ring ray dodges passes, spring of skill spirit ruins started, restored 100 energy contents, iced the spin of blade edge to start, being near of soaring various god, the graceful body flew high to gather round BOSS is 7 continuous attacks, when altogether the labor restored to raise the long sword soberly., Lin Wan Er holds up the tapping umbrella rapidly, the body week is wrapping the shields of golden 17 levels of this world, „bang" withstood BOSS strikes directly, does not pester returns to the body to walk, the palm raises, [Ice Pick Whirlpool] behind is erupting controls BOSS again.

Yue Qing Qian flushed from the flank, summoned skill to protect the shield to protect oneself to exempt the wound, the under foot walks the position exquisitely, with the soul of labor brushed, but has turned around instantaneously is a back ambush effect, simultaneously retroceded rapidly, opens grasping of hand summon red fox, the numerous bang killed on altogether the body of labor, simultaneously tender sound track: „One second of elder brother, keeps off!"

One Second Hero raised the shield to clash, the long-handled spear brandished, after [Divine Provocation], was broken blood [Judgement], constrained the BOSS hatred value short, on the shield encountered three swords to cut the attack continuously, Yue Yao Yan came, „bang" hit One Second Hero, greed shield horizontal, summoned greed shield, simultaneously the sword blade edge wielded several times attacked, firmly held the hatred.


Therefore, the [Zhan Long] extra-superior player back and forth pulls, various exhibitions can the diversion BOSS, everyone does not stint skill CD and skill CD, skill of various effects emerge one after another incessantly, altogether soul of control labor firmly on the scene, although had the player to drop down dead in battle as before unceasingly, but after all altogether the soul of labor already during our controls.

In an instant is a half hour passes, altogether the soul of labor only remaining is less than 3% HP, but our 500 people of actually also remaining 170 + people, to kill this BOSS was makes our [Zhan Long] extra-superior player almost die simply one, was good because of the Li Mu, Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er and other peak level players also, therefore to the suppression and diversion ability of BOSS continuously also, but in this process, altogether the soul of labor altogether got angry has touched 5 times not Zhoushan, at least killed 50 people each time about, at this time, his life finally had also come to the end, Should get the box lunch.

„Everybody does not have the words of objection, do I kill BOSS?"

I brandishes the butterfly, spatters in all directions Spark and blood splash on the BOSS breastplate, while said: „My Charm 1728 points, actually corrupt BOSS empirical value, but I massacre the BOSS words drop rate at least to promote about 3 times, everybody wants to obtain the magical instrument opportunity words to make me kill, how is it?"

Li Mu from BOSS about 20 meters away, is instigating the warhorse start [Assault] preparation to speed away a round, said with a smile: „Does not have what objection, the BOSS also remaining 0.5% blood time you come!"


Also is nearly 2 minutes of fight, the soul of labor has massacred our 3 people before dying, includes Bai Qi this bad luck child, finally continually was cut unexpectedly also by the BOSS dividing wave locking!

As if induced to the BOSS life has come to the final end, butterfly sword also excited Zheng in my hand called, the airborne stars flashed through suddenly, the strength of 20% starry sky triggered successfully, and in the arm emerged a heat wave, was fatal the effect of striking, superimposed instantaneously is 8 times has injured, I took advantage of opportunity send out have struck [Seven Star Fragment Slash], immediately altogether the soul of labor whinned, in the top of the head flew the big injury figure


In the miserable howling sound, the soul of labor has knelt finally, simultaneously the golden ray falls together, I rose 179 levels, this time was away from 180 levels of critical junctions only to remain the one pace!

The surrounding player were also majority of promoted, but the player who died in battle was quite miserable, the BOSS empirical value they were divide are less, but equipment can obtain, if the luck sufficed to be able in ROLL.

Has a look at the ground, altogether the soul of labor altogether blew out 3 equipment, one glitters the deep green to float the mark energy the long sword, is altogether that in labor the weapon, moreover is his hand the shield of that Saint optical scintillation, then, is a lead(er) cape, my single Xigui on the ground, is collecting equipment, first has a look at attribute sharing of sword to everybody that

【Breaks sea sword】( Magical instrument ★★★)

Attack: 7700-10050

Strength: + 415

Stamina: + 412

Magic: + 410

Agility: + 400

Additional: Promotes user 140% attack power and 75% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 35% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 32000 Max HP

Special effect: Is skilled in the swordsmanship, the 15% injury effects of promoting the user

Special effect: The supernatural power , to promote the user 3500 points strength values

skill: Breaks the sea, wields a sword forward, can break out the rivers and sea area within certain range, consumes 100 Rage points, cools the Cooldown 30 minutes

Needs the charm: 400

Needs Level: 174


The attribute of weapon is good, immediately the system automatic sieving player comes to the ROLL point, Swordsman that Level, charm, output tallied is the player altogether 4 people, Li Mu and Wang Jian, but this Li Mu luck is not good, this walked to Wang Jian to ROLL the sea sword, actually this handle sword single Lun output to come to see was good, the supernatural power special effect has promoted 3500 strength values, was easy-to-use, „broke sea" as for skill, when this skill must look has used, possibly at the naval battle, broke the sea sword to be able a technique to decide the universe?

Wang Jian on feeling pleased equipment broke the sea sword, I continue to look at second equipment, is that shield, actually the modeling of this shield is unique, is somewhat bright, but the surface can see the rock obviously the unique texture, this shield looks like at the same time the great crag cutting carving becomes, ten send, to put out a hand to stroke separately, the attribute of shield changes into the slide float in airborne, immediately everybody stares, the attribute of this shield also wanted compared with the greed shield intrepidly much!

【Lady Wa stone】( Magical instrument ★★★)

Defense: 6400

Strength: + 435

Stamina: + 420

Agility: + 414

Magic: + 410

Additional: Promotes user 190% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 3500 points foundation physical defense and 2000 foundation attack power

Additional: Promotes user 55000 Max HP

Special effect: Not firmly may urge, the injury that the user receives reduces 30%, and promotes 3000 physical defense

skill: Lady Wa protects, summons the Lady Wa supernatural power, provides a supernatural power to protect the shield to the friend side goals within surrounding 1000 yards, for the injury of its absorption certain extent, the injury of absorbs for the attack and defense sum total of user, consumes 100 Rage points, cools for 2 hours

Introduced: The Lady Wa stone, after labor god of disasters anger does not touch Zhoushan, the sky dome had the giant crack, the Lady Wa empress has overcome nature by all colors god stone immediately, after the sky crack was complemented, but also the remaining some god stones, Lady Wa by this god Stone to come casting a shield, the implication has then protected the world of human beings by this shield the peace, this was the Lady Wa shield

Needs the charm: 400

Needs Level: 172


Looks at this formidable attribute, almost all Knight were the players astonished lived, the Lady Wa stone was designed a shield unexpectedly, moreover attribute unexpectedly also so valiant, skill that various great strength, adds also strong incomparable, some meanings of going against heaven's will.

[Zhan Long] one crowd of Knight are, the Monk player, only then few several people that the condition tallies, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero, Tang Xin and Palace Decree.

Zhan Long Chapter 1008

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