Zhan Long Chapter 1009

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Has forgotten the statistics, a person also meets this condition, is my younger sister Li Meng Yao, consecutively 24 hours of fighting bravely , the BOSS empirical value, Meng Yao has promoted 172 levels from 170 levels in addition, but Charm is 401 points, will has stepped into the condition of demand, therefore, competed the player altogether 5 people of this Lady Wa stone shield.

„Come on!"

I smile to Meng Yao, then places the Lady Wa stone on the ground, said: „Whose luck is good, whose this shield is!"

After Matcha departs, the Lion King shield deletes together, [Zhan Long] did not have one to be able to blow the strong shield emergence of scene, was good appeared because of the greed shield and Lady Wa stone one after another . Moreover the skill effect range of this Lady Wa stone was 1000 yards, in the large-scale group fought the function to by far in the greed shield, was until now the [Zhan Long] best shield.

Several Knight are the players is anxious, starts the ROLL point, points also appear in our front

Yue Yao Yan: 72 points

One Second Hero: 94 points

Tang Xin: 43 points

Palace Decree: 59 points

XiYaoGe completely: 97 points


When One Second Hero ROLL leaves 94 points, I cannot bear stares, felt that Meng Yao has missed with the Lady Wa stone, but has not actually thought that the small girl will make every effort to succeed, hand so to be hot, unexpectedly ROLL left 97 points to triumph!

The next quarter, the Lady Wa stone by Meng Yao to equipment on, was changed into only the beautiful rock empty shade to appear on the arm of young beautiful woman together fine, thinks that the attribute also rose suddenly, Lin Wan Er then asked: „Meng Yao, skill of this Lady Wa protection protects the shield toughness is your attack power and physical defense addition sum total, you have a look at the attribute, how many are the foundation attack and defense?"

Li Meng Yao lowers the head to have a look, said: „Attacks 39842, defends 34210, hee hee, but also is good, Sister-in-law?"

Meng Yao shouted the sister-in-law, the beautiful cheek of Lin Wan Er immediately bright red, but nods, said: „Also good, the sum total was 7.4 thousand, once released Lady Wa to protect, was equal to that provided 7.4 thousand toughness to protect the shield for the surrounding 1000 yards friend side goals, was equal to promoting everybody 7.4 thousand HP upper limits instantaneously, this skill used, almost to be well equal to effect that simply can reverse the aspect."

One Second Hero rubs hands, says with a smile: „Has been a pity, my almost ROLL, otherwise coordinate long-handled spear somewhat invincible meaning, ha Ha Ha......"

Wang Jian raises is breaking the sea sword, said with a smile: „Is content, the good and evil on you had a magical instrument weapon, was this matter how many people could not envy?"

In fact, Wang Jian obtains sea sword, is the benefactor of travel of this time altogether labor ice hole, was naturally happy, my is also happy, Level 179 levels, the younger sister has attained a magical instrument shield, the [Zhan Long] overall defense capability significantly has also promoted!


Continues to look that last equipment made some everybody interests dull, unexpectedly was the Divine Tier cape, present stage Divine Tier no longer is anything cherishes the goods, after all the high level Hybrid Demon monster can explode, only if were Divine Tier some skill or effect is strong, or was the coverall effect, otherwise was the stall goods.

Assigns stone that BOSS has exploded, at this time discovered that in the ground also the blood red skill book, immediately had a scare, what is this?!

Picks to take to look that immediately smiled soon has grinned with ear to ear, altogether the labor worthily was one of the Huaxia ancestors, unexpectedly such showed due respect for the feelings, gave back to us to keep a such powerful book

【Anger does not touch Zhoushan LV-1】( Holy Ghost third-order): Inspiring supernatural power hit front, causes anger to touch the Zhoushan effect, sky Dadong does not initiate the flood, thunder to attack the targets within surrounding 40 yards , to continue for 12 seconds, the attack injury effect is related with attack power of user, the study needs Level: 175 levels, need Class: The entire Heavy Armor department, needs to consume Charm: 50 points!


Wang Jian stares, said in consternation: „Unexpectedly the skill that this ultra isn't concerned about face exploding?"

Lin Wan Er said pleasantly surprised: „Good, our [Zhan Long] was doomed and wants many strong skills!"

I said: „175 levels of Heavy Armor are the player ROLL points!"

Actually, I also very like this skill, together ROLL point!

What a pity, my luck seems not very good, only ROLL left 71 points, but Wang Jian is 74 points, Li Mu is the valiant 89 points, finally this skill book by Li Mu taking away, this goods now in the skill are the leader outstanding heroes, the match for ten thousand is Lu Bu's unique skill, after opening the match for ten thousand, attack capability suddenly to increase, at this time did not touch the words of Zhoushan with the anger again, it can be imagined the destructive power had was much strong!


The skill book vanishes in the hand, Li Mu shouted, complexion have a strong sense of righteousness shot to go on the electricity forward, hit suddenly above a mountain range in void, „bang" a vault of heaven shivered, the sky had the giant crack, afterward the storms within ground previous surrounding 40 yards walked the flood and thunder and lightning to wreak havoc, the effect of this skill was truly dazzling!

Although I have not attained anything from beginning to end, but is very happy, Lin Wan Er has not attained any equipment, is equally happy, we have regarded our family [Zhan Long], [Zhan Long] is strong, is we, is actually same.


Shortly is the morning, but this altogether labor ice hole also completely Shua ended, the map System Notification altogether labor died in battle, the map again Shua will be new, completely has delivered Going out our gangs, returns to Tian Ling Empire directly, restores equipment, then consults the [Zhan Long] coverall, iced the demon wrap altogether to collect 10544 sets, but for the guild warehouse acquisitions of these equipment altogether have disbursed 5000 thousand + R motherfucker, although Li Mu, Wang Jian and other main players projected on equipment not to want any minute of city, but as before almost pulled out to empty the larger part National Beauty Shop and Fan Shu City income, but fortunately, had this thousand Wraps the ice demon wrap, the [Zhan Long] riding war was the player approached the unmatched in the world, must discover to be able really with the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry front impact team that and did not lose, then on the heavy cavalry of palace guard!

Palace guard heavy cavalry equipment excellent, the weapon is please the good artisan build, will have in addition the reenforcement of dragon crystal artillery with the Han deep pool and Xiao severe four Military Control, truly selected 1 thousand heavy cavalry enough to fight with the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry, but the premise was melts the god cavalry not to accept the treatment reenforcement of Healer, otherwise was the palace guard heavy cavalry is not the match!

After handling all, offline rests, online is too continuously long, the whole person soon collapsed.


Sleep awoke is 7 : 00 pm, got out of bed, bringing two female to look for food, to extracurricular ate a thing to come back, afterward got online , to continue to fight bravely!


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, has a look at my experience strip, 179 levels 97%, are actually worse can promote, but in short Cooldown could not find anything to be appropriate I the monster, does not worry, returned to my broken cauldron male mansion, the maidservant who actually sees one group of Yingying Yanyan was chatting anything with a smile, nearby palace guard soldier did not look askance was standing guard, the military discipline of palace guard was really strict, in the entire day plume empire was very famous, and this group of people were Han Yuan choose personally, what the nature cannot make in my mansion sexually harassed the maidservant and so on absurd matter.

„Clang", I draw out the butterfly sword, directly soars develops the martial stage, several maidservants also followed immediately, holds the fruit good wine to defend in the one side serves me „to practice sword", actually I do not practice the sword, is use skills clashes skill Level, after near one hour, with „bites" the sound, [Combo], [Wind Blade] and [Heal] technique, [Seven Star Fragment Slash], [Fierce Ice Blade], [Blade Spin], [Wall of Dou Qi] and other commonly used skills rose 18 levels, but [Great Realm of Desolation], [Ice Domain], [Binding Chains], [Tempest Sword] and other skills that usually little uses already 17 levels, this. Concentrates on practicing the skill skilled effect, CD reduces adds on double skilled, ten apportion the strength!


Has practiced afterward no longer, goes to Fan Shu City directly, has swayed a meeting in the palace guard camp, for a while the hand is itchy, the direction troop has carried on a tactical training, has made then two slightly simple regiment duties, unexpectedly promoted, when reaches 180 levels unexpectedly somewhat is instantaneously small excitedly, although said Fang Ge Que already in a half hour of first 180 levels, and seven revolutions were successful, but if as expected, should I be the first seven revolutions of close combats am a player?


System System Notification: Congratulates you, you have reached 180 levels, you can go to Teacher Class there to carry on the Class promotion, simultaneously the system discovered you are wearing „the Country Weapon level" equipment, please note, has the Country Weapon player, can after Class promotes each time goes to the main city altar synchrolifting Country Weapon equipment attribute!


I cannot help but stare, what meaning promotes the Country Weapon attribute is, my can Zhen Yue Blade also promote?

Thinks carefully that was, equipment when for example the Lion King shield, that was we were preliminary obtains, the attribute was also quite bad, physical defense 2750 points, were exploded by the Meng Yao Lady Wa stone shield, if did not promote probably does not match to be called Country Weapon, but my Zhen Yue Blade attack power had also been inferior that high-quality two star and three stars magical instrument, this was unscientific, Country Weapon is not inferior existence in magical instrument, the attribute will not miss from the start.

Had haggling over at heart, immediately feeling pleased departure Fan Shu City, cured a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den directly, looked for Frost to promote Class Level!



Together light passing over gently and swiftly cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sky, when I dive to fall in the city, Qing Luo for the animal bones in crystal dragon rejection gap between teeth, was saying with a smile: „Dragon Rider the Sir, how you so will be hurried, is this must look for Sir Frost?"

„Um, Frost where?" I asked.

Qing Luo said: „Lady Frost in administrative hall!"

„Good, thanks!"

Turned around speedily to fly Going out, opened the front door of administrative hall suddenly, actually saw Frost to lower the head to review the document, immediately gained ground to me smiles: „Hurriedly, what is this must make?"

I said with a smile: „Frost, my Level has sufficed, carries on Class to promote for me!"


Frost visits me with a smile: „As if has sufficed really......"

She jumps to fly high to fly in front of me gently, said with a smile: „Come!"

Saying, is the same etiquette, turns round the palm in my front, Frost closes the star pupil, said silently: „Dragon territory woods are cold, charitable disposition lasts forever, even if falls from the sky, fulfills the mission, the place of cold uncultivated land, perseveres the barrier...... I, Frost Hua Jin the main status grants you by cold uncultivated land Dragon's den town day Dragon Rider the honor, one like the past, you were in my life the inalienable part, even though the samsara, did not disappoint!"

[Zhan Long] cartoon version participation „star inundates prize", schoolmate asked hundred degree celsius „star to inundate prize", then selected the fifth that page, found [Zhan Long], the click heat degree + 1, each Q th can the daily 0.3 times, the [Zhan Long] goal rank is falling, everybody every day helped top, forced up [Zhan Long]!

Zhan Long Chapter 1009

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