Zhan Long Chapter 1010

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System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Succeeds seven revolutions, will obtain title „town day Dragon Rider", because he will be the Chinese war zone second seven revolutions of players, will obtain the extra premium: Charm + 100!


The Saint light falls, the Class title on my top of the head changed, from „will protect country Dragon Rider" will turn into seven revolutions „town day Dragon Rider", seemed imposing, simultaneously system System Notification, the entire attribute hideaway ability will obtain the enormous promotion, actually many data will be we could not see that seven revolutions of players will run into six revolutions of players to have the suppresive hideaway attribute inevitably.

As soon as I let go, was saying with a smile to Frost: „Since I were stronger, what new military Secret Art that Frost does have to teach me?"

Frost stares, said: „No, does not have anything to teach you temporarily."


I am confused, I know that my beautiful woman teacher is quite special, but as special as can after unexpectedly seven revolutions, does not give half skill the situation, cannot endure!

Therefore sat on the Frost desk, I held appreciatively the butterfly sword in hand, the modeling was unique, was really a good sword!

Frost visits me: „You must make anything."

I said: „You do not teach my new ability, I take a seat this not to walk......"

Frost is out of control „to throw" smiles, immediately just likes the spring breeze changes into a pool of water, said: „Your this fellow, you looked that your which also a little palace guard does command, the appearance of empire general?"

I said with a smile: „That is not good, my teacher no longer passed on the expertise to give to say to me......"

„Good good......"

Frost shows has surrendered the expression, said: „Many abilities that I master are think to urge to send actually, such as god's the prohibiting ability of bloodlines, must have the godship of superior god to use, but you do not have this ability, making me think that is also capable of any appropriate teaching to you......"

In my heart moves, said: „Previous time routs the skill of that old-style fan device truly army uses to call imperial day that very much?"

„Imperial day......"

Frost opened Zhang Xiaozui, said: „Pours is not good, but the imperial day is also the god urges to send actually, but your body also quenchings insufficiently, can only have the strength of Holy Domain, guides the imperial day by the strength of Holy Domain, perhaps the effect by far such that will be inferior to your previous time to see."

„Has not related."

As soon as I let go, said with a smile: „Had its shape to be enough."

„Good, studies!"

The next quarter, Frost has launched a study skill page to me, impressively is the imperial day, what makes my astonished is, this imperial day unexpectedly is the inferior god level skill, and is very cheap! This was really too NX

【Imperial day LV-1】( Inferior god level skill): Takes the supernatural power as to direct absolute domain, once the imperial day ability reaches the peak, can control in society all things, even makes the myriad things samsara, make Cooldown flow backwards, the study needs 5000 G, needs the Level 180 levels.


the 5000 G school expense, can actually learn an inferior masterstroke energy, this simply was too cheap, when taught my skill, Frost closes the eye, looks at the facial expression of beautiful woman teacher beautiful appearance and trust, really could not bear want to kiss one, but thinks or considers as finished, do not trade one to punch fat.


The imperial day appears in my skill fence, actually I was keeping thinking about this skill already for a long time!

„Learned?" Frost asks me.

I nod: „Ehm!"

„Can feel?"


I turn around, look at the Frost desk, above has one bottle of ink, therefore a hand, the thought starts the imperial day the ability, a faint strength is surging in the bloodlines, making me have one type with the conjunction feeling of surrounding energy, even as if can move periphery that invisible strength to be ordinary, but under my strength, that bottle of ink on table was shivering slowly, but has attempted near three minutes, that ink was also only shivered for three minutes, tiny bit has not moved.

I have the frustration immediately, but imperial day skilled rose 7 points actually, it seems like it was skill Level is too low.

Frost smiles to say with a smile: „Imperial day is a very marvelous ability, needs to practice to be good much, I have comprehended and practice the imperial day use fully for a half year, you also fall far short!"

I nod smile: „Um, I did not count on that has your ability level, but only sought 50% effect to be good!"

„Well diligently, your meeting!"



Decides, one will go to my mansion, was practicing the imperial day to be good to the practice wooden figurine, such skilled rise can also quickly, but had another matter to manage before then , to promote Country Weapon Zhen Yue Blade ability!

Said goodbye to Frost, returned to Tian Ling Empire!

Directly soars the altar, when I arrive in altar, Zhen Yue Blade „humming sound" Zheng called, the treasured sword felt this summon strength, the next quarter after I confirmed that Zhen Yue Blade „clang" the sheath, hung in the midair, spattered in all directions dazzling brilliance under the strength of altar, the next quarter weapon in airborne revolved slowly, the surroundings were reappearing seven color gods light, has evolved.

Grips the Zhen Yue Blade handle, accepts it, sweeps the attribute of weapon, I could not bear smile, um, this is the true Country Weapon attribute

【Zhen Yue Blade + 7】( Country Weapon)

Attack: 11800-17200 ( 4130-6020 )

Strength: + 505

Stamina: + 500

Agility: + 495

Magic: + 490

Additional: Promotes user 165% attack power and 85% attack speed

Additional: Disregards goal 50% physical defense

Additional: Has 66% probabilities to neglect the defense of goal when the attack is the skill effect

Special effect: [Strength of Weapons], the weapon attrition speed reduces 80%

Special effect: [Unbroken Blade Slash], to attacking in surrounding 8 yards the goal creates 60% sputtering effects

skill: [War Song of Zhen Yue], awakens the battle song in [Soul Army] , to promote surrounding 1000 yards 6000 foundation attack power within of friend side unit , to continue for 10 minutes, consumes 120 Rage points, 4 hours cool

Characteristics: Heavy Armor is the entire Class essence specially

Characteristics: Country Weapon China

Characteristics: Non- rank limit


Various aspect attributes had to promote, but most remarkable should be the change of skill, [War Song of Zhen Yue] strengthened, promoted 6000 foundation attack power, and cooled Cooldown to reduce for 4 hours from 6 hours, in addition the function of good wine, most can 2 hours be less than on release [War Song of Zhen Yue], this was quite sharp!

Dancing Forest Huang Zhonggong, Enchanted Painting water deity halberd can refortify one time, Country Weapon kind of equipment be approximately the performance-to-price ratio of weapon was highest, because Country Weapon existence not only can provide strong skill to give the player, weapon class can also promote a very considerable attack attribute to the player, the player Class promotion can the attribute of synchrolifting Country Weapon pointed weapons, such weapon not need to trade each time, does not have what issue with the game big later period.

And, by the words that the Zhen Yue Blade 180 levels of attribute and attributes of butterfly these 200 levels of five-star magical instruments contrast, the attack of Zhen Yue Blade is inferior to the butterfly slightly, own attack attribute appraisal words approximately in 3 Stars -four star magical instruments, but this was enough, in any case Dancing Forest and Enchanted Painting weapon probably never with trading, at this time I also secret rejoicing, luckily Huang Zhonggong in Dancing Forest, otherwise the first archer inevitably was not our [Zhan Long] person, present Dancing Forest, the attribute has not needed the Bai Li Ruo Feng difference, to be in the operation inferior little, so long as and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and other [Zhan Long] top player many duel several times, with walking the position and several other points understood to the skill that believes surmounted Bai Li Ruo Feng subsequently to substitute for him becomes the Chinese war zone first archer is not the issue.


Information that many good friends have sent in congratulation, I 11 have also replied, afterward continues busily, goes to the mansion to practice the imperial day, is grasping the butterfly, controls the imperial day the ability to control the wooden figurine in distant place, the skilled little rise, was always comparing in the outside practice must quickly, took advantage of opportunity can also come round of [Tempest Sword] to behind wooden figurine, a person played the martial stage to play very jubilantly in the mansion.

To around 10 : 00 pm times, looked at my skill skilled again, [Tempest Sword], [Ice Domain] and [Binding Chains] already 18 levels, [Combo], [Wind Blade] and other skills also in flushing 19 levels of processes, but the imperial day in has reached 8 levels in „biting"!

Opens the hand, distant to a wooden figurine, the surrounding field of force as if completely was being controlled by me generally, only listened to „bang" a resounding, the arm of wooden figurine stiffly was wrenched apart, breaks the flying shuttle of arm speedily forward under my control, the speed quickly certainly, „bang" on developing the wall of martial stage penetrates a gap, this power to injure is not really simple.

, Carries the yellow clothes maidservant of fruit tray to say with a smile by far: „General is quite fierce!"

I also smile, turn around to open the hand, the imperial day strength starts, a apple in her tray flies high to fly immediately to my hand, „" holds, the disintegration, the strength was too strong, grasped regarding the strength size is not very proper, but the air/Qi field of this absolute domain also had gust, the long skirt of yellow clothes maidservant raised immediately, until the thigh place, poured unable to look, leg of this Rong Di female very approved.

Yellow clothes maidservant cheek one red, stamps the feet to be angry to say with a smile: „General!"

I show a faint smile, has not paid attention , to continue to attempt, uses the imperial day the strength to control the body of this yellow clothes maidservant, but obtained System Notification, this skill is unable to use to the living specimen, it seems like I can only move the dying thing, is actually not able to come about the migration of player with the imperial day skill, this is also right, if the imperial day can control the player, that has also gone against heaven's will, other player will stamp one's foot, but can control the slungshot attack like Frost, was enough.


The joyful practice, soon, in the top of the head is transmitting one to whip the sound of wing suddenly, a warhawk of palace guard rides to search descends slowly, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Commands the Sir, General Han Yuan makes me bring the information, soon before, discovered that dozens mysterious people more went too far Divine Mountain, to the direction of ice hot wilderness, looked at the direction, seemed the direction that the reducing heat lion commission army corps were."

„Hot lion commission army corps?"

I knit the brows, this name is somewhat familiar-sounding, changes mind thinks that the shallow forest and I have mentioned, the hot lion commission army corps are Tian Ling Empire and in Ze deep pool cities strongest commission army corps, then asked: „Mystical person reducing heat lion commission army corps direction, perhaps is a adventurer, why does this minor matter need to tell me?"

The warhawk rides to search saying: „General, what is most important, we had discovered in these dozens mysterious people have one is one of the empire commanding."


„Cloud is floating!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1010

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