Zhan Long Chapter 1011

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„What Yun does Piaopiao go to ice hot wilderness to make?" I in consternation.

The warhawk rides to search saying: „General Xia Ye said that the hot lion mercenary soldier supports soldier 200 000 Yu people, is one military strength that is hard to grasp, this Yun Piaopiao goes to the ice hot wilderness goes to the tryst hot lion mercenary soldier group regimental commanders inevitably."

„Good, I knew, I return to Fan Shu City immediately."

„Yes, Sir!"


I rode to search the warhawk am quicker, pull out the Fan Shu City city management interface to be able the direct selection to return to the city, after a ray, already was in Fan Shu City, the summon god fierce fine horse, progressed to directly soar the palace guard camp, after entering the armed forces, Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other palace guard Yorozuo waited for steadily there, Qi Qi has held the fist in the other hand saying: „General, you come!"

I nod, sit on the seat of commander in chief, said: „Yun Piaopiao is the shallow Lin cousin, truly dies, the cloud floatingly has almost become the shallow forest only family member, therefore has remitted her crime, making her continue to hold the post of the duty of flood dragon armed forces command, but the cloud is bearing a grudge me to persecute to death matter truly floatingly as before, definitely will not give up, she started to win over crazy Lei Jun commander Xu Yan, now went to the ice hot wilderness, if as expected truly was looks for the hot lion commission army corps to go, what did everybody has countermeasure?"

The Han deep pool said: „Sends out the warhawk to ride the archer, intercepts her in the halfway, kills directly, death ends all troubles!"

Dragon Xing the corners of the mouth raise: „Ingenious plan."

I am speechless: „Although is truly good, floatingly but cloud takes away definitely is the top players of flood dragon armed forces, once left out our plan to expose, but person too many words that we took away will be also noticeable, same is unable the secret to kill her, what was most important, shallow Lin Nian and sister and brother sentiment is not willing to kill the cloud to be floating, we will overstep authority and get involved in another's affairs will definitely make him cherish the hate."

Saying, me was imploring tone, said: „Under fire Divine Mountain, I forced truly to suicide dead have made the shallow forest cast the shadow at heart, if we killed the cloud to be floating again densely, perhaps the shallow forest thinks really our palace guards must support oneself for the king."

Xia Yedao: „Since the general said that we do not have any better means that was inferior that our palace guards also send out troops, takes the generous gift to go to the ice hot wilderness to be able this hot lion commission army corps, works out a treaty of alliance with them, like this they will not win over by the flood dragon armed forces, our palace guard well-trained and equipped armies, support soldier 12 thousand, the people of hot lion commission army corps are not silly should also understand that opposes with us does not have the advantage."

„Um." As soon as I nod: „Xia Ye the means are most feasible, what gift but do we prepare to be good?"

Xiao severe shows a faint smile: „Hot lion commission army corps have guarded in the wilderness, in the barren land, can only depend upon to grab the border trade route to maintain the livelihood, we only need to prepare 100,000 gold coins, in addition cattle 2000 were OK."

I: „Good, immediately prepares, after preparing, instantly!"


I stand up, look to the people, said: „Xia Ye leads 1000 people of heavy cavalries to go with me together...... Guards against mishap, Han Yuan, Xiao Lidian soldier 5 thousand enter the ice hot wilderness to coordinate, once there is any mishap immediately to launch the attack, if we cannot strive for the hot lion commission army corps, that at one fell swoop destroys completely them!"

„Yes, commands!"


About after a half hour, the transport team that 1000 heavy cavalries compose left Fan Shu City, exceed has gone too far Divine Mountain to enter the ice hot wilderness, 10 thousand gold coins have packed three large carts, moreover was the heavy cavalries were driving away the cattle 2000 heads, I rode the god fierce fine horse to walk in the team front line, Xia Ye grasped an old festival, poured also somewhat the appearance of envoy.

Above, the wilderness strong winds are unceasing.

Xia Yemi the eye is looking at distant place, said: „General, this ice hot wilderness is very vast, was called the western wilderness by Tian Ling Empire, in the wilderness altogether 27 big or medium tribes, are called the families of the deceased, they have been living the life of move about, therefore does not have what city, the hot lion commission army corps have made a city in the wilderness only, called ‚Singapore', in Singapore was occupying about 100 thousand population, provided for the 200 000 troops of fire lion commission army corps, they raised livestock and cultivate in the peripheral region, the strength was very abundant, Tian Ling Empire and borders of Ze deep pool city and Full Moon City three Daijouike repeatedly were stirred up trouble, is actually not willing to dispatch troops to attack the flame lion mercenary soldier."

I nod: „Accelerates to march, should not be too slow."


Enough after three hours, we already arrived in the ice hot wilderness depth region, a flame city appears in the horizon of distant place by far, looks like looks like a city of flaming combustion, but in fact was actually the surrounding casting of this city the hard red copper, such as fire like city, physical defense should be good.

The distant place broadcasts the sound of bagpipe, every large or small herd also appeared, that moment of close city, the surroundings were actually turned into the fertile farmland by the wilderness, we march forward in the rice paddies, intermittent Daoxiang smell gladdens the heart, I slightly have also promoted some speeds, walks to the central main road in Singapore above.

Again shortly after vanguard, front presented a checkpoint, about 200 + hot lion mercenary soldiers are guarding here, looks at our these 1000 troops, they have alerted obviously for a long time, above archers stood in the archer's tower city fill already at daggers drawn, the cavalry soldier who on a shoulder wore the military officer symbol progressed to come, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Singapore heavy, is not allowed the surrounding military strength to enter, who you are!"

Xia Ye pokes the old festival in warhorse one side travel bag, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Asked this general to notify one for us, the day plume empire palace guards commands, broken cauldron male Li Xiao Yao to visit Singapore personally the main and hot lion mercenary soldier group regimental commander xing hot general!"

The military officer of opposite party has been startled being startled: „Broken cauldron male does Li Xiao Yao visit personally?"

I am smiling immediately, pull out my token, said: „Can confirm?"

He is somewhat anxious, cramped [say / way]: „Does not use, broken cauldron male is too polite, please enter, but Singapore has own custom, the external army can not over hundred people, but the palace guard actually at least came 1000 people!"

Xia Ye has a look at me, said in a low voice: „General, what to do?"

I without hesitation: „That choice hundred people go in me!"



Xia Ye called the first team of hundred people to enter Singapore with us directly, truly was elite, almost uniform temple Knight, had them to accompany, even if were the hot lion mercenary soldier launches an attack, we also mostly can kill the city to escape, I did not have the issue in any case, thousand frost wings opened, nobody can block me to walk.

The summer leaf is raising festival stick as before, leading one group of people to drive away the cattle, to transport the freight vehicle to enter Singapore, when we enter Singapore actually discovered that here is not indeed wealthy, in the city common people many are living life in rags, the Singapore surroundings resources are deficient, is unable to cultivate too much lands, does not have too many trade route communication doing business, the nature was inferior to Tian Ling Empire in the cloth and silk fabrics greatly.

A mercenary soldier team leader eagerly anticipates our one group of people to directly soar the city main palace, Singapore is too not big, less than 20 minutes can cross the north and south, when we arrive at the city main palace, the discovery city main palace incomparable luxury, the facade even has actually surpassed the style of Tian Ling Empire imperial palace, the White jade column that soaring to the heavens is towering, under is a row of equipment excellent armed soldier in guarding, when we arrive at the White jade gate front, raises the Axe military officer to shout to clear the way lowly: „Halts to me! Can't you understand the custom? Relieves the pointed weapons to me, otherwise can not enter Jiangjunfu!"

I am quietly received the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade the travel bag together, beckons with the hand, said: „Leaves behind the weapon."


Xia Ye knitting the brows head, said: „Did not have the pointed weapons, once they launch an attack, we can only degenerate into preying on block!"

I: „Relax, they do not dare to be dissolute."


One crowd of palace guard in abundance disarming, along with transporting are packing the gold coin the heavy box to enter Jiangjunfu with me, said is Jiangjunfu, does not have what difference with the imperial palace, stair many levels, are good because are temple Knight that I bring, not because will transport the heavy box to pant, their cultivation for may strive to excel compared with these hot lion mercenary soldiers too.


Enters the main hall, the main hall center is one group of maidservants is dancing lightly impressively, this crowd of female also shape and outside poor are equally in rags, but is in rags in another significance, the light fine gauze is difficult to cover the beautiful dressed carcass, waves tall and pleasing to the eye, this xing fire actually unusual understands to enjoy.

„Day plume empire palace guards command, broken cauldron male Li Xiao Yao to pay a visit!" A soldier shouts loudly.

Immediately, another sound resounds: „You draw back!"


One group of dancing girls draw back in abundance, I also finally saw the Lushan proper face of this hot lion mercenary soldier regimental commander, was one about 35 -year-old high and low guy, a face dragon must, 177 level god level BOSS, the strength be actually good, wanted more tyrannical than the Han deep pool and Xiao severe and the others strength, my Xia Ye also obviously was not a match.

A xing fire golden color mail-armor and helmet, stands up slowly, says with a smile: „On the general your honorable self visits, makes my Singapore you honor my humble home, does not know that what matter the general does come to Singapore to have?"

I take a step to go forward slowly, said: „The previous shallow forest has mentioned the xing hot general with me, our Tian Ling Empire and Singapore already fixed actually, therefore this time I bring 100,000 gold coin sur- 2000 cattle to visit the friend in Singapore, hopes that can sign the treaty of alliance with the xing hot general, the hot lion mercenary soldier and my palace guard common onset and retreat, just like brothers, but is good?"

The xing fire laughs: „So that's how it is, aha...... On the general comes is a guest, was certainly tired with the general of palace guard, end hosts a banquet to welcome this general, just, several other visitors, might as well together banquet."

„Another several visitors?"

My knitting the brows head , the cloud definitely arrived before us floatingly, besides this woman, but also who?


The xing fire flicks the sleeve, leading person of our one group of palace guards to enter the side hall, as before is one very spacious is , the surroundings are resplendent in gold and jade green, is actually not we comes, here same you honor my humble home, Xia Ye orders temple Knight to guard in the surroundings of side hall, only kept several people to enter the banquet with me together, this banquet was very big, at least can accommodate over 40 people, but, always the feelings of some there is no such things as a good banquet.

Zhan Long Chapter 1011

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