Zhan Long Chapter 1012

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After taking a seat, Xia Ye side me, in the arms is lingering the strength of light Holy Domain, he is a discrete person, already secretly promoted the strongest battle condition, this is the xing fire launches an attack, we are also insufficient to be at a loss.

I show a faint smile: „Calm."

Xia Ye also smiled: „Knows that end always will be very calm."


At this time, the officials outside side hall loudly were also shouting: „Marshal Port City and sea bureau of investigation get fine gold General Dragon!"

Outside, has come in one line, appearances of bluffing and blustering, what front line is one about 30 -year-old high and low young military officer, the hand is pressing the sword hilt, this goods can carry the pointed weapons to enter Jiangjunfu unexpectedly, in the top of the head reappears „sea bureau of investigation is getting fine gold dragon" the phrase, is a Port City NPC military officer?

„Marshal Port City?" I knit the brows, said: „Does Port City have the marshal?"

Xia Ye said in a low voice: „General has not to know that this fine gold dragon is a Rong Di Jun's Yorozuo was long, truly stayed behind by guards Port City, however our palace guards exterminate Rong Di Jun after fire Divine Mountain thoroughly, this fine gold dragon actually scatters about 50,000 Rong Di Jun who in Port City leaves behind, reorganizes with the local troops in the same place, was known as that for ‚dark blue navy', the total military strength 13 thousand people are about more, these military strength are guarding entire Port City, probably also because of this, this fine gold Dragon Caigan proclaims as Marshal Port City? Snort, this clumsy mischief-doer, the general you do not dare to call the commander-in-chief, this person dares to say the marshal unexpectedly, simply is a joke!"

My corners of the mouth raise: „Calm, do not lose one's temper."



Finally, that fine gold dragon takes a seat in our directlies opposite, leading under his hand several Yorozuo long to sit down together, the fine gold dragon looked at my one eyes from afar, sneers saying: „I actually anyone, is the awe-inspiring broken cauldron male, what wind gave to blow here to come you unexpectedly?"

I lower the head to have a look at the roast chicken on table, without managing him, the air/Qi results in the fine gold dragon complexion to be red, almost must come to go all out.

Again shortly afterward, outside officials are one shouted: „The Tian Ling Empire hot axe armed forces vice- command General Wang Ze Cheng!"

This time I could not sit still, has a big shock saying: „How did this goods come?!"

Xia Ye visits me, is puzzled: „Is general so why astonished?"

I: „Initially the hot axe armed forces attacked fire Divine Mountain are he instigate, that time he has not gone not to hold responsible, this time went to Singapore to come unexpectedly, does he want to be up to mischief?"

Xia Yedao: „Invariably on Wan Bian, this is the general you teaches me!"



Again shortly afterward, Yun Piao the streamer military officers of one group of flood dragon armed forces have been coming in finally, simultaneously with impressively is the hot lion mercenary soldier group regimental commander xing fire that she enters shoulder to shoulder, within two person conversations is affectionate, even Yun Piaopiao is also holding the hand of xing fire, immediately I fall three zhang (3.33 m), lost to the cloud to be floating, this Singapore we were Bai to come!

„General, please sit down, does not need to be polite."

A xing fire face smiling face, sits with Yun Piaopiao on the master seat, the xing fire carries the wine class to start to propose a toast, after three cups, said with a smile: „Today Mongolian everybody think highly , the day plume empire broken cauldron male, Marshal Port City and day plume empire flood dragon Jun Yun Miss, hot axe armed forces General Wang arrived at our Singapore, truly made our you honor my humble home, came, we drank this cup completely, discussed matter that again made treaties of alliance!"

Also is one glass of liquor, the xing hot whole face red light, said with a smile: „We then turned on the roof louvre window to speak frank and straightforward remark, the broken cauldron male representative palace guard, must establish the treaty of alliance with our Singapore, Port City fine gold General Dragon requested that attacked the highest heaven city with our treaty of alliance together, General Wang of Tian Ling Empire hot axe armed forces sends 1 million gold, must borrow the soldier 10 thousand, so looked like, hey......"

He, said: „My xing hot life is impoverished, very likes the gold, who the gold can not like? These 10 thousand troops, I pour also want to lend General Wang, but, I cannot the broken cauldron male great kindness, the palace guard military strength be powerful, was known as that first under heaven strong soldier, I feared that I refused the broken cauldron male great kindness, the palace guard to turn out in full strength to trample flat my this little Singapore immediately......"

I show a faint smile: „Where words that the xing hot general spoke, we had the treaty of alliance, how will the palace guard dispatch troops to the ally?"

The xing fire smiles, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Broken cauldron male is a refreshed person, you said that end will feel also relieved."

Saying, him seemed having some feeling of being drunk, puts out a hand to hug into the bosom nearby Yun Piaopiao, said with a smile: „Was a pity that my xing fire is keeping bach for a lifetime, I like the gold, but also fears death, but I like the woman, especially Miss Yun such beauty, who can not move?"

Cloud floating face such as the smile of honey, sits on the leg of xing fire, as if regarded the air to be the same with Xia Ye, fine gold dragon and the others me.

The appearance of xing fire likely is a boorish fellow, in the fact the behavior is more like a boorish fellow, such has put in her clothing the right hand from the cloud floating side clothing slot place under the big crowd of people, rubs to pinch recklessly, the cloud is floating , then the complexion blood flushes, endure not to make the sound.



Xia Ye a palm falls on table, the wine pot and wine class caper, makes „dingdong" the sound, he has been driven beyond the limits of forbearance, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The xing fire, you were too dissolute!"

xing fire is enjoying the bosom warm fragrant nephrite, while narrowed the eye saying: „General Xia Ye, was your this gets drunk?"

I stand up hurriedly, Xia Yean on the seat, holds the fist in the other hand afterward says with a smile: „The xing hot general, Xia Ye has gotten drunk, I accompany for him am not, but looks at the xing hot general and Yun Piaopiao the relations, you have gotten down the decision, planned fully to support her, right?"

The xing spout corner/horn raises, said: „On the general has misunderstood, my xing somebody can it be that type ** smokes the person of heart? Relax, I can sign the treaty of alliance with palace guard, will agree that the treaty of alliance of fine gold General Dragon, as for Miss Yun, she is end will wait on the concubine now, my xing somebody always makes a clear demarcation between public and private interests, the woman is the woman, the great undertaking is the great undertaking!"

I sneer: „Good to make a clear demarcation between public and private interests, since the treaty of alliance has decided that please give me a paper copy clerk, I was also good to return to the palace guard to reorganize the military affairs earlier."

„On the general does not need to worry." The xing fire smiles: „Might as well tonight here rests, tomorrow raised the spirit to return to Tian Ling Empire to be also good fully again, if the general did not let the friendship of my xing somebody completely landlord, perhaps the world person will scoff my xing fire."

Xia Ye knits the brows: „General, it seems like tonight cannot get away."

As soon as I nod: „That stays behind, making everybody eat to the full."



Banquets to continue, the Wang Ze Cheng complexion is ugliest, the xing fire has rejected him silently taking advantage of the soldier, therefore told that several subordinates go back, the Wang Ze Cheng direct crumb reel returned to the city.

I actually cannot return to the city, Xia Ye and 100 temple Knight also here, making me lose them in this dangerous place really cannot achieve, xing fire person makes the person ascertain airtight, what we definitely know is that this person is an amorist, otherwise not on like this Yun Piaopiao the badger game, even, I emerge impulsive, if on such as Han Yuan the word, the secret assassination falls the cloud to be floating, perhaps result like this to Tian Ling Empire is best?

Late at night, the xing fire received our gift, arranges me and Xia Ye, 100 palace guards in the side hall room, my room in most.


Suddenly hears the knock, I alert has drawn out the butterfly, after opening the door, actually the discovery is the steward in Jiangjunfu, this is a fatty, he smiles, said: „On does the general, the long night extending endlessly, how go to sleep? Our xing general is not the blockhead, knows how could side the hero not to have the beautiful woman, to make me deliver a beautiful woman to serve the general, the general likes also being able to bring back to Tian Ling Empire to enjoy slowly."

He is sideways slightly, is one wears the female of red garment, about is 20 years old high and low, under the moonlight looks like really very much has the beauty appearance, gains ground to have a look at me, said: „Girl Wen Wenjian crosses the general!"

I knit the brows, said: „The need, does not bring."

The stewards laugh, hold the fist in the other hand saying: „General should not be impolite, small asking to be excused! Wen Wen, serves the general well, otherwise you are only held responsible!"

Saying, him rashly on Going out.

This Wen Wen dull stands before me, the tears circle in the eye socket, said: „General, if you insist on catching up with me to go back, Wen Wen can by the stick responsibility until death!"

I knit the brows: „That comes in!"

Lets the room her, I have referred to the bed, said: „You rest."

„But general you?" She visits me in consternation.

I am raising the butterfly, said: „Has not related, I practice in the martial stage to transfer the extension, I am not sleepy, you rest."

„Yes, general......"


In the side hall that the palace guards live in has one to practice the martial stage, when I raise the sword to go to the bronze statue is practicing the skill, discovered that skill skilled also rises but actually quickly, although is inferior to own mansion, but was also good, therefore stands there, closes the double pupil to practice the imperial day the ability, feels the surrounding all strengths, is sensing the strength of imperial day by the strength of own Holy Domain.

The night also 2 hours in game, in an instant then passed by, when summer leaf and the others goes out of the room, looked that maidservant warm Wen walked from my room, Xia Ye is smiling immediately: „General passed last night it seems like well......"

I have swept his one eyes, lowered the sound saying: „This is the woman who the xing fire sends, you thought that I can dare to touch?"

Xia Ye receives the smiling face immediately: „General said is extremely."

„, Returned to Fan Shu City."



When we must go to Jiangjunfu farewell, was in charge of said: „On the general, our xing general had selected the soldier last night."

„Which embarked?"

„This I do not know how the important matter will tell me a servant......"



I stand up from failure to start hurriedly, order temple Knight started completely ran out of Singapore.

Had understood in the guild, Fan Shu City, Tian Ling Empire and fire Divine Mountain does not have what issue, which did that this xing fire go? Moreover the cloud also disappears floatingly, is really strange.

Zhan Long Chapter 1012

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