Zhan Long Chapter 1013

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At noon offline, bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to eat the hot pot, 2 : 00 pm return to the dwelling, the preparation gets online.


Appears in Fan Shu City, „drop", a news came from Yue Qing Qian, and news about regiment system: „Brother Xiao Yao, the Port City direction had some sounds, one crowd was known as ‚hot lion mercenary soldier' the NPC army fiercely attacks the Port City dark blue navy to guard in the station outside city, has hit for one hour, the Port City person thinks is the conventional regiment system fights, but afterward discovered that the 7 thousand military strength of dark blue navy almost wiped out half, this time was to come, now, the hot lion mercenary soldier is attacking the Port City city gate, in Port City majority was the Indian players, the clear pupil developed black ink to order all people to go out of town to seek asylum, whatever the hot lion mercenary soldier attacked a city!"


I in great surprise, hurried [say / way]: „Is determination hot lion commission army corps attacks Port City? Who is the military officer of lead?"

„Called xing fire 177 level god level BOSS!"

„Also is really......"


I stand in Fan Shu City, makes a fist, angry, was saying, the xing fire and cloud use me not to hate to abandon the weakness that Xia Ye and other group of palace guards alone depart floatingly, unexpectedly took advantage that the night dispatches troops to arrive in Port City across the ice hot wilderness, was this must seize Port City? And, I calculate that clear pupil develops black ink will try to find the solution really captures a city, has not actually thought that she will strike to me at this time fatally.

Once Port City were hit by the hot lion mercenary soldier, that was equal to that city of the without owner, the clear pupil developed black ink to lead several million Indian players to counter-attack at this time, perhaps Port City must belong to the Indian war zone in the true sense.

Everybody takes advantage good!

Does not dare to go to think anything again, I said in guild channel hurriedly: „Wan Er, accumulation melt god cavalry, the preparation transmits Port City immediately together, [Zhan Long] all, can go to many people to go to many people!"


Lin Wan Er has not asked the reason from the start, immediately called the player.

Does not wait for their collection to be uneven, I raised the butterfly directly to transmit Port City from Fan Shu City transmission, „Shua" a ray flashed through, actually saw that nearby the city gate transmitted an intermittent artillery sound, the hot lion mercenary soldier seized the dragon crystal artillery of dark blue navy, with the dragon crystal artillery bombing city gate, this Port City was always being truly controls by, now is booing, in the city has not defended the instrument, how possibly to resist the mighty force of hot lion mercenary soldier.

On the city main road, a bareness player, the distant place hoofbeat speeds away to come, impressively is heavy cavalry of one crowd of dark blue navies, front line is not others, that was called the marshal of fine gold dragon, at this time his which a little marshal some were calm, a face said with amazement: „Damn, the mean xing fire sneak attacks Port City while us unexpectedly unprepared, I must tear to shreds them!"

Just said that two dragon crystal artillery behind exploded in him, exploded torn to pieces one group of heavy cavalries, the stump residual limb broke in the body a Yorozuo long to raise the long blade to stand up, the tears fell, shouted loudly: „Commands the Sir, we could not resist, they attack us to be stationed in the camp outside city while the night, has won all our dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, you once ordered the heavy artillery not to enter a city, now we can only depend upon the bow and arrow to resist their heavy artilleries......"

The fine gold dragon whole body trembles: „Ended, ended......"


The city gate of distant place opens, large quantities of hot lion mercenary soldiers enter, I also raise the butterfly to progress to overrun, at the same time loudly was shouting to clear the way to fine gold dragon and the others: „One crowd of waste, but also is in a daze, immediately starts, goes all out with them, you want to look that Port City was won by one group of mercenary soldiers?"

The fine gold dragon has been startled being startled: „Li Xiao Yao......"

On another Yorozuo long face is passing excitedly: „That is...... That is commanding of palace guard, on general Li Xiao Yao! Ha Ha, good, palace guard has reenforced Port City, the brothers, kill, by their scared out of one's wits, Tian Ling Empire should not be abandoned us!"

In fact the palace guard has not come, comes is also only the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry, after several minutes, at least over a thousand melt god cavalries have delivered to Port City in Li Mu and leadership downloading of Wang Jian and the others, but I already first Cooldown and hot lion mercenary soldier have engaged in hand-to-hand combat, the dance of ghosts and gods starts, entered the crowd is [Tempest Sword], the long sword shuttle kills, brandishes Zhen Yue Blade to divide [Seven Star Fragment Slash], the bang one group of hot lion mercenary soldiers were torn to pieces, unexpectedly also had the income of the empirical value and meritorious value, good.

The [Zhan Long] player are getting more and more, quick gathered at least over ten thousand people to guard the Port City Nanmen, to their dragon crystal artillery bombing, the melt god cavalry sufficiently can resist.

Li Mu raises catches fire to burn the sword rush in the front, the match for ten thousand starts, Lu Bu starlike image reappears sky over the top of the head, suddenly catches up to dash, a Tienchu was hit baseless, the mountains and rivers disintegration initiates the innumerable attacks, the anger touches the Zhoushan effect not to fall in the crowd of hot lion mercenary soldier, the lethality is very astonishing, Wang Jian raises is breaking the sea sword, instigates the warhorse to lead the player in [Valiant Bravery] camp to rush ahead forward.

Quick closes the front door, the hot lion mercenary soldier of entering a city 11 was also massacred, but I raised the sword to rush to the city wall, will mount one group of hot lion mercenary soldiers of city to massacre, shortly afterward, the melt god cavalries got up the city again in abundance, set upright the [Zhan Long] flag above the city, merely was the [Zhan Long] players of 3 thousand + people, stiffly has captured this city gate from main of hot lion mercenary soldier.



The horse's hoof trod the stair to rush to city wall, the fine gold dragon looks at the surrounding all, panic-stricken in eye has not diverged actually surges to be gratified and excited, said with a smile: „Many thanks on the general leads palace soldier for end to seize Port City!"

I let somebody cool off or calm down looked at his one eyes, said: „Defends city main palace......"

„Yes, on general!"


Outside the city, the crackle of gunfire is unceasing, the hot lion mercenary soldiers of this direction at least 10 thousand people in fiercely attacking, the appearance that probably cannot kill, but after [Zhan Long] seizes the city gate, their offensive actually slightly slow many.

Less than one hour, the Lin Wan Er spin is in the city wall general two hot lion mercenary soldier thorns to fall under the city, the face whiten said: „The east gate and north gate detonated!"

„What's the matter?" I in great surprise.

Lin Wan Er said: „Probably is the xing fire and Yun Piaopiao leads the people of hot lion mercenary soldier and flood dragon armed forces fiercely attacks separately in two city gates, moreover in the city has the planted agent, opened the city gate to greet them to enter a city on own initiative."

„Flood dragon armed forces?" Li Mu one astonished, said: „Isn't that is the Tian Ling Empire army? How can...... How to be in conspiracy with the mercenary soldier to attack a city together?"

I clench jaws saying: „Because the cloud had a leg with the mercenary soldier leader xing fire floatingly!"


Wang Jian raises is breaking the sea sword, said: „Was too complex!"

„We what to do?" Old K asked.

I leap the city wall immediately, said: „Walks, we go to the city main palace direction, so long as protects fine gold dragon commander not dead, this Port City as before belongs to our China area."



One group of melt god cavalries have killed along the city main road with me, the hoofbeat shocks, main road both sides Pine slightly was shivering, when we soon arrive in the palace, actually discovered that a major stockholder hot lion mercenary soldier kills to come, but the fine gold dragon led several hundred dark blue navy heavy cavalries not to have the strength to hit back.


Yun Piaopiao progresses to walk, loud: „Kills them!"

„Shua Shua Shua......"

The arrow falls like the rain, in the heavy cavalry majority that immediately the fine gold dragon leads the arrow died, on the arm of fine gold dragon also several arrows, under the face whiten depreciation horse, sat there, exclaimed lowly: „I am the command of Port City dark blue navy, I am the Port City marshal! The cloud is floating, your this inexpensive woman is in conspiracy with the foreign country mercenary soldier to seize the city unexpectedly, you sooner or later by retribution!"

At this time, I also led the melt god cavalry to arrive, Jianfeng raised: „Protects the fine gold dragon, repels this group of people!"

Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others will be how polite, advanced the past rapidly, killed the hot lion mercenary soldier to retreat in defeat again and again, at this moment, Yun Piaopiao progressed to go forward suddenly, said loudly: „Li Xiao Yao, were you also on generals in empire?!"

I in consternation: „Yes, is that also what kind of?"

Yun Piaopiao put out a hand into the bosom to take out a golden token, said: „Sovereign token do you also know?"

I in great surprise, really am the token of shallow forest, does she take?

Yun Piaopiao has as if completely understood my thoughts, took out a golden reel, launches to read was saying: „After investigating thoroughly, the sea bureau of investigation gets the fine gold dragon to abuse the military authority, slaughters falls the star town altogether 937 innocent people , the expansion of armaments, communicated with the South China Sea bandits secretly really densely, conspired to flee chaotically, the human testimony and material evidence, was all agreed by the sovereign, deprived fine gold dragon all military authorities, temporarily was acted the dark blue navy military authority by Yun Piaopiao, rallied Port City all soldier politics! And the imperial edict banking a fire lion mercenary soldier military officer xing fire to protect the country general, the hot lion mercenary soldier changes the flag to change thought for ‚the hot lion armed forces', enrolls under the Empire Armed forces name!"

Saying, Yun Piaopiao provokes looks to me, said with a smile: „What kind, what objection on does the general have?"


At this moment, Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire and the others name turned into the friendly green from the red, the [Zhan Long] player has not naturally been able to continue to attack to kill, there.

„I have not conspired to flee chaotically! I have not conspired to flee chaotically!" Fine gold dragon at the same time was shouting suddenly loudly.

Yun Piaopiao sneers: „Evidence firmly [Gouge], you are person truly, did you forget?"

The fine gold dragon looked that is floating to the cloud, the anger exclaimed: „Your this smelly woman, smelly woman of leading a promiscuous life!"


The person's shadow plunders to together, before I prevent the xing fire has handled the sword to fall, immediately „", the number of people of fine gold dragon rolled Going out, the body has been spurting the blood but actually, a surrounding big piece of sea sergeant soldier was also dumbfounded.

Yun Piaopiao lifts up high the sovereign token, said loudly: „Starting today, I am new commanding of dark blue navy, all people must listen to my verbal command, otherwise kills without the amnesty!"


I also dumbfounded standing there, sighed a sound track: „The shallow forest is really silly, how can entrust with an important task to the cloud floating this person...... Port City ended, no longer was us......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1013

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