Zhan Long Chapter 1014

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„Li Master Li Master......"

Yun Piaopiao the corners of the mouth are having the smiling face of teasing, is grasping a handle long sword, with heavy cavalry of one group of flood dragon armed forces, said with a smile: „Your fatigued, in Tathagata Port City side hall does not rest, quite makes your slave have an opportunity of friendship of completely landlord, the shallow forest your majesty and I had said are many you word of praise, allows your slave 11 pairs of you saying that how?"

I have a look at her, has a look at her xing fire, said lightly: „Fine gold dragon is the empire military officer, the person of imperial edict General Feng Zhenguo, the xing fire, you kill the empire senior general arbitrarily, can once think the consequence?"

The xing fire raised hand the long sword, hey said with a smile: „Fine gold Dragon intent schemes to go against, end just will dedicate also for the empire, if Li Master the indignation, cannot go to your majesty there to consider my shape greatly, I think that your majesty will certainly forgive my difficulties, but we must thank Li Master actually, you led your palace soldier to kill my many hot lion sergeant soldiers, this matter at my certain meeting showed your majesty, wanted justice for my hot lion armed forces!"

I knit the brows: „Bastard!"

A xing fire anger: „Li Xiao Yao, what you said!?"

I lift the hand to draw out the butterfly to point to him, shouted to clear the way lowly: „father scolded you and cloud floating bastard, what kind, can kill me? Had to plant here has killed me!"

At this moment, I again also calm.

Nearby, Wang Jian presses gently on my shoulder, said in a low voice: „Xiao Yao elder brother, ok...... Here has been incapable of being possible words that, this Port City by these two people occupying, us has slaughtered here, not necessarily is the matches of their several hundred thousand armies, and also will drop the handle in shallow forest that when the time comes your palace guard military authority must faced with the weakened danger, has any matter, we can return to Tian Ling Empire to find the shallow forest to say again!"

At this time, Wang Jian fully demonstrated that the civil and military complete in both characteristics, traded to make Li Mu and Old K definitely not to speak these words, they will only say: „Brothers on, have done this together to the people!"

Lin Wan Er also raises to bring the dagger of blood to walk slowly, said: „Walks, their names turned into the green, we have missed the opportunity of best reversal, kills again, we not only red name, will also fall the meritorious value, this will only weaken the [Zhan Long] strength."


As soon as I nod: „Makes everybody return to the city!"


Looks at the front again, Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire have not launched an attack to me, in fact they dare to kill the fine gold dragon actually not to dare to move me, after all I have the palace guard and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to be the backing, they have not moved my assurance with the guts.



Pulls out the City Return Scroll crumb, returned to Tian Ling Empire, directly soars the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace on the city main road, simultaneously opens the good friend to list, the application and clear pupil develop the telephone conversation of black ink, for a long time does not see this woman, among us the barrier as if deepened one

„HI, Xiao Yao!" The clear pupil develops the voice of black ink to be as before delightful.

I: „Clear pupil, you order the person in Indian war zone to withdraw Port City, is hopes that the hot lion mercenary soldier attacks and occupies the city, making the city turn into the city of without owner, then your India war zone attacks and occupies Port City in Africa fighting time, breaks out of the request condition in Chinese war zone?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to show a faint smile: „Was looked by you."

I am somewhat helpless: „You are setting at me in the situation of injustice, do you know?"

The clear pupil developed black ink sip the red lip, said: „Xiao Yao, I have worked as the friend you, but you must consider that my standpoint, I was elected the commander-in-chief for Indian war zone by them, my load bearing the games of several million players were vainly hoping, as long as there is any opportunity, I will grasp, otherwise I was also unfair to behind was standing several million Indian players."

„I knew......" I nod, slightly feels somewhat exhaustedly, said: „Clear pupil develops the dream and ambition by far more than one Port City of black ink, I knew...... Actually we are not person on a road, what friend why said that only if some day our benefits have not conflicted, can friend seriously?"

The clear pupil develops black ink to say with a smile: „Do not want to be too many, I have not abandoned you, such as we initially agreed to be the same, if can have the opportunity to make the Indian war zone stand up from failure, I will not hesitate striving at all costs, but this time I failed, the hot lion mercenary soldier unexpectedly by the Tian Ling Empire emperor incorporating, really had been a pity."

I smile: „That wished you one day to achieve wishes, was good, I have handled matters, turned head to chat again."

„Good, you must treasure!"


Switches off communication, carefully is actually thinking the clear pupil develops the meaning that black ink this you must treasure, thinks that she also knows me in the situation in Chinese war zone, although expensive is the broken cauldron male and palace guard commands, but my situation truly went to the cautious situation, on the one hand must fight to prepare for the future country, on the other hand must socialize in Yun Piaopiao, xing fire, shallow forest and other NPC, and is facing the crisis of confidence of shallow forest, this is the biggest problem that I face.


Enters the imperial palace, walked into the Emperor's garden under the influence of chief aide-de-camp, here is also the place of shallow forest in continuously stay after the meeting, perhaps in Emperor's garden silent nobody, here can the shallow forest ponder?

When I walk, actually saw that shallow forest grasps one volume of ancient books, can see the books from my direction the name, is called „soldier heart plan", is about book on military strategy kind of books, he looks up to me, makes me see that the shallow forest present appearance was thinner and palier, on the face is bringing deep exhausted, actually exposes the smiling face, said: „Li Master, do you come?"

As soon as I nod: „Did shallow forest, pass for serveral days how is it?"

The shallow forest stands up, said: „Also so...... Empire every large or small matter needs to process, I only then Cooldown of little leisure can read."

Saying, he looks to me, said: „Li Master, was laborious for serveral days, your complexion full is weary, for empire......"

I said lightly: „You are also not same."

The shallow forest smiles: „Li Master, you, since came, certainly has the matter?"


I arrive in the pavilion, sits on nearby parapet, said: „The xing fire leads the mercenary soldier to enter Port City, has replaced the dark blue navy of fine gold dragon, this matter is you incites?"

The shallow forest is stunned: „Um, Li does Master also know this matter? Fine gold dragon person of pettiness, and is father's before death trusted subordinate, I repeatedly send for delivering the imperial decree to go to him, orders he participates in the day of plume empire toward meeting, but this person has pretended never to receive, therefore the shallow forest estimated that the dark blue navy had the non- feudal official's heart, last night, Sister Yun dai the xing fire was arriving at Tian Ling Empire, they took an oath to me give loyalty, and is willing to lead the hot lion armed forces to enter Port City to still the dark blue navy, therefore I met the decree."

I knit the brows, said: „Do you know that your Sister Yun tempts the empire young military officer everywhere, as far as I know, she on crazy Lei Jun has commanded Xu Yan bed, yesterday, I also saw her in Singapore, your Sister Yun probably also got up the bed of xing fire, she depends upon her body to earn the support like this, do you think her for what?"

Shallow forest in great surprise: „Has this matter really?! Sister Yun told me that she promised the xing hot empire will give his Feng Jue, will therefore change the hot lion mercenary soldier for the hot lion armed forces, I...... I do not know that she makes the transaction with her body unexpectedly! Does not know, she unexpectedly with General Xu Yan also......"

I show a faint smile: „Shallow forest, your Sister Yun is not simple."

A shallow forest layer on layer fist bang on the table, gets angry: „This woman is simply impervious, that xing fire is so extremely arrogant boldly, really irritated me, irritated me!"

Saying, the shallow forest turns around suddenly, pulls out a golden token from the bosom, said: „Li Master, before this is me, for your casting ‚holds command greatly', now officially awards you, you can transfer flame Dragon Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, crazy Lei Jun and others, coordinating the palace guard to cross Wu Shenhe together, recaptures Port City while them unprepared at the same night!"

I shake the head leisurely: „Without enough time."

„Why?" The shallow forest is stunned.

I breathed a sigh of relief, said: „The heavy artillery camp of entire dark blue navy was seized by the hot lion armed forces . Moreover the fine gold dragon had been killed, the dark blue navy about 10 thousand armies were grasped by Yun Piaopiao, again the 200 000 person of getting angry lion armed forces, Port City now is 30 thousand armies, we want storm Port City, perhaps loss very big, and also will receive Full Moon City and far of Ze deep pool city to attack, the consequence was when the time comes dreadful. The shallow forest you trust the cloud to be floating unexpectedly, disappointed me!"

Saying, me, in the mind was reappearing the clear pupil to develop the form that black ink and maplewood are drunk, the leader players in these two Indian war zones are I most worried that 300,000 NPC armies also insufficient to fear actually, but adds on the several million online players in Indian war zone, this had no way to play!

The shallow forest restored calmly, sits near the table, said: „Li Master, I later transmitting orders will make Sister Yun return to Tian Ling Empire to give the command, at the appointed time looked how again she did say?"

I nod: „Um, she can come back well, if cannot come back, that gave the reason that we have resorted to violence."

Saying, I have a look at all around.

The shallow forest asked in consternation: „What Li is Master looking for?"

I smile: „I am looking, royal entourage person where? Why Yun Piaopiao sound nobody reports to you, until leading to catastrophe."

A shallow forest sigh, said: „Situ firewood general led part of imperial guards not to turn over to the sea to defend the border on the 7 th, has only left behind Luo Fei, hundred in Wang Chengnei, was about because Yun Piaopiao was my cousin's relations, they had scruples the face countenance of imperial family, therefore hasn't related these matters to me?"

I did not have to say anything again, nods asks to be excused.


Port City finally has become the hidden danger, making Going out easy, wants to take carry back was difficult, does not need to think that develops the wisdom of black ink by the clear pupil, she must and other important NPC military officers hit to relate with Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire, perhaps also will join their regiment systems, when the time comes has the Indian player's full support, wants to recapture Port City to be simply difficult.

Did not think that many, returned to mansion, continued to practice the skill, strove to rush to 19 levels in three days all my skill Level!

Zhan Long Chapter 1014

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