Zhan Long Chapter 1015

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Several days passed by in an instant, all my skills all rushed to 19 levels, the imperial day skill that skilled is most difficult to rise also rose 19 levels, but for these days I have almost also stopped over in the mansion, has not gone to practice the level, decided said to full Jizai the skill first, such came again Going out PK anything were also more than others inherent advantage.

Gives to make in the summon in shallow forest, my anticipation, Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire have refused to give the command on the grounds of Port City soldier politics reorganization, they know that I returned to Tian Ling Empire, has me in the Tian Ling Empire management general situation, they do not dare to come back from the start, perhaps also knows that could not leave, I will certainly leave behind them, then sends Xia Ye, Dragon Xing to go to the Port City management military administration important matter.

Is good because, Yun Piaopiao wants to take revenge, person who wants to kill only then I, therefore has not launched an attack to Tian Ling Empire, otherwise the situation will develop in a worse direction.


On the general mansion, develops the martial stage.

I stand in one pile of giant stone distant places distantly, opens single-handed, tows by the imperial day strength, but Lin Wan Er sits in nearby pavilion is eating the apple, visits me to inspect the skill with a smile.


Two great crags, hang in airborne accordingly, at least has exceeded 500 jin (0.5 kg), this is my 19 levels of imperial days abilities, drinks an arm to wield lowly, immediately the great crag shell flies, „bang bang" two pound to fall in the front stone image target, hits torn to pieces, the dust completely gets up.

Lin Wan Er has opened the small mouth, said in consternation: „This...... This skill good greasy evil!"

I clap to smile contentedly: „That must, this is Frost is newest the homemade skill, must be fierce, my strength too out of it, if flies upwards for the god, the entire Jiangjunfu can lift!"

„Knows that blows......" the Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Wasn't that the unmatched in the world?"

„Therefore I am not good temporarily." As soon as I let go.

At this time, a maidservant walked, said with a smile: „General, the princess, the imperial guard commands General Situ Xin to seek an interview!"


I brought Lin Wan Er to walk Going out, Situ Xin have drunk tea in the reception room, was holding the teacup, the appearance of being carefree and content, saw me to come to stand up immediately, said: „Li Master, has been well since last meeting!"

I hold the fist in the other hand: „General Situ, coming here definitely to have the matter?"

Situ Xin nods, said: „After returning to Tian Ling Empire, I learned matter that Port City has, snort, the cloud floating this woman was not really simple, has done the good big-ticket item matter, she and xing fire guarded in Port City, the anti- aim did not obey, was the time suitable disciplinary punishment they one!"

„How disciplinary punishment law?"

Matter Li Shike does who „the previous time, in a fire Divine Mountain service has still remember? You ordered to slaughter all Rong Di Jun's orders."

In my heart moves: „Still remembers that Rong Di Jun is trusted subordinate department audiences truly, does not massacre to remain throughout is being a disaster, not?"

Situ firewood touches the nose, said with a smile: „Actually I disobeyed Li Master order, more than 7000 Rong Di Jun of imperial guard captive of that day have not cut to kill, but was delivered by me secretly has established during the war institute northern armed forces were firm, these Rong Di Jun were detained for two months, is the having mind filled with resentment, I want to use actually."

„Uses these Rong Di Jun?" I have narrowed the eye, said with a smile: „Does General Situ want to release these Rong Di Jun?"

Situ Xin layer on layer nods: „Cloud floatingly is also Rong Di military officer, in the dark blue navy that she grasps has Rong Di Jun about 3 thousand people, we can the provocation incident, after letting these 7000 Rong Di Jun jailbreak, go to Port City to go to the cloud to be floating, sends the troops to pursue the line again secretly, once Yun Piaopiao dares to go out of town to admit these military deserters, immediately hits hard, and takes advantage of opportunity Port City integrates in the empire territory, how?"

I hesitate: „This is your idea, is your majesty idea?"

Situ Xindao: „Your majesty had learned that this has planned, waits for Li Shilai to make a decision, so long as Li Master nods, this plan immediately is implemented."

I have licked the lip, said: „Idea is good to count, was extremely was stiff, the cloud floating not silly words should have the vigilance."

Situ Xindao: „I will make the person condemned to death wear military uniform to disguise as defend the imperial soldiers, then makes some inside connections in Rong Di Jun kill these 300 people condemned to death, raises their heads to go to Port City to go for shelter, has these 300 bloody heads, believes that sufficiently made Yun Piaopiao put aside the vigilance!"

„Um, good, that depends on the idea conduct!"



When I agree, suddenly a ting reverberation in the Tian Ling Empire sky, NND, this plan has drawn unexpectedly also out a large-scale duty of regiment system


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, „the King will hunt for" edition to move is triggered, will open after 60 minutes officially! Tian Ling Empire and Port City have the regional conflict, the map of both sides border 【Fire Ze plain】, 【Asked day icefield】, 【Long Lake】, 【The forest of starry sky】, 【Wu Shenhe】 Waits for the map to become meets the hunting ground, will launch the contention between Tian Ling Empire and Port City two big NPC regiments, strikes to kill the player and NPC in opposite party regiment system may obtain the meritorious value, „the King will hunt for" Cooldown to continue for 72 hours, finally the player of achievement side will obtain very rich reward, and achievement side will continue to obtain the sovereignty of Port City!


NND, is a server country fights the fight of rank unexpectedly . Moreover the reward unexpectedly is Port City! The meaning of system was self-evident, made war among Tian Ling Empire and Port City players, many maps between two cities both become „the King will hunt for" the battlefield, the map ZONE rule are modified, the players who as long as presents in these regions may become others' game, will be good, this will be a time very good smelting trial opportunity, had a look at the Indian war zone clear pupil to develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk the strength promotion of these people to any situation while convenient!

The edition activity clears, in guild Riima like is explodes boils, Li Mu, Old K and One Second Hero and the others indicated that must enter the war, pours also well, making these people act as the King to hunt for the direction of activity, but I, um, can chase the Indian players who will kill to join the Port City regiment system to obtain the meritorious value by my mobility in these meeting hunting grounds actually everywhere.

In guild channel, noisy

Li Mu: „Do we form a team? Tens of thousands people bustling perhaps in kills less than several people together, the Indian definitely frightened to urinate!"

One Second Hero: „You want to result in beautiful, if the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk several hundred thousand people to send out together, frightens the urine perhaps was we."

Lin Wan Er: „This, vice- Guildmaster and player of elder rank, everyone directs 1 thousand person, in each thousand person provides 2000 melt god cavalries, this will not be destroyed completely by others easily."

I nod: „The suggestion of Wan Er is good, everybody prepares, prepares some potion and good wines."

Yue Qing Qian said: „Brother Xiao Yao, I just strolled the forum of Indian war zone."

„Um, asking for leniency situation."

Yue Qing Qian smiles: „Indian war zone, only then 5 armies can join the regiment system, has reorganized several armies, the hot lion armed forces, the flood dragon armed forces and dark blue navy, as well as their Port City palace guard and scarlet throat armed forces two armies, said that the flood dragon armed forces followed Yun Piaopiao to revolt to be separated from Tian Ling Empire really together."

I do not know whether to laugh or cry: „I was messed up quickly, this King will hunt for the edition activity to determine the nature of as is a civil war of Chinese city, is actually the country war of China , India player."

Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „In any case, everybody refuels, kills some people, strives for some meritorious values, since the country fights has not opened officially, that made the Indian players understand our present strengths to be good!"


My confident nod, we have the qualifications to have this self-confidence in fact, after all after the previous country fights, we had two main cities in the true sense, Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City, the resources of these two main cities during our grasps, the practicing level map selectivity of Chinese player was bigger, but the near 1 E players in Indian war zone crowd in the small Port City map, the domain activity that can trigger are also few, must be inferior on Level and equipment in us are many, is the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk the peak master like this also only to be able. Deigns to accept a post runs up to Tian Ling Empire secretly not to turn over to Haiti chart to participate in the edition activity to capture some points, is very pitiful.

Also because of this, clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk has not given up, they had been waiting for the opportunity can control Port City officially, moreover what I can guess correctly, the Indian players were forced by us to opening fire Yun City, resides temporarily Port City, certainly often sobbed in silence in the night, hugs own girlfriend, the affection is reciting Thorin Oakenshield's «Song of that Dwarf» recalls to be in homeland fire Yun City that segment Tianmi who to recall, conceivable, they did not have one day not to recapture fire Yun City, a day does not want to return to once homeland.

The King will hunt, this is doomed is a survival and glory struggle, finally, we have to face the clear pupil to develop black ink this fearful match once more, even if she now also in my good friend lists, but eventually unavoidably a war!

Was related to the Port City ownership a war, the system has not stood this side our China players finally, probably was the system big god also tacitly approves the Port City present sovereignty to be hanging, must decide this city final ownership by the strength of player.


After 50 minutes , the edition opens officially, however my duty also just started, immediately convenes the warhawk to ride to search, gives the Fan Shu City palace guard to send the information, takes the heavy artillery, turns out in full strength, lock-on target Wu Shenhe, controlled the bateau-bridge of military god Henanan to say first again that grasped the bateau-bridge to be equal to controlling our transportation lifeline, can grasp actively.

Before the palace guard embarks, I have ordered Chi Yu Qing to lead altogether 32450 Flame Hawk Archers in Fan Shu City all using the city system to send out, making them go to the south bank bateau-bridge to guard first, cannot compare favorably with Flame Hawk Archers by mobile anything, they will be most to the bateau-bridge from Fan Shu City not for over 15 minutes, but the cavalry soldier of player will at least take one hour of Fan Shu City to the bateau-bridge!

Then, watched Situ Xin performance, after all jailbroke the event by his director.

Zhan Long Chapter 1015

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