Zhan Long Chapter 1016

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Late at night, the cold wind strokes the armed forces to be firm, in the war institute of distant place a silence.

„Kills, kills them completely!"

A shout resounded suddenly, has raised thousand overlapping waves, Cooldown war cries rose from all directions, defend one group of people condemned to death in prison cell to think fished the cushy job, actually does not think that disaster is imminent, Rong Di Jun captives have allocated the weapon completely, moreover many people have fought many battles and kill people such as the serviceman of hemp, the hand had the blade to fall, several hundred numbers of people fell to the ground, was less than 20 minutes, 7000 + people of captives left the camp in abundance, directly soared the Port City direction to go.


In the thick patch of grass, my form is partly visible, Situ Xin has a look at me, the corners of the mouth have twitched, said: „Li Master can the stealth in thick patch of grass, really be a person of high skill unexpectedly!"

My corners of the mouth one: „Young people are quite diligent."

Situ Xin is also cracks into a smile: „End will know...... Are we this present pursue?"

„Did not worry, making them run for a half hour to say first again that they did not have the cavalry soldier in any case, makes the warhawk rode to search from afar in the space good, by them should not be discovered."



Result group of captives but actually also intelligent, knows that in Tian Ling Empire wants to go to Port City to through Wu Shenhe, ask the Tianfeng snowy mountain, therefore detours from Ba Huang City, grabs, whatever we also going, until after they walked for a half hour, the jungle distant place that we ambush, the serious hoofbeat transmits, one crowd lifts the heavy cavalry of palace guard flag to graze to come, is palace guard 5000 heavy cavalries who Han Yuan commands.

„Han Yuan, how did you come?" I went out of the thick patch of grass.

The Han deep pool laughs foolishly one, stands up from failure to discontinue to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „General, I worried that this group of crazed fleeing criminals will endanger to the life of general, therefore leads the heavy cavalry of palace guard to come the guard, will also look at the general to forgive end will not have complied with the general to defend the imperial Wu Shenhe order."

„Ok, next time do not violate again."


Although military commands are strictly obeyed, but Han Yuan, Xiao severe, summer leaf and the others are not the fool, clear(ly) knows that Wu Shenhe the bateau-bridge affirmed in the situation of security dispatches troops to reenforce me, pours also indisputable, after is good for me, probably Han Yuan this goods got used to seeing the murder and are killed, therefore was worried that my this commanded chopping the head under the one person alone, although I was a player, was careless to the matter, but Han Yuan was actually regards as important to my life tightly, many matters he will be does not understand that does not need to understand.


Pursues with the fleeing criminals, when we rush to Ba Huang City to set up in the important pass in national boundary, here several hundred defending soldiers also killed off, it seems like we let go these captives to owe Angela intentionally a favour.

Crosses a meeting again, the King will hunt for the activity to open officially, proceeds again, we arrived in a piece of icefield, is held responsible the asking day icefield map under Tianfeng, is one of assigning maps the King can hunt , the front also one after another presented the corpse of captive, many people froze to death on the icefield directly, but only in minority.

I ride the god fierce fine horse to skice, Situ Xin and Han Yuan are following close on me, Han Yuan has 5000 palace guard heavy cavalries, Situ Xin is leading at least 1 thousand famous imperial guard heavy cavalry, the military strength was enough, the mobility also can definitely the island of resistance be thorough, Situ Xin coughed in the cold wind, said: „Li Master, you said that Yun Piaopiao does dare to accept this group of captives?"

I grab the reins of god fierce fine horse maintain the approaching speed, said: „Was difficult saying that if Yun Piaopiao also wants with Tian Ling Empire empty with the winding, that will not accept, if she decided to be separated from Tian Ling Empire, supported oneself for the king, depended upon the strength and Tian Ling Empire of Indian war zone adventurer contends, that mostly will accept."

Situ Xin is stunned: „Indian war zone adventurer?"

„, Is the Port City adventurer......"

„Not." Situ Xin then understands what is heard, says with a smile: „What situation the Port City adventurer can strong , can also be able to resist the empire cavalries?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Do not look down on the strength of adventurer, to a certain extent, they are the genuine war leadership."

A Situ Xin face with deep veneration: „Yes, end will listen to teach!"


The guild channel, Yue Qing Qian has also spread the news, short less than day of Cooldown, the Indian war zone joined the Port City five big regiment systems players to surpass 2000 thousand people, this also means that our time at least must face 2000 thousand matches, and along with the passage of Cooldown, is on vacation from school the person who and got off work also to join, at least 5000 thousand people must resist in several big maps with us.

However perhaps because of the urgent relations of Cooldown, our these 15000 people of heavy cavalries pushes directly into, until arriving under the Port City city time what nice resisting has not met, but the surroundings also presented many Port City players, their names are the red, but has not launched the attack to us, 15000 people of NPC elite heavy cavalries, the audiences of 10 thousand players who can't bring death?

, I order the heavy cavalry to guard in the jungle by far, but I led Han Yuan, Situ Xin to go out of the jungle, distant looks that group of fleeing criminals arrived under the city , the form of Yun Piaopiao, xing fire appeared under the city, Yun Piaopiao already wore a white robe, in the top of the head the plate had the chignon, was wearing fine graceful gooseneck type tall Guan, an attire of school of queen, under Rong Di Jun with city captured said some words, soon after nodded with a smile, and 7000 people will have taken into the city.

„She really decided to betray shallow forest your majesty!" Situ Xin makes a fist the anger to exclaim.

I nod: „Yes, we early should think that she will betray, she is woman truly, the shallow forest tacitly approved me to force to kill truly, this woman has also borne a grudge!"

Situ Xin looks to me, said with a smile: „Li Master, you force truly to suicide, does this matter have to regret?"

I deeply inspire: „Has not regretted, truly does not die, the day plume empire will be only more chaotic!"

Situ Xin shows a faint smile: „At first, I also questioned Li Master procedure, but I can confirm now, I supported Li Master initially to decide that truly did not die, truly only will make the empire more and more chaotic, the authority differentiation was getting more and more serious."

I nod, said: „Retreats, pitched camp to Wu Shenhe Edge, prepares to meet head-on, the King will hunt for will soon start, the cloud was floating, since decided to betray Tian Ling Empire, that certainly will dispatch troops to provoke."



When we hurry back to Wu Shenhe, actually discovered that many players and armies have pitched camp here, in the forest of Wu Shenhe Edge full was the tent, the Indian players wants to sneak attack the words of bateau-bridge definitely not possibly, in the camp of palace guard, dragon crystal artillery have erected, immediately can meet head-on, along the river bank, a leader whole body was dense the flame hawk of roaring flame to perch, rides the archers also under to ride to rest.

Chi Yu Qing is raising the thorn whip, walks step by step, said with a smile: „Sir, Flame Hawk Archers started to camp here, but we need the massive meat to feed the flame hawk, otherwise they will lose the reflight the strength."

I look to the Han deep pool, said: „Solves."

The Han deep pool said immediately in a low voice: „Quartermater, comes out!"

A military officer progresses: „General Han, end in!"

The Han deep pool said: „Every day prepares 3000 cattle, feeds these flame hawks, knew? All rations, extracted from armed forces of palace guard then!"

„Is the general, end supervises this!"


Coast Wu Shenhe in the soldier, the people of hot axe armed forces also came everywhere, Luo Fei is a quite young military officer, and command that has by Situ firewood one, compared with having the healthy tendency, by him comes, when this commanded Luo child to be better obviously too, in the crowd, Wang Ze Cheng was raising the iron (spear gun), was directing own ten thousand people of camps to prepare, but in his subordinates, the veteran, broke a Luo child of only wrist skill impressively.

„Luo child, your team pitched camp to be too slow!" Wang Ze Cheng some impatient saying.

Luo child bans the marquis, but the present is only a Yorozuo is long, has bitter not being able saying that can only nod saying: „I will supervise them to pick up speed, asking the general to feel relieved!"

At this time, I passed through from side, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, the summer leaf four on following in me behind, the form that Han Yuan sees Luo child, teased says with a smile: „Has not thought that the solemn Monarch marquis Luo child will fall to this situation unexpectedly, the early knowledge initially did not become a soldier!"

Luo child is stunned, on the face full is boundless, a move wrong step by step wrong, he initially should not truly be a companion with, how otherwise to fall until now this situation, after having made the huge mistake, Luo child is not a player, cannot like be Wang Ze Cheng hides to shirk the responsibility, he must take this consequence, but initially „regarded as by him oneself left" Wang Ze Cheng actually as Yorozuo long, but was arrogant, it may be said that is in society changes in temperature completely at present, looks the appearance that Luo child I also thought but actually feel sad very much, on saying: „Han Yuan, can not to banning the marquis is impolite!"

„Is the general." The Han deep pool smiles.

Luo child also looked to me, on the face brought with sobbing exhaustedly, said: „On the general, do you also come?"

I nod: „Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire hoodwink the public in Port City, I was the preparation that the palace guard commander was certainly duty-bound expedite."

Luo child smiles: „This but actually is also, you are an empire holds the spear greatly, under a person absolutely the generals above person......"

I also quite sobbed, said: „30 years of east of the river, 30 years of Hexi, bans the marquis not to need to be offended, completes the serious matter, will happen one day the world will give you justice."

„Hope so......"


Proceeds again, has arrived at the crazy Lei Jun's barrack, Xu Yan is the command the director standing by, his complexion is not quite good, obviously, Yun Piaopiao has only given his gentle night, left to put into the bosom of xing fire, probably Xu Yan was still fondly remembering Wen Yu of filling with feel that now the whole person goes down in the world likely is a young male student of being lovelorn.

When is inspecting the barracks of major regiments, suddenly a warhawk rides to search to drop from the clouds, said in a low voice: „Commands the Sir, the front fire Ze plain presented the troop's Port City adventurer from the army that composes, attacks?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1016

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