Zhan Long Chapter 1017

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I without hesitation: „No need, these adventurers were solved by our adventurers were good, the duty of palace guard was to wait for the Port City hot lion armed forces and dark blue navy appears, then hit hard , to continue maintains scouts the distance to extend."

„Yes, Sir."


Early morning in game, dense fog raises in the low jungle of front plain, has been enclosing fine gauze for the waist of jungle trees likely, the dew lightly falling in the thick patch of grass, silence that the bird happy cry, could not say, but after this was quiet, was hiding said that endless killing intent, this was the opportunity in Indian war zone, the clear pupil developed the ink is impossible to let off.

In the guild, Lin Wan Er marked on the big map the [Zhan Long] altogether 6 ten thousand people of team Coordinate, we spread not strongly, the fire Ze plain, asked that the day icefield and starry sky forest of three maps had almost our people, but Tian Ling Empire other Guild also dispersed appears on each big map, several maps were too big, but the player of both sides server has not turned out in full strength, making this fight truly appear likely is one hunts.

Orders the palace guard and Dragon's den Armed forces to stand by and wait for orders, I instigated the god fierce fine horse to leave Wu Shenhe, was good while this early morning mood, gains points that a King hunted to say again.

The fire Ze plain surpasses 70% area is the plain of length and breadth, suits the cavalry soldier to fight, but other ear 30% area are bush, jungle, rivers and lakes and other maps, I have the thick patch of grass technique, the natural selection the bush and jungle map as the line of march, on the plain of distant place presented gangs of Chinese players , some Indian players, both sides in the exploratory advance and backlash, have not erupted the true fight.


The horse's hoof is treading the fallen leaf in jungle, leads the way slowly, I also passive entered the stealth condition of thick patch of grass technique, walked not far, first facilitates to hear the speaking voice: „On that side small hillside has about 100 + Chinese players, Level in 165-170 levels, is not high, we have the opportunity group to extinguish their, we ‚peak war-god' Guild collected 500 people, cannot make the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk again these people to look down upon, this fight must show our imposing manners and styles comes!"

I open out the leaf in jungle, actually discovered that the gang is gathering here, the person of speech is one is raising the Axe middle-aged Indian, the appearance of having an ugly and fierce look, looks like very ominous, but is assembling two vice- Guildmaster in his week with 4 elders, more people in the distant place bends down in the jungle waits for the fight opportunity, subordinates in Port City Guild, is called the peak war-god, the system inquires the material, 3 levels of Guild, without the full strength, only received 50% people, evidently in conspiring to do to fall some to astray the Chinese war zone hundred person groups of this region, good, on. Operated with this group of people!

I summoned Ancient Heavenly Tiger cautiously, drew out Zhen Yue Blade and butterfly slowly, confirmed around the player layout in map, launched an attack rapidly, lifts the hand to throw the butterfly, immediately this handle five-star magical instrument changed into together the spiral cyclone direct impact on opposite party Guild Guildmaster, [Blade Spin] consecutively for three staggered cuts, this Guild Guildmaster had not even seen where I had been killed by the second, injured 7 thousand each time +, altogether the HP injuries of over 22 thousand, he can block damn.

„Be careful, some people sneak attack!" Vice- Guildmaster of remnant blood hurried loudly exclaimed.

Was what a pity late, my god fierce fine horse roared was flushing Going out, Zhen Yue Blade has swept away, the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] bang killed in the crowd, simultaneously came time [Tempest Sword] again, the 7 people of management rallying points of opposite party only then opened the Regent effect archer also to live, but rejoiced without enough time carried off by a Ancient Heavenly Tiger claw.

I not hesitant, grasps sword to continue to overrun forward, the opposite party several hundred people do not pay attention, thousand frost wings open, in addition holds good [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] armor, a body spin to change into the spiral storm to wreak havoc together in the crowd, even little uses the skill extremely, dividing of blade sword chops, attacks fast quickly certainly, the tornado has swept, immediately behind on full was the skeleton, but the opposite party handled against to be swept away by me, when recovered started to shout must come the dizziness with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, what a pity my overlord helmet had the [Hero's Heart] effect, did not eat dizziness, deceleration and other effects., Moreover the close combat of opposite party was, archer was too low to my injury, many only then 2000 + injuries, few had several hundred even dozens injuries.

„Mage, collection fire!" A group team leader exclaimed loudly.

At least 50 Mage players gather together, the airborne hawk whining noise is unceasing, the thunder and lightning appears intermittently, this is the [Lightning Eagle Formation] skill!

I smile, jump, by the formidable mobility in the jungle sky flying shuttle, direct MISS has fallen innumerable [Lightning Eagle Formation], flies about hundred meters place to dive immediately, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] wreaks havoc under wielding of butterfly in the crowd, overlord boots „bang" almost stepped on the muddy flesh two Knight, troop rode the war is the player flushed in abundance.

Looked at skill, I lock the dance of ghosts and gods rapidly, roars to start lowly, immediately the starlike image of surrounding blood red ghosts and gods cavalry soldier waves, surroundings player HP falls fiercely, does not wait for them to retrocede, I am skill, the blade edge of champion treads the broken heavenly thunder effect, „bang" a echo, the thunder and lightning wreaks havoc in the surroundings, trim even over 10 thousand injury figures fly, dozens ride the war is the player drops under the horse rapidly, which can withstand my such skill salvo attack, fights the boots to tread void, I retrocede rapidly, the butterfly sweeps away to cut to kill a remnant blood assassin, simultaneously. Fills next Lanling huadiao liquor, restored 100 Rage points, turns around to open hand [Defeat the Dragon] to grasp Mage in the hand, the butterfly delivers, „tittering" together with gathering [Magic Shield] punctures together thoroughly, the second killed!

In an instant, this peak war-god Guild from 500 people of rapid personnel losses, only then 200 + people, dumbfounded, raises the riding war of long spear is being the group team leader face whiten, saying that the sound shivers: „Is Xiao Yao Zi Zai...... is MVP that the previous country fights, is the deicide in Chinese area...... The scoundrels, can he here? The brothers, should not be tense, on, he has a person together, I do not believe him am the iron hit, cannot massacre, to!"

They at least gathered over 100 people of riding wars are the teams, in addition the assassin, archer and others started [Assault] to me together, traded to be others perhaps really to consider to escape.

„Roar roar......" my Ancient Heavenly Tiger sends out low roaring, seems demonstrating to this group of people.

I deeply inspire, try!


After the butterfly turns over to the sheath, right hand suddenly raises, the invisible field of force condenses in the surroundings, the surrounding jungle already started to shiver, but I behind am shrubberies, in the bush full am stone in broken bits, given imperial day strength, these stones has been separated from the earth's attraction, ascends slowly, is mixing with some thorn bushes also, even also wild boar also „" by me by the imperial day strength raising, the next quarter, I the arm forward one will have wielded suddenly, strength instantaneous eruption, immediately mixed stone, thorn and wild boar together shell bang. Going out!

„Bang bang bang......"

Stone of rapid traverse just likes the shrapnel, which the front group of Indian players can withstand such bang to pound, many people were battered to death directly, that wild boar has run over two assassins while still alive, after several seconds, 200 + people of offensive that they try hard to gather disintegrated directly, have been battered to death half, but also the remaining 100 + people, you had a look at me, I had a look at you, turned around to go on the escape, on faces full was the panic-stricken color: „This person is not a person, a bit faster escape!"

I have not pursued, saw that this crowd lost the fight courage person to escape from the jungle, in fact I was also disinclined to chase down them, did not have the slight sense of achievement! However, in short Cooldown has solved about 400 people, made my King hunt for points to rush to first actually rapidly, this little was too rather simple......

Continues to forward, tries to find out to go along bushveld stealth, as long as all the way saw that the Indian players completely solve, in very long Cooldown nobody can cause anything to threaten to me, after one hour, the front jungle edge presented a scouting team of hot lion armed forces, about 100 + people of appearances, this did not have fearfully what, but with this crowd of NPC in together also has about 300 + people of going on an expedition world Guild members, goes on an expedition the world is Indian war zone first Guild, the overall strength still in the clear pupil develops above the guild of black ink, the strength of this group of people are highly regarded, even has. Several people 178 levels, in seven revolutions of edges, equipment have looked like are also good, strongest that was called „hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments" the archer was IBN fights net 14 th, attack power was full, my defense was also not necessarily able to block, relaxed quite well.

Therefore, I slowly along thick patch of grass forward running, is away from them to be also getting more and more near, suddenly, god fierce fine horse „" neighed, under the foot presents the beast to clamp, was bad, was the wild animal trap skill of archer, because the trap was the stealth, but my regarded the ability to be well below the assassin and archer, naturally was gripped!

„Has the person!"

In the jungle has heard the shout, this time enemy obvious quality wanted tall Duo, on the mixed crotch whiz whiz the unexpected blow again and again, my hurried thousand frost wings fended, as before on the shoulder „bang bang" two arrows, the burning ache, each time has actually injured 7000 + injuries, the long bow of this archer at least over 40% disregarded to defend, otherwise definitely could not hit my many blood.


A slippery step appears on lawn, I glanced hurriedly have judged the positions of three archers, lifted the hand is [Great Realm of Desolation], the radiant prelude rays of 19 levels of skills stuck out suddenly in the jungle, the next quarter heard that archer one miserably howling to fall from the crown, by [Great Realm of Desolation] rumbled 9 thousand + HP!

Another archer also rapidly locks me, bends above the arrow ray greatly Sheng, is the shooting of skill bow god!


On the shoulder and an arrow, could not bear swung swinging, fell 1.2 thousand HP, attack power of this group of archers is really not a lid, this group of people affirmed that is under the maplewood being drunk hand elite team.

After arrow, I turn around to walk, simultaneously wielded the butterfly, the five-star magical instrument went from out of the blue, cuts off the faded and fallen fallen leaf, [Blade Spin] erupts on the crown, was an archer is killed by the second, other archer also without enough time avoided, was massacred by the butterfly penetration chest in another line of paths, but after killed three archers of standing sentry, my situation was not good, outside the jungle had the player to clash unceasingly . Moreover the NPC soldiers of these fire lion armed forces also rapidly progressed to crash in the jungle, that fire lion armed forces hundred husbands grew to hold up the long halberd, on the face full was color proudly, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Is commanding of Tian Ling Empire palace guard, regardless of anybody, so long as butchers him, at least can promote for the third-level military rank!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1017

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