Zhan Long Chapter 1018

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When over 200 people emerge in the jungle, I do not want to be too many, under thousand frost wing effects enters the thick patch of grass, is maintaining in the thick patch of grass of wide leaf the stealth condition, simultaneously does not draw back approaches this group of people who instead enters slowly, this hunting is one time obtains the opportunity of massive meritorious value and promotion regarding them, but is one time whets regarding me, my this JP equipment, whether can in 1 million armed forces be accepted after passing an examination the severed head, on looking at this time.

„Shua Shua Shua......"

Meteors furious raise in jungle, that is the dark night meteor skill that one group of Mage players release, this skill can solve in certain range the stealth player, thinks the player who goes on an expedition the world also very much knew about my skill, knows me to be able the stealth in the thick patch of grass, therefore also judges me possibly not to walk away.

Has not disappointed them, my vision solemn looks at the opposite party the team, Mage quantities in 300 people do not calculate too, most not over 70 people actually, other is the archer and Musketeer, rides the war is other physics departments attacks, but my foundation physical defense reaches as high as 2.7 thousand, is seven revolutions of players, in some sense does not fear these physics departments to attack very much, um, first makes these Mage team personnel losses say below half again that like this they want to kill me not to be simple.


After formulating the plan, does not hesitate, quietly has established [Azure Dragon Crossbow] in thick patch of grass, afterward before [Azure Dragon Crossbow] had not been discovered pasted speedily flushed Going out, started the [Assault] effect, the butterfly raises but actually in the hand, the place above was reappearing meteors, was the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] attack, „bang" on the bang in the crowd, majority of Mage will gather [Magic Shield] to break completely, but this group of people leap to leave originally the position after being attacked immediately the continuous space booklet, likely was on the flowers alarmed one crowd of honeybee same dispersing, this was also I already expected to the situation..


The sole erupts the incorruptible air wave to sweep across suddenly together toward the surroundings, is the [Ice Domain] effect, immediately majority of Mage was frozen the both feet, in 3 seconds are unable to move.

„Butchers him!"

One crowd went on an expedition the world riding war is the player progresses to clash, a I calm incomparably broken line walked the position to seek for the angle, threw the butterfly directly flies Going out, in the path 6 Mage instantaneously have become the corpse, but my three operations, drew out Zhen Yue Blade to divide to cut nearby Mage, simultaneously edited the [Blade Spin] path, realized to operate the fire of [Azure Dragon Crossbow], the consecutively several arrow arrows penetrated the crowd to kill the Mage to become Chuan point, at this time they realized that the genuine killer was this type of instrument, therefore one crowd rode the war is player Mashangchong destroyed [Azure Dragon Crossbow] in the past, more people fired into. I, the attack of archer is very especially sharp!

In an instant, my front as if has become the hedgehog, where a salvo of troop archer will feel better, HP fell in an instant about 40%, what was more fearful was one crowd rides to fight Swordsman and Berserker of department also to clash, went on an expedition the world the player fight quality to be too high, reenforced the speed to be much quicker, sword air/Qi daybreak, the imperial swordsmanship and [Battle Axe Throw] erupted in the surroundings, simply awfully!

I continue am maintaining calm, the unceasing broken line walks the flight of position to dodge over 80% attacks, simultaneously butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade seal on opposite party Mage the body.

One of 10 group teams leader not far away, goes on an expedition the world „hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments", this ranks IBN to fight the net 14 th master to pull open the long bow, „whiz whiz" twice if quickly the arrow arrow of startling thunderclap falls on my back, has carried off my enough over 4 thousand HP, simultaneously shouted to clear the way lowly: „His hard helmet has the effects of 100% probability MISS dizziness, do not use the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, changes to attacks the fast quickest tertiary arrow and range broadest by the wind arrow rain, the consumption massacres him!"

My moral nature is one startled, this hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments are crystal clear to my equipment skill simply . Moreover the strategy is also truly scientific the reasonable, tertiary arrow attacks fast is quick, the path velocity is also fast, is hard to avoid, is the piece kills the attack by the wind arrow rain, attack power is ordinary, but is hard to avoid, such came attack of one group of archers I only to eat stiffly.

However, under my swift and violent chases down, 50 + Mage also only remaining 10 + of opposite party insufficient to fear, a actually behind troop close combat was the person who the player pursued somewhat is incapable.


The sword blade edge has cut an archer chest, carries over 102711 injury seconds to kill directly, and is not fatal strikes, my present attack power approached the situation that the violent walks, while cutting to massacre this archer, 2 thousand + air/Qi that I absorb wiped out rapidly, 7 seconds of CD of [Cleansing Rain] technique is also cooling, but the distant place, hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments have pulled open the long bow once more, my HP has selected less than 3 thousand, this will be killed by the second!

One does not do, two continuous!

Steels one's heart, starts Holy Ghost Second Tier skill Invincible Body directly!

The golden light drops from the clouds together, entered the invincible condition instantaneously , to continue for 25 seconds, at this moment, at least about hundred ride the war is the player appears in my surroundings, was the present! Roars to start dancing of skill ghosts and gods lowly once more, treads broken heavenly thunder skill to follow, immediately the surrounding player rapidly has become the remnant blood, comes [Tempest Sword] again!

The miserable howling sound occurred repeatedly, the surrounding riding war was died one piece, the person but who went on an expedition the world too wants to kill me, walloped as before, does not want to make me have the opportunity to escape, even many Berserker jumped the stance bang that dropped from the clouds to kill me directly, this can keep me from flying to ascend the sky, subsequently performed to kill.

The corners of the mouth raise, I waited for them to approach crowded!

Grasps the right hand of butterfly to raise suddenly, immediately Thunder Guangcuan moves above the sword blade edge, airborne suddenly one dark, the thunder wreaks havoc , the storm rises from all directions, ices the blade edge to wave, the [Thundering Heavens] skill centered on I eruption, the continual bang kills to wreak havoc, immediately hung a troop person, I steeled one's heart, raise the sword to clash Going out, directly soared hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments, solves the group teams leader who this went on an expedition the world to say again!

Hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments also see me to lock him for the target, immediately turns around to walk, but my [Blade Rush] + [Seven Stars Teleportation] position rapid migration in the past, raised the long sword is [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


Hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments judgment opportunities are very accurate, when my attack falls mobilizes Regent, 1 second of invincible MISS fell my [Seven Star Fragment Slash], but I lift the hand, [Defeat the Dragon] skill starts, has caught him directly, but the reaction rates of hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments were too fast, was in the [Defeat the Dragon] glide path to start skill, the whole body has covered under the protection of golden shield, 11 seconds of invincible skill!

I do not have any thinking, turns around to erupt the [Combo] effect to an behind assassin, 6 attack seconds massacred him twice, fought the boots to skid suddenly forward, were towing remaining 4 attack sweeping, in two rode the war is on the players, absorbed about 10 thousand HP instantaneously, the surrounding archer and Musketeer attacked were too violent, moreover hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments also distant continuation bursts, hurt!


A body Qu, catches up to shoot up to the sky suddenly, has left behind the air currents of maneuvers in the jungle, simultaneously the [Cleansing Rain] technique added HP to oneself, NND, the narrow squeak, instantaneously I who the Invincible Body effect vanishes unexpectedly only then 1 thousand + HP, has joined hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments to have Dancing Forest meteor arrow such very-long-range skill, one time sentences to Tien Chien in advance, I must die probably.


The body stays in airborne, fills next health potion, in addition the [Cleansing Rain] technique returns to the blood speed, the judgment should be safe.

However such as my intent, distant place birdsong, the next quarter several shadows have not come to me, is the warhawk rides to search, but is not the pure warhawk rides to search probably, but is one type the warhawk that has provided the javelin rides to search, 178 levels of NPC, the strength, with 6 levels of Hybrid Demon similar appearances, in the ground also has probably heard that hot lion armed forces hundred husband's long roaring sounds: „Warhawk rides, kills, massacres this bastard!"

Originally airborne is unsafe?

I showed a faint smile, laid out the butterfly sword, HP have replied about 70%, did not instigate that this group of people, a Zhen Yue Blade spin overran, [Combo] + [Strength of a Thousand Men] erupted, rode to search to rip the fragment a warhawk directly, the sword has brandished continuously cuts to kill, the god level skill rode the wind to cut the eruption, now rode the wind to cut also to be practiced 19 levels by me, cooled the Cooldown 5 minutes, and can wield the violent 15 swords instantaneously, the prelude skills of 19 levels of god level skills from the sky erupted, unexpectedly has formed a shock-wave shape, flowed swiftly to fall just like the multi-colored sunlight, but 15 swords wielded the origin to carry over continuously. Blood rain, is two warhawks rides to search is cut to kill in airborne, the stump residual limb breaks the body to fly high to fall, the player who one crowd in ground goes on an expedition the world definitely also looked fearful and apprehensive.

During the minute minutes, 14 warhawks ride to search kill off completely.

I look jungle once again to the ground, immediately that hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments the face whiten, has been raising the long bow, shouted to clear the way lowly: „It is not good, we lack suppress his strength, all people retreat to south along with me!"

Also remaining 100 + went on an expedition the world player to retreat with hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments together rapidly, but the hundred husband long faces of that hot lion armed forces with amazement, got angry: „The when adventurers of your timids as a rabbit, did you join the hot lion armed forces courage pledge to forget? Such petty people, do not match to join the hot lion armed forces!"

I am gripping tightly the butterfly sword, hangs in airborne, caught up to clash suddenly, the lock-on target hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments, did not massacre this person, the following King hunted also always to the Chinese war zone is a threat, his attack power will not even compare Dancing Forest too to be much less, in addition the calm judgment and tactical awareness, threatened are not small.

This hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments do not have invincible skill, was unable to avoid my killing, he turns around to have a look at behind airborne, the vision is imposing, the leather boots walk fast on the plain, said loudly: „Archer, is slow his! Our people came immediately!"

A row of archer turns around to halt in abundance, aims at me to commence fire.

I have not gone to manage, the butterfly has let go to go, hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments walk the position to avoid the [Blade Spin] path hurriedly, when his broken line walks the position, I sentence locking accurately in advance, single-handed caught dozens meters airborne from the ground hundred bow-shaped wooden surveying instruments, Zhen Yue Blade one horizontal, the [Combo] skill erupts, cuts to kill the group teams leader who this goes on an expedition the world directly in airborne.


Also at this moment, the distant place reverberates the fierce hoofbeat, the dense and numerous going on an expedition world Guild cavalry soldier came, at least over 5000 people!

Zhan Long Chapter 1018

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