Zhan Long Chapter 1019

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The crowd front line, 180 levels of maplewoods were drunk to draw out the long sword, above the sword blade have been flowing the lava trace and flame brilliant, outward appearance dazzling of this hot crag big sword in this way was as before cool, in addition he was riding unusual animals of taking the form of big dragon, that mount lay prostrate in the place taking the form of land dragon, but the both sides had a pair of meat wing to draw, also does not know that can fly.

The maplewood is drunk to look up the sky, Jianfeng raises, shows a faint smile saying: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, has had not seen you for a long time, why not to get down to fight it out?"

I also from afar visit him, said: „I, your several thousand people, are unfair, or you come to the space, like this is fairer, right?"

On single Tiao the words, I do not fear this hot crag big sword master.

The maplewood is drunk beckons with the hand, but said: „My mount has wing actually unable to fly spatially, is unable to compare with your thousand frost wings, if you do not dare to fight a decisive battle in the ground, that as early as possible leaves, the forests of this starry sky are our domains!"

I am startled slightly, discovered that unknowingly entered the forest land of starry sky to attempt, but this map the Port City protecting city forest, simultaneously in the guild channel also has heard the Yue Qing Qian speaking voice: „The person in forest of starry sky all removes, the Indian has invaded on a large scale, the forest of starry sky had been occupied by them, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard] and [Prague] people removed!"

Also has not said anything, suspends Jianfeng, I turned around to fly to the fire Ze plain, in principle, the fire Ze plain was away from Wu Shenhe to be very near, tacitly approves the domain for Chinese area, approximately the decisive battle place of both sides also in the fire Ze the boundary of plain and starry sky forest.


The bird's eye view earth, distant place the forest of starry sky stretches to the horizon, but in the jungle shivers unceasingly, that is the sign that the army marches forward, hides tens of thousands of the Indian players is mounting a large-scale attack under the jungle, but north, the troop players were chased to kill the forest of starry sky, the far place, can see that array of Chinese area large-scale Guild on the fire Ze plain is meeting head-on.


Dives to the earth, directly soars the [Zhan Long] battle position, Lin Wan Er is raising the dagger and Yue Qing Qian is arranging the lineup, the melt god cavalry of over 1 thousand person is listed in the formation front, is raising the hell hot long sword, the body puts on the ice demon wrap, caused that other Guild players cast the vision that admires unceasingly, the [Zhan Long] riding war was the strength took a broad view at Tian Ling Empire to be invincible, this was the fact.

„" Falls to the ground, I arrive at side Lin Wan Er, said: „Our situations how?"

Lin Wan Er turns around, on the pretty face is bringing self-confidently, said: „Is ready completely, ten thousand people that Li Mu leads roll also immediately, this time probably altogether the entering the war population achieved 8 thousand, was the population very powerful?"

„Um." As soon as I nod, said with a smile: „Is good!"

The audiences of 8 thousand people, this, if in ancient that were very considerable troops, but in the modern times, the person who can direct 8 thousand armies already is the commander-in-chief rank of group army, thinks to think a little excited.


In the [Zhan Long] being near side, the [Hero's Mound] person is building up, Q-Sword in the crowd front line, they have not hidden contraband, obtains mount to line up in formation most newly completely, hundred deep pools ride, Divine Tier BOSS level mount, the four hooves of these warhorses are lingering the wave, can tread the wave in the water the line, and has abyss field of force strong skill, reduces in the surrounding 30 yards the hostile goal moves fast and attacks fast, in addition the mount very good attribute, these hundred deep pools rode already are one of the Tian Ling Empire peak branch of the services.

One passes shortly, the quantity that hundred deep pools ride are really many, about 1 thousand person high and low, the words that arrives in full completely are the same on the digit that such as Tang Qi disclosed that the hundred deep pools of 1.2 thousand people rode, was really the battle efficiency that cannot be looked down on, in addition the Q-Sword calm and steady direction, hundred deep pools rode can inevitably, in this King will hunt for in the activity budding.

Looked again to the [Legend] direction, Enchanted Painting mount has also traded, Lu Chun Yang and Xuan Yuan Feng and the others mount was also exactly the same, that was a whole body is lingering the wind vigor deep green warhorse, I could not bear knit the brows, said: „What [Legend] main is mount?"

Yue Qing Qian is [Zhan Long] information NO.1, blinked to say with a smile: „The [Legend] main cavalry soldier is the Dawn Mills brand rides as before, quantity about 18000 people, but had developed recently mount, that green mount that is Brother Xiao Yao you sees Enchanted Painting and Xuan Yuan Feng that they rides, calling the kamikaze to ride, 165 levels of Divine Tier BOSS level mount, the HP upper limit + 21000 points, Movement Speed 550%, skiced is very very quick, was quick somewhat scary!"

Lin Wan Er opened Zhang Xiaozui: „Is quicker than our melt god cavalry Movement Speed?"

„Um." The Yue Qing Qian nod said with a smile: „Or will be called the kamikaze to ride? However the fight attribute slightly might as well melt the god cavalry, even might as well the [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools ride, the total quantity that the kamikaze rides is about 8000 + people, should the primary mission sneak attack, attack everywhere and reenforces using the mobility?"

My sip purses the lips: „That Fang Ge Que should not make the kamikaze ride in the frontal battlefield appears."

Wang Jian smiles: „The Xiao Yao elder brother you thought simply, this King will hunt, but gained points, to gain the activity of meritorious service, [Legend] definitely wants to kill more people better, even if wanted the kamikaze to ride the execution surprise attack duty, that definitely was other frontal battlefields has also fired off, will dispatch the kamikaze to ride to chase down the remnants to gain points."

I tremble, said: „If pursues the remnants of rout , the speed that kamikaze rides was really too terrifying!"

„Um!" Wolf layer on layer nods, said: „mount Movement Speed that present stage majority of players use about 270%, the speed that this kamikaze rides enough is double, who can get rid of chasing down that the kamikaze rides!"

Old K waves greed hydra Axe, said: „Frontal battlefield, is our melt god cavalry is stronger! Has not related, if really and [Legend] hits, we will certainly not lose, the words said how this group of Indian players have not attacked, the brothers some are impatient!"

I smile: „Does not need to worry, association that should come."


After several minutes, Fang Ge Que sends in a news: „Xiao Yao, meets in front of the [Legend] position, big pledge Guildmaster came, how chats this King to hunt to hit?"


Progresses to directly soar the [Legend] position, my god fierce fine horse rides the front one to plunder at a row of kamikaze, making Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang be startled, Enchanted Painting then said: „I bet 100 money Xiao Yao Zi Zai mount speeds to ride quickly compared with the kamikaze!"

Lu Chun Yang said: „Not necessarily?"

Enchanted Painting pursues: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, how many does your god fierce fine horse move to fast?"

„620%, how?" I asked.

„Has been all right, thanks!" Enchanted Painting smiles extremely delightfully, turns around to say to Lu Chun Yang: „Thank you 100 quick, changes to my account number directly, thanked!"

Speeds away to the Fang Ge Que and the others foothold place, major Guild Guildmaster level players, Q-Sword, Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han, Mu Xuan, Yan Zhao Warrior, Wang Ze Cheng, Soaring Dragon and Liu Ying and the others, even that vice director rumor also, but in this goods fight in the country almost do not have the achievements, was already regarded as by everybody is the burden, his words few individuals are also willing to listen.

„Was small, started!" Mu Xuan is raising staff, said: „A bit faster chatted, I must go back, the position was so far, I walked with two legs, did not ride to fight the department also to have the horse like your to be able the winding speed."

Yan Zhao Warrior shows a faint smile: „I have your regulation."

Mu Xuan shot a look at his one eyes, said: „Our constellation did not gather, sorry."

„You do not know my constellation."

„Does not gather in any case!"

I laugh in spite of trying not, stand up from failure to discontinue saying: „A bit faster chatted, did concrete plan hit? What has to plan?"

Fang Ge Que said: „Temporarily does not have any good plan, after all this activity only limits to several maps, does not attack a city, we are unable to attack Port City directly, therefore can only be us to achieve."

„What can we achieve?" Liu Ying asked.

Fang Ge Que lets go, says with a smile: „This will hunt to relate Port City also to be Chinese area key issue, the Indian war zone must revolt this is the fact, but the key of this activity is points, both sides whose points are many, who can have the sovereignty of Port City, therefore we must kill compared with opposite party more people."

Saying, Fang Ge Que was coughing, said: „In frontal battlefield, the Chinese war zone will not lose, our NPC armies are also more powerful than Port City, therefore major Guild must restrain their guild and friend pledge, do not make them attack at will, we only hit the frontal battlefield, must win, the small guild do not go to other maps arbitrarily, otherwise was made dumplings by the Indian players massacres completely, our points could not compare the opposite party possibly to lose Port City."

The class said: „We like this wait for gains without pains, will the person in Indian war zone be swindled?"

Fang Ge Que said: „Did not have better means except for this, if they did not attack, we advanced enter the forest of starry sky to be good, they would meeting head-on."

I nod: „Good, that fought the positional warfare to say again."

„Um, everybody refuels!"

Fang Ge Que pre-combat inspiration morale, the people diverged joyfully, Mu Xuan must travel by my warhorse to go to the [Appearance Alliance] position, I must have her regulation, is good because of being not far, when puts she discontinues, [Appearance Alliance] beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster falls the wild goose to raise the long spear to show a faint smile saying: „It seems like Guildmaster has gone well, finally wiped was small in oil, was the feel what kind of?"

Mu Xuan cheek one red: „Turns head to chat again......"

I keep mouth shut, progress the [Zhan Long] position.


The battle drum sound thunders, the Tian Ling Empire major NPC regiments also started to go forth to battle, flame Dragon Jun, the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and others appeared in the field of vision one after another, but my also transmitting orders palace guard went to battle, then soon , an all trades pitch-black brightly burnished dragon crystal artillery appeared behind the [Zhan Long] position, the palace guard did not go to battle first, making the [Zhan Long] player harvest points to say again.

About after 20 minutes, in the forest of starry sky an intensive vacillation, the player team of Indian war zone appears in our fields of vision, the dense and numerous piece, the war is ready to be set off, at daggers drawn, almost all people are about not to have gasped for breath.

Zhan Long Chapter 1019

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