Zhan Long Chapter 1020

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Greed hydra Axe in Old K shivers slowly, on his face is also having the excited color, said with a smile: „This time must slaughter, hey!"

I said: „Old K do not flush before, don't forget, the attribute of greed hydra was to kill one person promotes 1% drop rate, infinite overlay, if you have hung, that this effect did not have, so long as you did not die, this can blow out massive high Level equipment the axe for you, when the time comes sold equipment, purchases homes the money of taking a wife to have, you said that you did want the wife?"

Old K reverent nod: „Wants......"

My corners of the mouth raise: „That hits calmly, conservative, do not impulse, this...... Meng Yao, you have Lady Wa stone three stars magical instrument shield, one will hit time you protect in your Brother Old K about, do not make him hang."

Li Meng Yao nods with a smile: „Knew, Elder brother!"


At this time, battle drum sound was thunderous, the dense and numerous Indian players converged in the front of forest of edge starry sky, unfolded the vast front, by the population, several big main cities was also they are perhaps most, most united, after all the Indian war zone had the maplewood to be drunk, the clear pupil to develop the black ink two inspirational figures, but these two people were the alliances, therefore the relative cohesive force was quite high, but the Chinese area was also good, at least when the country fought or the activity edition, everybody will show no external differences, this was also tacit.

Yue Qing Qian is whipping the wing, flies 30 meters high, narrows pair of beautiful eyes to look at the distant place, said: „Brother Xiao Yao, they have the heavy artillery, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery have, quantity approximately...... Probably is at about 500, is unimportant?"

„Is unimportant." I draw out the long sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Who dares to look up again I have chopped anyone, standing by! Saves gets down."

The people scratched the saliva to draw out pointed weapons to prepare to meet head-on.

The distant place, the maplewood is drunk to raise the long sword, drinks the later team to march forward lowly slowly, but Lin Wan Er said in my ear: „The weapon that maplewood is drunk is four star magical instruments, attack power is very good, if encountered must be careful, but was unimportant, went on an expedition the world the battle position to [Judgement] and [Hero's Mound] position, was not quite big with our relations."

I nod smile: „Understanding, the preparation opened has killed, met Wan Er you to relax to proceed to clash, you did not ride to fight the department after all, lacked the mount volume of blood addition to suffer a loss."

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Relax, I will protect my, you go to capture some points and that's the end."




A dragon crystal artillery erupts suddenly in the male tyrant wind and cloud Guild crowd, formally announced that this commencing of action, the both sides crackle of gunfire is unceasing, dragon crystal artillery to bang, but our behind palace guards also at least transported over 500 dragon crystal artillery, the hot crag artillery was over 1000, the crackle of gunfire is more unceasing, [Zhan Long] directly opposite the players of several Port City Guild wanted to cry immediately Tearless, was rumbled torn to pieces.

I raise the butterfly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Stops bombing, chops points the time to!"

The hoofbeat reverberates, the several thousand melt god cavalries in [Zhan Long] frontal line start to progress to march forward and increase speed rapidly, after several seconds, has achieved the speed effect of speeding away, but the team that our directly opposite, some not well-known India war zone Guild organizes also rushes ahead to come, bombing of both sides also stopped suddenly, starts hand-to-hand fighting Cooldown.

A butterfly, Zhen Yue Blade, I do not have thousand frost wings, maintains the speed leads the melt god cavalry to clash together forward, Jianfeng shakes is 19 levels of [Seven Star Fragment Slash] bang kills in the crowd, Zhen Yue Blade horizontal, immediately is together 19 levels of radiant skill rays erupts, several golden six glow stars flee above the Zhen Yue Blade knife, dead ahead 4 ride the war is the player sees is I, immediately lifts the defense the shield, immediately Zhen Yue Blade is having 19 levels of [Combo] effects „clang clang clang" spatters in all directions dazzling Spark on three shields, although they have defended., But at least everyone fell 10 thousand blood, was flushed by the rear melt god cavalry, died in battle completely!

Old K clashes extremely quickly, the greed hydra chops to divide suddenly on shoulders of-and-a-half blood Swordsman, the direct second kills, simultaneously triggers „nine" effect, creates the major injury effect to the surrounding 9 enemies, but this goods clash before, the body was penetrated by the sword air/Qi continuously, opposite party Swordsman rapid has become to other party the collection hot effect, Old K that 14 thousand HP only remaining 5 thousand do not arrive immediately.

The Meng Yao speed is luckily fast enough, rapid Z character walked position attractive keeping off in the Old K front, held up the Lady Wa stone shield, maintained the impulse is flushing forward, the Lady Wa stone has absorbed round an after effect of sword round cutting, a Meng Yao suddenly ruling effect hit on a body of high-level Swordsman, repelled it, and continued 3 seconds of dizziness, not only so, she rapidly raised the long sword is a dragon blade edge cuts, this Swordsman stuffy snort fell, he does not think that Knight beyond having the superelevation defense can also have terrifying attack power in this way!

Meng Yao equipment has much is I makes to her, attack power naturally cannot miss.

Had the protection of Meng Yao, the Old K offensive did not have the human nature, the greed hydra wreaked havoc in the crowd, after [Whirlwind Slash], can the second kill several people, the greed effect of that greed hydra thinks that also unceasingly superimposed, after waiting for old K to kill to thousand people, 10 times of drop rate promoted, approximately...... Probably is linked the underpants to be exploded by the person who the homicide falls?


Riding of [Zhan Long] fought the department is really too strong, today altogether about 1.3 thousand melt god cavalries enter the war, sweeps away the present motley crew rapidly, after the melt god cavalry swept, a speeding away dizziness effect of trim, in these players of small guild thoroughly by us are hit ignorant, which also had the strength of any revolt, can only degenerate into the slaughtered goal.

The tactical situation is smooth, the region front almost India players who [Zhan Long] Guild is at either were killed, either the escape went, nobody is willing to confront with the melt god cavalry, I progresses to dash about wildly, while has a look at the pointed weapons of surrounding melt god cavalry, complete blood red, points we gain many in any case.

Li Mu shakes the sword blade edge, fire burns the blood on sword to be changed into the flying ash by the roaring flame ignition rapidly, he hey said with a smile: „Ended, I had to plant already the invincible feeling, but also who?!"

I hesitate, said: „One Second Hero belt 3000 melt god cavalries stay in the position to continue to fight, other melt god cavalries with my together side knock, for other Guild reduced pressure!"


Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others point chooses the population, the quick 1 thousand person melted the god cavalry to appear, but Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf and other close combats were the master are not idling, melted the god cavalry to proceed to clash, in any case was excellent gained the points opportunity, cannot miss.


Rushed ahead the past to east, all that at present sees were not we in such that in the [Zhan Long] position saw, the Indian war zone ranked the first ten Guild strengths is really not bad, under fighting vigorously that they turned out in full strength, most approached our male tyrant wind and cloud Guild soon unable to support, the front player died group by group, but that was known as that the Indian war zone third Guild class clouds the Guild player was walloping as before, even a group team leader raised the sharp knife blade to shout to clear the way loudly: „Chopped the head of next Situ overlord!"

Too rampant!

Therefore we are more rampant, 1 thousand melt god cavalry war cries shocking overrunning , the class clouds that the Guild player reaction rate is extremely fast, an elder level player judges the present enemy not to be good to cope rapidly, immediately raises staff, in this air/Qi full middle age uncle is a big voice, the sound is deafening: „Defense, long-distance prepares to fire at dizziness, blocks them, the treatment follows, should not be interrupted, this group of people have not supplied, kill one few one, making them experience an obscene cloud the strength!"

My Jianfeng one horizontal, shouted to clear the way lowly: „We experience!"

The god fierce fine horse hits the breath to wallop forward, but I am flushing in the front line, unceasing S walks the position circumvention to attack, attracted many [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrows, however the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow could not produce the dizziness results to me, startled one crowd of classes saying that the Guild player was dumbfounded, everyone thinks that does not understand why this person can not eat the dizziness effect at present.

When they are astonished, my riding the wind cuts in the crowd erupts, and is eruptions under thousand frost wing conditions, originally about 5 yards attack range turned into 10 yards, 19 levels ride the wind to cut the rapid condensation are 15 Ling Liejian are mad cutting in shield, the big injury figures fly






Rides the wind the attack that cuts to superimpose promotion unceasingly, front shield in turned into a piece of corpse instantaneously, the players in several edges are dumbfounded: „This...... This is attack power that what talked nonsense!?"

Does not wait for them to understand that what happened, Old K [Whirlwind Slash] has swept, Wang Jian follows one time to fight the spin of halberd, again holding halberd Raging Flames skill opens, the remnant blood player who Old K has not massacred completely was harvested, but Li Mu opens the match for ten thousand effect to overrun, front dozens grasp the player of shield to clench jaws, one of them shouted to clear the way lowly: „Did not fear, father foundation physical defense 27000, but can also 't block this ugly man?!"

„Whose did you say clown especially?!"

Li Mu drinks one lowly, moves to fast suddenly to increase suddenly, the sky of front shield crowd condenses a Tienchu effect, was hit by Li Mu around the middle, the anger touches the Zhoushan skill not to erupt, in addition Li Mu [Combo] + the duplicate sword cuts, immediately that physical defense 27000 strong men kneel down, in the Li Mu fire has burnt under the sword, with having the match for ten thousand + anger touches Zhoushan dual effect Li Mu not to discuss physical defense, this is chatting simply, can say that the entire server, can block fiercely attacking of Li Mu without any Knight.


Sweeps away, the class clouds that defense of Guild about 2 thousand person cannot block [Assault] of melt god cavalry completely, cut off by us around the middle, skices, enters another Indian war zone Guild lineup, nobody can resist as before, penetrates once more, quick passes through the [Hero's Mound] position, actually discovered that hundred deep pools ride really brave, does not need to help, proceeds again, finally ran into the genuine match, maplewood being drunk led one group of terse cavalry soldiers to attack fiercely the [Flying Dragon] position.

Zhan Long Chapter 1020

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