Zhan Long Chapter 1023

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The autumn wind stroked the jungle, the leaf has dragged the sound almost to cover the hoofbeat of distant place warhorse.

Grows the Wind Elf archer of sharp ear to stand in the crowd, raises the long bow to alert the surrounding all, meets in the hunting ground not to have any place is safe, he fully realizes this point, a meeting, his some knitting the brows heads of being hard to take, have crawled suddenly in the place, pastes the ear in the ground, the whole body trembles, said: „Some people came, cavalry soldier, over 10,000 people of cavalry soldiers, the hoofbeat was too at least stormy!"

Another Berserker knocks the buttocks that he has dug with the shaft, said: „Do not listen, saw!"

„Prepares to meet head-on!"

A voice of elder level player somewhat shivered, he is soul race Swordsman, on the shoulder is reappearing the effect of soul will, attack power + 15%, [Drain] + 1%, but he did not have the good mood at this time anything, on the face is having the fear, said: „Rides the war is with the northern heavens shield wall, blocks their wave of impact, the behind firepower follows, this group of people came quickly, unexpectedly evaded our warhawk to ride to search, damn!"

The archer reminded: „Third Brother, our warhawks rode to search before a half hour to be killed up, simply has not scouted the radius."

„Does not need you to remind!" The elders were somewhat breathless: „Prepares to meet head-on, do not say again!"


The hoofbeat thunders, I lift the hand to draw out the butterfly sword, promoted the limit Movement Speed of god fierce fine horse, this can cross their firepower networks fast, but bosom Lin Wan Er also rapidly mobilized various gods before soaring, has fired into shield of opposite party with me together, an entire platoon in about 100 meters frontal line completely draws out the melt god cavalry of sword blade edge, close completely has not thrown the long sword to start the [Blade Spin] skill!

„Clang clang clang......"

The long sword, Axe and iron spear, sword and other weapon 11 penetrations shield of opposite party, has strangled to death one piece, One Second Hero lowered roars, roar of skill Zhang Fei starts, significantly promotes attack power of surrounding player, but I make use am an advance attack, ride the wind to cut break through five heavy shield rapidly, the penetration attack second add up totals ten people, establishes [Azure Dragon Crossbow] to promote the attack conveniently, simultaneously wields the butterfly, the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] bang kills in the crowd, is Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others clears the way, then melts performance Cooldown of god cavalry.

Everywhere is intense collision sounds, [Assault] of heavy cavalry looks like the steel and iron machine of war is simply same, filled heartlessly with slaughtering, but the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry was the outstanding person in heavy cavalry, the melt god cavalry brandished fights the blade edge to chop to divide the crowd, the dizziness effect that a place visited piece of speeding away effect brought, the player who even opposite party Guild many plans unfolded the manager simply did not have the opportunity to dying by the continual dizziness, this was a helplessness, that aggrieved mood affirmation must shout'mother-fucker', what a pity after dying in battle, will return to the city comes back to life, and is unable to enter once more will hunt for the map, they were also not the opportunity. Spurted.

Sweeps away, has conquered by killing at present this crowd of 5000 + people of teams at the prices of battle loss 200 + melt god cavalries, this is the crush of absolute strength.


Quick, Yue Qing Qian said another Coordinate again: „Brother Xiao Yao, the forest of ( 16322,80477 ) this Coordinate starry sky, another Guild of Indian war zone is waiting for the ambush, they hide in a Oyamadani in jungle, does the person who must ambush the male tyrant wind and cloud evidently, the total number of people probably in 2.4 thousand people about, we go?"

„More than 20,000 people?"

I hesitant, looks to Lin Wan Er, said: „Wan Er, do you think?"

Lin Wan Er is nipping the red lip, several seconds later, said: „Goes, cannot make the male tyrant wind and cloud tens of thousands people be ambushed to massacre, otherwise Port City was away from us to be getting more and more far!"

Li Mu said in consternation: „Our population, only then their half, you also melt the god cavalry buckle more than half!"

I smile: „All right, scouts maintains information connection, we march forward slowly, when they exchanged fire we to begin with male Ba Fengyun again, this will not lose are too many."

„Good, this means I like!"


The northwest direction, goes slowly to go.

About after 20 minutes, Yue Qing Qian received an information, the person of male tyrant wind and cloud receives warning that [Zhan Long] sends, has been ahead of time in the ambusher to mountain valley to launch the attack, but we are away from there also only then less than 3 minutes of traveling schedule.


The sword blade edge comes out of the sheath, I point to the northwest, said with a smile: „Full speed advance, kills in the mountain valley with me together, the male tyrant wind and cloud has 8000 people, definitely is not the matches of these 2.4 thousand people."

The sound that a trim draws a sword, the melt god cavalry everybody pointed weapons come out of the sheath, directly soars the northwest to go.

Is less than two minutes, when our speed promotion to 100%, the front mountain valley also presented a noisy combat picture, my distant form that can see Situ overlord Liu Ying, he is brandishing the riding war of long sword and opposite party is the player fights with all might in the same place, is relying on JP equipment, very one type „who with fighting" the speed of King stance, what a pity under the opposite party firepower, these 8000 people of dying in battle of male tyrant wind and cloud is not the general rapidness.


We launch the attack from the rear area of opposite party, the mobility of melt god cavalry is so quick, strong wind has overshot from the hillside, next one already after said ten million/countless [Blade Spin] strangles to death in the crowd, but the shield defense of opposite party provisional organization collapses at the first blow, what is more important will be this Guild average Level are not most at present over 164 levels, but average Level of [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry impressively is 176 levels, overall Level will hit disparately, attacks MISS to be also high, killing of potential of crush in the past!

I am raising the butterfly to the front line, thousand frost wings, hardly do not chop, but equipment that obtains not good directly is killed by weapons the [Soul Army] symbol, this thing better and better.

At first, sees us to melt the quantity of god cavalry, only then 1 thousand person high and low, this Guild person also wants to fight it out with us, but after [Assault], they changed the mind, from the start is not the match what discusses fights it out, they start the rout, afterward starts melted god cavalry chases down, experienced for nearly 1 hour by killing and resisting, these 2.4 thousand people were killed most, only remaining is less than 5000 people scatters in all directions the escape to go, we have not pursued, does not dare to pursue, for fear that the separation of force fell into the trap of match.

„Jie Jie......"

Airborne transmits a hawk cry, that is the form that the warhawk rides to search, but the name is the red, that is the warhawk of Indian war zone to ride to search, their scouting radii also extended here finally.

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Dear, went to solve fly!"

I also smile, fight boots to tread the direct impact highest heaven, in the jungles leave behind the cyclone suddenly, the people then noticed together present I disappeared, but airborne, I fly rapidly, but, these 172 levels of warhawks rides to search the player complexion coldly one: „Damn!"

The genuine damn person is actually he, erupts a wave of 19 levels of [Combo] + [Strength of a Thousand Men] + [Great Realm of Desolation] skill to surround and attack directly continually, immediately the warhawk rides to search the tragic death in the sky, the feather of warhawk also voluminous brings the bloodstain from airborne to fall, wants in my to pry the information at present, this is courting death simply, might as well sends the assassin to come [Stealth] to pry is safer.


Fell to the ground, has stepped onto the hillside, the person of male tyrant wind and cloud was in the recuperation, they from 8000 people of personnel losses to less than 5000 people, are really quite miserable.

Liu Ying is raising the bloodstained long sword, is pulling the warhorse, the complexion is not quite good, but courtesy walked, said: „Li Xiao Yao, reminders and reenforcement thank you, otherwise my person completely must certainly ruin here, they are really mean."

I said: „The warhawk of male tyrant wind and cloud rides to search, was insufficient not to have completely, here did not have the informer to be definitely incorrect."

Young pig quick runway: „Male tyrant wind and cloud altogether also rides to search on 51 warhawks, majority of already, because flight Stamina exhausts, low-altitude flying time was killed by the Indian, two warhawks that we sent out before ride to search do not know the trace, thinks that also has hung, this group of Indians were really the too sly in many ways."

I have a look at him behind, said: „Male tyrant wind and cloud altogether online population at least above 5 thousand? How also remaining 5000? Other military strength?"

„Did not have!" Liu Ying is somewhat angry, is somewhat dispirited.

The young pig runs lets go, says with a smile: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster you should also see actually, in the main battlefield of fire Ze plain, our male tyrant wind and cloud at least died in battle over 70% players, but also some also consumed in along the way the unceasing fight loss of power, especially after entering the forest of starry sky, encountered three military strength to ambush continuously, loses is too big."

The young pig runs behind, 176 levels of high-level Knight being drunk rain cold maple trees raise the long spear to pull the warhorse to come, said: „Vice- pledge, we have reorganized, what to do then, to continue thoroughly, retreats?"

Because of the vice- Guildmaster status, young pig runs had not decided that looked to Liu Ying, finally Liu Ying was grasping the fist, said: „Died in battle imposingly also feels better in Huiqu to be ridiculed by other Guild , to continue advances to Port City!"

I in consternation, knit the brows: „Remaining 5000 people, but also advancement anything, hit only to need their wave of military strength to be able again to let your whole army has been annihilated, in my opinion, from here to east, without scouting the edge around Long Lake reduced heat Ze plain, at least will again not be ambushed, met other Guild, at least wanted the military strength of 2 thousand people to come out again."

Liu Ying said lightly: „The matter of male tyrant wind and cloud does not need [Zhan Long] to inquire about."

I smiled: „But the Port City success and failure concerned the [Zhan Long] benefit, you continued to deliver points, can only make us lose Port City, this was the matter that I most do not want to see."

Young pig quick runway: „Boss, Xiao Yao Guildmaster said also a little truth, do we retreat from Long Lake?"

Liu Ying is also maintaining a calmness, nods saying: „Good......"


Therefore, the person of male tyrant wind and cloud retreated, but our [Zhan Long] continues to march forward, killed the effective strength of Indian war zone in the forest of starry sky everywhere.

Finally when male Ba Fengyun walked less than 30 minutes, suddenly the Yue Qing Qian face whiten, said: „Was bad, 5000 people of male tyrant wind and cloud were intercepted in Long Lake, mostly whole army has been annihilated!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1023

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