Zhan Long Chapter 1024

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I could not bear scold a bad language, was I makes the person who Liu Ying led the male tyrant wind and cloud retreat from Long Lake, there field of vision was quite broad, but I have not thought that will be intercepted there them as before, this was I do not kill the uncle kind uncle kernel dead because of me simply!

„Can reenforce?" Lin Wan Er asked.

As soon as I nod: „Walks, goes to Long Lake!"

One Second Hero said: „Feared that we arrived in Long Lake, the person of male tyrant wind and cloud also killed off, they have 5000 people, the battle efficiency is also ordinary, the Indian war zone came out first 10 Guild to destroy completely them casually!"

As soon as I draw the reins, directly soars the Long Lake direction the god fierce fine horse tone, said: „No matter they do have kill off us to go, must kill off, we destroy completely kill off their people!"



The hoofbeat thunders once more, the people went slowly for 30 minutes, mount Stamina restored, the speed certainly, less than 9 minutes arrived in the map of Long Lake quickly, a distant piece of fresh water lake, but were vast, in center of the lake also islands, but the West bank in Long Lake, there were still spattering impressively in all directions the skill gloss, the fight have not stopped.


Jianfeng one cold, I speedily overran, the speed is too fast, melts the god cavalry unable to follow me, when I bring Lin Wan Er to graze, but , the fight had actually ended, a male tyrant wind and cloud final person also died in battle, that is raises the young pig of flintlock to run, in his dead ahead, Knight slowly draws out the long sword from his chest, the corners of the mouth is having the contemptuous happy expression: „This type of trash guild can also arrange Chinese Guild wind and cloud list unexpectedly 17 th, the Chinese war zone was really nobody!"


My instantaneous thousand frost wings sharply clashes to go, the sword develops simultaneously, is a time speedily under bang pounds directly!

The opposite party Knight reaction rate also fast, suddenly raises the black shield in hand, only listens to „bang" a sound energy to spatter in all directions, my struck to carry over the big injury digit fully, simultaneously his shield ripples flood moved, unexpectedly has formed very good reflection injury to me




Attacks 7 thousand multi- blood, oneself were also reflected that many, is 30% reflection injury effects, this shield has the trick! Lin Wan Er shouted lightly: „Is careful that this person is not simple!"

But I was almost swallowed angrily, the butterfly one cold overran once more, this more enormous more and powerful attack, butterfly experimental strikes deceives him to use the shield standard to keep off instantaneously, but my Zhen Yue Blade horizontal, wrong step arrived at his body side, Zhen Yue Blade covers the handle of his long spear ingeniously, the butterfly has attacked fiercely one time, swung its shield, the next quarter 19 levels of god level skill rays shot up to the sky, ride the wind to cut!

He as if also knows fiercely, in wrist skill the ray twinkle, entered an invincible effect unexpectedly, simultaneously the corners of the mouth flood grinning fiendishly, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are also mediocre!"

Saying, the long spear in his hand was attacking suddenly, the whole body gloss condensed all above the long spear, in the bang my front spattered in all directions „by crag also crag" skill name and Holy Ghost Second Tier gloss, to I have created 7 thousand + the injury, this was really too unthinkable, Knight can hit my many HP, simply was the joke?

In the vision sweeps the fight to be detailed, discovered that takes the crag also crag skill is transforms physical defense as attack power, creates the skill that the force strikes to the goal, this no wonder!

Under the attack of according to crag also crag, I spin the body to draw back anxiously, but has not withdrawn is too far, this Knight raises the arm immediately, the under foot presents the image of purgatory abyss, drinks one lowly: „Goes!"


Break of rock of a black big dragon from the purgatory, fires into me directly, simultaneously his side spatters in all directions one line of characters, „purgatory crazy dragon" skill, Holy Ghost third-order!

I without enough time fend radically, Black Dragon lingers in my side rapidly wreaks havoc, spatters in all directions injuries continuously, my hurried [Cleansing Rain] technique and [Heal] technique, fill health potion, is not good, finally was hit after the Shuanglong passive effect, finally this purgatory crazy dragon skill affected, but at this time, a long spear in this Knight also cold hand, in the eye completely fights intent, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, is my attack good?"

I also finally saw clearly his name at this time

The iron boots concentrate black ink LV-179 level platinum Knight

Main city: Port City

Guild: Beautiful life

Position: Vice- Guildmaster


This is not others, is vice- Guildmaster of beautiful life, is the clear pupil develops right-hand of black ink, god knows when the Indian war zone presented such a top player, this strength compared to the maplewood to be drunk simply has had no time to let much, can make the Shuanglong effect person me instantaneously, but also few, this iron boots congealed really the skill of black ink are not general, but, his big move has used up, but my combo, [Thundering Heavens], Invincible Body and other skills still, want to kill him are also not impossible.

„Do not impulse!" Lin Wan Er holds on my hand, preventing me to go to kill this iron boots to congeal again black ink.

But in not far away, melt god cavalry also finally came.

The iron boots concentrate black ink are not a fool, the effect of raising the morale has achieved, immediately progressed to fire into a warship of Ryongho-ri, there altogether had 11 warships, was the army warship of dark blue navy, but had rented at this time probably to the player has used, otherwise the iron boots congealed black ink not to be impossible the person who had several thousand people rapidly to intercept the male tyrant wind and cloud here.


Li Mu raised the long sword to rush ahead the past, the match for ten thousand opened, the anger did not touch Zhoushan on the bang in the crowd, brings beautiful life guild player who one group of melt god cavalries were chasing down these to embark without enough time, but these people as if do not want to walk, about 1000 + people of appearances, in the shore array defense, shielded the iron boots to congeal black ink and the others to embark.

I also raise the sword to join to fight circle, the player quality of beautiful life is quite good, we for a long time cannot capture unexpectedly, after near 5 minutes, kills them to defend the collapse, at this moment, the warship of travel to center of the lake reverberates suddenly an artillery sound, a dragon crystal artillery erupts in the crowd of melt god cavalry, afterward second and third, explodes together with the person who they bring up the rear together flies, this was true resorting to all means that flash [Zhan Long] has over hundred people of melt god cavalries to be buried in the dragon crystal artillery.


I wield a sword rapidly, leading the people to retrocede, a dragon crystal artillery artillery gets down I to be blasted over 7 thousand HP, the player of melt god cavalry in filling the health potion situation resisted two artillery is the limit, the third artillery was equal to that must die.

The people pulled the reins tone to walk, left the firing distance of dragon crystal artillery, actually can only be away from water An Fenran to look at the dark blue navy warship in center of the lake, truly, here they are in fine weather and favorable geographical position, we did not have the sailors from the start, but Long Lake broad like sea, so long as they can definitely be in an impregnable position in the lake.


Li Mu is grasping the armored hand, gets angry: „This group of mean fellows, do not dare to hit the frontage with us, the person of male tyrant wind and cloud died in vain really!"

Wang Jian said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, your HP saw the bottom instantaneously, what's the matter, what person was so fierce, can hit to empty your HP? Does the clear pupil develop black ink?"

„It is not." I shake the head, self-ridicule smiles: „Is the clear pupil develops vice- Guildmaster of black ink, calling the iron boots to congeal black ink, the skill of this person was not general powerful, later everybody saw after this person, must be careful, if necessary the first Cooldown second massacres him!"

One Second Hero however said indignantly: „Whatever like this they did walk?"

„Naturally cannot!"

I gain ground to have a look at the sky, then summoned in regiment system, few minutes, a warhawk rode to search from airborne falls, warhawk palace guard held the fist in the other hand said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, has what instruction?"

I: „Makes the Han deep pool and Xiao severe and the others lead the palace guard main force to arrive at Long Lake here, erects the dragon crystal artillery in the Long Lake shore, prepares to meet the naval forces of dark blue navy! Do not act rashly without my order."

„Yes, Sir!"


Looks the level of the lake that the ocean waves ripple, Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „It seems like a true decisive battle must approach."

Li Mu asked: „Xiao Yao, specifically what to do do you want?"

I clench teeth, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly to kill intent, said: „Clear pupil develops black ink throughout is the female war-god of India, is not our people, will never meet the thoughts of returning home, has not resulted in including the friends does, since this, I must destroy completely the beautiful life in this Ryongho-ri thoroughly, making the clear pupil develop black ink to know with me for the enemy, and [Zhan Long] for the price of enemy!"

„Good!" Wang Jian nods: „Should like this!"

I am secret smile, this saying said as if also to raise the morale, the clear pupil developed black ink, if were defeated really easily, that was not the clear pupil develops black ink.


[Zhan Long] that again shortly afterward, Dong Cheng Yue and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands lead long-distance, the treatment team also arrived in the Long Lake shore, [Zhan Long] gathered 5 thousand military strength at the shore, in addition the forthcoming palace guard military strength, I summoned 8 thousand Dragon's den armed forces that Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing led also immediately, the entire 25 thousand military strength, I must look that but actually saw clearly the pupil to develop black ink also to have any magical powers to let our these 25 thousand military strength total defeats!

The distant place, spreads news that can hunt , the clear pupil develops black ink to lead 3 thousand + people to defeat the temple Knight group and Emperor's Blood 4 thousand person armies in Long Lake East jungle, originally she not in Long Lake.

I sit in the bund, was hearing the cool breeze brings the lake water the flavor, at heart hundred taste mixed Chen.

The hoofbeat transmits, Yue Qing Qian said near my ear: „Brother Xiao Yao, Q-Sword brought the [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools to ride, hundred deep pools rode also 7000 + people, it is estimated that can also apply."

I nod, said: „Hundred deep pools ride to be able on water surface to skice, can attract the attack of dragon crystal artillery, like this we will have the opportunity."

„What opportunity?" The Han deep pool asked.

I: „Destroys the opportunity in Ryongho-ri sea military vessel shipyard."

Wang Jian knits the brows: „But Xiao Yao elder brother, even if burnt down their dock, their warships on the water surface, the battle efficiency have not weakened as before."

I: „Has not related, this King will hunt to continue for 72 hours, I had looked at their warship drinking water a moment ago, is similar to the warship drinking water of palace guard, this explained the dragon crystal artillery shell quantity on their warship to be limited, has not transported to the ship on massively, when the shell has polished, we swam to embark to destroy completely them directly are not the issues."

Wang Jian claps, says with a smile: „Going to war time has the Xiao Yao elder brother, is really good!"


The clear pupil develops black ink, is not impregnable.

Zhan Long Chapter 1024

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