Zhan Long Chapter 1025

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12 : 00 o'clock at night, the [Zhan Long] majority of player offline rest, I and Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian several people discussed later decision 7 : 00 am times starts to the attack of opposite party dock, according to the China , India time difference 2.5 hours, at that time happen to was India 5 : 00 am, the majority of players still in the fond dream, at that time sneak attacked it would be the best, the person who therefore we dispatched was not complete, but was elite, only led 1.2 thousand melt god cavalries to go to suffice.


Around 6 : 00 am, wake up in the alarum sound, washed then to eat a thing to get online rapidly.


Appears in the Long Lake edge, 7 points get online on time, the side unceasing ray is glittering, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry also one after another gets online, the population are getting more and more, when 7 : 10 point of time collected over ten thousand melt god cavalries, other makes them continue to rest, probably was rests excessively, the King will hunt to move one dozen is one everybody is also tired all day.


After I summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse, drew out the butterfly sword, said: „Preparation!"

Puts out a hand to start Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Meng Yao and the others also in abundance starts, immediately, our approaching speeds are not too quick, just marched forward less than one li (0.5km), really the front shore is having two warships of dark blue navies to approach shore, the dragon crystal artillery on warship is pointing to us, immediately I hold on the reins suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Whereabouts exposed!?"

Actually does not think the Yue Qing Qian micro smile: „Does Brother Xiao Yao, who you look at the person on ship is?"

Fixes the eyes on looked that discovers in warship deck is riding the person of melt god warhorse impressively, was third point pledge Guildmaster Death God's Elegy and his several subordinates, Death God's Elegy progresses to rush to the warship impressively, raises in crowd that the lance was flushing to join the melt god cavalry, at the same time explained with a smile to me: „Last night I and several hundred brothers nights have not rested, has stolen the two ships of dark blue navy in the shore of Long Lake, hey, NPC had been chopped up, the clear pupil develops black ink should not to detect."

I in consternation: „Isn't your night does not rest, tired?"

„Was used to it!"

The young fellows, are really the pure men who the iron hits, the person of third point pledge inherited the Death God's Elegy will, the workaholic, how for two ships spell for night not to rest!

However has these two warships but actually also well, at least we were in Long Lake to have with the qualifications of Indian war zone dialog, although has been short.


Continues to skice, the melt god cavalries control the warhorse do not exude the too big sound diligently, but the oppression of the people sound is not small, probably also awakened the clear dream of Indian war zone player? After dozen minutes, melt god cavalries detoured the south bank in Long Lake, a distant jet black dock stood and waited for a long time in the shore, be continuous about 34 li (0.5km), but was anchoring warships around the dock, the dark blue navy warship here about 50 + appearances, were considerable.

„Be careful!" Li Mu warned suddenly.

Not far away war cries transmit, the people of several thousand beautiful life guilds came, rides the war is, the long-distance department has!

„Did they discover us?" Yue Qing Qian asked astonished.

I shake the head: „No, is the people who divides pledge, do not prolong contact, fights a battle to force a quick decision!"

„Yes!" One group of melt god cavalries nod in abundance, the people draw out the sharp knife blade one after another, to the pledge of beautiful life on the rush in the past, where they can resist the melt god cavalry, was swept away, leaves behind a place corpse, but directly soaring dock that our speed keeps, at this moment, airborne hears incisive birdsongs, came, uniform Flame Hawk Archers!

The distant place, dock surrounding is one about 4 meters high city wall, protects the harbor not to be attacked, in the city wall a form flashes in a hurry, the iron boots that just got online impressively concentrate black ink, he was probably awakened from the sleep, gets online appears in the city wall, raises the lance to summon the warhorse, the complexion pale loudness shouts to clear the way: „Do not be flustered, Ben Thunder of second point pledge rides on the city wall to defend them with me completely together, all archers, on the warship, protects the warship, salvo attack airborne these flame hawks, the collection fire, kill one are!"

On the city purple thunder optical scintillations, that is Ben Leiqi, 172 levels of Divine Tier BOSS level mount, is managing a household of beautiful life rides the war is the branch of the services, Ben Leiqi major characteristics are run four hooves to spatter in all directions Thunder Guang to attack the surrounding target, knew one week ago, but just experienced now!

Jianfeng in a flash, I to the front line of melt god cavalry, directly soar the harbor fence, said in a low voice: „Breaks through them, do not make the Dragon's den armed forces consumption of Fan Shu City too many!"

Flame Hawk Archers is I am used to deal with country war, at present the total on 3 thousand +, I do not want the buckle too to be here many.

That moment of close city, the melt god cavalries headed by Meng Yao held up the shield to defend the above magic and arrow arrow attack, but I was rapid a pendulum left hand, 100 [Soul Army] symbols lingered crowded, next quarter purple thunder Ji Che appeared in the city wall, thunder awl „bang" shook the city wall, the above iron boots congealed black ink to say immediately panic-strickenly: „Is purple thunder Ji Che?! Mother......"

Not only this time is purple thunder Ji Che, melts the god cavalry also to have the effect of flying general, the destructive power to the city construction promotes 40%, Cooldown people are being the unceasing [Combo] + sword wheel cut + spin fierce Axe and other skills to wreak havoc to the city wall, the fence defense of harbor is really pitiful, less than three minutes of each city wall started the unceasing disintegration, the melt god cavalry leapt the body to enter, enters in the harbor to encircle!

The dead ahead, iron boots concentrate black ink to raise the lance, is having about 1000 + Ben Leiqi appearance, complexion pale shouting to clear the way: „Protects the warship and dock, so long as we supported 20 minutes of Guildmaster to have the main force to come!"

My Jianfeng wields, shouted to clear the way lowly: „In 20 minutes destroy completely them, on!"


The melt god cavalries work off anger just prosperously, did not wait for me to order to start full speed [Assault], but the iron boots congealed the man who black ink also quite had planting, raised the lance stimulation of movement warhorse to lead Ben Leiqi to kill, this Ben Leiqi ran in the ground to be dense purple Thunder Guang of faint trace, was really attractive . Moreover the might truly was different general, after an confrontation, several hundred Ben Leiqi by flying general + speeding away dizziness, but the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry also under rushing to the thunder effect was killed about hundred people.


The anger of Li Mu touches Zhoushan not to shake in the crowd, more than ten Ben Leiqi fell to the ground dead in battle accordingly, but a Old K night has not rested, killing went forward suddenly, jumped to cut Ben Leiqi barbarically kills, the instance that died in battle, this Ben Leiqi corpse fell to the ground, unexpectedly has revealed the white and shiny thigh and chest wool, equipment exposed besides the boots completely, Old K was also one night did not have offline last night, continued to fold the drop rate effect of greed hydra infinitely, present drop rate affirmation already at least 78 times.

After several put in an appearance, iron boots congealed black ink and the others already unable to withstand, the circumstance compelled, the iron boots congealed black ink to open the invincible effect once again, but this time could not run away, I have locked him, said in a low voice: „Do not ask him to leave, Old K, in preparation!"

Saying, me under the effects of thousand frost wings was skicing, but, congealed in the iron boots instantaneously is a [Strength of a Thousand Men] effect that black ink vanished invincibly, „" has made into the remnant blood directly, which he can also have any countermeasure at this time, had already gone all out, backlash while raised the hand to summon the Holy Ghost third-order purgatory crazy dragon effect, the next quarter black big dragon gushed out the ground, plunged Lin Wan Er directly, it seems like that this goods must [Zhan Long] beautiful woman Guildmaster massacre before dying.

„Wan Er, invincible!" I shout rapidly.

Lin Wan Er also knows that this move of fierce, a ring spin, the whole body covers in the golden ray, was invincible, purgatory crazy dragon effect also infinitely by MISS.

The iron boots concentrate black ink to ride the warhorse to run away, where I will make him leave, lifts the hand is a [Defeat the Dragon] effect!


Vice- Guildmaster of beautiful life has not gone out too once more returns to front of me, my vision sweeps, Old K instigates the melt god warhorse to come with great speed, does not need to kill, therefore leaves to draw back anxiously, single-handed, [Binding Chains] tied up the iron boots to congeal black ink, no matter what this time he had the skill of direct access to the highest authorities not to walk!

Really, iron boots congealed black ink to turn around, see Old K to come, lifted the hand to summon an invisible shield skill hurriedly, promoted 220% physical defense, but could not block the Old K greed hydra as before, after [Whirlwind Slash] + crossed the rubicon, the iron boots congealed black ink miserably snort to fall, equipment exploded almost, unexpectedly only then beside the shield, hard helmet and a necklace, other spots exploded completely!

Old K is collecting the spoils of war, beams with joy: „Abundant harvest, is simply higher than the deicide level BOSS drop rate, I have a look...... Chest armor and shinguard is a star magical instrument and ring are the inferior magical instrument and wrister are Demon Harvest and cloak are the absorption of JP injure the Divine Tier cape, the weapon is also a lance of star magical instrument, this goods one is the treasure!"

I nod saying: „Clear pupil develops the riding war that black ink builds brand-new is a player, the plan congealed black ink to restrain me by this iron boots, this time we exploded his many equipment......"

The Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth raise: „This time developed black ink to break off with the clear pupil thoroughly."

„Does not have the means."

I have stretched the arm, said: „Sooner or later must make war, the clear pupil develops black ink is not willing to submit to in people the person, that did not have the means that can only fight it out, hurry up, the ignition dock, massacred them, burns down the warship that can burn down while convenient completely, after 10 minutes retreated, otherwise we could not leave!"



After several minutes, solves remaining several hundred Ben Leiqi, starts to light the construction of dock, soon after the docks of these li (0.5km) places ascended the raging flame, but in the distant place, Chi Yu Qing leads Flame Hawk Archers in shooting the rocket ignites the warship, own loss are also many, on the water surface is floating the corpse of thick flame hawk, the Indian is not a fool, the dragon crystal artillery to the airborne wanton bombing, Flame Hawk Archers is losing directly seriously, on the Fan Shu City city contact surface showed that 3.2 thousand Flame Hawk Archers short less than 20 minutes died in battle over 7000 heads, were too frigid!

However, our duties have been accomplished, overburning dock, and warship was also burnt down more than half!



Zhan Long Chapter 1025

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