Zhan Long Chapter 1026

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Outside the harbor, Death God's Elegy leads about 2000 melt god cavalries in Zuo Chongyou clearing the way suddenly, a farther place, the hoofbeat just likes the billowing stuffy thunder is heavy, the clear pupil developed the main team of black ink to come finally, at least about ten thousand Ben Leiqi, purple Thunder Guang have illuminated the night jungle, the speed has fired into us quickly certainly.

„I remain to bring up the rear!" Death God's Elegy raises the lance to say.

I overrule immediately: „Does not need to bring up the rear, walks together, goes to north bank of Long Lake, the melt god cavalry moves to fast 500%, Ben Leiqi moves to fast 470%, our speeds are faster!"



Ben Thunder rides quickly, the melt god cavalry walks quickly, distance is farther, only then rear area the stucked several hundred melt god cavalries could not leave, the main force all departs, but Long Lake above one roaring flame rays, Chi Yu Qing was also directing Flame Hawk Archers to retreat, battle loss many, but our surprise attacks are to the clear pupil developed black ink heavy have struck, especially massacred the iron boots to congeal black ink, exploded he greatly half-length equipment, this news definitely developed black ink to be mad the clear pupil has flown into a rage.

Finally, the clear pupil develops the performance of black ink to be much calmer, will trade to be other people who I imagine definitely to have the beautiful life Guild over 4 thousand main forces to chase down us directly, but the clear pupil developed black ink to arrive in Long Lake to stop pursuing on the order, as if also realized that in pursuing certainly to want the misdemeanor, after all north bank of Long Lake, 12 thousand palace guards was waiting for them with over 1000 heavy artilleries.


Initial rise Xuyang punctures thoroughly the cloud layer, dawn, the point has considered as finished the population, the melt god cavalry 12000 people attack, buckle 1700 + people, now already, be only the quantity about 1 thousand person, must save the point to use.

The [Zhan Long] player socializes in the player who in the forest of nearby starry sky chases down the escape as before, simultaneously I will have a look to hunt for the contact surface, the disparity of we and Indian has enlarged some slightly

Chinese war zone: 29327012 points

Indian war zone: 27023838 points


Kills according to this efficiency, the winner should we.

Continues to march forward, not far away, Han Yuan progresses to come, to stand up from failure to discontinue, is raising the long blade, said respectfully: „General, Tian Ling Empire sent the excellent artisan, we have used about 10,000 people of artisans, was near Long Lake to build 7 warships in three days, the dragon crystal artillery, the hot crag artillery had erected!"

I am overjoyed: „Good, good!"

Two that such one, in addition Death God's Elegy snatches, we altogether had 9 warships, the clear pupil developed black ink in warship originally 50 of dark blue navy, was burnt down most probably, now also on the appearance that 20 did not arrive, has almost been able to fight.

Dark Chief Moon Elf the fine silks are raising long bow, the physique beautiful fascinating'winsome walks, said with a smile: „Sir, please dispatch our dark Moon Elf to go on board to meet head-on?"

My slightly thinking, then said with a smile: „Dark Moon Elf defended the camp to suffice freely, the water battle came by the palace guard!"

The fine silks purse the lips: „All day hides in Yingpan Li, quick went bad stuffily."

I pat her shoulder, said with a smile: „Relax, will have the opportunity that you go on stage."


At exactly 10 : 00 am, the distant place transmitted the combat report once more, the rising sun such as blood Guild with going on an expedition the world had a meeting engagement in the forest of starry sky, and both sides have both used the NPC army, the maplewood was drunk to assemble about 7 thousand hot lion armed forces main forces, but Wang Ze Cheng instigated the hot axe armed forces to command Luo child to transfer 4 thousand armies to meet head-on, the 80% military strength of close hot axe armed forces, were under the Q-Sword 1 thousand person do not have the command prompt actually.

But this war, the Tian Ling Empire disastrous defeat, the 4 thousand troops of hot axe armed forces were killed are utterly routed, the rising sun such as the blood also encounters the disastrous defeat, after the buckle is serious , the points disparities of two big servers have pulled closer one big section rapidly, makes me believe firmly that kills points that NPC obtains compared with killing the player wants many, at least high dozens times!

However, our strengths are limited, cannot control the fight that the forest of starry sky has, we had our battlefield, [Legend] and [Judgement] have reenforced the forest of starry sky, our battlefields in Long Lake, the match were the clear pupil develop black ink.

Trod the bridge-floor to step a warship, situated in the news of hot axe armed forces disastrous defeat, I have not led too many palace guards, but made the Han deep pool lead 500 people to take a warship, other 8 warships completely were the players, has provided the NPC cannoneer and helmsman, after ten minutes, 9 warships turned toward the Long Lake deep place to advance slowly.

This line of duties were very simple, found the other sailors of dark blue navy, occupied them thoroughly in the strength of Ryongho-ri destroys completely.



The distant place, battle drum sound sad transmitting, in the level of the lake horizon also presented warships, the warship of dark blue navy appeared, in driving to be nearer, already can see on the main warship to stand the clear pupil that an imperial elder sister was sending to develop black ink, she was raising the long bow, on pretty face without the slightest show of feeling, extremely tranquil appearance.

„Can they choose the center of the lake as the fight place?" The Lin Wan Er delicate eyebrows were light, said: „Develops the understanding of black ink by me to the clear pupil, she will not fight the weaponry that has not grasped."

„Does this center of the lake have what trick?" Li Mu asked.

Wang Jian said: „Does not know......"

Yue Qing Qian blinked: „I cannot look up the center of the lake of Long Lake to have any trick in the information bank."

I draw out the butterfly slowly, said: „No matter there is any trick, fights with every effort and that's the end!"



The both sides warship is getting more and more near, Han Yuan already raised the arm, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Aims at their warships, once achieves the firing distance directly to fire off!"

The next quarter, the warship starts to turn around the bow crosswise, rows of muzzles to the distant place, several minutes later, the crackle of gunfire will be shocking the echo suddenly, both sides started to enter the naval battle pattern.

„Bang bang!"

A fulmination, the warship of dark blue navy had in one continually two dragon crystal artillery, but the disintegration was two sections, but the fire of dark blue navy was not as if accurate, dropped down around our warships, thundered unceasingly, launched very crowded.

„What's the matter?" I knit the brows: „Port City army bombing accurate shouldn't lower to this degree again lowly?"

The Han deep pool looks on another warship to me, in pair of tiger is passing being astonished, said: „General, end will think that situation is a little not as if right, their intent does not destroy our warships at the bang......"

„What is that?" Li Mu is stunned.

After several minutes, the dark blue navy at least falls in torrents several hundred dragon crystal artillery in our surroundings, causes the surrounding temperature of palace guard warship to rise steep, the air currents of stealths are howling to revolve, but the airborne fire gunsmoke has also formed dark cloud, is not right, that seems not the gunsmoke formation.

„It is not wonderful!"

The Lin Wan Er tender body trembles suddenly, said: „Is the air current!"

My also moral nature sinks, said: „Temperature promotion made on the level of the lake form the ascendant current, subsequently...... Subsequently leads the surrounding water surface to have backflow? This somewhat complex......"

Dong Cheng Yue pair of beautiful eyes visits me, said: „In light of the geographical environment of Long Lake?"

At this time, the surrounding current of water started becomes rapid, this Long Lake had the trick, the surroundings formed a huge backflow vortex, the warship of palace guard have almost not soon been able to control, must go in the vortex shortly, in our not far away, in the center of the lake a giant vortex has formed, how god knows this tornado violent formed, the reason only then, the clear pupil developed black ink to experience us not to have the matter of experience in the center of the lake of Long Lake.

„Full sail, to Going out!" My hurried loud [say / way].

The Han deep pool also lowly exclaimed: „Makes an effort a stroke of water!"


However, as if late, the giant vortex has bought in our 9 warship revolving, the power that our full sails and sailors provide has provided enough centrifugal force insufficiently.

At this time matter awfully occurred, the clear pupil developed black ink to order the 17 warships of her subordinates to march forward slowly, in started the accurate dragon crystal artillery burst from our about 200 meters away!


The flame soars to the heavens, a recent palace guard warship is torn to pieces, the 500 + [Zhan Long] players on warship were involved in the flood all, thinks that has no way to maintain a livelihood.

„Mother!" Wang Jian is in an uncontrollable rage: „This mean woman, we her mileage, was really also mean, was really too mean!"

„How fearful match......" One Second Hero is holding the broad side, astonished looks that the clear pupil of distant place develops black ink.


I deeply inspired, look to Wang Jian, said: „Your long sword does skill still remember?"

Wang Jian lowers the head to have a look at the breaking sea sword in hand, on the face to reappear a happy expression: „Breaks the sea sword?"


„But I have revolved on the warship, has fainted, feared that does not divide certainly!"

„Relax, I lead you to ascend the sky."

„Good, the Xiao Yao elder brother we walks, breaks through for everybody!"



Opens the hand to grasp from warship Wang Jian, I behind open the effects of thousand frost wings, soars to the heavens to go rapidly, is in the midair, on the Wang Jian breaking sea sword the ray is radiant, that is the prelude of skill outbreak, he gains ground to have a look at me: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, stands firm the personal appearance, I seek for the angle!"


The tornado violent has formed, my cape was blown flap flap makes noise, but the reluctant narrowing the eyes eye stands firm the personal appearance, Wang Jian is the master of a top consciousness and operation, settles on Cooldown with a smile lowly to shout to clear the way: „Is now, lets their quite delicious pot!"


Broke the sea sword ray to shoot up to the sky, breaks sea skill to start, got angry suddenly chops to go, immediately invisible air current cut the lake water, a sword got down, has almost broken out the water surface in center of the lake completely, and center a warship of dark blue navy, that warship was all right actually, but the water of load bearing warship instantaneously was found time, flew high to fall to the instantaneous dry lake bottom.

All people have been shocked, nobody thinks that Wang Jian this strikes will have such earthshaking might unexpectedly, breaks the sea sword on the water surface is really the King!

The separated water spray gathers rapidly, but has formed great tide, throws off three warships of dark blue navies once more, but I settle on the angle, moved the arm to throw Wang Jian suddenly to the palace guard warship of distant place, „bang" this boy dropped in the deck, opened to flutter the deck to delimit Going out rapidly single-handed, the stance extremely heroic bearing.

„The Xiao Yao elder brother, do you want to do?" Wang Jian looks up to me.

I have not spoken, actually receives sword, stretches out the arms suddenly, almost exhausts my within the body the strength of each drop of Holy Domain to add holds the imperial day skill, but my this time wants the imperial day the goal is not other, is this liquid lake water, the clear pupil develops black ink choice center of the lake to take the battlefield, she has thought the environment of center of the lake weather, has not actually thought of my imperial day skill!


„Shua Shua Shua......"

Water columns pulled out under the field of force of absolute domain to the water surface, likely is the water dragon that winds to sway from side to side, reaches several hundred!

Zhan Long Chapter 1026

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