Zhan Long Chapter 1027

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„I go......"

On the warship, Li Mu looks up my back.


Water column maneuvers sway from side to side, I almost felt that the energy in within the body must be drained, is not limited to this, I also almost this center of the lake vortex surrounding current of water draining, giant water dragons during my grasps, the next quarter, blows up all strengths forward to wield the arm, shouts to clear the way: „Tastes!"


The clear pupil develops black ink dull standing on the warship, on the face brings to despair and unwilling, in the eye socket the tears revolve, mutter: „Person calculates that is inferior to the day to calculate, Xiao Yao he is really the difficult adversary that I hit?"


The innumerable water dragons plunged the warship of opposite party, „bang bang bang" the sound is unceasing, the warships of dark blue navies were penetrated by the water dragon, 13 warships in an instant only remaining 2, but the clear pupil develops black ink lightly saying: „Full sail retreats!"


In water the soldiers of innumerable dark blue navy in shouting life-saving, but in the war how some people will pay attention to them, but I after these time the largest imperial day control domain, the strength of whole person seemed been until now same by the suck dry, the flight strengths of thousand frost wings did not have, the side effect of this skill is really cruel!


Flew high to fall to the water surface, above warship has heard the Lin Wan Er screams, the next quarter, she flew, caught me, two people „bang" tumbled in the deck, face nearby warm soft, my profile by in the Lin Wan Er bosom, touch being overwhelmed with emotion of young girlfriend proud figure, periphery person of that many definitely is not willing to leave.


Lin Wan Er falls on the cheeks an inflammation, actually as before cares looks up me: „All right?"


I nod, difficult holds the deck to stand up, the surrounding fluent circulation was broken the sea and imperial day destroying, surrounding uneventfulness, but the clear pupil develops black ink only to bring 2 warships to go back, the sailors of dark blue navy similar whole army has been annihilated, the remaining two warships could not raise any great storms.

Has a look at the skill to list, all skills turned into the red, demonstrates unable to use, but CD is 60 minutes!

Was the imperial day is really an unusual refined skill, perhaps I used to make an effort a moment ago?

Somewhat speechless, I told Lin Wan Er me in 60 minutes unable to use any skill and attribute in a low voice to fall suddenly 70% truth, Lin Wan Er have gawked first staring, afterward the corners of the mouth have brought back the arc, honey low voice said to me: „Relax, I will then protect you!"


The return, the water battle routs the clear pupil to develop black ink, won total victories, the malpractice of water battle is equipment that explodes is unable to pick to take, Long Lake was too deep, will dive to be suffocated mostly.

North bank of Long Lake, the palace guard station, the kitchen work camp is burying the pot to prepare food.

In the players do not need to play eat meal, therefore Death God's Elegy and the others offline ate meal to rest, other people continued the player and team that dispersed hunts and kills these to complete the order form in the surroundings, but the distant place combat report was unceasing, besides the hot axe armed forces, after forming, continuously the establishment not entire, now finally develops to the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces of 3 thousand military strength reaches as high as the Indian players of audiences of 10 thousand sneak attacks, Ye Lai turned back in order to help friendly forces luckily promptly, and please move the main reenforcement of [Prague], finally killed audiences of these 10 thousand the players of Indian Intermediate Guild completely, but only obtained 10 thousand points, but the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces with being stationed were massacred in nearby flame Dragon Jun. 2 thousand + NPC army, has actually given opposite party about 1 million points!

The clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk has discovered that killed opposite party NPC to obtain points is kills about 50 times of player, therefore they rather sacrificed many enough players to receive in exchange to massacre the Tian Ling Empire NPC army, but our warhawks rode to search , then pried very unfortunate news, Port City NPC mostly hid in Port City, there does not belong will hunt for the map, we killed are not useful.

The situation shifted to we very disadvantageous condition, must contain!


Thinks of here, I stand up from failure to start immediately, bringing Lin Wan Er to reduce heat Ze plain, Tian Ling Empire major Guild basically guard there.

Way crazy Lei Jun, imperial guard camp, arrives in the armed forces account time, Situ Xin is holding the fight conference, he in only general besides me, is here military rank highest person, I not the person, when ordered was he.


The curtain screen lifts, I march into the armed forces account, the people stand up, hold the fist in the other hand saying: „On general!"

As soon as I nod, has not spoken.

Situ Xin asked: „What recent news Li has Master brought?"

I shouted the one breath, said leisurely: „The news that brings is, we must withdraw troops."

„Why?" Situ Xin is stunned, said: „Warhawk rode to search just brought news, Director Li Master the palace guard warship routs the dark blue navy naval forces in Long Lake, suddenly to request how to withdraw troops?"

I am somewhat helpless, beckoned with the hand saying: „If I told you, the Port City adventurer killed you to obtain very rich repayment, to can make our day plume empire lose Port City richly, you retreated, making the Tian Ling Empire adventurer solve this matter is the best way, will you listen to my admonishment?"

Situ Xin astonished, said: „I...... I somewhat cannot understand......"

He is NPC, actually I had not counted on that he can hear the matter about game rule.

Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand saying: „But, so long as Li Master issues an order, end definitely will comply with!"

I breathed a sigh of relief, said: „Um, General Situ directs the major regiments to go to North bank of Wu Shenhe, here war has not needed everybody, I stay here to solve!"

At this time, crazy Lei Jun's new commander Xu Yan stood up, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Li Master, end does not understand some, we serviceman who fights a bloody battle for the empire, why Li Master stays here, we actually must hide the military god Hebei side, if so, do we why want to enlist in the military?"

Romania flies also to express puzzled, said: „Yes Li Master, we give loyalty to for the empire wholeheartedly, why lets us, when withdraws in the rear timid petty people, Luo Feizhen puzzled!"

Situ firewood pats the table suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „That many idle talk that which comes, Li Master is holds the spear that your majesty tacitly approves greatly, his words are the life of marshal, what objection but also there is?"

Xu Yan stares, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Yes, end will be compliant!"

Romania flies , then said: „End will understand!"


I nod, said: „Made general feel embarrassed, but after I returned to Tian Ling Empire, certainly will explain to your majesty that did not fear the war, I will be certainly clear for explanation."

Romania flies saying: „Broken cauldron male does not need so, I and others compliantly then!"

I also no longer said anything, said categorically: „Breaks camp the withdrawal of troops, immediately!"


Therefore, Tian Ling Empire various group of troops retreat in abundance, the only palace guard has not walked, our fires are sufficient, equipment excellent, there is a Dragon's den armed forces guard, I hope actually the Indian has the guts to come to us to deliver points.


Is later, Fang Ge Que is invited, one crowd of Tian Ling Empire guild Guildmaster level player gathers in the forest of starry sky, discussed the next step battle plan.

I bring Lin Wan Er is arriving, here the dense and numerous about hundred people, have gathered round a bunch of fire of high-piled firewood, the sky stars are bright, situation actually very good.

Fang Ge Que grasps the paper fan to sit near the fire of high-piled firewood, saw me to come to say with a smile: „Xiao Yao, here sits."

I pull Lin Wan Er also to sit near the fire of high-piled firewood, Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai and Mu Xuan and the others also nearby the fire of high-piled firewood, the Guildmaster comparison of true big pledge approaches the fire of high-piled firewood, this pattern makes people think somewhat funnily, but can have any means that for a lot of years are this, Level divides clearly, the thought of officialdom standard is unable to change in short Cooldown.

„Can start." I said.

Fang Ge Que nods, said: „Everybody also saw, I think we can rout the Indian at one fell swoop, won competion that this King can hunt, but is not in fact simple, the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk is really too astute, first with our guerrilla warfare, latter was the player changes the NPC way to pull closer the points disparity, now we were young with the points disparity in Indian area, they only needed a turnaround to exceed in us."

Saying, Fang Ge Que is touching the nose, rare smiling: „From the beginning makes war we had a low opinion of the enemy, deliver points of many small guild to them, this I had the mistake, I first self-examination."

Not far away, Wang Ze Cheng said: „I have also had a low opinion of the enemy, leading the hot axe armed forces to defeat."

Q-Sword sneers: „Far more than defeats, the previous fire Divine Mountain didn't you lead the fire axe armed forces to lose in the palace guard hand? Was this second time? General Chang Bai, that family property of hot axe armed forces soon was wasted all one's money by you!"

Wang Ze Cheng has been startled being startled, said: „Perhaps Q-Sword, you have the prejudice to me, but has not related, I can tolerate all your mood, I only want to make the Chinese war zone win this King now to hunt."

I said: „Was good, is not no need to say these again, what to do said then?"

The Fang Ge Que nod said: „Xiao Yao has repatriated North bank of crazy Lei Jun, the flame Dragon Jun and other NPC armies Wu Shenhe completely, therefore did not need the load imperturbable pupil to develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk sneak attacks our NPC armies to obtain points again, but I also obtained a news, was actually not all Port City NPC armies in the city, they will be hunting for in the map to have in the soldier."

Saying, Fang Ge Que waves, big map sharing in everybody at present, above marks various types in soldier and military strength and other distribution maps, said: „The command xing fire of hot lion armed forces is a full soul is pale, even if to own woman cannot the percentage hundred trusts, therefore besides arranges the military strength in the city, here......"

He is pointing at a piece of mountain range map, said: „Here called three blade edge mountains, will hunt for one of the maps, on the mountain was guarding the hot lion armed forces of 5 thousand military strength, was the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk and other main Guild guarding places, the clear pupil developed black ink to be very intelligent, holds three blade edge mountains, looked for the opportunity to sneak attack us again, like this looked for the opportunity to draw the points inferiority."

Q-Sword is stunned, puts out a hand to pat three blade edge mountains, surges ripples, said: „Our next step is the storm three blade edge mountains, right?"

A Fang Ge Que with a smile nod: „Right, massacres 50,000 garrison troops on three blade edge mountains, at least can bring 250 thousand points to us, this King will hunt for also to win!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1027

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