Zhan Long Chapter 1028

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The battlefield will hunt for 11 : 00 o'clock at night, the forest of starry sky.

In the jungle was unable in searching for the Port City player, they have withdrawn in safe Port City or are on the military strength abundant three blade edge mountains, will not capture the points opportunity to us.


The bonfire flip-flop is burning, is illuminating face of surrounding one group of [Zhan Long] core management level players, I sit in the bonfire edge, provokes the fire of high-piled firewood with the butterfly sword, lets the flame flaming combustion.

Li Mu just likes the blade carves the firm and resolute face to watch the fire of high-piled firewood, in the pupil is beating the flame, said: „Do we want they to attack three blade edge mountains with [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] really together?"

„Only can obey the unification to assign." I said reluctantly.

Yue Qing Qian gathers together the short skirt to sit by fire of high-piled firewood, said: „According to my knowledge, on three blade edge mountains at least over 7 thousand hot lion armed forces in soldier, moreover quantity also absolutely over 200 thousand of player, according to talking clearly the pupil develop black ink and maplewood are drunk as well as thunder bear and the others own guild elite is stationed on three blade edge mountains, waits for us to walk into a trap!"

Old K makes a fist saying: „Actually this has not related, so long as Li Youngster dispatches the heavy artillery of palace guard to pass round bombing, three blade edge mountains must raze, their many people do not help matters again!"

Lin Wan Er smiled: „The key of issue is here, we will use the words of palace guard possibly to make them organically be possible to take advantage, once the palace guard were captured, possibly the Port City person can dump tray, therefore my suggestion will be the palace guard do not act rashly, the only player will suppress them, this will also be insufficient to lose."

Yue Qing Qian looks to me: „Does Brother Xiao Yao, you think?"

I nod the head, said: „I approve of the view of Wan Er, crosses a meeting again, I will send the palace guard to withdraw troops, return to north Wu Shenhe, our only player had the stratagem which ensures success to trample flat three blade edge mountains."

Li Mu stands up, says with a smile: „That such has decided that [Zhan Long] all players attack three blade edge mountains with the Chinese war zone together, I did not believe the steel and iron fortress that these three blade edge mountains were really anything not firmly may urge!"

I have a look at Cooldown, said: „The offline rest, 5 : 00 am gets out of bed to attack, this is last war that the King can hunt, everybody must recuperate the spirit!"



[Zhan Long] people in abundance offline, but I raise the camp that the butterfly is directly soaring the palace guard, in the armed forces account Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, the summer leaf four will be gathering round the sand table to discuss anything, sees me to come to say immediately respectfully: „General, you came!"

I nod.

The Han deep pool said: „General, according to what has been heard xing fire that idiot and Yun Piaopiao the hot lion armed forces being stationed on three blade edge mountains! Good, so long as our palace guard cavalries push directly into, 50,000 oppression of the people can raze three blade edge mountains inevitably, order, the brothers have prepared!"

Xiao severe, Dragon Xing also hoped to go to battle, but the summer leaf calmly waited for that my order, he was calmest, was most brilliant.

Finally, I shake the head, said: „No, passes on me to order, the palace guard retreats immediately north Wu Shenhe, can not cross Wu Shenhe without my order."

The Han deep pool is stunned: „General, why can we give up attacking? Maintained an army on the thousand th, used the army for an hour, general why snow conceal palace guard?"

I explained lightly: „It is not snow conceal, treasures, immediately carries out, again why do not ask, in Wu Shenhe the news that waited for me to triumph then."

„Yes, General!"


After a Han deep pool order, palace guard all break camp to retreat, but I also went to a worry, the summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, progresses to walk with the palace guard together, until they entered offline that Wu Shenhe the south bateau-bridge felt relieved to rest.

Being late at night, immediately sleeps.

Waking up time is around 4 : 00 am, actually has not had a good sleep from the start, gets out of bed later sees the eye of Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue is also red, said that the beautiful woman must sleep, over the two days they rested may not be really many, really has put in great inconvenience, but does not have the means that who lets them is the [Zhan Long] core management level player, the guild needs them, cannot rest are too many.

In the morning, ate the decoration cake + the hot milk to assemble is being the breakfast, finished eating gets online immediately, Fang Ge Que was the commander-in-chief in Chinese war zone, the order that gave was 5 : 00 am all Guild in the fire Ze plain southeast boundary set, cannot Guild bring death, the clear pupil developed black ink to start to concentrate guerilla forces for concerted attack, but we cannot break up the whole into parts, otherwise can only by defeat in detail.


Appears on the fire Ze plain, this is I sees off the place of palace guard, looked at the past from afar, Wu Shenhe the opposite point spark continuous dozens li (0.5km), that was the stations of Tian Ling Empire major regiments, at this time preserved their strengths is necessary, once otherwise the country fought opening, perhaps we must expose the understrength malpractice.

Directly soars the southeastern direction, when I speed away, but, distant saw Q-Sword leads the [Hero's Mound] enormous and powerful hundred deep pools to ride is building up, hundred deep pools rode have eliminated the Port City remaining military strength in Long Lake over the two days, actually the startled day after Long Lake fought, the hot lion armed forces command the xing fire to want in Long Lake to reconstruct the warship, what a pity was ridden by the Q-Sword hundred deep pools crushing the plan, the artisans of hot lion armed forces just launched to construct the hull, was ridden to tread the wave by hundred deep pools, but gave to hew the fragment, afterward also gave up this idea, therefore in Long Lake water battle, hundred deep pools. Rides but actually has also contributed to great merit, making the clear pupil develop black ink totally to give up Long Lake this map.


Proceeds again, the [Zhan Long] team appeared, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian and the others leads, after the fierce battle, we are preserving nearly 50% military strength again and again as before, 4 thousand person teams in entire Tian Ling Empire large and middle scale Guild are very complete, other Guild words, [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] have only preserved about 30% military strength, [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], [Appearance Alliance] , etc. 1 thousand + person, the tactical situation too was intense, each Guild is unable to protect itself good, can only go all out.

However under pieces together, we at least gathered the armies of over 400 thousand people on the fire Ze plain as before, the player quantity of Chinese war zone is many!

The quantities of our player are 2 times of opposite party, but the clear pupil develops the superiority that black ink and maplewood are drunk has the reenforcement of 7 thousand hot lion armed forces, in the firing distance of heavy artillery is their world.

Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others arrives at side me, behind stands in me a row, I have become the most vanguards of [Zhan Long] team, the distant place, the rumor of Ben Lveru fire is raising the long sword, progresses the line, at the same time was shouting loudly: „Major Guild reporter numbers, I must count to arrange the marching situation!"

Ye Lai raises Axe saying: „The [Judgement] also 1.4 thousand people, arranging us to be the vanguard?"

The rumor smiles: „Does not use anxiously bringing death, will have the opportunity."

In the Ye Lai eye passed over gently and swiftly to kill intent: „[Judgement] is the population again little clashes in front does not calculate brings death, that is kills the enemy, Ben Lveru the fire population again much hides in behind also waits for death, we are the wolves, you are the sheep!"

The rumor sneers, did not speak, continued to count the major Guild population.

Again soon , the order of Fang Ge Que transmits, rides, the [Legend] kamikaze in a big way to ride three to ride as the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry and [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools to fight the branch of the services, in the front clears the way, in other Guild, behind brings up the rear to have the arrangement respectively, after 10 minutes, embarks.


„His paternal grandmother......" the Li Mu straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tighten, said: „Unexpectedly makes us melt god cavalry to the forefront, when the shield, how this Fang Ge Que thinks that we are the swords, is not the shield......"

I show a faint smile: „Do not complain! Fang Ge Que does not take own kamikaze to ride with the Q-Sword hundred deep pools to ride to send, as the vanguard, truly needs elite, otherwise could not break through including defense of opposite party, that anything was needless saying that even if we were the swords, but the Tian Ling Empire shield died similarly, must we go."


Li Mu suspends the fire to burn the sword, grins to say with a smile: „That makes the clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood to be drunk tastes melted god cavalry [Assault] taste again!"

As soon as I nod, progressing leads the melt god cavalry to overrun forward, but somewhat is at heart disturbed, can this time we work as this sword really? Three blade edge mountains are the steep mountain valleys, the melt god cavalry wants to embark the speeding away effect needs the speed surpass full speed 50%, but wants to increase speed to this degree at least must have the approach in 100 meters smooth ground, the war of this three blade edge mountains, may not likely be smooth that we imagine.

Li Mu and Old K always said that I think many, does few, works the beforehand fraught with uncertainty, I also can only report awkwardly to smile, do not have the means that since I sit in Guildmaster this position, that must think comprehensively, considers many, our stratagem which ensures success will be bigger, this is also a basic attribute of commander, otherwise can only lead own person to move toward to perish, such example was too much were too many.


What match does the clear pupil develop the ink is?

She is a fire city war burns down the Tian Ling Empire army granary, to make us handle against person likely.

She is the person who under day Pingshan the flooding Tian Ling Empire army, blows up mountain massif being battered to death flame Dragon Jun commander Xu Yi.

She is this King will hunt for almost in Long Lake the woman who depends upon the geographical environment destruction palace guard naval forces.

The clear pupil develops the terrifying of black ink, nobody was clearer than me, since she leads the guild and NPC army at present guards on three blade edge mountains, that will not hit this does not have the war of preparing, certainly also has any me not to consider.


What also has is I have not considered?

So long as the 400 thousand people in Chinese war zone sphere three blade edge mountains, we basically have won, Port City does not dare to additionally appoint many NPC armies, such can only cause them to lose quickly, must say that on the mountain erects the dragon crystal artillery, the Port City resources are inferior to Tian Ling Empire, large quantities of dragon crystal artillery sank to the lake bottom in Long Lake by me, how many dragon crystal artillery can they have?

The reenforcement words, Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city and iron skull city was distanced was too far, if they planned to reenforce the Port City Indian player, that can only the long-distance raid, but they wanted after the wilderness and ice hot wilderness map, our people will certainly discover, and informed ahead of time, as for the highest heaven city, as if, the demon mountain and 7 K developed the relations of black ink not to be good with the clear pupil, even had the war frequently, should be insufficient to reenforce them.


Then, we won!

Zhan Long Chapter 1028

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