Zhan Long Chapter 1030

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One group wraps dragon crystal in thick roaring flame to explode in my bosom , the explosion power to injure of ultra short distance is stronger, 11 thousand + the injury figure flies, but I also layer on layer fell down the summit under the shock-wave of dragon crystal heat wave, in full is the mountainous region of blood and on corpse tumbles out dozens meters, the distressed hit anchors in a Matsushita.

Is holding a rock of prominent ground, stands up slowly, fills health potion and [Cleansing Rain] technique returns to the blood, while looks up the above tactical situation, [Legend], [Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound] people in going all out walloping of upward, so long as can break through this blockade, basically the Indian war zone has defeated, NPC of hot lion armed forces in points that under the attack of top player can also move.

Also is an explosive sound of dragon crystal artillery, the air wave surges, under Lu Chun Yang was rumbled with the sword falls Gaoyan, is in the midair to go on an expedition the world several archer fixed fires, immediately has not fallen to the ground died in battle, this was the top guild elder level player of first dying in battle in this round offensive, but followed closely dying in battle of Lu Chun Yang, [Hero's Mound] first Knight Tang Gu is also struck + break of rock to strike by the detritus that the maplewood was drunk under Gaoyan to the bang, similarly was in airborne is made up the blade to kill by another fire crag artillery, although eyeglasses brother qualifications and strength as if good appearance in game, But clearly also has an enormous disparity from the strength that the maplewood is drunk.

People not hesitant, continued crazy upward walloping, another three aspects of mountain massif has also heard rumble the crackle of gunfire, [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance], [Enemies at the Gate], [Prague] and other Guild also in the storm hill.


A bang, the dragon crystal artillery erupts in my short distance, will include A Dream of a Thousand Cities and Xing Lie one crowd of [Zhan Long] archer and Musketeer direct second to massacre, but above the precipice climbs up the attack slightly the forest evil, the Tearless two melt god cavalries rides the war on foot is the player is also drunk the consecutively two swords to divide the hillside dead in battle by the maplewood, the [Zhan Long] group team leader, held the flag Wei Jibie player also to start dead in battle continuously.

The moral nature is burning with anger, I have cleaned dust on the butterfly, the gloss of thousand frost wings behind are blooming once again, a time vertical leapt suddenly has fired into Gaoyan once more, this speed full, the whole person plundered to like lightning, the dance of ghosts and gods flew high opening, [Seven Star Fragment Slash] clears the way, „bang" the bang in the crowd, treadonned the earth, carried over has trod the broken heavenly thunder the skill effect, added on time [Tempest Sword] again, immediately guarded the precipice several to go on an expedition the world cavalry soldier to fall to the ground dead in battle instantaneously completely.


The butterfly sword was thrown flies Going out, directly soars the chest that the maplewood is drunk to go, simultaneously my both hands raise Zhen Yue Blade, sweeps away to surge, Swordsman that will flush is the player shakes draws back, simultaneously shouted to clear the way loudly: „A bit faster comes up, but also in what?"

Lin Wan Er and Enchanted Painting two female speeds mounted the precipice most quickly, Enchanted Painting have walloped the attack, Lin Wan Er open the [Unyielding Spirit] effect, horizontal the iron umbrella resisted a round attack shade, the body such as the demon flushed Going out, the dagger has brandished in the crowd, immediately one group of archers of opposite party fell to the ground.

Li Mu, Wang Jian, Xuan Yuan Feng, Q-Sword and Sword Tears and the others has mounted the precipice, was overthrown with dragon crystal artillery, we extremely numerous military strength occupied the high ground after the buckle finally, the player are getting more and more, Li Mu and the others also summoned the warhorse while the crevice of fight, the melt god cavalry and kamikaze rode, hundred deep pools to ride a horse on appear on the high ground, announced went on an expedition official being defeated of world.

The maplewood is drunk to raise the long sword, the look on face actually exceptionally calm, the director people retreat the attack, while said in a low voice: „2 hours 27 minutes of King will hunt for had finished, we have the opportunity, everybody easily do not give up, please develop black ink a little confidence to me and clear pupil, we have the trump card not to take!"

The words that although the maplewood is drunk have the stability morale of troops suspicion greatly, but makes my moral nature tremble as before, yes, will they be insufficient to defeat that thoroughly? Moreover, which the clear pupil developed black ink to go, had not seen her form, the form that also has not seen the beautiful life Guild player, which did they go?

Not far away, after Fang Ge Que grasps paper fan several times to destroy completely one group of people, said in a low voice: „Xiao Yao, the long-distance fixed superiority of use, we collaborate to massacre the maplewood to be drunk!"


I accelerate to proceed to clash, opens the left arm suddenly, the Longxu hook starts, dragon awl „Shua" goes from out of the blue, the fixed maplewood is drunk! The maplewood is drunk is what kind of person, the sense organ reaction rate far supernormal person, after rapid diagonal, fell back to avoid Dragon Zhui the thorn to strike, „clang" a dragon awl pricked in the rock, but my right hand also raised, twice attacked started actually together, avoided Dragon Zhui to be doomed unable to shunt [Defeat the Dragon]!


The next quarter maplewood was drunk appeared before me, the maplewood was drunk is 180 levels of seven revolutions of players, but I was 181 levels, was this first-level disparity he must obeying of little darling in [Defeat the Dragon] skill.


Rides the wind to cut erupts instantaneously, golden gloss centered on me four sides surges, just likes a magnificent shock-wave!





Chops the fourth sword time, the maplewood is drunk had discovered one could not withstand, but distant place Fang Ge Que low howling, the Holy Ghost third-order fire god roared to attack, the flame range impact of 50 yards ultra-large distance, the maplewood was drunk any operation unable to avoid that large-scale attack, the right hand ring ray that also at this moment, the maplewood was drunk dodged suddenly passes, the whole person surroundings reappeared the aquamarine protecting shield, was the invincible skill!

„Saves Guildmaster!"

Hot shape that one crowd goes on an expedition the world rode, but I am unable to control the person in invincible effect, the maplewood am drunk to leave to draw back anxiously, but the price was dozens hot elephants rides dead in battle in my butterfly and Fang Ge Que magic, but such came the maplewood to be drunk not to have invincible skill not to dare to pull rank, can only look from afar, does not dare again the close combat.

Facing me and Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er, Q-Sword, the attack of general Li Mu and the others, the people who went on an expedition the world was scared, they faced was the Chinese war zone pivotal star players, each was experienced CBN fights the net master, the maplewood was drunk in the Indian war zone is the war-god existed generally, however in front of the Chinese groups of heroes appeared the star light is gloomy, the courage of even continually fighting did not have, this let go on an expedition the world the player psychology to have a very ill dropping variance unavoidably.


The maplewood is drunk retreats, while vision looks below the dike, gets angry: „Why haven't they come? Villain who these are perfidious, they betrayed us, same betrays to settle the pupil to develop black ink!"

An elder level player shakes the head saying: „No...... Cannot...... They should unable."

„Snort!" In the eye that the maplewood is drunk full is the spunk.



The sword blade edge sweeps away, how many hot elephants rides to cut to kill under horse, I was away from finished the Cooldown also 2 hours, our melt god cavalry was starting to kill these hot lion armed forces, what mistake properly speaking should be insufficient to have again?

May at this moment, body rear Yue Qing Qian say suddenly loudly: „Brother Xiao Yao comes back quickly, what do you look there are?"

I fly back hurriedly, following the direction of Yue Qing Qian, actually discovered that we are after death about 100 meters away above the great crag to have the pale blue ray together to linger in same place, a faint trace gloss is partly visible, obviously is together the magic energy!

„What is that?" Dong Cheng Yue also in consternation said.

Lin Wan Er grasped is moistening completely the dagger of blood, suddenly the tender body trembled, the cloak swung slightly, said: „Is the Varelia quartz in legend...... Transmission quartz......"

„Transmission quartz!?" I am dumbfounded: „What thing is that?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „I have also heard, Varelia quartz is the quartz that in an iron skull west wilderness a Varelia savage can blow out, can the random Coordinate transmission on the big map, but drop rate insufficient extremely one, specially is also expensive in the selling price of iron skull city, who will waste this type of sky-high price quartz?"

„Did clear pupil develop the ribbon person to come?" Li Mu is grasping the long sword, has rushed ahead with Wang Jian together, the hand medium baking temperature burns the sword to raise, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „No matter any person, fights the attacking mode with country, passes on one dead!"

May at this moment, around that bunch of blue rays present the transmission effect of bunch of Varelia quartzes, reaches several hundred, is not right, at least over a thousand!

„Li Mu and Wang Jian, come back!" My hurried loud [say / way].

Was what a pity late, these two people lead about hundred melt god cavalries speedily to overrun, but the first bunch of crystal transmission effects have reached the peak value, „Shua" a ray glitters, wore the silver to fight beautiful woman Knight of armor to transmit muddily, a golden long hair, in the hand a handle just liked the long sword of rugged war bone, the corners of the mouth were having a happy expression, said: „We came probably somewhat lately!"

It is not others, iron skull city and US war zone ABN fights the net first person of sky rose!

The sky rose already instigated the warhorse to clash instantaneously, drinks one to summon a scalding hot flame shield Holy Ghost Second Tier defense skill tenderly, welcomed the anger of Li Mu to touch Zhoushan not to raise five-star magical instrument in hand „dragon bone sword", the blade edge of lava, the Holy Ghost first-order group killed the skill!



The Li Mu body trembles slightly, but the anger touched Zhoushan not to hit above the warhorse of sky rose, carried over 57283 points injury digit, making the sky rose cannot help but one startled: „Very strong attack power!"

Nearby, Wang Jian kills, breaks the sea sword to sweep away, is one time fights the spin of halberd skill directly, sky rose that near distance must.

However when we think sky rose soon move, her body dives suddenly forward, the whole person as if like lightning formerly the electricity projected about 12 yards distance, after success MISS falls a Wang Jian sword, separates spatially is an imperial swordsmanship falls after Li Mu carries on the back, is 6 thousand + injury digit, this is must kill the Li Mu rhythm first!

The butterfly in my hand hangs down slightly, immediately overran, the loud order said: „Li Mu, backlash! All Healer attention, and teammate put on [Anti-Magic Shield] to oneself, hurry up!"


Finally, situation that I most am worried about occurred, Chinese war zone proud Li with state, making the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city and highest heaven city shiver, will the American tolerate our one alone to get down greatly? Really, they have dispatched troops, first step is to help the Indian captures Port City, keeps in balance the development of Chinese area by this, this is also their habitually used methods.

Zhan Long Chapter 1030

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