Zhan Long Chapter 1031

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„Shua Shua Shua......"

Person's shadows have delivered to the Chinese area in function downloading of Varelia quartz, impressively is the players in iron skull city, and majority is the war sharp knife blade Guild players, takes riding the war is for the main force, and mount is uniform one deep green warhorse, the warhorse body week is also even lingering green wind rests/breaths.


Behind the body has broadcast the Q-Sword sound, hundred deep pools ride only several hundred people to rush to Gaoyan, but the Q-Sword natural disposition is arrogant, definitely will not see that war sharp knife blade Guild kills off the ally of Chinese area, but melt god cavalry naturally also first Cooldown flushed, by the words of quantity, we possibly does not have what stratagem which ensures success, the sky rose is a lunatic, this time has at least consumed over 2000 Varelia quartzes, this is must decide the universe at one fell swoop!

Li Mu draws back anxiously, at the same time staggers along, but the sky rose tightly pursues in his, under my thousand frost wings approaches the sky rose directly, the butterfly slightly one cold, flies high to cut to fall, the speed certainly, is quickly useless including the skill, the sky rose naturally will not exchange with the skill, otherwise very easily by my Successful Skill Break.

Has the dragon bone sword horizontally, the body of sky rose trembles slightly, the repelling effect of blade edge of my champion, retroceded several steps with horse, on the face passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, actually the corners of the mouth raise, said: „Met, but the life of your person, I must decide!"

I open the arm suddenly, treads only fully suddenly, „bang" treads the broken heavenly thunder skill effect, has me here, you also want to massacre Li Mu, has a dream simply!

However, that in the dreamland can have occurred as before, the sky rose body sinks slightly, with horse passing over gently and swiftly like lightning, even, she was changes into the empty shade to penetrate my body together, at this time I also saw clearly, her skill was called „Jianfeng advance", was [Blade Rush] super strengthened the version, the Holy Ghost third-order skill, can carry on the instantaneous advance effect to any position goal within 40 yards in 25 seconds, this was I cannot block her reason.

Even, one that I erupt time rides the wind to cut rides the war sky rose behind three war sharp knife blade Guild three is the player cuts to massacre, but behind, Li Mu hears one miserably, was advanced the effect to wipe out big section of HP by Jianfeng, but is the [Zhan Long] renowned brave warrior, this fellow truly plants, involves the warhorse reins, the under foot Bai Qi air/Qi glow erupts suddenly, directly is Wu'an Xuanwei combo!

„Bang bang bang......"

The fire burns sword cutting on the scalding hot flame shield of sky rose, unexpectedly spatters in all directions Spark, the Li Mu skill and equipment suitable high-end, combo carries off the sky rose directly reaches as high as 13 thousand HP, but the sword blade edge of opposite party also penetrated the Li Mu body, the [Combo] skill erupts, gave the second our [Valiant Bravery] Battalion Boss directly.

I turn around hurriedly, lift hand [Defeat the Dragon]!


The sky rose could not actually have been grasped, I also discovered that she is 182 levels, was higher than me 1 level, [Defeat the Dragon] was invalid, however at this moment, her Jianfeng advanced the effect to arrive at me suddenly once again behind, the corners of the mouth raised, smile are extremely unexpectedly sweet: „The first round country fights MVP, do you look for me?"

I do not certainly think that she has the favorable impression to me, that dragon bone sword belt the sword wheel was cutting already fell on my body week, how many her attack power will not compare me to lower absolutely, a sword divided my 5 thousand + HP, but I also took advantage of opportunity [Tempest Sword], has made into the remnant blood her directly, this little girl courage was too fat, exhausts effect that three times Jianfeng has advanced, unexpectedly also dared the wave?!

Saw that HP of sky rose less than 20%, I lift the hand am [Seven Stars Teleportation], the sky rose retrocedes, while looks at my [Seven Stars Teleportation] position, was too intelligent, avoids the eye position desirably, skices the backlash, but I dodge to arrive at the benetnasch position, the butterfly sword let go, [Blade Spin] kills.

„Helps me keep off!"

Sky rose drinks tenderly, immediately two ride the war is the player kept off in the front, shield „clang clang clang" the refraction the butterfly, however one after another was actually penetrated by the butterfly, speed that but also the dragging of enormous degree the sword blade edge operated but actually, I also can only look helplessly the sky rose was hidden in the crowd, left to draw back anxiously, simultaneously lifted the arm, Thunder Guang flees in referring, direct [Thundering Heavens] strangled to death in the crowd.

When I retrocede somewhat returns to full HP the time, the surrounding melt god cavalry had also overrun.

In the crowd, the war sharp knife blade Guild cavalry soldier brandishes the pointed weapons in abundance, every other counts the sword time, „Shua" can wield together the hurricane attack, can form the fan-shaped attack range in 30 yards, therefore, hundred deep pools ride, kamikaze to ride at all are not the matches of opposite party, melted the god cavalry to be able using the flying general + the speeding away effect to spell with it only.

„Strong gale rides."

The Lin Wan Er vision like the water, said: „172 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS level mount, were higher than 2 levels to use Level our [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry, every time cuts to strike 4 times to obtain strong gale to cut the effect, attack power is strong!"

The distant place, Old K is raising [Whirlwind Slash] of Axe in the crowd, rides to surge to fly one crowd of strong gales, I show a faint smile: „Mediocre, is careful behind their crowds! Saves to fly the reconnaissance!"

Yue Qing Qian is whipping the wing, slowly ascension.


Strong gales cut, the Tian Ling Empire player buckle results in the speed to be much quicker . Moreover the mobility and technique and tactics operation of sky rose are topest, Jianfeng advanced 3 advance effects to make her be accepted after passing an examination in ten thousand armed forces clumps the severed head in 25 seconds simply just likes has taken something out of the pocket, has massacred Xuan Yuan Feng, One Second Hero, Darling Duck, Tang Qi and Sword Tears and the others one after another, but we can do was strikes to kill more strong gales to ride to take revenge!

The fight of dike peak turned the superheating completely, the sky rose altogether has transmitted over 3000 people using Varelia quartz, but the sky rose definitely does not think that the player in Chinese war zone so will be strong, goes against their 3000 state-of-art players dead to fight does not draw back, because we similarly were the Tian Ling Empire strongest teams.

When our elite team war one group of times with iron skull city, the maplewood was drunk the person who actually led to go on an expedition the world to come, the converging attack, instantaneously made us fall into a very difficult region, at this moment, awfully came.

Airborne, Yue Qing Qian is whipping the wing, said: „Brother Xiao Yao, in the rain rhythm came!"

Really came!


Behind the crowd, a Mage form is partly visible, I order the [Zhan Long] person in addition to hold good [Anti-Magic Shield], forcing the opposite party to be unable to back down, is really less than five minutes, finally in the rain the rhythm could not bear, staff shakes, Country Weapon in hand 【The stick of snow and ice queen * Aiersha staff】 Started skill to attack frozen!

On me also exactly puts on [Anti-Magic Shield], front one group of melt god cavalry about one-third people are also wrapping [Anti-Magic Shield], our Healer do not calculate too, otherwise can have the counter- magic effect completely!

„Shua Shua......"

The cold current storm sweeps across the battlefield instantaneously, body will have the [Anti-Magic Shield] player to freeze the effect ejection to expunge in abundance, but Wang Jian, Lin Wan Er and other people ahead of time started invincible skill directly, this can also MISS fall Aiersha scepter the might, but as before over half people frozen were lived, will continue for 120 seconds!

„Protects by the frozen person!" Wang Jian and Old K and the others raises pointed weapons to clash as in the front line.

I also grasp the sword to wallop in crowd, at the same time saw the sky rose summoned Holy Ghost third-order „lava broken" skill, a giant volcano erupted in the under foot, by the frozen Chinese players that living was killed.

„Meng Yao, Lady Wa stone skill!" I am in the airborne loud [say / way].

Li Meng Yao speed is quick, the shield ray flashes past, changes into a wave of holy shock-wave to sweep across the surroundings, held a special effect of Lady Wa protection for each Chinese player, can counter-balance several thousand attack injuries in certain Cooldown, like this did not have to be massacred by the frozen player easily, at this moment, Fang Ge Que was grasping the paper fan, closed the double pupil, stood in the crowd that the kamikaze rode, single Zuta the place, the roaring flame swept across the surroundings suddenly together, an inferior god level skill erupted the roaring flame ablation!

In range that the roaring flame sweeps across, the players in iron skull city were fired in abundance injure, but the frozen kamikaze rode in abundance is actually defrosted from frozen, I went, Fang Ge Que also had such skill unexpectedly, our intelligence systems do not know unexpectedly!


In inverse proportion, some of our continually people well up from the mountain, but sky rose also be only 3000 people of military strength, less than one hour were killed only remaining 1000 do not arrive, as before furiously is actually killing us, their defeats are being doomed.


Sky over the top of the head transmitted has whipped the sound of wing, a warhawk of palace guard rode to search descends slowly, holds the fist in the other hand said respectfully: „General, Wu Shenhe the direction had an accident!"

My moral nature was called the brewer's grain secretly, had has not had a premonition well, said: „What happened?"

The warhawk rides to search saying: „General Xu Yan led 3 thousand crazy Lei Jun not to listen to General Han Yuan and General Xia Ye advice to enter asked the day icefield, has encountered fiercely attacking of one group of Port City adventurers, General Han made me ask for instructions, whether the palace guard did reenforce them?"

I clench teeth, get angry: „Xu is Yan an idiot? Before I just before leaving, ordered no one unable to cross Wu Shenhe?"

The warhawk rides to search somewhat reluctantly, said: „This small does not know that General, do we want to reenforce?"

„Does not need!"

My heart like the dying embers, said: „This war, we lost."


At this time, Yue Qing Qian also shared a picture to me, was held responsible the day icefield impressively the tactical situation, one group of player cavalry soldiers rushed ahead in the NPC team, both sides lost are very serious, but traded the life in the according to life, moreover I also saw clearly, this group of people were the clear pupil develop black ink Ben Leiqi of commander, no wonder in three blade edge mountains could not see that the clear pupil developed black ink, originally her true strategic intention in asking day icefield, but was not three blade edge mountains, I and Fang Ge Que have misjudged, has not calculated that the clear pupil developed a below step plan of black ink.

Yue Qing Qian said: „As if clear pupil developed black ink to invite NPC Yun Piaopiao as the bait, tempted Xu Yan to go to battle, therefore Xu Yan crazy Lei Jun tuan will downcast to ask the day icefield."


I nod, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery are too heavy, is unable to march forward on the icefield, was too easy to fall into the snow, therefore crazy Lei Jun these 3 thousand people simply were the fish on block, but we differed with points of Indian war zone not many, NPC of 3 thousand quantities can deliver 150 thousand points fully to them, the victory was away from us to be getting more and more far.


„Now what to do?" Lin Wan Er asked.


My vision one cold, said: „The people in iron skull city, since dares to come, makes them pay the price of blood!"

On the evening of 25 th 7 : 00 pm , is 7 : 00 pm, the leaf is a guest of the 17 K thousand AP net interview, chats in the book with the brothers the matter outside book, everybody has anything to suggest to [Zhan Long] that has anything to forecast to the new book can chat, does not leave till we meet ~

Zhan Long Chapter 1031

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