Zhan Long Chapter 1032

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Roaring flame flaming, sky rose blade edge of the lava counter gave to hit the Old K startled day, her sword blade edge hung down, suddenly was the effect that a time Jianfeng advanced, the intention was too obvious, the Old K startled day counter one vanished, she must conclude Old K journey of the slaughtering.

I speedily retrocede, the sword blade edge kills strong gale to ride, horizontal kept off Zhen Yue Blade in the Old K front!

The flame spatters in all directions, I and sky rose retroceded one step, sky rose is our time completely asked for advice, besides me, without a close combat of Chinese war zone was the player dares with her to spelling, even is not willing alone to face the sky rose on Q-Sword, but Fang Ge Que can only the distant magic attack, same not dare to approach, the effect that if the sky rose advanced three times Jianfeng left him, perhaps Fang Ge Que also difficult running away killer.

„Is you!"

Finally, in the blue pupil of sky rose showed for several points to kill intent, I have enraged her finally, not and she said anything, I lifted the hand am [Binding Chains], she moved to fend hurriedly, once were held her also inevitably to hang by [Binding Chains], during the sky rose displacements, Enchanted Painting has raised the water deity halberd to kill to rush, the long halberd raised, direct [Armor Break Slash] skill.

The sky rose naturally cannot pull rank to stiffly withstood the [Armor Break Slash] skill, the body sinks to below left the warhorse, took advantage of opportunity to tumble out two meters far, the longleg sweeps away, „bang", the Enchanted Painting body one slanting tumbled, but the speed of sky rose was too fast, fought the boots to trample fiercely, Enchanted Painting rolled Going out, hit on a monticle, lava broken skill that the sky rose summoned!


The flame ascends, Enchanted Painting direct move, and unexpectedly the lava broke triggered the three times of injuries of dragon bone sword, killed to the second the [Legend] first female war-god directly!


Looks at the big injury figure, my slightly heart startled, Old K of remnant blood grasps from the morass, said: „A bit faster returns to the blood, you cannot die!"

Old K is stunned, on the face is having the tired look: „Why can't I die?"

I said lightly: „Your 72 hours did not have offline, the greed effect of greed hydra at least folded several times of drop rate, one can need you to kill a person, blew out equipment to come!"

„Whom kills?" Even if he 72 hours did not rest also came the interest.

„In rain the rhythm, follows me!"


The sky rose went to the [Legend] crowd to look for Fang Ge Que to go all out, but I was bringing Old K, continued to impact the position of iron skull city player along with several hundred melt god cavalries, in the rain the rhythm was not difficult to kill, especially this melt god cavalry able to move unhindered and everywhere was the flying general + in the speeding away dizziness effect situation, finally after an opportunity, I and Yue Qing Qian, a Lin Wan Er coordination encircled, the long-distance bang killed, in rhythm poly [Magic Shield] the rain broke.

„Doesn't kill?" [Thunderbolt Finger] in Dong Cheng Yue hand saved.

I shake the head hurriedly: „No, old K!"

This Old K speed certainly, jumps quickly is one time barbarically jumps to cut, shells rhythm the body directly in the rain, in the rain the rhythm is fills health potion is skill reduces the wound, was jumped the remnant blood, is raising staff backlash hurriedly, but three space booklets leapt the effect to be compelled by us, was no use likely under Old K Axe is a new military recruits master.


Old K animal [Whirlwind Slash], this US war zone first master had been massacred under the population absolute inferiority immediately finally, and airborne is flying upwards handle ray twinkle staff, is the Aiersha scepter in legend, we first Country Weapon of US war zone exploding, them should not come to manage this other people's business!


Grazes, I take advantage of opportunity Aiersha scepter grasp in the hand, other equipment that in the rain the rhythm explodes were unimportant, the effect of this handle scepter surpasses all!

Turns around to arrive in front of behind Dong Cheng Yue, I am lifting Aiersha scepter horizontally, said: „Takes away, you from now henceforth were one of the Chinese area strongest masters, met Fang Ge Que not to need to instigate!"

The Dong Cheng Yue excited affirmation heart fawn has proceeded along no particular course, on the pretty face is completely pleasantly surprised, is grasping the scepter, puts out a hand to stroke, the attribute of this handle Aiersha scepter appears in our one crowd of person front, truly might be considered as first staff

【The stick of snow and ice queen * Aiersha scepter + 7】( Country Weapon)

Attack: 10800-16600 ( 3780-5810 )

Magic: + 505

Stamina: + 500

Agility: + 495

Strength: + 490

Additional: Promotes user 165% Magic attack power and 85% physical defense

Additional: Disregards goal 55% demon anti- effects

Additional: Has 40% probability use magics to create the extra 100% effects to goal

Special effect: The Magic perception , to promote the user 40% Magic growth effects

skill: The anger of snow and ice queen, starts the anger of snow and ice queen, will transform in the map into the world of ice and snow, and hostile goal completely frozen , to continue for 120 seconds, consumes 100 Rage points, 24 hours cool

Characteristics: Country Weapon US

Characteristics: Non- rank limit


Because is staff that Old K hits, but Old K this life was also I rescued a moment ago from the fang of sky rose, therefore my direct control this staff property rights, but Dong Cheng Yue was in all previous [Zhan Long] activity the points highest master, naturally was favored, and by me with the friendship of East city, did not give her really not to be justified.

Will hunt for the conclusion only also 10 minutes from the King is less, Wang Jian and Old K and the others is not willingly such loses to the Indian, as in bringing the melt god cavalry and kamikaze is riding, hundred deep pools to ride in the position that the impact maplewood is drunk, how them to exhibit shield, we killed less than several NPC radically, was the clear pupil develops the player who black ink led on asking the day icefield on the contrary has surrounded Xu Yan, and emitted the messenger, stupid Xu Yan dispatched 2 thousand crazy Lei Jun to reenforce unexpectedly, directly caused our points to be surpassed at the final moment instead

Chinese war zone: 37319291 points

Indian war zone: 37341297 points


Is so little on the difference!

At this time, system ting also rang, announced the final result, even if we are not willing to accept this result, but this was the final output that we fought for


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, „the King will hunt for" edition activity formally to finish, finally the score of both sides respectively is: Chinese war zone 37319291 points and Indian war zone 37341297 points, the system determines the Indian war zone to win, finally the Port City property rights belong to the Indian war zone officially, and city productive forces + 20%, the Indian war zone player obtains the reward: The Level + 1, Charm + 15, gold coins + 100, after Port City exchanges ownerships, obtains the army are as follows: 【Dark blue navy】 94000 people, 【Hot lion armed forces】 170000 people, 【Flood dragon armed forces】 14000 people, 【Palace guard】 5000 people, 【Scarlet throat armed forces】 40000 people, the player can choose the regiment that likes to join! points MVP that this King can hunt for is 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China), 2-10 th respectively is: 【Maplewood is drunk】( India), Fang Ge Que( China), the clear pupil develops black ink( India), Cang Yue( China), Simple( China), Q-Sword( China), Jian Feng Han( China), Cang Tong( China), Thunder Xiong( India), will provide the corresponding reward in the following five minutes!


Above the peak of three blade edge mountains, the maplewood is drunk to raise the long sword to defend there as before, for fear that we continue to attack the mountain again, but the hot lion armed forces in a panic escape from the back side of the mountain, [Judgement] and other Guild are chasing down, but moved to finish in fact, we did not have the thoughts to have this unnecessary war again, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword and the others complexion was not quite attractive, after all this war we lost a main city, this Port City in the true sense is the Indian server now.

The people pull out City Return Scroll to return to the city, the sky rose is bringing 22% remnant blood by far, unexpectedly after the activity ended has not died, [Legend] holds flag Wei Little to raise the lance refined, clenches jaws saying: „Boss, we went to butcher the sky rose, she now only then a person, mother, goes into our domains to act unruly unexpectedly, butchered her to make the brothers dispel anger!"

Fang Ge Que sighed one lightly, said: „Ok, did not have the significance, she now only then a person, we kills her, definitely will be spurned by the international opinion, ok, must kill her also to wait till the next country to fight says again."

The sky rose instigates the warhorse, on the face displays no fear, fills health potion to return to the blood, while looks with the Zhen blue pupil to Fang Ge Que, the corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Fang Ge Que, your [Legend] strength regressed...... Unexpectedly used for a long time completely not to kill our little people, if the real country war, you can resist my 1.5 thousand strong gales to ride the army with what?"

Astonished passed over gently and swiftly in the Fang Ge Que eye obviously, has also frightened one including me, then the terrifying strong gale does ride has 1.5 thousand people unexpectedly? Sky rose behind Guild strong?!

Fang Ge Que actually restored calmly, said with a smile lightly: „Has not related, is ready to cope with anything to resist by whatever means available, next time the country war will see."

The sky rose nods slightly with a smile, progresses to pass through [Legend] one crowd of kamikazes to ride, as if the queen of reviewing troops, the makings of this King looking disdainfully world truly are the female player in Chinese area unusual, must say, perhaps only then two female players probably have this makings, one is our [Zhan Long] Queen Cang Tong, another was [Legend] once female war-god „Little Demon".

The Lin Wan Er queen makings seem to be inherent . Moreover the superhuman strength in game of in addition, is the queens in many player minds.

As for Little Demon, the Little Demon past fact was to spread is an edifying anecdote, in conquering this game, a Little Demon person one person alone entered „lonely god" to seize the flag in the 4000 + people of positions of guild, and after seizing the flag success grasped the war flag to kill seven to enter seven in the opposite party camp as before, was to lonely god person said „the first war" provocation, the smiling face in game video was quite proud and frivolous, the queen stance revealed completely with nothing left.

Thinks that really makes people somewhat sigh with emotion, afterward she unexpectedly has become our Matcha, actually does not know when Matcha can return, lets [Zhan Long] are many shocking four directions „queen".


Finally, before sky rose has arrived at [Zhan Long], visits us lightly, has dropped out one: „You are the Chinese war zone to our war sharp knife blade most threatening person, said goodbye!"

Several minutes later, the reward came finally!

I am the MVP player, Level + 4, Charm + 80 points, in addition obtained a dagger of four star magical instruments, was needless saying that has given Lin Wan Er directly.

Zhan Long Chapter 1032

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