Zhan Long Chapter 1033

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Precarious, lost Port City not only made us lose many tax revenues, made our confidence have the vacillation, everyone was the same, we did not have the unmatched in the world strength, our enemy sky rose and maplewood were drunk, the clear pupil to develop black ink, the demon mountain and 7 K and the others to be one by one strong, this was not a warfare game, but was a life or death plays.

„Toot toot......"

Late at night in, I go to sleep obscurely, the telephone has rung, is the telephone of destiny China region president Ouyang Nuo face

„Hey, does Ouyang, such late have the matter?"

„Um." Ouyang Nuoyan hears my voice to be not quite good, asked: „Xiao Yao, are you all right?"

„I am all right."

„Sees through, Port City, lost also to seize again." Poured to turn into her to comfort me, should be she sends a punitive expedition was right!

„Um." I by in the head, said: „Ouyang, exactly what happened?"

Ouyang Nuoyan said: „This Chinese war zone lost Port City, the fund of loss at least by hundred million discussed the number, the virtual game department of Beijing has shocked, I just obtained the news, Liu Yan drive the virtual department to see his uncle Liu Gong to go at the same night, I suspected that the virtual department taking advantage of this time will lose the fight of Port City to condemn, perhaps not, therefore I want to inform you and Fang Ge Que, must guard against the villain carefully, something I could not control."

I show a faint smile: „Um, relax, this is the virtual game of environment relatively very ZY, they cannot are what kind to me and Fang Ge Que, said again, even if they must cope with us, we do not need to fear."

Ouyang Nuoyan thinks probably funny, the young lady said: „Good, I have felt relieved, you continue to rest, I go to Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and other whole shows to telephone again, was right, noon tomorrow CBN will fight the net rank to want Shua new, will ask respectfully the attention!"



Enters [Lullaby] once more, waking up time is around 9 : 00 am, gets out of bed to wash, in the hall Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female are preparing the breakfast, the pumpkin gruel and bread and so on has suspended, female that since recently, these two were pampered since childhood at a young age was getting more and more diligent, unexpectedly could make the breakfast, must several chefs dismissing again shortly afterward mostly.

„Tastes the flavor to be what kind of?" Lin Wan Er sits in my side said with a smile.

I hold one bowl of pumpkin gruel to smell, say with a smile: „Quite fragrant!"

„That eats!"


After having eaten two bowls of pumpkin gruel, gets online, actually after today gets online , the matter that must handle I am not willing to face, sit back and miss Port City, this matter must some people shoulder the responsibility.


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, whipped the sound of wing to transmit, a palace guard warhawk rode to search drops slowly, said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, after 30 minutes, will have an important meeting in the main hall, your majesty sends me to seek you."

„Knew, meets me to go."


The warhawk rides to go see to visit me, starts to speak but hesitates, immediately has not actually flown from, I am out of control to ask: „What matter also has?"

He nods, in the eye has one to worry that said: „Sir, this morning, guarded the Jiu Li City wishing sea duke to come back, was leading 5000 cavalries."

„Wish the sea duke?" I in consternation.

The warhawk rides to search saying: „Um, the sea male to every male is the same, guards the border area city many years, but in Dean grand duke fought in Fan Shu City has died for one's country, therefore in the older generation, the sea male rank and prestige is highest, after knowing lost Port City, wish the sea duke finally unable to sit still, very early in the morning returned to Tian Ling Empire, your majesty was happy."

I frown, said: „How Hybrid Demon attacks does not turn over to the sea and Tian Ling Empire were besieged not to see him unable to sit still, now actually comes Tian Ling Empire, any meaning!"

Rides to search to show a faint smile: „Sir, this small does not know."

„You go, I one will go."


Nearby has repaired the weapon and equipment, after the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade turn over to the sheath, I deeply inspire, in the mind is actually lingering the Jiu Li City matter, although Jiu Li City is one of the Chinese area three secondary lord cities, but the politics of NPC relatively is quite independent, even if when Tian Ling Empire was encircled sends to the support requirement letter Jiu Li City also to maintain composure, now appears as official in Tian Ling Empire, but wish the sea to exceed the 200 000 Jiu Li City crack troops, is this approximately also the shallow forest happy reason?


Crosses a meeting again, Cooldown was similar, the summon god fierce fine horse, directly soars the imperial palace, passed by my mansion time, several palace guard iron health/guard go with me immediately together, act as the bodyguard, the good and evil I am also the solemn palace guard command, as if did not lead several people also to lose the status.

The imperial palace is being guarded by the imperial guard crack troops as before, but I moves unimpeded with the number and route plate, the broken cauldron male, on the general portable pointed weapons enter the palace, treads the long step that White jade marble is paving to enter the main hall, not far away, Drunken Spear probably just got online, anxious raises the iron (spear gun) to progress to come, at the same time said: „Xiao Yao, walks slowly, waits for the brothers!"

I turned round to look at his one eyes: „Short spear trick, is rare you also to be so happy."

„Why is unhappy?" The short spear trick smiles.

I deeply inspire, said: „This time definitely is not good meeting, our group of people lead the army to go to battle with Port City, finally the main city losing, you said that the sovereign will let off us easily? Even if he is willing to be lenient toward us, these old ministers are also not necessarily able to let off us."

„Um, this actually." Drunken Spear hey said with a smile: „I, no matter such many, the opportunity of so long as to us going to war, how many merit do we lose to gain are not?"

„Um, you such single pure are not suitable to mix the palace."

„I went, how city palace say you probably to be extremely deep and conceal one's abilities and bide one's time be the same."




Entered the main hall shoulder to shoulder, looked at the past from afar, civil and military was placed the both sides, Ye Lai, Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han , etc. commanded the level player also to stand there, I have arrived at the front line with long hurried strides, stood firm in Xu Yan front, by the official rank, I was higher than much him, but my opposite commands Situ Xin with the imperial guard that I treated as an equal.

Several minutes later, in shallow forest palace.

Anything has not shouted " long live " before the emperor to long live, does not have anything to worship on bended knees to greet, the shallow forest is only a nod, said: „Arrives in full? Today invites reason that discussed official business, I think that everybody knew."

Hundred said: „Your majesty, whether because of the Port City war?"

„This is only one, another was the Jiu Li City wishing sea duke trains 27 thousand elite troops, has given loyalty to the empire this morning officially!" Shallow forest whole face red light, said with a smile: „Results in the sea male potency, our Tian Ling Empire military strength simply is even more powerful! Comes the person, the invited sea male enters the palace!"

In nearby side hall, must the old man have several in vain robustly will take away, the official Jiu Li City dukes and his several trusted subordinate departments, these departments are the military officers who commands the rank, but the Jiu Li City 27 thousand military strength altogether are divided into 4 regiments, had their joining truly to a great extent to strengthen the empire military strength.

I have seen Dean, here sees to wish the sea again, has discovered instantaneously two's difference, although Dean was old, but the sword does not leave, armor not to unload, on the old face brings the wind and frost that the war is wheting, but wished the sea duke different, he probably at least over 10 years did not have to go to the battlefield personally, on the face had a high and respected position completely, the body slightly was also extremely fat, worships on bended knees in the place, said devotionally: „Duke Jiu Li City wished the sea to pay a visit your majesty!"

The shallow forest laughs, stands up to put out a hand saying: „Made a joint invitation, later does not need again this big ritual!"

Wish the sea route: „Rulers and ministers are able to discriminate, cannot go bad the courtesy!"

Saying, him was turning around to look to us, said: „These military officers of your majesty subordinates, ritual of not the good worshipping on bended knees, has gone bad the courtesy that the court discipline and ancestor set actually unexpectedly simply."

I somewhat am not feeling well slightly, knit the brows have not spoken.

Wish the sea not to say fortunately too, bringing several departments to take place in order, he stands in the front of Situ firewood, the status still in its above, Situ Xin holds the fist in the other hand bows with hands clasped has not spoken.


At this time, board of personnel Shangshu walked to go forward, said: „This Port City returned to normal the war of rebellion to lose comprehensively, we lost to Port City grasped, xing fire rash mercenary soldier chief supported oneself in Port City for the king unexpectedly, the cloud has married the xing fire floatingly, became the Port City hostess, snort, this war unfavorable situation, who can undertake?"

Ye Lai could not bear, angry [say / way]: „Crazy Lei Jun Xu Yan has person to deliver points, whom can blame?"

Xu Yan complexion becomes flushed, said: „General Ye, how can you make false accusations like this?"

Fang Ge Que knit the brows: „Little said several."

At this time, the shallow forest looked to me, asked: „Li Master, what appearance is the concrete situation?"

I hold the fist in the other hand saying: „General Xu Yan does not listen to my order, leads 5 thousand crazy Lei Jun to cross Wu Shenhe secretly, finally encountered covering of Port City adventurer to kill, 50,000 armies almost did not have the life, this was most immediate cause of failure."

The shallow forest is angry, pats the throne, said: „Xu Yan, leave!"

Xu Yan leaves ranks, on the face full is the thin perspiration, the sound shivers, said: „Your majesty...... Please...... Please listen end to relate in detail that the cause of matter is the xing fire deploys an army to enter asks the day icefield, and threatened that is sending under custody the cloud floating general, said that sunset must behead her, the cloud floating general after is your majesty cousin, end will be worried that her safety, this will lead the audiences to raid the camp, who once thought the sinister plot......"

The shallow forest is in a rage, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Comes the person, claims Xu Yan to command the number and route plate, the officer falls five levels, then works as to be assorted long in crazy Lei Jun!"

Xu Yan stands there in consternation, whatever the warrior wins the number and route plate, regretting past mistakes of face, climbs up the seat that crazy Lei Jun has commanded laboriously, because actually a night was gentle to lose the future.


At this time, opposite wishing sea duke left ranks, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, General Xu Yan, although has the mistake, but the entire Port City war is actually not a person can about, the old minister believes that must enjoy and have active must punish, the empire military law needs be able to take the will of the people fairly strictly, all enters the war the military officer of Port City this war to serve with the disciplinary punishment!"

I stare.

Drunken Spear silently said: „Good to overturn a ship person......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1033

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