Zhan Long Chapter 1034

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Drunken Spear and Ye Lai and the others won the commanding position laboriously, cannot let wish sea old fogy a few words completely to lose, this cannot!

Thinks of here, I said hurriedly: „Your majesty, this Port City will hunt for the war is by my direction, since were defeated, I can hardly absolve, must punish please punish me."

Situ Xin same is also sorry saying: „Your majesty, end is a general, cannot reverse the situation, the words that must punish, please end together punish with Li Master!"


Wish the sea actually to smile, the rind that the wrinkle on face is to split likely, strokes the beard to say lightly: „A funniness, in two does the general so coerce your majesty really unexpectedly? How relying on will the Tian Ling Empire audiences are favor to be arrogant? You depend oneself merit to think really how unparalleled your majesty can't take you? Really absurd!"

Saying, him has been turning around, said to shallow Lin Zizi sonorously: „Your majesty, Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city eyes covetously, the war will soon approach, the empire officers just like the sharp knife blade send the scarlet whetstone, how this time allows to appease, the old minister plan nag whets, keng keng simple-minded also to be actually crystal clear obtusely, the morale may not arrogant, the crime feudal official not be possible vertical, looks at your majesty to be able fair strict!"

Shallow forest knitting the brows head, said: „Sea male, Li Master and General Situ Xin are the feudal official and the empire pillar of the state indispensable assistance, how can I punish in them?"

Wish the sea route: „Your majesty, the old minister leads the Jiu Li City army to give loyalty , is actually not willing to see this grade of matter."

Wish a sea behind military commander same to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, is impartial in administering rewards and punishments since the ancient times is in the armed forces the first most important matter, moreover lost a Port City such firm city grade of important matter, cannot do without punishing!"

Shallow Lin implored the tone, said: „That then punishes Li Master salary in March, Situ firewood salary a half year!"

„How can the so light bonus?"

Wish the sea aggressive, said: „Old minister believes that Li Xiao Yao relies on merit, but arrogant, item lordless, should take away its duty of palace guard commanding, making a more loyal more and devoted person command the palace guard!"

„Sea male!"

The shallow forest pats throne to stand up suddenly, on the face full is the spunk, but as if detected instantaneously own was rude, then sits the throne to come up, said lightly: „Anybody, can not mention takes away the duty of Li Master palace guard commanding, from now on will start, if who mentioned, stood does not cut the amnesty!"

Wish the sea stunned: „Can your majesty, why tell the old minister?"

The voice of shallow forest is iced cold: „Because of except for him, the empire does not have any military officer to can be joined to this palace guard again!"

Wish the sea route: „Old minister subordinates ‚few masters are positive' general age 29, can draft cleverly in fighting, decides to hold the post of the duty of palace guard commanding!"


In shallow Lin Yan passes one to kill intent, said: „Orphaned king must appoint anyone, has own conclusion, the sea male does not need to talk too much, the duty of palace guard commanding only has Li Master to hold the post, the present is, later same is, can not raise this matter again!"

Wish the sea to nod: „Yes, the old minister is compliant."

At this time, I also relaxed, has to say anything, otherwise was not good to end, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, since we lost Port City, that truly should be impartial in administering rewards and punishments, since does not take away the duty of commanding, that reduces the military rank!"

„Li Master, you......"

The shallow forest visits me, in eye passed over gently and swiftly obviously a gratitude, he wants wishing the 27 thousand armies of sea changes into oneself to have, this need Cooldown, therefore cannot to wishing the sea at this time extremely in disobeying, after a while, the shallow forest then stands up, said: „Passes on my decree, the broken cauldron male Li Xiao Yao officer falls first-level, takes back the general token, awards the second-level town country general token! The imperial guard commands Situ Xinguan to fall 2 levels, takes back the general token, awards 3 levels to protect the country general token!"

Situ Xin also such as near pardon, so long as does not deprive the military authority, what the trivial military rank is?


At this time, wish the sea to continue to force with hardship, said: „Flame Dragon Jun, legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, hot axe armed forces, fall harvest armed forces and other regiments the victory in this war are equally unclear, requesting earnestly your majesty to be impartial in administering rewards and punishments!"

Shallow forest knitting the brows head, said: „How can be impartial in administering rewards and punishments?"

Wish the sea route: „Captures its duty of commanding!"

The shallow forest stares.

I said hurriedly: „It is not good, Empire Armed forces that many command resigns together, the no small matter, will cause extremely the army mutiny easily."

Wish the sea to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, so the rout, commands should take the blame to resign is right, in the empire military discipline as if has such one? Why your majesty slowly can appease in as before?"

Not far away Ministry of War Shangshu also said: „Your majesty, please punishes!"

A shallow forest sigh, said: „!! Ministry of War and board of personnel come, discussed with me."


Two Shangshu passed, points at for the shallow forest by the throne, soon, two Shangshu goes down Wang Jie again, the shallow forest stands up, said: „Transmitted orders, flame Dragon Jun commands Fang Ge Que to demote for vice- commands, one and military rank degradation is south 4 levels of towns the general , to promote protects the country general Tantai feather to command! The legendary Emperor Yu armed forces command Ye Lai to demote for vice- command, one and military rank degradation is 5 levels of generals , to promote south the town general Qu Huwei new to command! Fall harvest regiment Zhou Ning demotes for vice- commands, one and military rank degradation is 3 levels protects the country general , to promote east the town general Liang Yinwei new to command! The purple spirit regiment commands Murong cold to demote for vice- commands, one and military rank degradation is 4 levels of Zhenxi generals , to promote assistant general Huyan Liwei to command! Crazy Lei Jun promotes Ou Ye to cry to command, the hot axe armed forces promote the North Star wind to command!"


After a series of issuances of order, almost uniform commanding was resigned up, but trades the soup not to trade the talent, the shallow forest appoints as before will be the trusted subordinate department, but was a pity that Ye Lai, Fang Ge Que and Drunken Spear commanding post by lu, is Yorozuo's long Q-Sword had worked as NO.1 of hot axe armed forces by the meritorious service on the contrary.

Now the Tian Ling Empire major regiments, return to the initial state once more, only then I and Q-Sword two players was holding the post of the duty of commanding, was lucky that my background was hard, otherwise it is estimated that this time could not preserve!

The front surface looked that to wished the sea, this old fogy probably does not come to be Tian Ling Empire provides 27 thousand brave soldiers? But is comes Tian Ling Empire to bother, first commands completely Shua the new Tian Ling Empire regiment, then makes use to be in charge of Tian Ling Empire? What a pity, he thought simply, after truly afterward, let alone was I, even if were the shallow forest will not allow this situation to occur.

Really, I think here time, the shallow forest announced: „Five big regiments from Jiu Li City instantly starts the military system reform, the conformity is three big regiments, the farm tractor armed forces 100,000 establishments, appoints few General Master Yang to command, guards does not turn over to the sea, the vault of heaven armed forces 100,000 people to establish, appoints Lin Qiongwei to command, guards Wu Shenhe, the navy 7 thousand people, appointed Qin Yiwei to command, guarded the imperial stele forest!"

Saying, the shallow forest shows a faint smile, said: „Initially among Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City had erupted into a war, but Li Master and other military officers once with you for the enemy, hope that now can turn swords into plowshares, together for empire potency!"

Wish the sea behind is following in several military officers, a young young fellow looked at my one eyes wickedly, this person of I knew that Lin Qiong, we when Ba Huang City once with it has fought the madman, at that time we absolutely did not have any strength to hit back under the forest arched sword, now equipment and Level have come up, I am also expensive am the palace guard command, are treated equally incessantly, faint I am high he, as soon as.


The intention of shallow forest obviously is also simple, disrupts the Jiu Li City original regiment establishment, making it lose the cohesive force, then dispatches three directions to guard separately, weakens by this wishes the control strength of sea to these three armies, is wise, these three troops sooner or later will also fall in empire, shallow forest method plays extremely well.

Finally, after being impartial in administering rewards and punishments, the audiences mutually will congratulate also anything after the regiment that new commanding of water, Jiu Li City came in addition, Tian Ling Empire had the palace guard and flame Dragon Jun, the farm tractor armed forces, the vault of heaven armed forces and others altogether 11 large-scale regiments, other did not say that this fights to our country is of great help greatly, appearance that especially forest arched this super BOSS level commands, in the country wartime absolutely is a big boost!

As for the farm tractor armed forces commanded the demon dragon farm tractor, um, had been killed by me, the deceased is over, did not need to recall.

The officials announced: „Has the matter early to play, safe breaks up!"

I stand hurriedly once more, shallow Lin asked: „Li Master, what matter but also there is?"

I nodded, hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Locker Great's daughter Pearl before has given me at the point of death Saint day jue, making me assist the future sovereign achievement cause, but I have also complied with Pearl, after the peace, certainly will restore one to be joined to her status for her the imperial mausoleum, therefore your majesty, please gives me the authority of household department dispatching, I want to restore the Pearl imperial mausoleum."

The shallow forest smiles: „Originally is Sister Pearl matter, that does not have the issue, although manages! The household department, all obeys Li Master dispatching, can not disobey!"

Household department Shangshu hurried [say / way]: „Does not know why the broken cauldron male does want to construct a scale Princess Pearl imperial mausoleum? Generally, is divided into the king scale, the Wang scale and Monarch marquis scale."

I said without hesitation: „Pearl was the future of empire has paid with the life, was the ruler bloodlines, is the eternity is rarer, mind military strategy female, with ruler etiquette? Your majesty, whether?"

The shallow forest nods: „Um, the Li Shizhong affectionate righteousness, the shallow forest can overrule! The household department, said to manage according to Li Master!"

„Yes, your majesty!"


Then but actually did not have many matters, left the imperial palace, the speed of household department was quick, the innumerable artisans went to the direction of imperial stele forest Pearl imperial mausoleum, the transporting stone material, immediately begins.

Returns to Pearl once more perches to be, I stand up from failure to discontinue, fights boots „rustle" step on the green grass to arrive at she slightly crude imperial mausoleum front, this is the hurried excavation grave, cannot be joined to her status, after Pearl dies the war is also unceasing, I am unable to restore the mausoleum for her involuntary, now the opportunity comes finally.

„Digs out the mausoleum, shifts princess's coffin!" An artisan chief loud [say / way].

I raise the hand hurriedly: „Waits."

„How, Sir?"

One clump of white florets that I walk to go forward, before putting out a hand took off the Pearl spirit, to drag, grasped the floret in the hand, looks at the Pearl tombstone, lowered the head bows, turns around saying: „Can start."


Some groups, once walks unable to turn head again, when the decayed tooth decayed tooth acts alone, I would thinking Pearl that the fragrant disappearing jade perished.

If she has not died, that this good.

Zhan Long Chapter 1034

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