Zhan Long Chapter 1035

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In the afternoon, I keep in imperial stele forest to supervise to construct the Pearl imperial mausoleum as before, in the imperial stele forest buries basically is the emperor's clans, but the imperial mausoleum scale of Pearl reconstruction not less than the king etiquette, this is also the effect that I want, I can arriving step by step now, actually also be lucky Pearl, otherwise my first Cooldown possibly will not join the regiment system subsequently becomes commanding of palace guard.


The Tian Ling Empire direction spreads the news, Wang Ze Cheng wantonly is purchasing equipment, merely one purchased the Heavy Armor of shields and 4 star magical instruments of 1 two star magical instruments from Tian Ling Empire and Ze deep pool cities and Port City three big main cities in the morning is equipment, the effort of Wang Ze Cheng use capital has surpassed Liu Ying, in the capital played Liu Ying is plays to lose obviously, now the strength of male tyrant wind and cloud completely with the rising sun such as the blood was not in a scale.

Crosses a meeting again, finally CBN Battle Ranking Shua on official home page was new, but my position also once more prompts forward

1 st, Fang Ge Que

2 nd, Q-Sword

3 rd, Little Demon

4 th, Xiao Yao Zi Zai

5 th, Cang Tong

6 th, Jian Feng Han

7 th, Ye Lai

8 th, Bai Li Ruo Feng

9 th, Simple

10 th, Mu Xuan

11 th, Cang Yue

12 th, The Seventh Tang

13 th, Lu Chun Yang

14 th, Yan Zhao Warrior

15 th, Yue Qing Qian

16 th, general Li Mu

17 th, Drunken Spear

18 th, general Wang Jian

19 th, Misty Clouds

20 th, Dancing Forest


I sixth have promoted fourth from CBN directly, but Lin Wan Er relied on the outstanding performance of all-star game to promote fifth, the rank of Bai Li Ruo Feng to drop lower and lower, just liked the rank of [House of Prestige] is the same, slid, some people and some Guild have gone astray the road, naturally like this . Moreover, the CBN Battle Ranking 20 li (0.5km), Dancing Forest also finally will have killed, did not need to think that at her intelligent degree, did not need too for a long time perhaps to enter first ten, substituted for Bai Li Ruo Feng becomes the Chinese war zone first bowman, but the [Zhan Long] groups of heroes rose together simultaneously, was the first bowman best cultivation soil.

In the afternoon, the cool breeze has stroked the jungle, shortly afterward, two girls walked again from afar, obviously is looks my, one is Lin Wan Er, one is Li Meng Yao, a girlfriend, a younger sister.

„Elder brother!"

Li Meng Yao is pulling the warhorse, said with a smile: „You here, the sister-in-law has not really guessed wrong!"

Lin Wan Er cheek one red, has not denied sister-in-law name.

I stand up from failure from the sturdy limb vertical leap fall to the ground, say with a smile: „How did you come?"

„Thinks bored, has a look at you." Lin Wan Er winked beautiful eyes, said: „Feared that you cannot undergo the attack that Port City falls to the enemy, a person will commit suicide to jump Wu Shenhe......"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „How can, I have the glass heart that? Also...... Although Port City had been developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk they to seize by the clear pupil, but is actually not the issue, next time the country war will return is, was right, what matter looks me certainly to have?"

„Anything, has not chatted."

Lin Wan Er jumped gently, sits on the red rock of nearby social plant, Li Meng Yao also sat down in the one side, I then also long dependence under a low Chinese sweet gum.

Finally Lin Wan Er first started talking: „Port City loses, perhaps pressure must become bigger, a previous dragon restricted area war, we have experienced the tip of the iceberg of highest heaven city certainly, the demon mountain and 7 KING person will definitely not give up, do you have to think how the next country does fight hits?"

I pick up a fiery red maple leaf at fingertips, looks at the texture on leaf, shows a faint smile saying: „To be honest, has not thought specifically, the situation was too complex, the demon mountain and 7 K fool's paradise in the highest heaven city, the Qing pupil will not develop black ink is not willing to occupy the person under person, after Japanese Han players were driven away the main city , can only develop in the secondary lord city, Level and equipment could not follow us, Lee and Frost Forest and Yao Yue such will definitely not consider as finished, perhaps the second country fought imagines us wanted more complex."

The Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth raise: „What I most am worried is the highest heaven city and Port City joins up to attack Tian Ling Empire accidentally or is fire Yun City, what to do should we?"

I deeply inspire: „Yes, this was the worst worst case scenario, the clear pupil developed black ink is impossible becomes the ally, the demon mountain and 7 KING were massacred many people by me, demon mountain person manner was it is said frank, was massacred that many people in the dragon restricted area by us certainly, did not bear a grudge is impossible, only hope was he should not be developed black ink to use by the clear pupil, has worked as the cannon fodder."

Li Meng Yao chuckle: „Elder brother, demon mountain, although manner is quite open-minded, but does not mean stupidly, I think him not when the clear pupil will develop the shield of black ink, relax."

„Um, best is this." I raise head by the Chinese sweet gum, looks up, the sunlight the motley ray will project by the dense leaf on my face, a lazy feeling surges, the heart has a tired feeling, said: „After and other series seven big main cities, I withdrew played, the path of striving for hegemony will never have the end."

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „First, must be able series seven big main cities to say again that but this goal extremely was also lofty, for a short time definitely cannot complete, at least, 1-3 countries fight are very difficult to complete, after all we do not have ten thousand numerous thoughts of returning home, person that many and guild that many of Chinese war zone, we do not have enough prestige to use for us, otherwise Port City will hunt for will not be defeated."


I have grasped the fist, said: „The character who if [Zhan Long] can many several allies, many several be able to assume sole responsibility for an important task was good."

Meng Yao sits nearly side me, lies on my knee, blinks to say with a smile: „Elder brother, did you think Xue Roujie?"

„Little Demon......" I smile: „Does not hope that she has evaded, still we do not know that which Matcha she went, does not know that she did do in the game, even did she have plays this game not to know again."

Meng Yao smiles: „This you can feel relieved, once the person had worrying, will not say that can walk, Xue Roujie is also definitely same, she is worrying [Zhan Long], is worrying everybody, is impossible to vanish since then."

I nod, grasps the handle of butterfly suddenly, pulls out it, Meng Yao stares: „Elder brother, what is this must make?"

„I plan a highest heaven city."

„?" The younger sister has opened the small mouth: „The people in highest heaven city regard as the eye-sore and thorn in the side us, if you past, they will kill your......"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Has not related, I do not hit the highest heaven city single-handedly, the demon mountain should not be what kind of me, at least his a little gentleman demeanor has, right Wan Er, the next country fought the cycle to be very near, how your fire Yun City developed, altogether how many military strength?"

Lin Wan Er smiles self-confidently, is supporting the full chest, said: „Although is inferior to Tian Ling Empire to be so strong, but also had the NPC armies at least 30 thousand military strength, relax, so long as the player in Chinese war zone did not give up fire Yun City, the hot shape city, others want to attack us not to be absolutely simple."

„Um, that is good, my this went to the highest heaven city, what did you then have to plan?"

Li Meng Yao said with a smile: „90 after about minutes, I must accompany Sister Wan Er to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to complete a task, Queen Zi Shu gives sister-in-law's duty personally, must go to the eyelid of Hybrid Demon territory and under silver spear to kill an demon dragon."

„?" I stare: „Does not have the issue, wants me to help?"

Lin Wan Er shakes the head smiles: „Does not use, you are busy your, I asked No. over a hundred master to help in guild, has the Meng Yao Lady Wa stone again, when T, basically will kill BOSS is not the too major problem."

„Um, I went, you also refuel!"



Jumps, when I fly high behind opens the ice wing, thousand frost wings complete, change into a meteor direct impact on southeast, Tian Ling Empire from the highest heaven city also distance, flies to be quite quicker.

In in the cloud layer, the dense fog has almost charmed the eye, can only depend upon the mark on big map to fly, probably after flying for one hour, on the front big map already presented one blood red has selected greatly, runs out of the cloud layer, a palatial city presents at present, of the multi- country players live highest heaven cities seven big main cities.

in addition ID of demon mountain for the good friend, actually obtained System Notification, the opposite party has rejected different lord city the good friend application of player's, is really an unyielding man......

Immediately seeks the help in the [Zhan Long] management channel, finally Yue Qing Qian has displayed her personal connection ultra broad merit, speedily had found the Coordinate of demon mountain, originally the demon mountain is making the regiment duty in Xia Huojun the camps of highest heaven city NPC army, Xia Huojun the camp distance main city is not far, when I fly , a troop cavalry soldier is practicing [Assault] to fire from horseback in the ground, the form of demon mountain appears by far, is Xia Huojun vice- commands, raises the fire god spear to stand above the stage in training ground proudly.


Thousand frost wing pens non-stop flew, immediately has caused one group of Sergeant Xia Huo the attention of soldier, the heavy cavalries restrain the warhorse, has taken the bow and arrow from the one side, has pulled open the long bow, a People shouted to clear the way: „Is the spy who Tian Ling Empire comes, shoots dead him!"

„Shua Shua Shua......"

The arrow arrow such as the rain comes, I actually and do not care, the vision institute , the imperial day field of force starts in the body week, immediately a piece of bow arrow when approached me to reverse the direction to shoot at other place in abundance, but I was bright the sound track: „Demon mountain, should you also know me? I come from Tian Ling Empire, looks for you specially, is such hospitality not quite good?"

The demon mountain showed a faint smile, has raised the fire god spear, said: „Stops!"

Saying, he looks up to me, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are Tian Ling Empire heavy one, you run the secret meeting I, wants to fall I in the situation of injustice, what to do did the turning head highest heaven city sovereigns my vice- command to lu? It looks like your Tian Ling Empire one crowd commands the level player to fall the military authority to be the same by lu."

„Your news is actually quick." I laugh in spite of trying not.

The demon mountain is also gains ground smiles, said: „Since looks for me, thinks that had the words to say, walked, had the guts to enter my armed forces account?"

„Guides invited!"


Zhan Long Chapter 1035

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