Zhan Long Chapter 1036

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Xia Huojun armed forces account defends sternly, one crowd holds halberd to guard in out of the door, inside is two rows of saber guard camp soldiers, Xia Huojun is the highest heaven city strongest regiment, supports the soldier 210 000 person, wants on many many compared with the population of palace guard, defends to be this degree also can be imagined, but demon Shan Guiwei Xia Huojun vice- commands, so long as is commanding to be made mistakes or killed, he on the 210 000 army who can a hand control Xia Huojun, in addition the demon mountain subordinates 12 gods, and 7 K Guild of Dutch server relates well, indistinct. He is the player who the highest heaven city hoodwinks the public, therefore makes peace with the demon mountain was equal to that makes peace with the highest heaven city.

Port City was seized by the Indian, the clear pupil develops black ink next step expands inevitably, she has that strength, there is an ambition that the next country fights is not the attack that probably we must first guarantee, but is the defense, Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun Chengwo in the hand, then seeks next step to go to battle with the goal, therefore, made peace with the highest heaven city appears the exceptionally important, first stood firm the highest heaven city, then destroyed completely Port City, afterward centralized superior force solution highest heaven city.


I am raising the butterfly, following of battle dress slightly swing, in the demon mountain behind steps into the armed forces account, actually does not know him, if knows the matter that my innermost feelings think now, can draw a sword to turn head with me to go all out immediately?

„Pours out wine!"

The demon mountain actually unusual loyalty, turns around to sit down on the position, orders the bodyguard but actually liquor, in this game the good wine of army does not increase fury points, but makes the person enjoy the food and drink happy, the superficial taste of good wine in the mouth is good, but also is only restricted in the person of being over-fond of wine, the person who does not like drinking could not hear that wine, some are only the spirit smells of irritating the nose.

The bodyguards place in front of gui venison and a fruit with pot liquor me, the demon mountain said with a smile: „Actually, many good food flavor in game is good, for example the wild venison of this careful cookery, cannot eat in the reality, can only feel in the game, come, since Xiao Yao Guildmaster goes to the trouble of traveling a long distance to come to the highest heaven city, that naturally must quite entertain!"

I smile, hold the wine class saying: „That thanked the demon mountain Guildmaster great kindness."

„Is impolite."

The demon mountain tosses down, says with a smile: „Distance previous dragon restricted area fought certainly had days, I also think that next time will say goodbye Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster definitely in the country battlefield chart, has not thought that you came to the highest heaven city unexpectedly, the Chinese war zone most outstanding player and regiment command our highest heaven city, truly made us feel you honor my humble home."

I show a faint smile, said: „The war of previous dragon certainly restricted area, purely is various Wei Qidao, that is a standpoint, but I come to the highest heaven city today not for the dragon certainly restricted area mineral lode, but is......"

The demon mountain is out of control to smile, interrupts my words, said: „Because the clear pupil does develop black ink and maplewood is drunk?"

I in consternation: „Yes, demon mountain Guildmaster has guessed correctly."

The stance of demon mountain is quite stubborn, on the face is leading proud intent, said with a smile: „The highest heaven city, Port City and Tian Ling Empire, the mutual balance and offense and defense, this point I understand that you will hunt for on the map to be in unfavorable situation in the King, lost a main city, this has enabled the Indian to be able free development own strength and NPC army, is drunk by the maplewood with the clear pupil develops the temperament of black ink, the next country fights the cycle arrives the possible first target is fire Yun City, they must regain to lose! But Tian Ling Empire of Chinese war zone stays and defends one's post the state, has Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city and iron skull city to eye covetously toward the west, the pressure that you must bear can be imagined, not only that Japanese and players of South Korean server guard in three blade edge mountain east Qingyan cities, they same will not give up, sooner or later has a war with the Chinese server, if the highest heaven city also blade spear pointed to Tian Ling Empire at this time, perhaps Chinese war zone big dragon can become the dead dragon?"

I hear the secret heart startled, demon mountain person looks like careless, should is the same person with Ye Lai, righteousness Bo Yuntian frank or straightforward person, but the obvious demon mountain must be more exquisite than the Ye Lai thoughts, among the balance strength to nowadays servers was already crystal clear.

Looks at my manner, demon mountain shows a faint smile suddenly, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster does not need to worry that the highest heaven city is the main city that the multi- country server composes, the player in our Germany war zone can monopolize hopelessly, we want ensure the highest heaven city does not lose, but Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun Chengzhen the words of falling to the enemy, the Indian next goal definitely is we, therefore the highest heaven city will not attack the Chinese area, this point can feel relieved."

I nod saying: „Has demon mountain Guildmaster these words, I have felt relieved, Tian Ling Empire is the same with the highest heaven city, unites strongly, divides a weakness, the middle also has Japanese Han and Indian such strong clothing, intention also this that I come."

The demon mountain carries the wine class to toss down, on face already micro red, as if there is slightly drunk color, said with a smile: „This...... Also is not I decides, after all the server of highest heaven city were too many were too many, besides our Germany, Indonesia, Holland, Spain, Belgium and other servers, I said does not calculate, the resolution major event must vote each time the decision."

I naturally know trick, the demon mountain is the highest heaven city first person, its prestige can be imagined, but under his hand 12 gods will be the patrons on highest heaven city master list, although the server will be numerous, but the first-class players of many servers will take demon Shan to follow the lead, but will not see through an affair, but will smile, said: „This I understand, therefore hopes that demon mountain Guildmaster can much mediate, the second round country war should not be far, is Chinese war zone main Guild Guildmaster, I hope earnestly Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city can collaborate, otherwise makes the clear pupil develop the words that black ink and maplewood are drunk to rise, will be our nightmares."

The demon spur corner/horn raises, seems having the taunt, said: „But if makes the Chinese war zone rise officially, such as Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster such person, if the Chinese war zone can have 10 Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I thought actually the Chinese war zone is our nightmare, did you say?"

I smile awkwardly, said: „Actually I very peace-loving."

The demon mountain was the micro smile, the hand has also grasped the handle of fire god spear, said: „My this person is also the life of suitable hobby idle cloud wild crane, if not need to struggle to have the world, who is willing to kill, is?"

I deeply inspired, stand up saying: „Since said like this that today spoke of here, after later matter, said again, but here, I and your demon mountain agreed that the second round country war, highest heaven city and Tian Ling Empire mutual non-aggression, how?"

The demon mountain also stands up, bowing of gentleman, the character character said very much sonorously: „If no what accident, the highest heaven city will not use military force against the Chinese war zone, I pledged in this, so long as the Chinese war zone does not provoke on own initiative, the highest heaven city will not begin the arms with you."

„Good, that many thanks demon mountain Guildmaster!" I by holding the fist in the other hand of ancient China etiquette.

Demon Shan Wei smiles, grasps the fire god spear saying: „Sees off Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster!"

When I lift the curtain screen goes out of the armed forces account, outside one crowd of soldier in abundance alerts visits me, a little meaning at daggers drawn, I show a faint smile very much, how could the solemn Chinese war zone palace guard commands fears this scene, has to plant to chop me, thinks that this group of Xia Huojun cannot massacre to have me of thousand frost wing abilities.



The ice wing opens, demon mountain on the face passed over gently and swiftly immediately heterochrosis, obviously this is thinks when previous time we begin, under the effects of these thousand frost wings, I will cut to massacre his subordinates 12 gods continuously five, human spirit of this video clip at the forum of highest heaven city has stayed at a high level, therefore they saw when me will think to have a lingering fear, 12 gods will be the same with the god in the status of highest heaven city, they have not thought the Chinese war zone will have the person who can murder the god, and one will kill on kills five!

My body raises slowly, is raising the butterfly, said with a smile: „Demon mountain Guildmaster, has another day met again, hopes that you observe the treaty of alliance!"

The demon mountain is grasping the fire god spear, said with a smile frank: „Relax, my demon mountain manner is very simple, I admire the powerhouse, is the friend with Xiao Yao Zi Zai such powerhouse is the entire life happy event, you well situation that goes back to renovate the Chinese war zone, the hope next country fights us to collaborate, eliminates the match who impends."

„Good, bye!"



The speed opens, if the whole person still meteor flying to the horizon, has thought suddenly also has to return to the city system gadget, therefore the form in airborne dodges passes, already returned to Fan Shu City.

„Jie Jie......"

Airborne, around hawk nest lingers to soar an only flame hawk, each point of each second, we are producing Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers, this is our [Zhan Long] biggest trump card, is inside my hand is grasping the biggest trump card, truly speaking, why the demon mountain is willing to respond me, is not military strength enough that because my own strength and hand grasp?

The walk in Fan Shu City, the surrounding player comes and goes, has the [Zhan Long] player, there are other Guild players, the Fan Shu City present scale restored to the peak of secondary lord city, at least more than ten million players move into Fan Shu City, takes the base to practice the level by here toward surrounding fire Divine Mountain, ice hot wilderness and other maps thoroughly, this is also the reason of Fan Shu City thriving business, repairs equipment and transmission expense to have the income, deducts every large or small tax revenue, harvests as before richly, but my this broken cauldron male has a place secondary main city as the [Zhan Long] strong shield, this also Xian Sha all Chinese war zones various. Big Guild Guildmaster, what a pity also can only envy, these need the opportunity.


To near evening time, suddenly „drop" a news came from Yue Qing Qian: „Brother Xiao Yao, do you have to look at the official home page? The official must have a great writer."

„, Any great writer, I have not looked."

Yue Qing Qian turns on communication, said: „After Chinese Virtual Athletics Alliance, the destiny China regional groups and Chinese virtual department cooperate once more, has established name ‚day imperial book repository' the official organization, in fact is ‚Tian Ling Empire strategy palace' the meaning, it is said that is used to construct the Chinese war zone attack and defense to establish, but, I always thought...... The trick were too many!"

I: „......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1036

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