Zhan Long Chapter 1037

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Opens the destiny China region home page , a handle is similar to the long halberd of water deity halberd horizontally the top right-hand corner in home page, under flutters at the same time the war flag, above fine gold [gold/metal] large character „day imperial book repository", is the detailed introduction and origin of day imperial book repository

Day imperial book repository

„ Now the world, the outstanding heroes rise together simultaneously, the vassal dispute, the chaos caused by war is unceasing, the Chinese war zone is always the core of mainland heavy, the first round country war, Chinese war zone many player unity is strengths, seize fire Yun City, Port City, the hot shape city continually and other cities, made the Chinese server reputation remoteness, now the outstanding heroes eye covetously, Port City already fell to the enemy, to protect the war zone achievement no longer lost, the day imperial book repository arose at the historic moment.

As one association that replaces Chinese Virtual Athletics Alliance to have, the day imperial book repository serves for all Chinese war zone players, we will gather the Chinese area numerous elite players and brilliant public figures join the day imperial book repository, lets brain trust that the day imperial book repository becomes we wins one victory after another, lets who the day imperial book repository becomes the Chinese war zone with fighting symbol! „

The archives write actually one's blood bubbles up to the brim, but saw the position that the day imperial book repository sets up, I did not feel this day imperial book repository has many were wise, the tool that perhaps the person of having a mind seeks money, the position altogether has 6 levels, each level clearly demarcated

The 1 st level: Political integrity yue( 1, has decided: Player rumor)

The 2 nd level: Festival yue( 8, undecided)

The 3 rd level: Raises bit( 24, undecided)

The 4 th level: Staff( 64, undecided)

The 5 th level: Wu Kui( 200, undecided)

The 6 th level: Commoners( does not limit)


In the guild channel, has soon exploded the day, almost all topics revolve this day imperial book repository

General Wang Jian: „Day imperial book repository setting talked nonsense, MD, rumor what Dehe can hold the post of political integrity yue? Depending on this goods can also the same day imperial book repository member, snort, our [Zhan Long] at least over a thousand people can hold the post of this political integrity yue! My Xiao Yao elder brothers are not political integrity yue, does his rumor also match?"

General Li Mu: „I thought that you place on a par this with the rumor with Xiao Yao are an insult."

One Second Hero: „, Rumor why on the same day political integrity yue of imperial book repository?"

Dancing Forest said: „Simple, because his uncle is Liu Gong, the senior official of virtual department, so is simple."

Yue Qing Qian asked: „Will Brother Xiao Yao, you accept the invitation of day imperial book repository?"

I said immediately: „That must not pledge to fight to the death, since, I do not think that the second country fights is also impeded, that was too aggrieved, passes on me to order, [Zhan Long] anybody does not join the day imperial book repository, how they like playing how play, in this statesmanship fights P with not having in the country!"

Yue Qing Qian said with a smile: „I must disclose to you...... The advantage of political integrity yue does not know, but I inquired that the player of festival yue level can have the treatment that probably is CBN fights net points to obtain 15% promotion, then every month will obtain approximately 200 000 R motherfucker the wages from day imperial book repository, these money is left half by the destiny China regional groups and virtual department respectively, beside, the player joins the day imperial book repository also to promote the guild wind and cloud list to a certain extent points."

Wolf said: „This was also too shameless, attracts the player to join the day imperial book repository with this method? Shameless! Height of shamelessness!"

I am somewhat helpless: „This...... Was destiny company China Branch this kneels down to the authority?"

Lin Wan Er said: „Possibly they have the difficulties, after all the strength of politics is we cannot think."

„Um." I nod: „Does not know that Tian Ling Empire major Guild had several to be willing to participate in this day imperial book repository."

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „The society is a big dye vat, which Guild this time looks at to rank and develop, but is willing to submit to the day imperial book repository directed."

Dancing Forest said: „If I am the rumor, I am not concerned about face, forcing all Guild to join the establishment of day imperial book repository, otherwise deletes their account numbers......"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Virtual department did not have that big ability, if this passes on Going out, will let the world joke."

Old K said: „What to do can we?"

„Invariably on Wan Bian, first has a look."



Switches off the official site, offline.

Just picked off the hard helmet, nearby cell phone has made a sound, is Ouyang Nuoyan number, I just also want to call her, therefore put through, telephone that broadcast her sound: „Xiao Yao, hello!"

I smile: „The face, you are also good...... However, matter about day imperial book repository......"

Ouyang Nuoyan is somewhat helpless: „That...... Actually I have opened the mouth embarrassed, knows why destiny China Branch will participate in day imperial book repository plan also to allow the day imperial book repository to affect CBN to fight net points? Actually...... This must mentioned from 2019 «Destiny» verification......"

I one startled: „Did you say?"

Ouyang Nuoyan shows a faint smile: „Right, Liu Gong has used his strength, has carried on a dark war with us, if I do not compromise for the general interest, the destiny 2019 editions possibly cannot enter China."

I in consternation: „Won't be shameless?"

Ouyang Nuoyan smiles bitterly: „You still remember why thousand O thousand did stop the clothing not to open in the past?"

I feel relaxed: „Good, we truly underestimated the ignominious degrees of some people every so often, underestimates degree that too many people have not been concerned about face, I expressed the understanding."

„Right? Do you want to accept my day imperial book repository ‚festival yue' the invitation of position? One of 8 festival yue, you and Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, the Jian Feng Han four people mentioned by name to request."

„Does not participate." My expression is very light, but is unquestionable.

European way of yang: „15% do CBN fight net points not to want? If you do not participate, perhaps your CBN fought the net rank to retrocede 3-5......"

I smile: „What rank is, placed my front person, are several people my match?"

Ouyang also throws smiles: „Good, takes your this fellow not to have the means, but does not participate also well, at least will not fight in the country has everywhere impeded, to be honest, I am also repugnant to the matter of day imperial book repository, but can only, certain authorities probably dominate above the strength and justice like this, we can only wait for that Cooldown examined, perhaps the second round country will fight us to be in unfavorable situation, will then put the blame on certain people, by that time, perhaps will be you, perhaps will be Fang Ge Que, will become new political integrity yue."

I nod: „These were the later words, temporarily did not need to be too many."

„Was right, other [Zhan Long] do CBN fight the net masters not to participate in the day imperial book repository?"

„Um, at least first 100 will not participate."

„OK, I understood, wishing you smooth!"



Has made the telephone call, goes out goes to hall, dinner Cooldown arrived, Lin Wan Er lazy walks from the room, wears the loose home clothing, but beautiful does not result in the local products as before, on the element face cheek full is the satisfactory happy expression, arrives at side me, opened the arm to give me a warm hug, said with a smile: „Temporarily does not have others......"

I laugh in one's heart, lower the head to have a look at the girlfriend micro red pretty face, the heart also thump thump fiercely to beat, lowers the head to kiss on her red lip, the sound that until hearing Dong Cheng Yue opens the door is separated, Dong Cheng Yue walks, while put out a hand to pull the front underwear, pursed the lips saying: „Probably the underwear changed small, what's the matter......"

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „That is because you did grow once more?"

„That sentiment good......" Dong Cheng Yue to lower the head to have a look at the front, said with a smile: „The present scale was very good, I do not expect the stature well to Wan Er your situation......"

The Lin Wan Er cheek is red: „I do not want to grow into this, goes out always stares is looking, good awkward......"

„You are in the luck not to know the luck, you do not know the feeling of even chest female student......"

I said: „This feeling can ask Tang Xin in guild, Moon Feather several female......"

But Lin Wan Er said: „My goodness, do you pay attention actually very clearly?"

„This...... Care to guild members......"

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles, said: „Lacks prospects!"

Saying, she takes up a tablet PC from the one side, said: „, My goodness, many celebrities have joined the day imperial book repository...... Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior joined......"

I: „Is festival yue?"

„Um!" She hands me the computer and in front of Lin Wan Er, above clear demonstration name of one group of people

Festival yue( has decided 4 people): Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior

Raises bit( has decided 11 people): Lu Chun Yang, Enchanted Painting, Simple, Mu Xuan, The Seventh Tang, Bai Li Ruo Feng and Wild Beauty, fall the wild goose, Sword Tears, Death's Contract and war casualty to leave

Staff( has decided 27 people): Tang Men great master and the others, slightly.

Wu Kui( has decided 117 people): Small refined and the others, slightly.

Commoners( number of people 8.71 million people): Slightly.


„They submitted...... Lin Wan Er to smile to the rank and R motherfucker".

I also smiled: „Does not know that some possibly are only empty with the winding, some were possibly forced. Appearance that however Ye Lai, Misty Clouds, Mu Xuan and Han Bei Song these people have not participated in probably."

Lin Wan Er said: „The festival yue also four positions, I want definitely to keep one for you, is?"

„Who knows that......" my lazy lying down in sofa, said: „Rumor already visited me not to be feeling well, our [Zhan Long] Li Mu, Old K and Wang Jian these people have even abused each other with the rumor, I do not want to lead the [Zhan Long] person to join the day imperial book repository, then makes my brothers be bullied by rumor villain, after all we play the game to be more comfortable, does not need to go to work as pure loyalty Yue Fei."

„You also know......"

Dong Cheng Yue shot a look at my one eyes, having an expression of blame saying: „You initially truly had been expelled Tian Ling Empire by, at that time was very aggrieved, has anything to distinguish with Yue Fei."

„This afterward did not butcher truly to recover the gathering place...... My that is endures to be uneventful for a while!"

„Good, is you holds true."

I looked at data on the tablet PC, said: „Participated in the total number of people of day imperial book repository already over 800 thousand, in 24 hours, the conservative estimate at least over 2000 thousand people, this rumor were this political integrity yue are the heavy power have also been grasping, how I must have a look at this goods to lead the Chinese area but actually to march to the victory!"

Lin Wan Er is narrowing beautiful eyes: „Do not move toward to perish is good."

Zhan Long Chapter 1037

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