Zhan Long Chapter 1038

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Over the next few days is considered as is uneventful, although the appearance of day imperial book repository has started the great unrest, the player competition participates, because will have the meritorious comparison of day of imperial book repository every month, everyone has the opportunity first-level level upward crawls, until crawling to the position of festival yue, as for political integrity yue, at present is the decided but not yet announced system, was held the post by the original vice director rumor directly.

In fact this was also equal to discarding Fang Ge Que this country to fight the reputation of commander-in-chief, direct utilization privilege rumor straightening up, however within 4 days the rumor has not made any matter out of the ordinary, inquired, knows, Liu Gongpai several „veteran" the player joined Ben Lveru the fire to go to „assistance" rumor, these veterans youngest also above 40 years old, thinks that was Liu Gong sends the assistance rumor, told him anything to make, anything should not do, Liu Gong was not a fool, naturally knows that assigned „political integrity yue" unable to escape the long mouth, therefore only counted on uses. The words and deeds of rumor shut the mouth of player.


After Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior, Wang Ze Cheng joins the day imperial book repository, has held the post of fifth festival yue, 8 fame and integrity yue seats already, only then 3 are spatial, Yan Zhao Warrior has persuaded me, making me endure to be uneventful for a while, temporarily joins the day imperial book repository, at least first obtained 15% CBN to fight net points to say again, but had been rejected by me, in fact after having joined the regiment system, I did not care about CBN to fight the rank of net, was the unwarranted reputation.

In an instant to Saturday.

„Toot toot......"

After the dinner, the telephone has rung, is the Shen Bing number, but Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also in the side, two female wear the pretty dinner jacket, planned that attended the meeting of student meeting, Lin Wan Er must help me „appearance", therefore is helping me tie the tie, but I directly have also connected the call, asked: „Shen Bing elder sister, what matter?"

Shen Bing said with a smile: „My PaPa bar starts doing business today, late can't come up to support? Words that comes, I leave a good point position for you, was right, I also asked a star singer to perform, the appearance money has spent 200 000 +!"

„That definitely is not a star." I said with a smile.

Shen Bing is speechless: „I want to invite a star actually, but stingy Wang Dui is willing to approve this fund actually!"

„Good, knew, I ask that Wan Er and East city must go."


Moves to the telephone, I look to two beautiful women, asked: „The Shen Bing bar has started doing business officially, inviting us to play in the past, can go?"

Lin Wan Er looks at own cream pretty clothes, said: „Since the clothes traded, has dressed up, after that attended the student party, went again?"

„Um, East city?"

Dong Cheng Yue small mouth: „I naturally must with, what to do otherwise your this fool turned my family Wan Er!"

„How can, is my family."

„Ahem! Tang Qi, you?" Dong Cheng Yue looks to one side not far away Tang Qi.

Tang Qi is reorganizing the collar, said grinningly: „I must protect the young lady, nature go with you together."



In recent Cooldown has been busy playing the matter, has almost not gone to attend class, such got down to be dismissed again may not, but the person who tonight this meeting participates were very many, it is said was the student association and institute manages one to conduct, will have the professor and school managers participates, beamed with joy also well.

8 points, arrive in the banquet hall in school, this in fact is also previous time I accompanies Lin Wan Er to participate in the place of evening banquet, but previous not too happy, was irrigated thoroughly the coat by Liu Ying one glass of liquor, this time will decide however not, this for a while other for a while, Liu Ying will dare the rampant words again, I will be impolite.

Enters the stadium with the student identity card, went to smell the thick wine and dessert fragrance, Lin Wan Er and I walked shoulder to shoulder, that examined that the student of student identity card also looks at Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, after all these two female as in Liu Hua University beautiful woman list first, second, this lethality were very strong.

Not far away, Tang Gu saw us, immediately beckons saying: „Li Xiao Yao, Tang Qi, here!"

The smiling face of looking at an old boy face anticipation, probably does not let me and Tang Qi passes, but hopes that we were bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue in the past, this also with the distance goddess about, properly speaking, her girlfriend to the man who never forgot, I should punch eyeglasses brother maliciously, however a point idea did not have, probably in the subconscious thinks that eyeglasses brother idiot did not have what threat, or was the Lin Wan Er human spirit is really too high, the girl of this school flower rank was how possible nobody to pursue, the calm on was good.

Walked, in Tang Gu sits by the table sits down, my attention falls on the table on fine the snack, Liu Hua University was too rich, holds such a banquet at least to consume several hundred thousand? However the institute managed itself to undertake, small gift.

On the table fine good food are sending out the attractive fragrance, has the dessert, there is the cold dish and a hot dish, central the giant porcelain tray of backing off, has not known that under is any delicacy, my this obsession somewhat could not bear, never forgets wants to know under this tray is anything is delicious, nearby Lin Wan Er stares at me to look, in beautiful eyes is passing the love, smiles to say with a smile: „Are you pig? Day in day out is thinking eating, this party has many beautiful women to participate, you do not look at the beautiful woman......"

I spoke thoughtlessly: „Had you to suffice, other beautiful woman with xx did not have what difference in my eyes."

Immediately, Dong Cheng Yue is not glad, stared me saying: „Xx is any meaning, you have talked clearly to me, Tang Qi, you are my bodyguard punch his life unable to take care of oneself!"

Tang Qi stares, lets go to say with a smile: „Young lady, Li Xiao Yao this goods compared with me, I have hit......"

„That must hit, even if were punched by him."

„You do not treasure me......"

„Which onion are you?"



Discussion that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female chortle girl's topic, but after several minutes, several females stirred up trouble the wine class to walk, put on very attractively, and put on make-up, this woman, once after putting on make-up , was very attractive, this was without a doubt, a female of wear white stomacher was stirring up trouble the red wine, on the cheek was also having two dimples, lowered the head smiles to me, said: „Isn't this Xiao Yao Zi Zai in legend? Hee hee, has not thought that today here unexpectedly fortunately can see [Zhan Long] Guildmaster, can accept this invite to allow the girl to respect the cup liquor?"

I in consternation, the Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „Drinks."


I from side but actually: red wine, said the cup „Thanks."

She eats to smile, the flowering branch shivers all over, causes the front the peaks and ridges to shiver slightly, the present female student, grew is too simply good to have! The eye of Tang Qi and Tang Gu soon looked straight, although Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue appearance affirmed that beautiful this girl have been many, however put on does not have others to be so fiery.

The female students visit me, cup with me, as soon as touches, said: „Xiao Yao, my name was Liu Tiantian, was the students in social etiquette institute, the fortunate meeting!"

I nod smile, has drunk half the liquor in cup, afterward Liu Tiantian has pulled out the cell phone, said with a smile: „Can I leave your telephone number? The Wan Er beautiful woman should not be angry, I want to show off in front of my sisters, does not have other meaning, hee hee!"

Lin Wan Er sip the red lip, in a pair of beautiful pupil has written all over the complex color, this mean-spirited fellow definitely does not want me to leave other girl's telephone number, present Liu Tiantian too is also warm, how making me not know rejects, has saying: „That...... My telephone lost recently, has not managed the new card......"

„This......" on Liu Tiantian face writes all over „was too false" the look, actually does not expose, says with a smile: „Then on additional QQ code, this always some?"


Does not have the means that I have to give her the Dong Cheng Yue QQ code.


After Liu Tiantian brings several female students are leaving, a Tang Gu face is resentful, said: „Did Li Xiao Yao this boy also incur the female student to like? The person compared the human spirit deceased person simply!"

Tang Qi said: „Calm, the custom was good. Yo, Tang Gu you looked how many female students that side does have to be very lonely there drinks? Do you want to say something to smooth things over?"

Tang Gu carried the wine class joyfully.

I remote look at his back, asked: „It looks like that several female students is not good to cope, how Tang Qi did you instigate Tang Gu to take risk?"

Tang Qi smiles: „That dyed the female student of wine red hair, is the department of Culture and education Institute is colored, calls Dong Ling, Tae Kwon Do blanking bar four, is the renowned match for ten thousand, it is said...... Is spills, as long as there are male student to dare to say something to smooth things over she not to have what good end, I looked that Tang Gu can not bear the loneliness the appearance not be really cruel enough, therefore......"


I looked to that Dong Ling, the hair have selected to dye the wine red, was especially charming in the light next pretty face, such girl spilled unexpectedly, the waste, the Tang Gu eyeglasses brother refueled simply!

After result several minutes, Tang Gu dingy turned around, has not walked several steps, „" tripped, the nose fell red, although the ray flash was very dim, but can see by my eyesight that was that Dong Ling stretches out the big longleg to give eyeglasses brother, this woman was quite fearful!


„Feels what kind, eyeglasses brother?" I asked.

Tang Gu held the eyeglasses, in eye was passing to space warfare intent, said: „This Dong Ling's stature is really hot...... I...... I pledged that must soak her!"

I have raised up the thumb: „Come on!"

Lin Wan Er eats to smile: „Dong Ling I knew, even if you soaks her, perhaps must have the physical suffering."

Tang Gu makes a fist: „From now henceforth she was my goddess, gave up a wound, dares to go to bed the goddess lane!"

I: „......"


At this time, distant one line of walked, one person of front line is an acquaintance, impressively is Liu Ying, wore a straight name brand western-style clothing, with 34 with the student who he mixed, Situ overlord eldest son's vision straight looked to us, troublesome must walk.

Zhan Long Chapter 1038

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