Zhan Long Chapter 1039

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„Li Xiao Yao, do you sit here, are waiting mildewy?" Liu Ying as if drank somewhat many, on the face was having the meaning of despising, said: „That side has the big two, big three students to play to seize the life dart game, didn't you bring Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to watch the fun in the past? Sits does not have the meaning here is?"

„Seizes the life dart?" My corners of the mouth raise: „Does not have the interest."

„Is afraid of losing?" Liu Ying visits me, said: „Looks at your this, it is estimated that cannot lose."

I let somebody cool off or calm down say with a smile: „, How does slight the law?"

„You knew in the past."


I put out a hand to hold the hand of Lin Wan Er, said: „Walks, we had a look in the past, as if that side is truly lively."

Lin Wan Er probably thinks funny, said with a smile low voice: „Pig head, were you so how easy to be prodded?"

„Was not prodded, but thought that this group of mortals need to be taught."



Dong Cheng Yue, Tang Qi and Tang Gu and the others also passed with us, sees only corner/horn light of banquet hall to be brightly lit, one group of students in gathering round a giant gathering place playing amusement, but on the distant wall, plays the target of dart to be hanging on the wall, one group of students are also playing may not, not only there is a Liu Ying, even Wang Ze Cheng unexpectedly also here, but his side brings a hair to select to dye the white female student, wants attractive compared with Xu Yue, is really tall Fushuai, trades the speed of girlfriend to be really quick!

„Comes, makes way."

Liu Ying is grasping the wine class, said with a smile: „Li Xiao Yao must join ‚Mount Hua' this to play by sword."

„Did Mount Hua discuss the sword?" I stare.

A nearby big four school leader with a smile explained: „This game is this, each participant must lead a female companion, then single Tiao plays the dart, altogether three dart opportunities, start the beforehand female companion to say dart hit to make the opposite party the male throw the dart, if the enemy has hit really the similar number of times, can kiss your female companion one time, you are also same , after having won the opposite party, can win hit same R motherfucker, a dollar, what kind, dares to play?"

I stare, knit the brows: „Is this changes the girlfriend to play?"

The school leader smiled: „Not, kisses, does not have anything at the worst."

Liu Ying said with a smile in side: „Doesn't dare to play? If you play, I accompany you to play one, how is it?"

Saying, falling of his vision provocation in me and on Lin Wan Er.

My brow raises, said: „Do you have the girlfriend?"

„Who said?"

Liu Ying zhang hand holds in the arms the female student who side that has worn the cream-colored short skirt, said with a smile: „Mila, accompanies me to play one game, how is it?"

That is called the mila female student to eat to smile: „? Let Li Xiao Yao kiss, probably...... Oh, others quite shy!"

I sneer secretly, you sufficed!

Liu Ying continued: „What kind , do you dare to play?"

I let go smile: „Oh, I must elect a girlfriend to accompany you to play two, since Schoolmate Liu Ying wants to play, that must certainly make you play to enjoy oneself to the full!"

Saying, I put out a hand to hold the arm of Tang Gu to entrain him, said: „This is my female companion, comes the person, hoodwinks his eye......"

Liu Ying whole body one thump: „You...... You sufficed!"

I sneer: „What's wrong, do you also shut out my female companion to come?"

The Tang Gu complexion is pale: „I especially also shuts out him to be good?"

I stared his one eyes: „You also do not have the girlfriend, selects food to do!"

„I the good and evil must select especially female!"


At this time, Wang Ze Cheng carried the wine class saying: „Li Xiao Yao, you use the man to come, when shield, didn't this have the meaning? The Liu Hua University students know that the first beautiful woman Lin Wan Er boyfriend doubtful is you, do you also want to deny inadequately?"

I said: „What elects is the female companion, is not the girlfriend."

Side, Lin Wan Er bites red lip, in beautiful eyes is passing spunk, obviously she does not want to play this game, after all, a proud girl will not allow the man who does not like to kiss her.


In I hesitate in making a move, suddenly a girl went out of the crowd, said: „Since this, do not press Xiao Yao, I come, when Xiao Yao female companion? What kind, dares to play?"

I looked at the past, this girl was not others, was Liu Tiantian, miss who was good to uphold justice, if I did not have girlfriend definitely you!

„Wan Er, Ok?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er nods: „Um, do not lose! Lost one time to take a dollar!"

„A dollar, is anything......"

That „they said that is 10,000 R motherfucker......"

„Scratches, this must win!"


Liu Ying is holding the hand of new girlfriend, but Liu Tiantian also made use to pull my arm to arrive at the middle, the dart distance target about 5 meters high and low, actually the hit probability was very high.

„Started?" Liu Ying asked.

I said: „5 meters, were too near, was too easy?"

„How many do you think?"

„Three times, 15 meters how is it?"


„Doesn't dare to play?"

„Has anything not to dare, plays plays!"

Therefore the backlash, in our manpower three darts, from the target about 15 meters, the ordinary people definitely could not hit the target, but Liu Ying is in the master, can not know.

Liu Tiantian stands side me, said with a smile: „Dear, I said how many are quite good?"

„3, visit him to have this skill."


Therefore under the rightness of school leader, Liu Tiantian said 3, Liu Ying must three rounds in three be able to win.

The Mila also corners of the mouth raised, said 3, this was the going all out rhythm.


Liu Ying comes first, the body sinks slightly, the judgment distance and effort, lifted the hand dart suddenly already Going out, „" sewed in the lower extremity of target, almost must miss the target, was very dangerous.

He has licked the lip , to continue second, „", this time has adjusted the effort, on some, has hit, is really the master!

Third, this time Liu Ying continues the air/Qi to decide emanation with rapt attention, but this luck is not good, the dart has not contacted the target from the start.

He lost, is one's turn me.

Deeply inspires, in the palms is passing the light Yang Flame bracing cold, but this group of people are not the followers, should unable to see my essence Yang Yanjin, Tang Qi could.

Almost does not have any gap, I every. seconds a projection, „" consecutively three, three darts sewed in the red star place, one group of students were immediately dumbfounded, quick, the surrounding female student was screaming cheered, even many female students started to flirt with the eyes, this was not a very good custom, liked a person not being able because of his some merit, for example these female students perhaps think that I threw the dart to like me well, but actually does not know that I did like taking a bath and digging out the foot guy and others.

„Has won, we won!"

Liu Tiantian cheers, opened the hand to grasp me, the white stomacher almost fell, I hurried well-mannered pushed her to leave, says with a smile: „Um, 3 dollars, our half minute?"

„Um good!"

Liu Ying face dying embers, said: „Was too far!"

That mila with a smile said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you, if must kiss me a bit faster to come, missed this village not to have this shop, again when wants to have this opportunity not to know!"

I show a faint smile, said: „I took three dollars to be good, gave up as for the chip of kiss, I have not kissed the custom of others girlfriend, Mr. Liu Ying, three dollars thank you, took the money quickly!"

Generally speaking the rich man will not bring that many cashes, is good has the ATM ATM because of side, Liu Ying immediately dingily has taken the money, but Liu Tiantian as if really very likes me, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, god knows her will do to have an accident, such female student is too not really self-possessed, one year ago my unmarried time how not to see her to appear! I in moral nature silently is thinking. Now had Lin Wan Er, other female students truly could not cancel my interest.

When you fall in love with a woman wholeheartedly, in this world was only two women, was she, as well as was not she.


When at the meeting of Liu Hua University plays about 10 points diverges, after nearly two hours of trying to get close, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue also repeatedly helps, finally that stature hot Dong Ling no longer has repelled to Tang Gu, because I told her, although Tang Gu this person of undistinguished appearance, but the moral nature deep place has the universe, belongs to that righteousness Bo Yuntian, the muck Wang Hou real man, these two words as if touch a stretch of soft domain that Dong Ling heart of hearts has needed to protect, finally started to give up with the eyeglasses brother speaks.

Eyeglasses brother whole face sunset glow picked up the little girl, but I and went out, take taxi to go to making of Shen Bing with Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Tang Qi, today's second, goes to the PaPa bar to support, and familiar one there environment was also good, when protecting Lin Wan Er, I should also consider the completeness of Shen Bing, although in the bar many people were the people in base, but was not quite as before safe, for money and benefit, some people became is not the person, can do any cruel matter.

Arrives in the bar time, the unexpected business is especially good, has almost soon been fully occupied, Shen Bing has not come out to meet with me directly, approximately as a result of the relations of status, but sends out a server to bring us, after arranges the nice wine water to us, she appeared finally, a black evening dress, the makings of night shop queen are full.

Actually has drunk many liquor, but Shen Bing drew us to drink many liquor as before, afterward she greeted other frequent guests to go, left behind me and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue plays the game of small honeybee together, after around 12 : 00 o'clock at night, finally was exhausted, but truly also very relaxed, the King in game will hunt for among struggling with NPC to make me too tired, had the opportunity of this relaxation rarely.


Returning on the way, Lin Wan Er by has fallen asleep in my arms unexpectedly, the beautiful cheek is bringing bright red.


On the cell phone, a news came from Yue Qing Qian: „Brother Xiao Yao, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den receives the Hybrid Demon small scale attack, I and Li Mu had the person to go to the Shua duty, you and can Sister Cang Tong come?"

I reply: „Has king level BOSS to appear?"


„You play happily, I drank, sleep."


Zhan Long Chapter 1039

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