Zhan Long Chapter 1040

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I rest, Lin Wan Er has actually gotten online, it is said that must stay up late to complete Queen Zi Shu assigning duty, I had not understood that the duty the detail, has to make her go, ok, tomorrow perhaps also many matters need to process, temporarily also no matter that many.


A dream wakes up, already was next day around 10 : 00, have really rested is too many, even, after stepping into Yang Flame the boundary, I felt that I longs to [Lullaby], very hypersomnia, according to old man the theory of that set of conservation of energy, should steps into Yang Flame the later own strength large scale promotion, therefore needed enough [Lullaby] to come outside the absorber the spirit strength between world.

Temporarily has not gone to control these, washed later arranges several chefs to cook food, calling on them to make a sumptuous meal at noon, because Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er stayed up late to play last night, until around 7 : 00 am offline, at this time got out of bed the affirmation to be awfully hungry.

Really, their two awakes to around 12 : 00 pm, afterward tidied up a 1 o'clock to start to eat meal, finished eating approached 2 : 00 pm, at this time was „drop" one, my cell phone received a message once more, came from vice- Guildmaster Yue Qing Qian: „Brother Xiao Yao, in Tian Ling Empire, Port City and triangle intersection point Shua of highest heaven city new 2 levels of cities, called ‚antiquity palace wall', after one hour, Shua was new, will attract the players in three big main cities to compete, altogether continued for 48 hours, who can defend in the antiquity palace wall finally, who can obtain this antiquity palace wall!"


Immediately puts down the chopsticks, the outstanding buttocks of Lin Wan Er side pats stood up, said: „Gets online, system Shua new a secondary lord city, in Tian Ling Empire, Port City and highest heaven cities, the player can occupy, definitely also has other perquisite, standing by!"

Her cheek red, nod said: „Um! You in Fan Shu City, in the city main palace my, making you have a look at me to make the duty for these days diligently the achievement!"

I came the interest: „? What super equipment did Wan Er obtain?"

„No, is bigger than the super equipment use value!"



Returns to the room, gets online in a hurry!


Appears in Fan Shu City, the summon god fierce fine horse has fired into the Fan Shu City city main palace, Lin Wan Er has raised the dagger to defend there by far, visits me with a smile.

„What super achievement? Can make me have a look!"

„Hee hee, went in said again!"


Unexpectedly must the entering a city main palace show, is really mystical enough.

I have then stepped into the Fan Shu City city main palace with Lin Wan Er, stands firm in the broad hall, Lin Wan Er stands in my front, said with a smile: „Be careful, should not be scared."

„Um, relax......"

The Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth raise, suddenly has lifted an arm, immediately the silver six glow stars from the sky bloom together, is an ear-spitting Dragon recites the sound, „crash-bang" a sky of hall has launched a pair of silver meat wing, is a rugged fierce leading image, a pair of shallow white pupil stubbornly is staring at me, Lin Wan Er behind, presented a giant silver dragon unexpectedly, at least is also the silver dragon elder rank!


I take a step to go forward hurriedly, shoves open Lin Wan Er, said: „How to have the big dragon to infiltrate Fan Shu City?!"


Shoves open the Lin Wan Er instance in me, that silver dragon roared, opened the big mouth is frost Dragon Xi, „crash-bang" swept across, immediately my whole body one cold, then received this dragon rest/breath attack effect, very strong attack injury


Was blown down by my magic resistance as before that many HP, trades to be on the ordinary medium player, this dragon rest/breath can let them absolutely ****!


The butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade simultaneously in the hand, I already prepared Tu Dragon, but Lin Wan Er actually diving posture but, holds my hand, said with a smile: „Fool, do not hit, this is my pet!"

„? Pet?!"

My unbelievable has a look at this silver dragon, it as if becomes after the wildness temperate, after falling to the ground, rolls up the huge body to hide in Lin Wan Er behind, is one becomes known the dog to be ordinary likely: „How possible...... Have the players been able to tame the sacred big dragon? This rule as if also not broken, before the Dragon Rider gentleman in player rode was the land dragon and wind dragon and so on false dragon?"

Lin Wan Er very draws out the proud chest, said with a smile: „Ahem, I and saved and East city to spend many days of the duties of doing, continuous completed the followup mission, after killing the demon dragon, the dragon egg that obtained assigned the duty, but Queen Zi Shu with the Dragon God Essence magnificent this silver dragon egg domesticating, but I spent many cold uncultivated land Dragon's den meritorious value to exchange this dragon egg."

„Is that this lord is the pet of relations?"

„Also is, is not."

„That what is this?"

„Hee hee......" young girlfriend shows a faint smile, said: „Silver dragon natural disposition is good, generally active threat others, this silver dragon will not be Queen Zi Shu will spend the huge essence energy catalysis to be grown, therefore the intelligence quotient will be low, will appear good spiritless, will be protected a moment ago main cherished will attack your, otherwise, my Little Bai will definitely not attack anybody, only if...... I enter Dragon Xue to fuse the condition."

„Dragon blood fusion?" I in consternation, could not master completely.

Lin Wan Er cracks into a chuckle: „Said simply, Little Bai is a little friend who I can summon, with my equality of relations, if I take the blood as to direct, carries on a time short soul contract with it, I can control its body to carry on any motion, do you want to take a look?"


The Lin Wan Er then steps go forward, the breaking by biting index finger, raises the palm, immediately this name „Little Bai" the powerful silver dragon lowered the head, when Lin Wan Er the injured finger according to be shining on its head, the cyclone dance is swaying all in hall, the next quarter was Dragon Xue fused, Lin Wan Er turning over stood above the dragon back, Little Bai was fanning the meat wing, to periphery was being again frost Dragon Xi, gave the freeze to live a row of Fan Shu City chair.

„Little Bai" falls to the ground slowly, a giant dragon leg lifts, then brandishes the meat wing, the head raises high, afterward had the rhythm putting down leg, the left leg has kicked Going out, was having the wind vigor, but I also finally saw clearly, the beautiful woman young lady was too mischievous, unexpectedly directed the sacred silver dragon to dance, this danced I to see her and Dong Cheng Yue in the amusement city jumps over, I went!


I smiled the tears to be about to fall, said: „Wan Er, I have believed that this dragon truly can fuse with your Dragon Xue, but you make a sacred big dragon dance, did not think that blasphemed?"

Lin Wan Er kneels above the dragon neck, puts out a hand to touch the head of silver dragon, said with a smile: „Little Bai is very clever, will not think the vitality!"

In the eye pupil of silver dragon is passing pure and good-hearted, this is a how pure silver dragon, but in our hands, it was doomed is a deterrent super weapon!

„This dragon......" I hesitates, finally asked question that wants to ask: „The strength and compared with cold uncultivated land of Dragon's den this dragon 15 Dragon Rider gentlemen, how is it?"

Lin Wan Er as if early is prepared, throws said: „According to Queen Zi Shu and Odelia words, this silver dragon egg is dragon egg that initially the antiquity dragon emperor left behind, the deep sleep several thousand years, has awakened now finally, the strength slowly is also recovering, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den any dragon of Dragon Rider gentleman is unable to place on a par with it."

I continue to ask: „That Wan Er you ride in dragon carry on the back, can attack?"


Lin Wan Er sits in the dragon carries on the back, draws out the dagger, forward wields suddenly, immediately dagger [Vanguard] surges to be similar to the sword air/Qi attack bracing cold together, „bang" has left behind the deep gully on the wall, she separated to wield three [Combo] of blade edge of various god spatially, three violent rays from the sky surged, energy bone-chilling cold, was really fierce!

I smiled: „Others ride the big dragon the soldier are called the Dragon Rider gentleman, but your this is riding the assassin of big dragon, is called the dragon assassin?"

Lin Wan Er digs the small mouth, said with a smile: „Why can't? Later please call me Dragon Rider gentleman young lady!"

„Good the Dragon Rider gentleman young lady, we should prepare to capture the matter of antiquity palace wall."



In the guild channel already exploded has boiled, all about capturing the matter of antiquity palace wall

One Second Hero: „Our [Zhan Long] had Fan Shu City, but can also capture the antiquity palace wall as own guild base?"

General Li Mu: „Perhaps is not good, if we seized the antiquity palace wall, was also good as the station of First Division or guards, will this station also dislike many?"

Old K Ha Ha smiles: „This, the fight of previous Port City has been actually in unfavorable situation, this time must seize! The words said that Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city can also join in the fun?"

Yue Qing Qian: „, Ze deep pool city, Full Moon City and intersection point Shua of iron skull city three big main cities new will not have been similar to the city of antiquity palace wall, their definitely also war, the iron skull city and in Ze deep pool cities the war again and again, may not have peaceful that we imagine."

I asked: „About capturing the matter of antiquity palace wall, what that side the day imperial book repository had to speak?"

Li Mu said: „I inquired, rumor political integrity yue and other festival yue achieved the consistency in opinion with Fang Ge Que, Cang Cheng, Q-Sword, as long as joins the guild of day imperial book repository, fully enters Ba Huang City within the boundaries, prepares directly to enter the Luming woods from the important pass, that antiquity palace wall on correspondence in the Luming woods, Xiao Yao, our [Zhan Long] what to do?"

I: „We first should not be excited, this fight can continue for 48 hours, we sit and watch it change, first in great demon forest nearby Wu Shen river set!"



Switches off the guild channel, I said to Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er, you direct building up of [Zhan Long], relates [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] , etc. not to join the guild of day imperial book repository again, we must unite these strengths, otherwise the light is the [Zhan Long] words is not perhaps able to contend with the mighty force."

Lin Wan Er takes back the pet space the silver dragon, said: „Do you want to go to do?"

„Goes to the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace."

„? What goes to the imperial palace to make?"

„Demanded the military authority."

In my eyes insists on completely: „My dream all concessions and compromises that only then, series seven big main cities, I make also for closer this goal, since the rumor has worked as political integrity yue, I definitely cannot make the Tian Ling Empire NPC army be spoiled by him at will, the soldier I must use in the firing line, does not waste!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1040

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