Zhan Long Chapter 1041

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God fierce fine horse long hissing has crashed in the imperial palace, although I am not on general, but as before is commanding of palace guard, therefore also nobody prevents my footsteps, entered the palace directly, above the discovery main hall the standing person, the Tantai feather and Qu Hu, Liang seal, Ou Yeti, Huyan Li, Situ Xin and other NPC military officers of major regiments, even Jiu Li City three big regiment commander few Master Yang, Lin Qiong, Qin Yi three people, player military rank high were not, probably was prepares to attack the antiquity palace wall. The matters concerned.


„Li Master!"

Shallow forest smile said: „Li Master comes in a hurry, certainly what urgent matter has?"


I looked in an official home page, this time competes for the three day that later the antiquity palace wall completed will open the second round country to fight, the situation was imminent, then said: „Can your majesty know the antiquity palace wall at the Luming woods present world's matter?"

The shallow forest nods: „Um, I just and sea male, general discussed how to dispatch troops to attack the matter of antiquity palace wall, it is said in the antiquity palace wall was hiding the countless gold , silver and jewelries, had Wu Jue and law of being lost decides, if our day plume empire obtained the buried treasure in this antiquity palace wall, can further promote the national strength inevitably!"

I said: „Competition of antiquity palace wall was a bloody battle, Port City Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire cannot sit by and do nothing inevitably, but Eastern highest heaven City Well-trained and equipped army, will not stand by inevitably, if we advanced troops rashly, perhaps met the buckle many empire military strength, therefore, I wanted to request that to your majesty controlled all military authorities of empire!"

Immediately, wish the sea somewhat unable to tolerate, the beard flies, said: „Absurd, how can the whole nation military authority give a houseboy?"

„You are absurd!"

Nearby, the purple spirit armed forces new command Huyan Liyan chin dragon to anger: „After Your Highness Li Shizi Pearl passed away fights up and down the country, several times resisted the invasion of Hybrid Demon, the countless merit, might be called the Tian Ling Empire god, how so the command ability can say is a houseboy, end may I ask a sea male, Li Master will lead Tian Ling Empire various to repel Seurre army, to rout the Luo Cauldron advance armed forces and Luhu will kill blood giant Kyle the time you where, you have what qualifications to question that Li Master meritorious service, above this main hall, which onion you will calculate?!"

I cannot help but one startled, has not thought of this Huyan pear unexpectedly my hardcore supporter!

Wish the sea to be said dumbfoundedly, but said: „Li Xiao Yao demanded that whole nation military authority, the old man thinks as before improper, if he must plot a rebellion, perhaps when the time comes no one could prevent him!"

Situ Xin shows a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Sea male should not be oversuspicious, if the broken cauldron male wants the rebel, perhaps now sits the person on throne is he, why must to wait till today?"

The shallow forest stands up, says with a smile: „Li is Master, you willing to grasp the national soldiers and horses really?"

„Yes!" I nod.


Shallow forest boy does not give a thought to the impressive and dignified manner of sovereign unexpectedly, wore the emperor robe to jump to rush to the throne, has pulled out that shining token from the bosom, kneed down, said: „Orphaned Wang Bian did obeisance to lead here, Li Master on, the shallow forest officially appoints General Li Xiao Yao as to hold spear now ‚greatly', the command nation soldiers and horses, commanded the following military appointment, may rise and fall voluntarily, has in a big way holds the spear token, may dispatch the domestic all armies, but there is a non- follower, punished by the anti- aim, to the military officers and soldier of below four levels military appointments, the power of feasible taking action first and explaining later!"

I am startled slightly, only wanted the transfer order military authority the authority, has not actually thought that the shallow forest trusts this degree me unexpectedly, was equal to concentrating the entire Tian Ling Empire military authority in my hands.

single Xi kneels, I somewhat slightly am moved, the character character is loud and clear saying: „Li Xiao Yao does one's best inevitably, will drain away the last drop of blood for the future of empire, this heart world may reflect, livelihood to show!"

Very good, this saying said links me to think that slightly was somewhat self-satisfied.


The shallow forest holds me to stand up, says with a smile: „Li Master please get up!"

Saying, he steps onto the throne, turns around to look to your highness whole body of ministers, said: „War is ready to be set off, the orphaned king has appointed Li Shiwei to hold the spear greatly, from now henceforth, Li Master holds the national military authority, the duty of good marshal, but also looks at general to be able with Li Master of one heart, for the homeland, for Tian Ling Empire, for the later world, is totally dedicated to one's country!"

The whole body of ministers worship on bended knees in the place: „Your majesty is wise!"

Wish the sea to visit me, in the eye is having not the indignation, does not have what means that is also worth kneeling down, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty emperor's decision!"

When the people set out, Situ Xin congratulated with a smile: „Congratulates Li Master to wield holds the spear greatly, is not right, now should call you for Li Shuai!"

I show a faint smile: „General Situ was polite."

The flame Dragon Jun's Tantai feather holds the fist in the other hand says with a smile: „Li Shuai, later the end will wait to work for under the account, but also looks at Li Shuai to direct us!"

„Polite polite."

The shallow forest in throne shows a faint smile, said: „Such being the case, orphaned Wang Sanchao viewed the flowers, general and Li Master stay behind continues to discuss that advanced troops to the matters concerned of antiquity palace wall!"

I nod, gazes after the shallow forest to depart.

But wish the sea to keep at the scene, the appearance that is not willing to depart as before as duke, I then pointed to the door, said: „Besides commanding level military officer of wielding military power, other people can retreat first, sea male, is good."

Wish the coast air to result in the beard to dance in the air, does not have the means that cold snort, leading several retainers to walk, but Lin Qiong and other Jiu Li City military officers continued to remain.

Old officials said: „Li Shuai, your majesty has tidied up side hall to hold Ge Fahao the order roll-call palace greatly, invited Li Shuai and general comes along with the old servant then."

As soon as I nod, leading Tian Ling Empire one group of military officers to go together, as if except for Q-Sword, other commanding level generals has arrived in full, first time felt to have great power, um, the feeling was good, at least, each plan along with my intent, will not present the deviation that any opinion did not gather.


The side hall, out of the door is being guarded by one crowd of imperial guards, but the gate model of domestic virtue is Han Yuan grasps the saber, leading one group of palace guards to defend in inside, originally Situ Xin has arranged, this but actually also good, had the palace guard here, nobody dares at the scene the disobey orders, otherwise promoted beheads had not discussed!

In the side hall has established a giant sand table, above is placing various countries' main city, the big and small map and various detailed in soldier situation, I arrive at the sand table front, said: „General please sit down!"

One group of military officers sit down by the sand table respectively, but I stand there as before, puts out a hand finger of Tian Ling Empire, Port City and intersection point of highest heaven city, said: „Antiquity palace wall here, our adventurer armies have attacked from Ba Huang City, what to do does everybody think the Empire Armed forces should?"

The farm tractor armed forces command few Master Yang to show a faint smile, said: „Takes our dragon crystal artillery, attacks with the adventurer team together, the Port City hot lion armed forces and dark blue navy are just the rebel armies, one group of motley crew, Xia Huojun, Longxu Armed forces and ice shield armed forces highest heaven city, although the military strength is abundant, but is flashy but lacking substance, collapses at the first blow radically."

I nod to smile: „Few General Master Yang said very right, our objects are not very strong, but I want to say one, the highest heaven city and Port City adventurer quantity tens of thousands, I and these adventurers have had to do, knows their fierce, if we want to win, must fortify at every step and be careful, otherwise can only fall short."

Few master Yang Xingxing tracing nose, has not continued to speak.

Huyan Li holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Li Shuai, you now are the three services command, your words are the military order, asked you to say directly, does not need with our crowds only to understand the big uneducated person who military tactics superficial knowledge beat around the bush."

I nod smile: „My intent, divides several armies to defend the imperial empire border region territory, the centralized superior force in the great demon woods of military god riverside, waited for that the appropriate opportunity gives the enemy thunder to strike again!"

Few Master Yang has raised the brow, said: „Said that whom Li Shuai is to guard the border region?"

I have the universe, few Master Yang looked that I am not feeling well mostly, but also learned from Situ firewood there that the Jiu Li City third military and local navy commanded Qin Yi is keeps the person, only knows wholeheartedly protected own military strength not to be lost, these two people are unable to work with concerted efforts with me temporarily together, bring might as well not to bring, said: „Farm tractor armed forces military strength is abundant, sends you to guard does not turn over to the sea, to guard Seurre cross-ocean to fight."

Few Master Yang holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Yes, Marshal!"

Although he visits me not to be feeling well, but obeys the order as before, this is a good phenomenon.

Afterward, I also said: „General Qin Yi, you led the navy to go to Wu Shenhe the destiny bateau-bridge, garrisoned there, is responsible for the security and defense of empire West border region."

„Yes, Marshal!"

Afterward, one group of military officers joyfully receive an order to go, the person in side hall are getting fewer and fewer, finally only the remaining quite young military officers stand there, is commander Lin Qiong of vault of heaven armed forces, this is a marker beacon records 【God level ★★】 Command, two star gods, is in one group of empire military officers strength most abundant one, even is more powerful than Situ firewood and Han Yuan and the others strength, is a military officer who I most want to win over.

„Forest arched commands, how haven't you walked?" I walk to go forward to ask.

Lin Qiong depends upon above the sand table, in the eye is bringing contemptuous, said: „Li Shuai, we as if had sought a meeting before, if I have not remembered incorrectly, then Li Shuai was delicate, is opportunistic has killed demon General Dragon Huoli, not?"

I nod smile: „Yes, how?"

Lin Qiong stands up, in the eye is passing proud intent, said: „Does a student of lacking the strength to truss up a chicken, why accompany for my forest arched lord? Others recognize you for Li Shuai, may in my Lin Qiong eyes, you be a villain of abusing power!"

I restrain by force the heart spunk, said: „Forest arched commands, how can I prove itself?"

„Defeats me!"

The forest arched draws out the sharp knife blade slowly, nearby Han Yuan also draws out the long sword immediately, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Forest arched, do you want to revolt? Comes the person, arched takes the forest, chopped to me said again!"

I raise the arm hurriedly: „No, Han Yuan, you lead the palace guard to get down, I and forest arched commanded the words to say!"

In the Han deep pool eye is having question, does not have the anti- command, having the person to get down, closed conveniently, in entire side hall also only then I and forest arched two people.


„How to defeat you?" I visit him with a smile, slowly draws out the butterfly, single Tiao two star gods BOSS, this were too as if crazy, but I want to try very much!

Zhan Long Chapter 1041

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