Zhan Long Chapter 1043

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The forest arched inspires the sword hilt slowly, immediately around the sword blade edge raises starry sky strengths, initially when the Ba Huang City bitter experience, Lin Qiong was also Sword Saint, now unexpectedly has practiced the god level strength, in his eyes performed thoroughly contemptuously, said: „Forgives you are a adventurer does not have many to cultivate is, my Lin Qiong does not bully you, if you can attack to draw back my one meter, I was lose!"

Saying, Lin Qiongdi drinks one, fought the boots to tread the flagstone ground in side hall, the strength of domain has opened, the shield of starry sky condensed together before the body, behind the transparent starry sky shield, a he face of outstanding ability became some distortions, said with a smile: „To become my Lin Qiong marshal, how does not put out a skill to be good, if you, only then that deceives the ability of person, then lets my Lin Qiongzun on not doing your military order!"

I steel one's heart, draws out butterfly sword slowly, said: „If I force to draw back your one step, you are then willing to be Tian Ling Empire give loyalty to?"

Lin Qiongyang eyebrow: „Real man eye for an eye, cannot take back!"



As soon as I shake the arm, butterfly sword already flew high to hang in my top of the head several rice places, above is saving the [Blade Spin] strength, I have thought that rides the wind to cut attack power to be no doubt formidable, but is not enough to shake draws back god level BOSS, Frost teaches my imperial day to have certain possibility actually, after all Frost is the superior god, to the comprehension of strength by far in me, the move that she creates thinks that also goes far beyond me to create to the god level BOSS lethality.

Therefore decides, the body trembles slightly, almost unites the strength of whole body on the butterfly sword on top of the head, the strength of imperial day starts, my Holy Domain strength emerges above the butterfly sword all, condenses the faint Shenlong image around the sword blade edge, that is a green Eastern dragon, the stance that the dignity cannot be invaded is fearful, the entire side hall also as if shivers, the Coordinate on sand table „" falling, the space seemed twisted generally.

Suddenly, I raise the arm wield, the butterfly sword changed into the meteor to clash Going out together, the [Blade Spin] + 100% imperial days, looked that this type can shake draws back forest arched this powerful BOSS!


During the butterfly sword flies, Lin Qiong as if also sees this move of formidable place, cannot bear knit the brows: „This is......"

The words have not said that butterfly has wrapped the strength of imperial day to be vigorous, but, „bang" a hit above starry sky shield, immediately that energy air/Qi shield instantaneous disintegration, but the impact that the butterfly brings is not limited to this, „bang" hits once more above the forest arched sword blade edge, absolutely what finally Lin Qiong cannot think is shaken with the sword draws back, draws back at least ten meters continually, numerous hits above the wall of side hall!


Hangs the wall lantern crash-bang shaking by the tremendous strength impact falls to the ground, extinguishes instantaneously, on the wall also dropped layer upon layer dust, the outer surface also has flaked much, the strength that this struck was too strong.

I stand in same place, puffs, the whole body strength had almost been found time, during 60 minutes all skills were cooling are unable to use, to subdue this forest arched, had almost gone all out, if Lin Qiong launched an attack at this time, I was means do not have.

Is good because, although before Lin Qiong, is the enemy, but moral behavior [Gouge] [Gouge], the astonished color on face plunders, then both hands grasp the sword, said respectfully: „Li Shuai, my Lin Qiongfu!"

I nod smile: „The strength that forest arched command, I fight truly is inferior to you, this point I acknowledged that the sovereign undeserved kindness, bestows me to hold command greatly, but also looks at later General Lin Qiong to be able with my past animosity completely abandoned, for empire potency!"

On Lin Qiong the face passed over gently and swiftly stunned, said: „Li Shuai, I wants to ask that your issue, shows neither approval nor disapproval?"

„Although asked."

„Li Shuai is Tian Ling Empire heavy, wins one victory after another, why can actually know fights?"

„Why fights?"

My slightly thinking, vision brilliant looks to him, said: „Puts down the four directions, raises my national prestige! We are the empire servicemen, this is our innate missions!"

„Puts down the four directions, raised my national prestige......" forest arched to hesitate, gained ground, in the eye completely fights intent, said with a smile: „Forest arched is a young fellow under Jiu Li City vassal place, but, from now henceforth Lin Qiong is one of the empire commanding, follows Li Shuai to go on an expedition the four directions inevitably, does not have any worry and gap again!"


I walk to go forward, pats Lin Qiong the shoulder, said with a smile: „A gentleman word, a fast horse whip, from now henceforth the completely abandoned past animosity, fights for the day plume empire!"



When Lin Qiong opens the door progresses to go to the time, Han Yuan led one group of palace guards to clash finally, face kind asking: „General, are you all right?"

I shake the head: „All right, but this Lin Qiong...... Truly is one good!"

The Han deep pool cracks into a smile: „Forest arched strength is very no doubt strong, but the manner is stubborn, this point is unrecommendable, is good grasps because of the general now holds command greatly, he must obey."


All are not such that Han Yuan said that although I officially am cannozed as greatly hold the spear now, has all military authorities of day of plume empire, but must make these important military officers be sincerely convinced, otherwise the overall strength definitely greatly will fall short, this is also I must with the reason that one hour of weak price deters Lin Qiong, this supercilious young people, once can make him be convinced, he will become is willing for the senior general who I will go all out!

At this time, lowered the head to have a look, in my regiment system as if somewhat changed, above the palace guard commanded also the golden token design, side writes flying of dragons and dancing of phoenixes „held spear greatly" three characters, selected to look that held under the spear contact surface greatly is the establishments of Tian Ling Empire 11 main force regiments, each regiment established can the editor, the attempt point elect the hot axe armed forces, saw that commands Q-Sword side had one „fluctuation" the silver option, the choice later presented three options

Abolishes the military appointment

Reduces the military appointment

Salary award and punishment


When I choose reduces the military appointment, side will jump out System Notification, making me input to reduce the military appointment the reason, NND, the flash my heartbeat thump thump, greatly holds the status of spear really honored incomparable, unexpectedly can control others' military appointment, this too has also exaggerated, was says now the military rank fluctuation of Tian Ling Empire regiment system all NPC and player in me in an instant!

Um, at this time should first Cooldown the Wang Ze Cheng hot axe armed forces Yorozuo long position removing.

However thinks carefully, ok, temporarily does not have what reason, at least after I am promoted to holds the spear greatly Wang Ze Cheng not to make any matter out of the ordinary, waits for the opportunity, just can say is suitable, since sitting this position, I definitely on the crest of wave crest without doubt, working must be discrete, the striving for hegemony world aggressive cannot accomplish with one, otherwise Xiang Yu will not suicide the Wu River.

Fortifies at every step, the light and shade mediation, to attack decisively, this is my striving for hegemony world idea.


Has rested in the side hall for one hour, after my weak condition ended brought Han Yuan and the others step to leave Tian Ling Empire, when around 2 : 00 pm, competed for the fight of antiquity palace wall to start, in the guild had the sharing picture, in the Ba Huang City border region, the day imperial book repository alliance launched the attack, went out to engage in a decisive battle directly from highest heaven city demon mountain, 7 K and other military strength, but I did not favor, at this time and highest heaven city was an enemy, was really not very sane, at least I will not do.

The main hall front, I summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse, the preparation.

„Drops the drop......"

Holds in the spear contact surface greatly, the regiment system beats several news

System System Notification: Players 【Cang Cheng】 The attempt directs 【Hot axe armed forces】 The 10000 soldiers in bow and arrow camp go to help in the fighting, confirmed that denied?

System System Notification: Players 【Yan Zhao Warrior】 The attempt directs 【Strong wind from afar armed forces】 The 10000 soldiers in Axe camp go to help in the fighting, confirmed that denied?


Two player Yorozuo long wanted to mobilize soldiers, thinks that also will dispatch the heavy artilleries of two armies to reenforce. I have thought that then two both chose denied that now the Tian Ling Empire NPC army only obeys my order, the authorities of all players cancelled temporarily!

After the confirmation does not give the military strength reenforcement, I have reported a news to Yan Zhao Warrior: „Uncle, temporarily did not give you military strength of strong wind from afar armed forces to reenforce, you hit in that side well, I fight that needed the entire Tian Ling Empire military strength to hit one to win, hopes that you can forgive."

Yan Zhao Warrior can it be that spirit narrow and small person, immediately replies: „OK, we are barebacked and that's the end."

„Um, wishing you smooth, takes some points!"

„Ha Ha, you are also!"


Goes out of town, arrived at the time distant place outside Tian Ling Empire is the dense and numerous palace guard heavy cavalries is waiting for me, Xiao Liti the long spear was walking to go forward, holds the fist in the other hand says with a smile: „Li Shuai, we whether immediately?"

„Walks, goes to military god Henanan."


The palace guards altogether about 5 thousand + heavy cavalries, rush to the line together the enormous and powerful piece, and many people have the temple Knight strength, the overall strength absolutely is the eminents in seven Great Emperor country armies, but I am because has such an invincible army to hold on to this to hold the throne of spear greatly, what if my hand grasps is the purple spirit armed forces, the navy like this second-class military strength, who can take my this Li Shuai?


Wu Shenhe, the river water is rapid, but Tian Ling Empire has built two scale giant bateau-bridges here, the surface layer of bateau-bridge paves with the iron sheet, may withstand fully the dragon crystal artillery carried out the past pressure, heavy cavalry anything is not a problem, military god Henanan a sea of people piece, the flags fluttered, was the military strength of Tian Ling Empire major armies.

I progress to march forward, the people nod in abundance, respectful name „Li Shuai" or is „holds spear greatly", but at this time Li Mu had also sent in a news: „Xiao Yao, our [Zhan Long] brothers gathered completely were asking that the day icefield, when did attack?"

„I, come immediately."


After arranging NPC army same place guarding defense, I thousand frost wings flew to ask that immediately day icefield direction, distant can see on the icefield a sea of people piece, the [Zhan Long] about 7 thousand online players has gotten together here, dense and numerous one piece, the front line was flame colors, that was melts the color of god cavalry, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Lin Wan Er in the formation front, Lin Wan Er does not have summon „Little Bai", was the fear can frighten others approximately.


In cold wind I fall on the front of formation, looks to the distant place, said: „Tactical situation how?"

„The Indian player in Port City has attacked, the total number of people in 2000 thousand people above, the Luming woods area is very big, must have a bloody battle." Lin Wan Er said.

I hesitate, said: „Makes everybody disperse in surroundings map practices the level, after we 12 hours, attacks again!"

„?" Li Mu is stunned.

I smile: „Anxious anything, altogether 48 hours, our some are Cooldown, everybody guaranteed good rest [Lullaby] Cooldown, after 12 hours, prepares to beat severely don't hit a person when he's down!"


PS: Because writes for a while is negligent, therefore this chapter jumped over 1042 chapters to ride 1043 chapters directly, but the content has not jumped, therefore the wrong photo mishandled, [Zhan Long] this book did not have 1042 chapters, ha, this was a beautiful mistake ~

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