Zhan Long Chapter 1044

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In the Luming woods is engaging in fierce battle, but the [Zhan Long] person in the ease practicing level, preliminary fighting with all might is too frigid, allows to lose the main force extremely . Moreover the struggle of this antiquity palace wall was too intense, the players in three big war zones compete together, which is not the lamp of province oil, but I when the people practice the level flew sky over the antiquity palace wall, draws up the map in brief to say again.


In the wind seems having the bloody aura, the core place of Luming woods is a giant mountain valley, the middle of mountain valley is standing erect a golden city, was the antiquity palace wall, the city surroundings presents the teams of ancient times demon soldiers to resist the invasion of player, wanted to occupy the city to massacre these demon soldiers, but wanted to enter the mountain valley, only then two roads, one in the northeast, one in the Southwest, was the narrow winding path, the both sides were the steep mountain peaks, did not favor climbs up, this also caused the players in three big war zones in striving for the rights of use of these two tracks, who entered. The people are more, who can enter the antiquity palace wall as soon as possible.

The majority of fights occur in the track entrance open field, two entrances simply look like the meat grinders, the players in three big war zones also separately fight in two entrance some people, in great confusion, the demon mountain manner is quite rigid, definitely easily will not let off antiquity palace wall fat, but the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk just captured Port City, needed the 10 thousand demon soldiers in antiquity palace wall as the chip, counter-attacked fire Yun City to prepare for the next country war.

Engages in fierce battle still to continue, I after drew up the surrounding detailed map returned, the tripartite entering the war total number of people probably crosses hundred million, was short of [Zhan Long] these 7 thousand people unable to see the difference actually, but will develop the carefulness of black ink by the clear pupil is will definitely not forget [Zhan Long], so long as [Zhan Long] has not attacked, the clear pupil will develop the ink definitely will keep the card in a hand to us, this point did not need to suspect that the clear pupil developed black ink disappointedly never by us.

Flies high to look at the slaughtering scene on tread, even my distant can see that the clear pupil develops black ink to lead Ben Leiqi to rush ahead in the crowd, combines to kill to capture many activity points one group of Chinese player and highest heaven city players together, but I also allow Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others to lead the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry to walk randomly in the map peripheral zone, strike to kill some players to obtain points, after all they need points to obtain better equipment or the skill, but I have not attended first 12 hours of slaughtering.

This time I did not plan, when MVP player.

Thinks of here, I grasped making a fist, the corners of the mouth have raised, this time, the clear pupil developed black ink not to blame us being cruel and merciless.


To around 7 : 00 pm, ate meal Cooldown.

After Bao Shi, lazily sitting in the sofa, Lin Wan Er played the cell phone in the one side, Tang Qi was yawning to continue to follow Q-Sword to fight up and down the country, Dong Cheng Yue asked: „Brother Xiao Yao, do we want to go to battle at 2 : 00 o'clock at night really?"

„Um, yes!"

„That sleeps first, in any case also nothing."

„Good!" I look to Lin Wan Er: „Wan Er?"

Lin Wan Er cracks into a chuckle: „Good, was worried that too late will unable to get up."

„All right, I called you to get out of bed."

„Does not want, I will be disinclined to open the door."


I think that said: „That turns off a light, we rest on the sofa together......"

The cheek of Lin Wan Er was instantaneously red, has to have one slightly to anticipate: „Really?"

„Why, the pass/test does not light a lamp others unable to see."


Dong Cheng Yue in side hopeful asking: „Can I participate?"

I: „As you like."

Lin Wan Er eats to smile: „I take the blanket!"


After several minutes, has turned off the lamps of two buildings, immediately in the hall a piece was jet black, our hall sofas ring-like, therefore I have set level, does not have what difference with the bed, when the first month of summer, the weather was just good, holds the pillow with the forehead, rests but is actually not very uncomfortable, in the darkness, Lin Wan Er fumble cautiously crawled, but I lift the blanket, she takes advantage of opportunity to lie down my arms, is hugging me, the small hands covers my mouth not to be spoken by me.

Dong Cheng Yue shrank the body to rest beyond one meter tiredly, does not know that had to fall asleep.

Lin Wan Er wears the night clothes, but I am only the frail shirt, crowds the touch in the same place is good, especially the stature of my young girlfriend was too hot, two groups of soft pressures are simply suffocating in the feeling of bosom, dim, I cannot help but have kissed, the breath of Lin Wan Er is somewhat rapid, the whole body boiling hot response I, am locating with emotions, which can also be able to attend, my hand cannot help but has climbed up the peaks and ridges of girlfriend, the picture is beautiful cannot be seen.

Crossed for nearly 10 minutes, Dong Cheng Yue coughed, said in dim: „Was good, a bit faster has rested, you are always insufficient to come one here time, limelight influence, I what to do......"

The Lin Wan Er cheek has transmitted boiling hot temperature, immediately is covering my mouth, hints me to pretend to be sleeping, to consider anything not to occur, I face up am then lying down, supports her in the bosom, such rests!

Unknowingly, but also fell asleep.


To „" one, periphery the feeling brightened suddenly suddenly woke up, some people have turned on the light, and near the ear has broadcast the Qin Wen sound: „Do you rest here? Oh...... I should not appear, excuse me, I first Going out......"

We awaken suddenly, but after I open eyes, only thinks the light to be dazzling, will be several seconds later familiar with, bosom Lin Wan Er is also narrowing pair of beautiful eyes: „How, how......"

Time that I am planning to crawl, actually discovered that an arm droops in my front, this is not the hand of Lin Wan Er, looks up, Dong Cheng Yue slanting by has fallen asleep on the sofa of my top of the head, half body by me, no wonder a moment ago in the dream had thought that was being pressed by a mountain, originally is she, the night clothes that but Dong Cheng Yue wears are untidy, slanting hanging in the front, causing the pink underwear to reveal, two group snowy peaks in vain looked at the person directly to suffocate.

In my mind can a blank, then explain instantaneously?

Stands up from failure suddenly, I rubbed the eyes, said to Qin Wen: „Does not use, had not occurred, the clothes also put on......"

Qin Wen halts with a smile, said: „Young fellow, the ability is not small, unexpectedly a dragon that anything......"

The Lin Wan Er cheek is red, said: „Cousin, is not such that you see!"

Qin Wen is the how exquisitely carved person, immediately beckons with the hand to say with a smile: „My anything has not seen Wan Er, but Chanel left a model of coat very well to look recently."

Lin Wan Er is without hesitation: „Turns head I to issue you Alipay account number password."

„Oh, clever ~~"

I: „......"


Had a look at Cooldown, around 1 : 00 am, Qin Wen got down the evening class to come back to bump into our, actually I held Lin Wan Er to rest do not have anything, but Dong Cheng Yue with us by in the same place, this somewhat could not be justified, I was just about to interrogate why Dong Cheng Yue fell asleep to run my arms came the time, the litigant has raised the slipper to return to the room.

Without the means that eats a thing, gets online standing by!


Near 2 : 00 am times gets online, discovered that in map already „clean", after 12 hours of fierce combat baptism, the three parties chases to kill, the entire Luming woods were almost dyed one time by the blood, in the leaf, lawn have been contaminating everywhere the blood, even the corpses of many players did not have Shua to fall newly, but on the contact surface, entered the 1 E + player in Luming woods only remaining is less than 3000 thousand.

In the points list, Fang Ge Que is first, the clear pupil develops black ink second, the maplewood is drunk third, the [Zhan Long] Li Mu rank line of business will be highest, 14 th, ha, this [Zhan Long] mixes points to be really miserable enough, but has not related, the opportunity proceeds to clash, is our performance Cooldown!


Flies back to the [Zhan Long] position, Li Mu and on the Wang Jian and the others sword blade edge is also bringing the blood, on Old K greed hydra Axe the same bloodstained, one crowd of person many battle dress are the white, but the complete blood dyed now one time.

„Some Indian war zone also many people, what to do?" Li Mu said.

I said: „Ventilates with Fang Ge Que and rumor, our [Zhan Long] kills directly from the Southwest, strives, in the Southwest makes a connection with a channel, delivered China the area player to go to attack the antiquity palace wall, was right, antiquity palace wall there fight how?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „Temporarily also nobody kills imperial palace, but has been able to confirm that ultimately obtained the person in antiquity palace wall, can summon in the palace wall altogether the 200 000 antiquity demon soldier, acted as own private army."

„I go to......" Li Mu to open the eye: „This antiquity palace wall was a land that must fight."

„Looked that who can attain."


„!" I have raised the butterfly, said: „Pushes directly into, sends out to scout periphery the examination to have any Port City important military strength, is lower than 10 thousand teams we to bite!"



points and country of this antiquity palace wall activity fought are the same, killed the match, obtained its 10% total points, this means that we late came for 12 hours, but same can the successor occupy, especially my this dependence killed the master to rise the points player, this setting was favorable for me simply too.

15000 melt god cavalries to the front line, meet no resistance, the Indian has really laid an ambush in the Luming woods edge, when we approach the jungle distant can see the shield and reflected light of sword blade edge, without hesitation, 1.5 thousand melt god cavalries start to increase speed, the flying general effect is remarkable, enters in the jungle, tears into shreds the defensive position that this about 3 thousand + people compose rapidly, the [Zhan Long] altogether 7 thousand person online players almost here, can the trivial 3 thousand medium Guild players possibly block us?

Less than 1 hour of slaughtering, they turned into 3 thousand corpses, but our losses were almost small to can ignore.


„Brother Xiao Yao!"

Yue Qing Qian suddenly walked, said: „In we went to the road which must be taken in antiquity palace wall to have the team that the four main guilds of Indian war zone composed, altogether about 15 thousand people, with the Tian Ling Empire [Appearance Alliance] guild war? Reenforcement?"



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Zhan Long Chapter 1044

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